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    White paper must accomplish the following objectives. 1. Describe and evaluate a technology or technology adaptation applicable to a current and/or future communication structure of the Army .It may assist you to identify and describe a particular process or capability set that is in some way operationally deficient, as a precursor to evaluating a

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    I need you to write a research article. I need about a 3-4 page paper containing the interactions between cocaine and other drugs of abuse. I have the literature review done. I just need about 5 body paragraphs written.

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    57 bids citation according to reference list. Teachers remarks are following and they should be done in the whole text the same way: "To expand a bit on what I wrote on your paper: Reference List Entries must be in alphabetical order - I have numbered them, Names of publications such as The Guardian must be in Italics Authors names must be separated

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    We're looking for 1-2 editors for our upcoming book projects. Editor(s) will work on academic papers written by EU-trained lawyers (and perhaps a few from other parts of the world following a major EU writing style). Editors shall check citations, correct grammar mistakes, and do some light formatting (adjust font size, line spacing etc.). Musts:

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    Need a 5 page 12 pt font, double-spaced APA written format paper on benefits of becoming a research nurse.

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    ...articles from the literature of the field that address your chosen subfield of I/O psychology. (For the purposes of this assignment, current resources are defined as materials written within the last 3–5 years.) Use the I/O topic guides in the Capella library (linked in Resources). Incorporate both theoretical and empirical studies in your annotated bibliography

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    We have written a white-paper (in French) and included some graphics from various sources. We want to make it look nice. The work is the following : 1) Re-create the 13 graphs from scratch, so that they all have exactly the same style : sober and clean (similar to the 4th graph in the attached Word document : "24% y/y growth...." or the round graph

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    I have a ten page paper I need written ASAP (within two days) from someone who is familiar with Social Research Methods and Designs. So you will not have to write all ten pages. All the information will be provided, excepting the final results, as I am still working on that. What I need is a proper abstract, an introduction, literature review with a

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    ...straightforward: Number of HIV-AIDS cases in the country, divided by the total number of people, multiplied by 100. Please use ONLY percentages in your charts! 4. Write a 1- 2 page essay about why there are differences in the prevalence of AIDS (supporting your answer using the resource directory from the library). Some other issues that need to be discussed

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    1. Write a full page two column article approximately 1000-1500 words in 11 pt. using Franklin Gothic, Helvetica, Utopia, Times or Nimrod font. (including headlines and visual; kept to a minimum) 2. The article must include: • An original picture that relates to your topic • A exciting headline (1-2 sentences at the beginning of the article that

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    ... you will research, collect, organize, and produce an analysis of the information from both primary and secondary sources. Your research project will conclude with a 25-page (minimum) scholarly report in Standard Academic English and with appropriate APA documentation, which successfully fills your gap in knowledge on the selected topic.

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    ...need someone to write a 15 or more page research paper. It needs to be about a comprehensive risk assessment of the human impacts of the Chernobyl disaster. You must prepare a 15 to 20 page paper (including figures, tables,and references) on the role of risk assessment in a current environmental issue. The paper should summarize the issue, characterize

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    I have written a 6 page white paper on leadership and executive coaching. This is one of 4 or 5 other white papers on the topic to follow. These white papers will form the basis of a book.

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    ...a research paper. This is a highly technical writing gig preferably for someone with a background in commerce or finance. The task would require writing 2/3rd part of a research paper that would involve original research, data crunching and analysis, framework creation etc. Outline and first two chapters of the paper are already written, need to write

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    Want an SEO expert who can make my site visible on the first page of Google. He/she will have to write and post minimum 4 articles per month. Out of 21 keywords 5 keywords are already on page one and 3 are on page 3. The applicant will have to promote all the 21 keywords. Only those who work as an individual freelancer will be considered for this project

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    Want an SEO expert who can make my site visible on the first page of Google. He/she will have to write and post minimum 4 articles per month. Out of 21 keywords 5 keywords are already on page one and 3 are on page 3. The applicant will have to promote all the 21 keywords. Only those who work as an individual freelancer will be considered for this project

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    Want an SEO expert who can make my site visible on the first page of Google. He/she will have to write and post minimum 4 articles per month. Out of 21 keywords 5 keywords are already on page one and 3 are on page 3. The applicant will have to promote all the 21 keywords. Only those who work as an individual freelancer will be considered for this project

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    I need a person with experience in academic papers to edit a 12 page research paper to read as more fluent and grammatically logical. The paper is written by an academic, but contains some minor errors and awkwardness. It has already been run through Grammarly. This would need to be done in a matter of 5 hours, and any bid will be take as a final

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    Report Guide for the written report on Data storage Investigate the topic. Use articles and/or books, web sites etc., for background and discussion in addition to the weekly study guide. Don't just report. Discuss pros and cons. Evaluate. Use your own words. Quote where appropriate. Give citations for facts and quotes. Discuss how your topic relates

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    ...############################################################################# Your paper should be 500-to-750 words, and written in APA Style. • 12-pt, Times New Roman font • Double-spaced • 1” margins on all sides • Please provide a title page including your Name, Course Number, Date of Submission, and Assignment name. •...

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    19 bids a student who is only working minimum wage. Thank you. 1. The Literature Review (this is the body of the paper). You will build on the literature review over two weeks. 2. This portion will be a minimum of 5 pages. If you end on page 5, it must have ¾ content. All work is prepared in APA 6th ed. Formatting. CONTENT Criteria:

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    22 bids space. Initially we would like an existing 35-page white paper reviewed and edited, from there we will require original content written for the redevelopment of their company website, as well as the creation of press releases on an ongoing basis. We would like to start with the initial white paper editing assignment so that the writer can begin to

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    ...women be down with hip-hop? Meridians: Feminism, race, transnationalism, 8(1), pp. 74–92. I WILL PROVIDE YOU PDF FILES OF THE ABOVE ESSAYS. How the essay needs to be written 1. Both authors draw attention to the double standards within their own Muslim community as a problem for Muslim women living in an environment where Muslims are a minority

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    The paper must be written using current APA format and include a title page, an abstract, and a references list on the topic of micromanagement. The paper must have a minimum of 8 full pages (double-spaced on 8 ½ x 11 paper) and a maximum of 9 full pages. The page count does not include the cover page, abstract, or reference pages. It must...

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    I am looking to have someone write a 12 page White Paper for an Initial Coin Offering or ICO. It needs to be 12 pages of text not counting any graphs or charts or infographics. It needs to be SINGLE LINE SPACE. Also it can not be plagiarized. Any info from another source would need to be paraphrased and any direct quotes would need to have the source

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    Need a 2 page history paper written on why did some american colonists decide to remain loyal to england, must have citations, aswell as a seperate bibliography page, i will send all details.

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    This paper should be written on a Fortune 500 Global Organization that requires scholarly inquiry and substantiation of credible information. You will choose a company that has ventured in a strategic alliance. Once the topic has been approved by your Instructor, you will follow this structure: 1. Title Page 2. Introduction 3. Background of the

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    ...content will be equivalent to a minimum of 1500 words. The title page is not a content page. Double space the entire paper using 12pt, Times New Roman - the title page, content pages including quotations and notes, and the reference page including annotations. The margins of the paper will be set to Normal, i.e. 1 inch margins. Paragraph setting will

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    Need a basic floorplan with visible dimensions on a 8.5"x11" paper. Please re-draw this floorplan with doors and windows in the same approximate locations. I only need dimensions of walls that are hand written on page visible. Please save this as a .png, .pdf, and .dwg

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    4-5 page research paper written 24-48 hours

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    Please read the Ross (2014) article about personal leadership development and respond to the following prompts. In one to two paragraphs (but no more than one page), summarize the article. The summary should be in your own words. You should touch on the purpose, rationale (why the article is important), literature review, methods, and discussion

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    ...fill out the form, write a paper discussing your assessment, possible interventions and prevention strategies that you might use when encountering similar situations in your professional work. Justify your responses by using and referencing the course text and the video that you watched this week. All work must be written in graduate level English

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    Hello Navya, I have two more projects that I need help with. I am thinking to do half of the project where I watch the video while you write a page or two on the case. I'd like to know if you can help and how much would you charge. Assignment 6 Child Abuse Case Analysis In this assignment you are required to perform a child abuse assessment utilizing

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    2,000 WORDS English paper research it has to be in MLA format.(using Times New Roman, size 12 font). Must include multiple sources (primary source and minimum of three secondary sources); in-text parenthetical citations and a Works Cited page. To get some of the sources you have to at least use 3 sources from a specific ONLINE DATA base that i will

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    ...that it is a electronic library, not a paper library. It should the words "Orthodox Library" and underneath it, "Your 21st Century Visual Synaxarium". Beside the big background image, I want a a rectangular version that would fit as banners to a youtube page and a facebook page. Take a look at this youtube page for a reference to the banner size...

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    i need help writing an essay for a college. below i have attached what i've written so far. i need someone to edit the paper, and add to the paper as well. no page limit. the question is on the word file

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    I want a 10-12 page white paper (business report) to be written for a Blockchain technology driven business in the Farming/ Agribusiness sector. I will provide ALL of the information to be included in the report, I just need someone with good report writing skills/ MS word editing skills. I want the report in 7 days time i.e. by 18th January.

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    ...contains a number of unnecessary plugins - but still, the main functionalities have been deployed). I am sending you the specification of functionality and page maps (yes, written with pen on paper;)) and what our former partner has created. Generally, the website is live: [login to view URL] Link to the source code on Google Drive:

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    Cover Page (See APA Sample paper) Introduction a. Purpose of paper b. Overview of paper c. A thesis statement Body a. Recognize why some countries are wealthier than others, as well as the importance of personal property rights and economic freedom b. The opportunity costs and gains from trade. c. How goods and services are allocated

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    This project is an introduction to using research in an argumentative paper. It is not unlike what we have been doing this semester, but will use multiple sources in one essay. We use research to give credibility to our own arguments or to enrich them, or both. The position on the topic taken must be students own, and they will use the research undertaken

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    Presentation/paper on Personal Selling and Managing a Sales Force: The final project is due in three steps. The first two steps are submitted using PowerPoint. The final step is submitted in a 20-page written paper, including steps 1 and 2. This project must include the following three steps: -----------------------------------------------------

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    ...“Cite your sources”. This link will connect you with a guide to help you format your paper in APA style. Print out the first page of the tip sheet. a. You also need to cite the article you have chosen for your paper in APA style. In other words, do your reference page first. 2) Time to choose a research article. The research project will involve

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    Hi, I was wondering, Are you familiar with order statistics? I am working on a paper and I'd like to have someone read a page in which I have written about order statistics to see whether I've written anything that doesn't make sense or made mistakes.

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    Hi All! I am looking for a 10 page paper to be completed by December 12th. It will be written on the topic of Bitcoin, so the knowledge regarding this subject must be known or learned in that timeframe. All of the guidelines that are to be followed are attached below. If you have any questions on the project, let me know!

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    For your Assignment, you will write a 4–5 page paper, in which you use the Unit 7 Readings: Explore the data. List the problems that you see from your analysis of the Ns, means, and standard deviations given. Is there a problem in Region 3, as Shemaiah Jackson thinks? If so, what is the problem that you believe the data conveys? In your opinion,

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    Final Project Step #1 (5% of the final grade) Presentation/paper on Personal Selling and Managing a Sales Force: The final project is due in three steps. The first two steps are submitted using PowerPoint. The final step is submitted in a 20-page written paper, including steps 1 and 2. This project must include the following three steps: Step

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    I need you to write a report for something. I need a paper written on international business in Japan to include the following: Table of contents to include any appendixes Executive summary of one page a broad overview of the country Country analysis: Political environment, political system, structure, political parties, political risks, trends Legal

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    Theory Paper Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to comprehensively analyze one theory of communication and become an expert on this theory. You will also be creating a one-page handout of this theory for your classmates (which will help everyone in studying for their future comprehensive exam). Process: There are two parts to this assignment:

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    Written Work Requirements – Each group is expected to find a public company, listed on a major stock exchange (US or UK). You need to examine three different aspects of the company related to the course material (for example: marketing, pricing of goods and HR). You need to critically reflect on how the company is acting on these three points when

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