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Please design a logo: R-Times Luxury Watches & Jewelry Please submit editable AI, PDF, PNG, JPG file. Thank you and good luck to all!

221 $25 USD Dec 8, 2023 5 days, 23 hours Post a contest like this

I am looking for a skilled web developer/designer to create a personal/family website for me. The main purpose of the website is to showcase family photos and events, and I would like t...

156 $1000 USD Dec 8, 2023 1 week, 5 days Post a contest like this

Design a logo for the phrase "Air Duct Cleaning Wilmington" that visually represents the concept without the need for reading. Ensure that the logo is easily recognizable and readable o...

341 $190 USD Dec 7, 2023 1 day, 15 hours Post a contest like this

I am looking for a designer to create a new logo for my business. The logo should convey trustworthiness and professionalism. Color preferences: - I have specific colors in mind for t...

571 $300 USD Dec 7, 2023 5 days, 7 hours Post a contest like this

online store selling sneakers the site should be easy and convenient to manage and in English

157 $600 USD Dec 7, 2023 4 weeks Post a contest like this

I am looking for a talented graphic designer to create a modern logo for my general construction company which is mainly focused in the construction of industrial buildings made for mul...

1573 $351 CAD Dec 6, 2023 4 days, 15 hours Post a contest like this

Hello I am wanting to redesign the bath space seen in this picture from one large bath to two serviceable baths. I am fine eating into the bedrooms (closets) to add space, if you can ...

63 $100 USD Dec 6, 2023 4 days, 13 hours Post a contest like this

Project Description: I am looking for a freelancer to help me build a brand identity pack and redesign a logo for my game hosting company. I have attached our existing logo for NodeFa...

265 $70 USD Dec 6, 2023 12 hours, 54 mins Post a contest like this