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72.4%1 of consumers prefer buying products from sites in their own language

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Are you selling to customers overseas?

Chances are your website is written in English, but so are your competitors. In fact translating your website is a great way to reach more people. 90% of internet shoppers speak just 13 languages.

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Start Small

Translating your whole site can be a big commitment. Start with your key pages and languages that contribute most to traffic and sales on your site.

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Look at the Data

Use Google Analytics to check where your customers live. If you receive a lot of traffic from Latin America or China, then translating your content to Spanish or Mandarin is a great place to start.

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Hire a Native Speaker

Make sure every detail is perfect, by hiring the right translator for your project. Post a project, or browse through our freelancer directory to find the top experts in the world. Then hire, with a click of a button.


"Germany is a key market for my business. I used Freelancer to find a native German speaker to translate my website, and I couldn't be happier with the results."

Emma McCormack

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Increase Search Traffic by 47%

Did you know that simply translating your website can increase search traffic by 47%2. Google and other search engines rank content based on relevance to the user and language is a huge ranking factor for international users. 2 Neil Patel

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Reach New Markets

According to Harvard Business Review, 72.1%1 of consumers spend most or all of their time on websites in their own language. This means by providing a site in only one language, you automatically rule out a huge portion of new customers. 1 Harvard Business Review

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Find the Perfect Freelancer

Finding an expert translator has never been easier - in fact it can only take a few minutes. Answer a few simple questions and immediately freelancers from around the world are invited to translate your content into their native language.

Sell Your Product

Tailor your product and sales funnel to your customers. Word-for-word translations don't cut it when you are trying to make an emotional connection. Hire a native speaker to put a local twist on your platform's copy.

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Avoid Getting Lost in Translation

When you engage with customers on social media or via email, make sure your conversation is crystal clear - no embarrassing Google Translate errors!

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