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Paying my freelancer

You can pay your freelancer via any of the following methods: 



Milestone Payments


The Milestone Payment System is the recommended mode of paying your freelancers in the site. It allows you to set funds aside for later payment once the project is completed. You can also release them for every task met.


Using Milestone Payments also gives you and your freelancer access to our Dispute Resolution Service in the event that your project doesn’t go as planned.





Mainly used as payment for hourly projects, invoices are issued by freelancers for the tasks they have completed. Invoices can also be created for fixed-price projects as receipts for paid Milestone Payments.

  • You can manually pay invoices through Milestone Payments or through the automatic weekly billing that you may set up on your payment source.
  • Automatic invoices are generated automatically every week based on a freelancer’s tracked work hours through the Desktop App. Untracked hours can be accounted for with manual invoices.


Transfer Funds

Transfer Funds allows you to directly transfer payments to your freelancer via the Transfer Funds tab on the Financial Dashboard. We recommend using the Milestone Payment System instead because of the following reasons:

  • Payments through Transfer Funds are final and irreversible.
  • This mode of payment is not eligible for our Dispute Resolution Service.


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