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How does Recruiter work?

  1. Post Your Recruiter Project

    Simply select the Recruiter upgrade when posting your project and you will instantly be connected with a Recruiter

  2. We Invite the Best

    The Recruiter will contact our top freelancers - the Preferred Freelancers - to ensure you get the highest quality bids

  3. Finding The Perfect Freelancer

    The Recruiter will find a freelancer for you based on your requirements and walk you through the next steps

  4. Awarding and Getting Started

    The Recruiter will help you award your project and set up the milestone payments to ensure a simple payment process

  5. Project Completed Successfully

    Once you are 100% satisfied with the results you will release the milestone payment to the freelancer

  6. Post a Project

What are other people saying?

The service saves you both time and money since it offers the right person the first time.

I am amazed at how many possibilities this service opens up - I have no hesitation in recommending Freelancer.com and the Recruiter upgrade.

The Recruiter feature was a godsend. I honestly couldn't have done the project without it.

What can you get out of it?

Here are just a few projects done with Recruiter.

  • Image of project done with Recruiter
    Create a WordPress Template uxdev
  • Image of project done with Recruiter
    Fixed wing drone concept design aerorajesh
  • Image of project done with Recruiter
    Set up a simple website ovxsolutions
  • Image of project done with Recruiter
    Design me a mixed-use jar psapiens