Stripe Connect payment gateway (Standalone and Managed accounts) integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.



The scope includes development of 2 separate Stripe Connect payment gateways that will take the charge amount from wp_dokan_orders database table.

This table includes references to order_id, seller_id, order_total, net_amount and order_status.

1) Support for subscription products for Dokan Stripe Connect plugin that uses Stripe Standalone accounts (wp install includes a plugin (WooCommerce Stripe Connect Payment Gateway) that has stripe connect and subscriptions functionality with separate charges for a seller and platform, but the subscription products are not supported for payment splitting).

Existing functionality:

a. Sellers connect their standalone accounts from /dashboard/settings/payment/

b. Dokan Stripe Connect payment gateway will be available for buyer after the seller has connected the Stripe Standalone account

c. Dokan Stripe Connect takes the charge amount from wp_dokan_orders database table.

d. Stripe charge amount = order_total.

e. Stripe application_fee = (order_total - net_amount).

Dev functionality:

f. Support for woocommerce subscription products (simple and variable) with payment gateway Basic and Advanced Features for subscriptions ([url removed, login to view])

g. Example for Basic and Advanced Features functionality: [url removed, login to view]

h. Charge amount must be taken from wp_dokan_orders database table.

i. Stripe charge amount = order_total.

j. Stripe application_fee = ( order_total - net_amount).

2) Development of Stripe Connect payment gateway for managed accounts supporting regular and subscription products. The solution must include support for woocommerce subscription products (simple and variable) with payment gateway Basic and Advanced Features for subscriptions ([url removed, login to view]).

Dev. functionality:

a. Admin will manually enable Stripe Managed accounts for sellers from WP user profile.

i. Option to enabled/disabled Stripe Connect Managed account

ii. Option to manage each sellers “transfer_schedule” by specifying the Stripe API “delay_days” parameter (default number of days is configured from plugin settings)

iii. Button to update Managed account information to stripe

b. The plugin settings must include a form for multiple product IDs that will be used for Verification and register Managed account details that dont exist in wp_usermeta.

c. Stripe Managed account payment gateway will be available for buyer if admin has enabled it from the sellers WP user profile

d. “debit_negative_balances” will be enabled for all Managed Accounts, indicating that Stripe should attempt to debit the managed account’s bank account to cover amounts owed.

e. Stripe API keys and id must be stored in user_meta table

f. Managed accounts will be created with information stored in the user_meta table (support for individual and business accounts)

g. Manage account bank info is stored in “user_meta” table “dokan_profile_settings” value

h. A specific Validation product will be used for registration of “[url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view]” and “[url removed, login to view]” information.

i. Ie. extra product fields in the checkout or product page must be filled, before purchasing the validation product

ii. there must be also extra fields for “Additional owners of the sellers company” ([url removed, login to view])

i. “tos_acceptance” parameters must be saved to user_meta every time when users go thru checkout

i. Example for saving tos accept into wp_postmet [url removed, login to view]

j. Charge amounts for seller and platform will be taken from wp_dokan_orders database table

k. INPORTANT! Stripe charge amount for the seller destination = net_amount

l. INPORTANT! Stripe charge amount for the platform = ( order_total - net_amount)

Skills: Stripe, WooCommerce

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