Fix one existing script made in php "code initer framework"


What I need is you to fix the script (writen in php and "Code Igniter framework") and provide me with a document where you write all you did to fix each one bug. This document will be a reference to me and is very important and will be the way to evaluate your work.

I need this made ASAP, and I´m looking ONLY serious programmers, who can take and finish the project, I WON´T novices, need STRONG and EXPERIENCED programmer. The selected programmer MUST BE ready to accept more work with this script in the future, and we will get one continue work – relation.

I NEED references of your work in similar projects with advanced programmed skills (specially programming keeping in mind the security of the script), and with the described on the images resize script.

This script manage affiliates sites too, each affiliate script works in the same way that the main script, but writes everything in the master site database, now I need fix the master script only, and we will be working on affiliate after this is complete.

All your work will need your top programming skills, and will be in a HAKERS FREE way, you will have careful with the connections, the passing variables way, etc, etc.

After completation you must be available to Check all script, to make it fast and secure.

1. Some programmer works on my script fixing one bug, that was that the google map isn't appearing on home page:

[url removed, login to view]

Now it works, but this fix destroy other important function.

The map now is appearing on the home page, but now I can´t add locations on the add listing form, or can´t select any location on the add listing form, in the admin side or in the front side.

Same problem is in the location manager.

The programmer MUST have too much careful because this function works in this way:

Only in the location manager the admin can delete places (countries, cities, etc) and on the add listing and location manager any user can add country, city, etc,(admin can approve or deny - at less this is the idea, i don't know if there is a functionality for this- BUT if you add a country, city etc in the admin side or in the add listing form, then on home page at the right side of the map there is 3 drop down options, the 1st if for select the country, if you select one country the 2nd is automatically filled up with cities on this country, and 3rd with locations, at the button of this template are the categories with the count of ads on each category, if you select a country only ads on this country will be showed, if you select a city only ads on this city are showed, etc ect. Inittially the first drop down and 2nd and 3rd is filled with the info for the 1st country, the 2nd with option to view info in all cities of this county.

If you have questions please ask me because this is a very important feature for me.

This will show like:

[url removed, login to view]

2. Create one script to resize the images, actually the script only upload images, I need that it upload any image (with any size) but on the fly resize it to 350 pix for the big images on the gallery and the thumbnails in 120 px width x 72 high. Both measures can dynamically change if the image is vertical, because for vertical images i need less in width, it must be resized in proportion.

Originally the add images option where opened in a nice little window, now it opens a new full Black /white window, I don´t like this, what I like is this add images form on the same window that the add images listing is.

On the listing images in the admin side, there must be the thumbnails not the big images:

[url removed, login to view]

In the main category of any cat There will be the thumbnails, no big image with the size limited:

[url removed, login to view]

In the listing will be appearing the thumbnails too.

[url removed, login to view]

Not like now is, only big images with the size limited:

[url removed, login to view]

Please be careful because in the image manager can be added one title and description, the title of the image will be in the alt and the description in the description of the image.

Also I need a way in the admin side to select the size of the images and the size of the thumbnails. Width and height of images and thumbnails.

3. In the master admin side have the option to add or no add the country, the city, or the town (as was described above).

Now I need one way in the “Config site tab” of the main site to select if I want in the URL add the country, or the city or the town of the add then If check add country in the Url will be added, and instead of the actual url of one hotel like this:

[url removed, login to view]

will be:

[url removed, login to view]

If select add country and city to URL it will be:

[url removed, login to view]


4. On config site there are a lot of things, but I found that some of them are written directly by hand on the script, then if I change something on the config side, the change is not reflected on the site. You must work on fix that in a way where If I change something on config it will be changed on all the site.

For example, I found in the master configuration one option to add the google maps key, but It is added by hand in too many parts of the script, and what I want is: If I add on this place (the master config site panel) the google key, then it will be added in all important places needed on the code.

5. Give me one easy way to install this script on other hostings,

I need one installator or something like this.

6. Clean Up the script deleting a lot of garbage that I found is not necessary, I think my programmer get code from too many scripts, and now there is too much garbage.

7. I have no way to change the home site template, it can be only be done in the code, and the script have one template manager (editor) on this place must be possible change it. I need you to fix it.

8. The script has expiring time for adds, and it is not working at all. Need you to fix it.

Same with other features that can be selected on the cat features, like number of photos, price, etc

9. The script has custom fields, and each custom field can be added to one category or to all, or some, but now all custom fields are assigned to all cats, not to the selected categories, what I need is: If select one cat, then this field will be showed only on this cat, if select 2 cats then showed only on those 2 cats, if select all, then showed on all cats, etc.

10. In each category I can add one description, and this appear in the front side, But now In the front say, in each category says: “Description: Hotels in all the Dominical Area…”

I won´t see : Description: bla bla. In other words, only the description, no the word: "Description:".

11. The script has "custom fields" and any can be assigned to the search form, and all this can be made, but there are not displayed on the search form, what I need is you to fix that too.

Give a price for that things, I need this made ASAP, and I´m looking ONLY serious programmers, who can take and finish the project, I won't novices, need strong and experienced programmer.

The script is php - Mysql and have mode rewrite and was made ussing "Code Igniter framework".


Skills: PHP

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