A small automatic grading program

This is a very simple program. What this program needs to be designed to do is basically the same function as this web site hosted by the Discovery Channel does. [url removed, login to view] I need to know which teacher they came from, who the student is and whether they have know there student password. I need a template in which I can create tests which are automatically graded and submitted by Email. Once the teacher receives the E'mail. The Email has the score in percentage correct printed on it and a question by question break down showing in detail which questions are correct and which questions were missed. 1. A. Correct 2. True Correct 3. D. Incorrect RED CHECK MARK 4. C. Correct Mrs. Thompsons class Mathematics class Quiz one SCORE 75% Submitted once (three the maximum) Missed questions need to have a bright red check mark and a printing of what the answer should have been The teachers will need a program which creates login alias for students. It will take the students name cut it back to the first initial of their first name and the last initial of the last name and add a random 4 digit number after their name Fred Snow would be FS7391 is generate a credible 6 digit password. e35zy0 for the student logins( so I don't get cheated by the students) The student must never be able to look at the source code and figure out the answer key without even seeing the actual test. The question types need to include T/f Multiple Choice: I select number of options but automatically set at 4 options standard Check box in which one to the maximum number of options times by the question weighing Is the check box all or none, or 3right / four wrong Translation if there are four options and A should be checked , B should NOT be checked C should be checked D should NOt be checked Weighting explained If the person misses A, B, C, D should they loose 4 points or 1 point. If they miss A, B but get C, D correct do they get 2 points out of four or .5 correct Do they get the same zero score if one or all A, B, C or D questions is wrong? The master program should create the student tests which can be downloaded or put on 3 and 1/2 disc for installation on the hard disk. I will also need a web site which they can enter there answers into in case my program doesn't work on there system.

## Deliverables

The customers I'm trying to get to use my program I want to redesign there terrible pages at no cost to them and show them an example of an improved version of their web page they can have for free (if they use my program). If they agree to use my program and pay $1. The tricky part is if they do not use my program. They may get a clue and pay someone to redesign their pages. Which would hurt and seriously set back my option B plan in case this doesn't pan out. It's an expensive marketing gimmick instead of giving away a pencil I'm giving a $500 value web page design for free. (I can redesign it for free to be cool) I think a good programmer could put together a nice improved page in 15 to 30 minutes. When you install a commercial game. It has a feature which if you haven't registered the product will remind you at start up in seven days you need to register it. It will give you the option of reminding you later (seven days usually) or never register. It's annoying but it works. I want to have inputs questions inserted before the quiz start which ask three questions 1. How many credits do you have done in this biennium? {checkbox beside it saying estimated} Another checkbox saying Exact) 2. When are they due? Scroll menu (months), (year) scroll menu(2002)** **I need to be able to change the default on the master program so in 2004 the defaulted value is 2004 not 2002 Test taker enters 5 credits done they checked the box exactly Meaning 5 credit done exactly. (I already know how many they need for there profession) Calculation Needed_Credits= 24 - done Needed_Credits= 19 By June 2003 Once the person completes the test. The program determines whether they passed the course. Each course is approved for a certain number of credits. In the master program which generates the tests I will enter the number approved for. Example Company: My customers Name Name of Course : Anatomy and Physiology input number of credits this course is approved for Approve= 12 In the end of the test after it grades the test. If grade 75% or better then Credits needed= Credits needed- approved In the beginning it asked how many credits done (5 ) They completed the course and the computer calculated they passed so it notified the instructor by email and subtracted the number of credit needed by 12 more credits. So they had five credits done they completed 12 more and now they have 17 credits done They need 7 credits in done within thirteen months. If the date credits due is larger than one year. The program reminds them they have 7 credits due in June 2003 every 4 months until they reduce the amount to zero and no warning is given at start up If it is less than one year until credits are due the program reminds them every 2 months until they get them done. If it is less than three months until credits are due they get a warning every one. If it is the month before they are due(May) . They get a warning every week. The warning at start up through no coincidence has a link which lets them log onto a web address which will sell them the credits they need to get it to zero. In July 2004 the program automatically resets the program from any amount needed to 24 needed This is complicated because a new user will need to be asked about the credits done but a returning customer will not and a person who's biennial has expire has to be reset to 24 due Basically speaking if in June 2001 the students CE credit biennium starts and they complete all their credits in August 2001. We do not want to solicit credits from them until their next biennium July 2003. But we want to solicit before the competition gets it Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purch

## Platform

Windows 95, 98, Millenium, XP, 2000 anything else that is out there for Windows, Internet Explore, NetScape any other browser which might not be able to Email the results.

Skills: PHP

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