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I need to have what is called an online sportsbook set up, for people to bet with FAKE money on sports. I would like to try and keep it as simple as possible to avoid any types of complications.

The main part of the site will be the sportsbook, however there will be other games I would like to create and add as I go along.

Whoever creates this site will also need to have some type of knowledge of how to implement simple mathematics into the scripts for payouts (which will be explained later).

For the sportsbook, this is simple enough.

Please visit [url removed, login to view]

I would like to do this on a daily basis manually.

Every day I would like to put up a page with the possible bets people can make. That page will also be on my Admin area. I suppose each bet I have listed will have its own specific number attached to it so it can be tracked when the person makes the bet.

They will be allowed to bet the point spread as well as the Over/Under, which means they can bet that the game will go over a certain amount of money or under it.

That is for actually betting on games.

I will also need something like this:

[url removed, login to view]

These are called propositions. You will notice that some of them are +150, -200, etc. This is where the mathematical formula comes into play. Basically, these are all in denominations of $100. If there is a + (plus) in front of the number, then it means it will cost you $100 to win that number, in the example provided would be $150. If there is a – (minus) in front of it, that means they have to pay that amount, $200 in the example provided, to win $100. So if the odds are -200, and the person bets $10, they will win $5 from the bet, plus they will get their original $10 back. If they bet $25, they will win $12.50, plus their original $25.

I would like to have the ability to add as many games and propositions as I would like and to be able to change the text, the odds, etc.

Another important factor is I need to set a time for the games. So if I set the game at 7:00 pm EST, once it is that time, people must no longer be allowed to place bets on the game.

I would like the login script to be in the top left column of the site. Once the user logs in, I would like for the upper left corner to be replaced by his username, with how much money he has in his bank below in black, with how much money he has in play in red, with how much money he has total below that in green. (This will be the sum of what’s in the bank and what’s in the bank and what’s currently in play). Below that there will be a link to MY WAGERS (which will have all the wagers he has made forever, starting with the most recent and listing the PENDING wagers (the ones that are currently in play) in BLUE font, WINNING wagers in GREEN font, and LOSING wagers in RED font. The 10 most recent wagers will be listed on the first page, with links to the “Next” wagers which will take you to a page that displays the next 10, and so on and so on. Each wager under MY WAGERS should be listed like this:

3) BET ID=161458279

Straight Wager 05/21/06 02:28 ET

[url removed, login to view] Result: Wager Lost

Cavaliers(Cleveland) 61

Pistons(Detroit) 79 05/21/06 (15:40 ET)

Cavaliers(Cleveland) +8.5

The top left will have the bet ID, which will be randomly assigned whenever a bet is made (I guess it should be in numerical order from like 1 to 100,000,000,000 or whatever. So the first bet ever made will be 1, then next 2, etc., so that I am able to track these wagers in case of a dispute. Below that says Straight Wager, which means that they bet on a GAME (the only other type of bet will be “Proposition” which means they bet on one of the props. To the right is the date and the time they bet, eastern standard time. Below Straight Wager is the amount they betted, followed by the amount they would win if the bet won. To the right of that is the result of the wager. Below [url removed, login to view] is the score of the game. To the right is the TIME and DATE of the game, with whom they bet on below followed by the spread. For “Straight Wagers” it will either be a team plus or minus a certain amount of points. For a proposition it will be the money line (+600, +200, - 100, -500, etc). – 100 means it’s $100 to win $100, plus the original amount of money you wagered. So if you have $200 in your account, and you bet $200 on a game that is -100, it’s $200 to win $200, so if you win your bet, you will win the $200 from the bet plus the original $200 you laid on the bet, so you will then have $400 total in your bankroll. If you have $200 in your account, and you bet $200 on a game that is +200, it’s $200 to win $400, so if you win your bet, you will win the $400 from the bet plus the original $200 you laid on the bet, so you will then have a total of $600 in your bank.

Adding bets to the ADMIN AREA:

On the top you will notice the different sporting events they can bet on.

In the Admin area, I would like to be able to click on any of the sports that are on the top tool bar. Say I click on NFL, then I will be taken to the admin for that section. There should be a section to ADD games, EDIT games that are already listed, and also a section to END the results which will then either place money in someone’s account or take money out of someone’s account. So say one day I list 10 NFL games for Sunday, October 1st, 2006, at 1 p.m. I will list each game one at a time. To list the first game, there should be two fields with the team names (Miami and Buffalo), followed by two fields with the point spread, if it’s Miami by 7.5 points, it will have the field next to Miami with a -7.5 and a field next to Buffalo with a +7.5. Next will be a field for me to enter the date, and then a field for me to enter the time. Once it is that time on that date, the bet will NO LONGER BE ACTIVE, and if someone tries to place a bet they will be sent to a page that says “Sorry, the time of this event has passed. LINK to previous page: Return to Sportsbook.” The examples of Miami by 7.5 were if they were better on the point spread, however if they are betting a PROPOSITION, it will be different. Instead of -7.5 or +7.5, it will be +400, etc.

Directly above these two fields to enter a point spread or the money line, there should should be a two BUTTONS, one for Straight Wager (point spread), and one for Proposition (Money Line). Depending on which button is clicked will determine which PAGE it will go on for betters (Either Straight Wagers or Propositions), and it will determine how the scoring will be. If it’s a Straight Wager, they will be betting a certain some of money against the point spread, to win that same amount of money back. If they are betting a Proposition, it will be as follows:

First field: Most interceptions thrown – Miami. Field to the right: +200

Field below: Most interceptions thrown – Buffalo. Field to the right: -200.

So if someone bets $10 on the proposition on Miami, it will be $10 to win $20 (plus the original $10 back). If they bet on Buffalo it will be $10 to win $5 (plus the original $10 back). Attached to each bet should be a specific number that will not necessarily be visible by bettors, but for our system so that when I enter the results it will add or subtract the money from their account.

Once I enter all the necessary fields, and click SUBMIT, the bet will be added to the page for people to place the wagers.

For the user to make a bet:

They will log in to their account, they will then click one of the sports above. Once they click for either a proposition or a straight wager, they will be taken to that page. That page will look like this:

Miami -7.5

Buffalo +7.5

Directly to the left of the point spreads will be a button for them to click (they can only click one). Then to the right of the point spreads, there will be two different fields for them to enter a dollar amount with “Wager Amount” above (with instructions to solely enter numbers. ONLY when one of the buttons to the left of the point spread is selected will they be able to enter the dollar amount for that wager. Then the user will click submit below. The user HAS to click one of the buttons and enter the dollar amount to the right of that point spread. If for any reason they do not enter this information properly, they will be prompted with an error directly below the bet with another opportunity to make the bet. If after clicking submit the bet goes thru, they will then be have the option to submit it or cancel it. Below the bet it will say, “You are betting $10 to win $10 on Miami -7.5. Would you like to continue?” (The dollar amounts, the team, and the point spread will all change depending on the bet). There will be two buttons below that say “Submit” and “Cancel”. If submitted, it will give them a thank you screen with a link to the sports book. If they hit cancel it will take them back to the sportsbook. Once the wager is submitted, this wager will be assigned a number and go to the My Wagers section under Pending Wagers.

End of game results:

Once the time of the game that I inputted occurs, no one will be able to bet the game anymore. Once the game is over, I will then log into the admin area and click the tab for END. This will have all the games that I previously created. It will have extra fields. One text field next to each game so I can enter the score (for the admin area) and a button for me to click for who won the game. Maybe we should have two buttons for each team, one above it will say Win, above the other will say Lose. That way, for the win who wins, people who better that game will have the win credited to their account, for the one who loses, that money will be taken from their account and no longer appear in their “In Play” folder. I will do this for all the finished games. On the bottom I will click Submit, if there are other games that I do not fill anything in for, they will remain on the board.

Once the pending wagers are either determined to be a winner or a loser, they will then appear in the “My Wagers” section as either a winner or loser. IMMEDIATELY after I determine if it’s a winner or loser the money will either be added to the BANK and taken away from the money in play if they win their bet, or take away from the money in play forever if they lose.

ADMIN AREA: Also in the admin area, I will need to have the ability to enter a Bet Number in case there is a dispute, I must be able to search user IDs, delete user ID’s, ADD money to an account at will, etc.

Can only bet the amount he has in his BANK. Once he loses ALL of his money, he will be able to click a button to ADD more chips.

Affiliate Program:

When a user signs up to create an account, there will be a little box that says “Referrer” and if they enter a username for a referrer, once they have verified they are a registered user by clicking the automatic link in the email, the person who referred them will automatically be credited $2,000 in their bank account.


I would like for a user to be able to create a group for individual contests. Once they click the “Conests” link, they will be taken to a page that has a Create a Contest link and a Join a Contest link, as well as a list of the current running Contests that person is taking part in. If they CREATE a contest, they will enter a date and time that the contest will end. Once a contest ends, an email will automatically be sent out to everyone congratulating the winner with the entire standings of the group. I would like it to be similar to how you can create groups on Yahoo. They will only be able to create PRIVATE contests. So once they create a contest, they will be provided with a link that they can send to their friends. They will also be able to name their contest so people who click the contests link can search for the name. Once they find their contest they are looking for, they will click “Request to Join this Contest”. Once they do this, an email will be sent to the group creator and they will click a link to either allow them to join, or not allow them to join.

I would like to be able to create my own public contests as well. I guess the best way to do this would be in the admin area. When I create a public contest, I would like to be provided with a link. When someone clicks to join the contest, they will join it automatically.

We will somehow need to create some type of system whereby they will have a bankroll for each individual contest they are in, which will not affect their total bankroll on the site.

For each contest, I would like to have a guest book on there so people can talk trash to one another, etc. I would like for each contest to be viewable by anyone (even those who are not allowed to join). (And anything else you can think of). I would also like leader boards for all the contests.

Beat the Bookie - Daily and Total

On the main page somewhere, maybe on one of the columns, I would like to have some type of standings. I would like for it to keep track of the total amount of bets that take place on a daily basis. So basically, on the column it will say Beat the Bookie, then below it it will say “Yesterday” and below it it will say “Bookie:” and it will have plus or minus how much money was made. So if 100 people bet $10,000 and lose, the bookie PROFITTED $1,000,000, so it will say + $1,000,000. If they $10,000 and win, the Bookie will have LOST $1,000,000, so it will say - $1,000,000. If the Bookie WINS it will appear in green font, if the bookie LOSES it will appear in red. So basically the system needs to have a formula where it takes the amount of money that is LOST by members on a daily basis, and subtract the amount of money that people WIN on a daily basis.

Below “Yesterday” it must say “Overall” and it will add and subtract the total results overall whether or not the bookie wins or the members win. So if after tomorrow, the bookie wins $1,000,000, and tomorrow the Bookie wins 750,000, and the next day the bookie loses 500,000, the Overall will say $1,250,000. (1,000,000+750,000-500,000).


I need a section where I can put all the winners.

Leader Board

On the right column I would also like to have a leader board for who has the most money. This should have the top 10 users.

My Profile

Each time a user’s username appears, I would like for it to be a link to their profile. Their profiles should look somewhat similar to [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view]

A company that has a decent free social network script can be seen below:

[url removed, login to view];id=4

[url removed, login to view]

It really does not need to be this technical though. I would just like a basic profile, where a person can upload their image, similar to myspace. I would like for it to list their age, location (City and state), Favorite NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, and Nascar teams, their website

There must also be a link to add a person to your friends, and when done so both those people will be friends, and a little thumbnail image of that person will be added to their friends list with the person’s username.

There must also be a comment section where people can post comments for a user. I would like this to be able to support html so members can add html in there too.

Below the picture of the person I would also like for it to have two other things:

1. The amount of money in their bank and their amount of money in play just as it is in the left column for the user, with how much money he has in his bank below in black, with how much money he has in play in red, with how much money he has total below that in green. (This will be the sum of what’s in the bank and what’s in the bank and what’s currently in play).

2. A link to that users past wagers. This will only show the wagers that have either been won or lost, just as they show up in the “My Wagers” section, however it will not show PENDING wagers.

Link Swap

I would like to have a link swap program, where when people send traffic to me, they will AUTOMATICALLY be a part of the link swap.

For instance, if you go here:

[url removed, login to view]

in the left column you will see a list of friends. If you scroll down you will see Top 500 referrers. If you click that, it takes you to a page of the Top 500 referrers with all that information. I would like something similar to this set up for me.


On the head, in the top right, I would like to be able to add a bunch of banners that will randomly be displayed an equal amount of times. The banners I will be using are Flash .swf files so they must support this. The size must be 468x60. I’d like to be able to upload the banners in the admin area, and once uploaded, they should have some type of system where I can check the banners that I would like to be displayed at any given time.

How many users online

I would like a little place on the top right (like on [url removed, login to view]) that tells you how many people are online at any given time.

Message Board

I’m going to purchase a vBulletin license. I need for whoever makes this to be able to integrate vBulletin into the accounts that my users create, so that when they create a username and password for [url removed, login to view], they will also be simultaneously creating one for vBulletin, and once they are logged into [url removed, login to view], they will not have to log into vBulletin, it should happen automatically.

Also, I would like in one of the columns to have recent posts (maybe 5-10 most recent ones).

And I would like for one location somewhere in the body of all the pages to have a box for my advertisements.

Whoever is the winning bidder I expect to also fix up the graphics a little and make it look more professional. You’ll notice that the buttons turn red on rollover. When you are ON those pages for the buttons, I would like that button which page you are on to be red.

I reserve the right to make changes so that this website comes out how I desire.

Good luck bidding and I look forward to working with you!!

Skills: PHP, Training

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