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We are turning cubecart into a classifieds system and need several mods doing. Before I list them please note we are looking for someone to work with us today and tomorrow on this. Someone who works quickly and can chat via yahoo or msn messenger as they work.

The mods are not complicated for a good programmer but will require some explaining so fully english speaking programmers are preferred. Experience with cubecart would be a major plus.

Here is what is needed.

We have done a lot of the smaller mods ourselves and implimented a multi seller system for the site.

We have also added a prepaid balance feature for each seller for featuring their listings on the home page.

We need the following work doing :


1. A choice of listing length adding between 1 and 12 weeks

2. When listing is submitted depending on how many weeks are selected the weekly amount times the number of weeks is deducted from the listing balance we already have in place. If there are insufficient funds user will be given a message to add funds to their account or choose a shorter period for their listing.

(Note on this you will also need to edit db to reduce the days remaining on the listing each night. By cron will be fine)

3. Adding of postage costs option per product to be specified when listing is added and shown on product listing page.

4. When a product is added it will be added with a status of active (Not currently included in db) When a listings time is up it will leave the listing there but change status to expired and stop showing on site.

5. Currently cube cart allows you to upload one image when you add a product, then allows you to specify additional images later we want it so the user can just upload a max of 4 images when they list or edit the item as in image 1 image 2 etc.


Adding of the listing status and the date it is due to expire with an option to add extra time.


On this we will NOT be using cubecarts built in shopping basket as we wish the sellers to be paid directly.

A buy button will be added to each product page which will lead to a new page with that sellers buy options which will be

Paypal or postal order/cheque

User will select which way they want to pay.

If they choose paypal then the page will add up the cost of the item plust the postage specified and transfer the user to the sellers paypal account to pay. (we will need to add an area in seller admin for them to specify their paypal account and obviously add that field to the db too)

On return to the site the product will have its status changed to expired in the sellers listings page and will stop being shown on the site.

If they choose postal order/cheque they will be taken to an instruction page and given the name to make cheque or postal order payable to, the addresss to send it to, and the item they are buying this will be printable. The status of the listing in the sellers listing list in admin will be changed to suspended so they can re-enable it if payment does not arrive.


Not sure if cube already does this or not but we want to make sure that when a seller deleted a product fromt heir admin that all associated images are also removed.

As you can see this is just lots of little mods not too hard for a decent programmer.

Skills: Anything Goes, MySQL, PHP

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