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Good Day.

I placed this ad twice on getafreelancer and both times had my time completely wasted. I have had 4 months of my time wasted by programmers. I am still trying to get my money back from the escrow system there, and that is more than a month later after having my time wasted for the second time. I am now posting the project here, hoping to find someone who will actually complete this project and who will not waste my time. Therefore I have very strict conditions for this project. Please read my conditions at the bottom of the project listing.

I need some mods designed for VidiScript. The vidiscript script is fully open source and the files are not encrypted in any way.

2 templates will be designed for 2 different websites, one for each site (each template based on the specific site). The template will include the design, layout structure, logo, avatar logo (to use as an avatar on forums etc) and watermark logo (to be integrated into the video).

The mod must do the following:

1. Allow bulk uploads of video files and info files (possibly a csv? the info file will need to contain the video title, description and keyword tags) via ftp, and then allow those files to be automatically imported as a bulk batch into the vidiscript database.

2. The script will also need to allow a remote import function to import videos directly from a standard URL (including a password protected server/cpanel hosting account). This must be able to fetch single files, or queue files to import in a batch job (again, possibly a csv or even better would be a standard text file containing the URLs of all files which need to be queued for import). Their must also be a progress bar indicating the percentage of each file's upload completion.

3. The script must automatically create video thumbnails, the same way the standard vidiscript upload function does.

4. Mass Embed Feature which will search the major video sharing sites (youtube, megavideo, youporn, redtube, porntube etc) for any files based on a selected keyword, and mass embed the videos into the site. This script must be able to search and either embed the files, or download the files to my server run them from there. I can send you an example website which does this exact service, so you can base the coding on how their script works.

5. A bulk conversion script, which allows different video files (avi, mpeg, rm etc) to be re-encode server side to flv format using both FFmpeg and Mencoder (if you know of a better free codec for conversion please let me know and add it as well). Must be able to select single files for conversion, or queue them to run as a batch job (the next one starting once the first one is finished etc). The script needs to be able to set the quality of the conversion as well (bit rate, resolution etc). I suspect this could possibly be achieved by a php script and cron job? This script MUST be able to run independently from the main script, so it can be installed separately and run on another server if needed to reduce server load. The script must also show the progress of the conversion, and an estimated time to completion of each file individually and of the full queue.

6. The standard vidiscript script will also be modified so that the advert placement structure will be more efficient (I will provide you with a demo site showing you exactly where I want the adverts to be placed). This will be relatively simple to do, as it is just editing the adblock on the script, and adding a few new adblock. As standard, there are a couple of files outside the "template" folder which need to be edited to create the correct format. This must be changed to work on a fully template based system, where only the template files need to be changed to alter the full lay out appearance.

7. The installation of the script must be redesigned, so that the full script installs just as easily as the original vidiscript, but installs automatically with all the new features in place.

8. A "premium" access area, whereby users pay to access the premium area and can download the videos to their local system. This must include various options for payment which can be set in the admin panel. What I mean by this is: the user can pay for a single video, or for a weeks unlimited access, 1 months unlimited access, 1 year unlimited access or lifetime unlimited access to the premium download area. The prices etc must be easily editable from the admin area, and a shopping cart supporting all the most popular payment options must be included (paypal, google checkout, moneybookers, credit card merchant api etc).

9. Integrate Psuedo Streaming into the flash player. Vidiscript currently uses flowplayer to play the videos.

[url removed, login to view] ability to play adverts at the start, at specified intervals, and at the end of the video must be added.

11. With regards to the site adverts and banner adverts, there needs to be an ad rotation system which will automatically rotate any adverts which I list. I must be able to list the adverts from within the admin panel, and they will automatically be integrated into the ad rotation script.

12. When uploading any video to the site (using any of the upload methods), a watermark logo must be "burned" into the video itself. The watermark logo must be able to be uploaded to the site via the admin area, and automatically "burned" into the bottom right corner of every video uploaded.


1. If you cannot or are not willing to complete the project, DO NOT PLACE A BID!!!

2. You will report to me with an update every 3 days at bare minimum, regardless of how much progress there has been since the last report.

3. Coding will be verified after completion by a second programmer, to ensure code stability and ensure a clean code. If any errors are found, a report of the errors will be issued to you to fix them.

4. Once the code has been verified by the second programmer, I reserve 7 days to fully test the script on my server and make sure everything is functioning to my requirements.

5. Payment will be made AFTER the testing period, via your choice of either PayPal, MoneyBookers or Google Checkout.

6. I have paid for this modded script, therefore I own the rights to the mods, not you. You may not sell these mods or redistribute them in any way. A legal contract binding you to this clause and releasing all source code and copyright to me will be sent to you via registered mail, which must be signed and returned to me. After payment, all source code will be released to me and all coding and/or references to the coding will be deleted from your server and/or any other back up means you may have it stored on.

7. The project will be completed on time. DO NOT bid stating that you can complete the project in 10 days, if you are going to take 30 days to complete it. Rather over-estimate the time frame than under-estimate. If your bid states that you will complete the project within 15 days, then it WILL be completed within 15 days.

8. There will be ZERO tolerance for dishonesty. I have had 4 months of my time wasted already by dishonest programmers. Any issues will be brought forward to me immediately, and full honesty will be disclosed throughout the project. ANY dishonesty at all will result in immediate cancellation of the project, and I reserve the right to keep any of the work already completed, and relist the project to be completed by someone else. Be 100% honest with all matters and we will have a pleasant transaction throughout the project.

I know my terms are strict, but after wasting 4 months and a LOT of money on programmers, I am forced to resort to these terms. As stated, they are non-negotiable, so please do not waste your time or mine if you do not agree to the terms.

Looking forward to your bids.



Skills: Adobe Flash, Anything Goes, Graphic Design, MySQL, PHP

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