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These are some modifications to osc. Some of them are osc, and some of them have to do with a quote system. The basics of the quote system have been started. However, a few modications to the code is nessicary. I've provided some information of what needs to be done.

I can actually show you the code, and what has been done if you are willing to sign a nda.

1. Frontpage of this mod needs to be integrated into a design I provide.

2. Quote section needs to have levels (Admin, office admin, sales rep) Admin can see and do all. Office admin see all but can adjust THEIR own quotes. Sales rep can see THEIR quotes can adjust THEIR quotes, that's all.

2. Cost does NOT need to appear WHILE a sales rep is doing a quote as they may be in front of a customer. List price is not nessicary in the quote system. Cost should only be shown to office admin and complete admin. This is for both editing and adding new product.

3. Attributes need to be added in when adding and editing a product. It needs to have the drop down menus that say the available options.

4. the table heading in css on osc needs to be changed to match the site

5. The printout needs to be in landscape form.

6. Our price and total price need to be fixed to show the correct cents amount

7. When you download printable quotes systems this needs to be in html format that looks like the form of which i attached. There is two seperate forms. One that the sales rep sees that only includes cost. The one that is delivered to the sales rep has the following columns in landscape form: Sales person, Quote Number, Date, PO#, Bill to, Ship to, Vendor, Stock Id, quanity, bill amount, total, amount. I've attached a sample of this.

There is a different form that the office admin, and the main admin see. This has the same as the customer except the cost of each product, and the subvendor is added in. I've also attached the old version of this.

For each downloadable html page. There needs to be two pages. One is the actual quote. and the other is the notes that were added into the system.

PLEASE look at the CURRENT copy that is emailed with this list as it is in the form that it MUST be in. PLEASE also look at the items I have marked on the sheet that need to be changes in the quote engine as it is pulling some of the wrong data and is not in the right form.

8. There also needs to be a sales order button where they click it will ask them sales order id and po. Once you fill this out it completes an order and that copy is sent to the sales rep, and the customer that the quote has been given too. The one that is sent to the sales rep and the customer is the quote that is for customer only. Then a copy for the admin is sent to the office admin and the main admin. This one is the one with the subvendor, cost, etc.

9. In the quote generator it once viewed to print needs to say "customer quote" at the top, once submitted to the office to order and opened it needs to say "customer order" at the top.

10. When you login to the system it needs to be in the same layout except make it look like

11. Values-Items are duplicating when I edit any, we need to fix this so it doesn't duplicate.

12. Attributes-Option Value has an arrow and will not let me add, we need to fix this as well.


The quote engine needs to have three different levels of use ADMIN, OFFICE

ADMIN, SALES REP. The office admin and sales rep are assigned from admin

Admin can see all and do all, office admin can see all but only adjust THEIR

quotes entered, sales rep can see and adjust the quotes THEY generate and no

one else.

COST price does not need to appear while anyone is logged in to create a

quote, UNLESS the person is having to ADD a part to the quote that is not

currently on the site (ADD MISCELLANEOUS ITEM) - tab needs to be added to

the quote page. This should be the table form as if we were adding a part.

The notes section is there to add ANY miscellaneous information that needs

to be added to the part # (line item) in the quote. It will print out on a

separate page, along with the quote/sales order but will be itemized and

sorted by the part number from the quote.

ANY price quote or sales order needs to be printed in LANDSCAPE format

The QUOTE engine print out needs to be this way.

1. As a quote is completed the sales rep has one of two options to

choose from at the bottom of the screen.

A. create customer quote

B. create sales order

2. If "create customer quote" is chosen the following items are to be

on the list (SEE Quote attached to this email)

A. Company info in top left corner

B. Title "CUSTOMER QUOTE" in center of the page

C. Sales person that logged in to initiate the quote

D. Quote number

E. Date the quote was generated

F. The Bill To/Ship To info. This is derived from customer data base

that we need, not website customer data base as there may be 3 or 4 people

from one agency have a online account but one individual with authority to

order for THAT agency.

G. Vendor ID - this needs to be on there and items need to be sorted

first by manufacturer (vendor), then by item/part#

H. Stock ID (the following is a item from the new website) SCBA with

AirSwitch Facemask

[DXL3]. WE need for the "DXL3" to show up next with any attributes

attached. If you go to the new website and look up this item in ISI we need

for the WHOLE part # to come through to correctly order. For example (if we

order the item from that manufacturer the part # may be

DXL3-04-05-01-01-03-B) - THAT is how the order must be turned into the

manufacturer to get the correct item. PLEASE CALL ME IF THERE IS ANY


I. Product Description - this is derived from the Viking DXL SCBA 2216

LP Kevlar Harness line just under the line in 2H above. AGAIN - if there

are any questions please call me.

J. QTY is the next section

K. Bill Amount is the next section

L. Extension is the last section

M. Bottom of the quote needs to have a "page total", line under that

needs to be grand total.

At the bottom of the page (out side of the Quote tables needs to have this

statement at the bottom left hand corner

* Shipping Charges NOT Included

** Quote Valid for 30 Days

Page 1 of 1

Once done the sales rep can print it out or email it to the customer as an


THE SALES ORDER (from 1 B above)

The "CREATE SALES ORDER" option is identical to the "CREATE CUSTOMER QUOTE"

EXCEPT for the addition of the following items.

1. upon choosing the "CREAT SALES ORDER" option a window pops up and

asks for you to enter two items of information

A. SALES ORDER NUMBER - this is derived from a list the sales rep is to

keep up with themselves and is in THIS format 2007-01, 2007-02, etc.

However we need 7 additional spaces in case a sales rep has to revise the

sales order and the numbers should appear like this, 2007-01 REV-A, 2007-02

REV-B and so on. In the case of revisions this alerts the office person

entering the orders into purchasing that this is a revision to the original

number and no just a duplicate entry of the original.

B. PURCHASE ORDER NUMBER - if the customer gives the sales rep a

purchase order number (for tracking) they are to enter it there before it is

sent to the office.


QUOTE except for the following

A. the title "CUSTOMER QUOTE" (as in the info above - item 2B) is

changed to say "SALES ORDER"

B. On the line with the sales rep and date should now have

Sales Rep, ORDER # (this data comes from the sales order info 1A just above)

and Purchase Order # (this data comes from the sales order info 1B just


3. On the tabled/cell info a COST column now appears along with the

sales price and sales extension. This aids the person entering the order to

have the correct cost of the item and not have to look for it in the sales


4. Directly after the cost column there needs to be a cost EXTENSION

column. This figure is derived from the cost column multiplied by the

quantity. This is needed as a check and balance to the Purchase Entry

person to ensure they have matching totals with the purchase order

5. At the bottom of the cell area just before the sales extension

totals (like on the current sales order) there needs to be a section

directly in line with the cost extension column there needs to be a cost

page total and a cost grand total. These items are needed to see a quick

glance of total profit in each sales order

Once these are done and you submit the order it is emailed to two different


I have attached a sales order sample for you to review as well.

Skills: Anything Goes, ASP, MySQL, PHP

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