OSCommerce MS2.2 - Properly configure PayPal IPN

Project Scope: This contribution is already installed. However, it does not work as it is intended and is currently disabled.

One of the features of this particular contribution, as far as the customer can discern, is that it should automatically generate an electronic invoice for products ordered without the need for a customer to click on the "Return to Merchant" button in Paypal. If this is the case, it is the desire of customer to have this contribution reviewed to determine why is it not working as described above, and particularly, why it isn't generating a detailed invoice containing all options/attributes chosen by customers for a particular product. This also seems to be affecting the printable versions of the invoice and packing slip.



Project Terms and Conditions:

1. A time table is mandatory for this project. The time table shall be configured as follows:

Task: Estimated Time Required: Start Date: Stop Date: Cost:

2. The time table must be agreeable both by the service provider and customer. Disagreement with the timetable shall entitle customer to terminate project with no benefit of negotiation, arbitration, or relief on the part of the service provider.

3. All communication, written or verbal, shall be in the English language. The winning bidder acknowledges his/her ability to

fully and easily comprehend and communicate fluently in the English language, both written and verbally. The winning bidder

also commits to engaging in regular and frequent contact with customer to an extent that is necessary to execute and expedite

the completion of this project within the allotted time table.

4. Acceptance of this project also serves as full agreement and acceptance of the following terms and conditions by and

between the service provider and customer:

i. Service provider certifies he/she what is considered to be a universally acceptable level of knowledge and experience

associated with the following technologies:


* mySQL

* OScommerce (All milestones, MS2.2 in particular)

* Javascript

* Integration of PayPal IPN amongst other pre-existing/pre-installed contributions that have altered the original core OSCommerce code

ii. Service provider agrees to communicate in abundance with customer for any and all matters relating to questions relating to all current customized lines of code applicable to this project. The preferred method of communication once this project is awarded is MSN or Yahoo IM.

iii. Service provider will not cause any malfunctions to the store in which the above referenced contribution will be configured. This includes all files and related databases.

iv. Service provider agrees to thoroughly test to guarantee proper functionality of the above referenced contribution. This includes ensuring the e-mail generated contains all products and options/ attributes chosen by customers, as well as the printable versions of the invoice and packing slip.

v. Service provider warrants he/she will not install any code other than that which is neccessary to ensure the contribution being installed performs as it is intended. Moreover, no programs, scripts, or code alterations will be installed or made that would compromise website security. Service provider also acknowledges he/she has adequate computer security in place to prevent the observation of or access to any and all information, files, folders, usernames, passwords, login URL's, etc. associated with or applicable to this project. The winning bidder furthermore guarantees he/she will destroy all usernames and passwords provided subsequent to the completion of this project.

vi. Service provider shall provide on-demand support with a 4 hour response turn-around time for a period of 30 days following the closure of this project within GAF. Support includes but is not limited to making a timely and concerted effort to troubleshoot and resolve any and all unforseen issues directly or indirectly impacting the above the whose reliance on the above referenced contribution shall be crucial once it is deemed operational by service provider. All support requests will be submitted by customer via electonic mail. The date and time stamp automatically generated by customer emails shall serve as the exclusive authoritative reference to determine when a support request was issued. In the event there is a lapse in communication of 24 hours from the point in time when a support request is submitted, or non-compliance with the terms and

conditions contained herein, customer reserves the right to terminate this project and shall be free from any obligation to make payment for any work performed, and shall notify GAF of a violation of these terms.


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