automatic torrent upload

OS: windows xp and vista

We need a software that will create archive files (rar or zip) from folders and indivudaul files.

After that it needs to creat torrent files from the archives and upload these torrents to about 20-30 sites

(some of them with captcha so it need the ability to overcome the captcha, for instance by using AIcaptcha).

The software should have an internal category system based on folders.

Uploading the torrents will be on the software's category basis.

That means the mp3 files that were archived will be placed under the music folder (inside the software) and will

uploaded to the music category in the torrent index sites on the list (see bottom).

The same goes for softwares, ebooks, pictures etc.

There's also the need to fill in some details about the torrent being uploaded, such as filename, description

and so on. That too will be done by the software.

The same torrent file must be uploaded to all the sites in the software list one by one.

This means that "[url removed, login to view]" is uploaded to all sites and after that "[url removed, login to view]" will be uploaded.

if for some reason a file can't be uploaded, the uploading process will continue but all the files that

were not uploaded will be logged and will be uploaded after the software will finish all the other files in

that category folder.

I want to be able to set the time intervals of the upload rate. In oder words, I want to be able to control

what will be the time difference from one torrent upload to the next.

Eg. I want that "[url removed, login to view]" will uploaded now and that "[url removed, login to view]" will be uploaded 10 minutes after the first had

finished and so on. The time frame betwin the torrents will be set in minutes and will be constent to a specific

session and I will be able to change it during the software running mode (uploading process).

In addition, we need the software to generate statistical data that includes :

- The IP's (numbers) from which the files were uploaded

- How many time the IP had been used

- Is the IP banned

- torrent filename that was uploaded

- site's name to which the torrent file was uploaded to

- the time the torrent was uploaded

- how much time did it take to upload the torrent

- if there was an error while ulpading, log the error and create a screenshot of it

## Deliverables

* The software needs to change the IP of the uploading PC by running a windows vpn pptp dailer

(I have one of my own) every 3 files it uploads.

All the processes of the software will be done on a semi-automatic basis.

This means that the only thing we need to do is choose the folder and the category and hit on go.

Once activated the software will do all of the above.

Example :

I have a picture of myself - [url removed, login to view]

I will place [url removed, login to view] into a sub-folder (called pictures) inside the softwares main folder.

Then, from within the software I'll choose the pictures folder and the pictures category and hit on go.

[url removed, login to view] will be archived (into [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view]).

a torrent file ([url removed, login to view]) will be created from the [url removed, login to view] (or [url removed, login to view]).

That file will be uploaded to all the torrent sites on the list.

In case of multiple files (and that will be the case all of the time) the software

will first archive all files, then create all the torrent files from those archives (this will be done on each

sub folder like pictures, music, softwares, ebooks, others etc.)

after that I'll choose the folder and category and hit on go and the process will begin - the torrent files will

start to upload to the sites on the list one by one.

I also require the option to choose multiple folders and multiple caetgories.

If multiple folders and categories are selected the software will upload one file from each category and will continue

to do so untill I'll stop it.

That means that it goes in circles.

Let's say I have chosen 5 folders and categories (must be the same always) once the 5th folder is reached that

means that 5 files were uploaded and the software should now take a file from folder 1 that wasn't uploaded yet.

And so on and so forth untill all the files were uploaded or untill I'll stop it.

If there's an error when uploading that says the torrent files trying to upload already exist :

1. log it

2. rename the archive (by adding the data - only day/month/year) create a new torrent file from that archive and upload that torrent to all the sites

from scratch as if it is a brand new file and the process of uploading it had just began.

I also want to be able to add torrent files (that I've created)? manually to the folders inside the program

And to have the option to control to which sites I want it to upload.

If it's possible to make it so that more torrent sites will be added in the future (to upload to them as well)

That will be good.

The list of sites to which we want to upload will be given after the projects starts.

Some of the sites are :

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

there are more sites that will be sent to whom ever takes on the project.

Please note If you're planning on taking on this project :

a. thank you.

b. I will want to see how the software will look like (even before the backend programming).

c. I will get all the source codes used to build this software.

d. I'll be the sole and only owner of the software and all rights of it will be mine.

e. You can not give it away, sell it, modify it for others, or do anything with it without

informing me first and a written consent from me to do so.

f.I will require online support from time to time (by emails) for 60 days after I get the software.

g. thanks again, and I'm looking forward to working with you.

Skills: Engineering, Microsoft, MySQL, PHP, Project Management, Software Architecture, Software Testing, Windows Desktop

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