Article writing + website. Every month.


This is a very easy to do project for which the winner will be paid for every submission.

Skills you will need:

1) Using a search engine.

2) Writing in an easy to read and interesting way.

3) Some website building experience.

I am looking for a person who can:

1) Find interesting information on the given subject.

2) Write a summary of the found facts.

3) Send me the checked and upload-ready html file of the article which I can upload to my website.

## Deliverables

**1. TOPIC:** You will be writing for my website (completely new - your work will make it grow) which is about anything "superhuman", "extraordinary", "not currently thought possible by the public" with **the only rule** being that it must be something the people have trained or learned through time and work rather than having some genetical advantage / defect. So that is the topic. As you can see it is very easy to gather stories on this topic.

***example:** the boy who learned how to "see" by hearing echos bouncing back from objects. see the video on youtube (search term: "Extraordinary People - The boy who sees without eyes")*

**2.** **Do a basic research** about the subject that you find. I want only true stories so if you find a certain claim, do a quick check to see if this claim sounds to be true. It is possible that at present scientific explanation may not be available, however, usually some investigation at least is done, which can be quoted. I will do a quick check the articles which I receive to see if it is fabricated from the air in which case it will not be accepted.

**3. Write an article** or summary about what you have discovered clearly quoting the sources of the information. You can use CNN articles as structure (heading, bullets summary, picture + story).

**4. Produce the HTML file and send it to me**. I made a basic suggestion of structure which you can see here:

[url removed, login to view]

Naturally you need some basic website building skills to make this. All meta tags should be done. All links should be working. The html file you give me should be completely ready for me to just upload.

**5.** I check your work, if nothing wrong with it then I pay you and I offer you to do it again, and then again, etc.


1) I am looking for someone who can be kind of a partner and produce good quality work regularly, so I would prefer such bids more.

2) I am not an expert so any suggestions you make to improve anything at all would be much appreciated. As mentioned, I would like a "partner" type of thinking rather than a "vending machine".

3) I am not a rich company. I am one person. This is a hobby for me, which I hope will help people and make money and I have the full intention to share any future earnings with the person(s) contributing to my website.

**RIGHT NOW THIS IS A BID REQUEST FOR ONE UPLOAD READY HTML ARTICLE.** If everything is to my liking I will discuss with you to keep on producing articles. We can agree on the easiest way to proceed.

Thank you.


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