Create a brouser based audio track recorder

Create a brouser based audio track recorder

It needs to work on all operating systems on pc or mac (extremely old operating systems are not required ie. Pre XP).

This could be a brouser add-on or something that would work on any operating system as a separate program that will need to access the internet for vital files such as auto delay correction times. It needs to have one or more important parts of the program on our server, so that the program won't work unless it is logged into our website.

I will own this software 100%. I want it to be completely expandable in the future, by yourself and other programmers. No encrypted programming will be accepted.

I would prefer someone who is experienced in programming for audio multitrack recording software.

The use of open source software will be fine as long as it is expandable in every way and you add all the features I require in the first version. These features will be negotiated and your programming ability will be understood before commencement and acceptance of your bid.

It needs to be able to play a sound file and record from a microphone at the same time. And then be able to record more tracks.

It needs to have a latency test. When you play and record, there is a time difference. There needs to be a super user friendly test where the person will put their head phones up to the microphone so that the test can measure the time difference with a ping. Then it will automatically store that millisecond value on our website for that specific user, on that specific computer. When a recording is then made, it will be automatically moved back that value so that it matches the backing and is perfectly in time. Every time they press play or record, the program will access that millisecond value before and after the recording take.

It needs to be simple and super user friendly as it will be used my children.

It needs to have a simple delay, echo and reverb effect, so that they can be added to the vocal recording and the level of which can be adjusted.

Please check out [url removed, login to view]!/logged_out/landing/mantis.

I would like a very simple version of this program, but with the ability to expand and improve in the future.

The steps of the job would be:

1. The program would work both playing a recording and recording a new take at the same time.

2. The program would have a test that would ask the customer to put their head phones to their microphone and it would pay and record a ping. The program would automatically measure the delay between the two and record a latacy time (syncronisation) in milliseconds on our website for their computer specifically. The program would then check for this latacy time on our website everytime something is recorded and move the recording back that amount so that it is in time with the rest of the music. Every time the customer presses play or record, the program will access that millisecond value before and after.

3. It will load our backings they have purchased from us only. And some free samples we will give them. The program will need to check with our website every time a backing is load that it is ours. And the program won’t work if it is not.

4. It needs to have delay and reverb. They need to be adjustable.

5. The program will then need to be designed to be super user friendly for kids. With really simple big buttons (fun to look at – kid like).

6. The program will then need to be able to do more tracks. Ie. Play the instrumental track and previously recorded tracks together and record at the same time.

7. The program needs to be tested on a few operating systems and all bugs fixed.

These amount are what suggest to be put into escrow at each point.

1. 20%

2. 10%

3. 10%

4. 15%

5. 15%

6. 15%

7. 15%

Skills: Audio Services

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