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Develop PPT update for email workflow based on designs - develop prestashop module Develop Prestashop Module for attributes - Develop Product Data Feed CSV Import Script Develop Product Descriptions for my Accounting and Business Plan products - Develop program for MCU Renesas SH7216 (servo motor control) Develop program for Motorola RFID handheld scanner - develop proposal Develop proposal for a research project - Develop push notification Plugin for Openfire Chat Server Develop Python Backend of Iphone App - Develop QPython to APK solution Develop QR Code - Develop Ramayana game Develop Random Image Facebook Application - Develop Realestate Software develop Realtek RTL8188SU/8191/2 driver for Microchip PIC32MX695F512L - Develop remote support for linux based on reverse SSL Develop Remote Support Web Application - Develop requirements & design docs in UML 2.1 Develop Requirements - audio loop ecommerce website - Develop Responsive Wordpress Theme Develop Responsive Wordpress Theme -- 2 - Develop Reverse Engineered Products with Product Enhancement Develop Reverse Engineered Products with Product Enhancement - open to bidding - Develop RSS feeds for me today Develop RTMP Stream Host - Develop Salesforce triggers Develop APP by using APEX and Visualforce - Develop School Search Engine Website Develop School Timetable API - Develop Script For Produced Video Commercial Develop script for uploading ind including posts into WordPress MySQL database - Develop search form using PHP/AJAX and MYSQL Develop search form web site - Develop SEO plan for my Website Develop SEO Software - Develop several IOS / ANDROID MOBILE APPS Develop Several Online Market Places Plugins to work with out Gateway API - Develop sharepoint workflows Develop Shooting Range Tracking App - Develop similar game like given Develop Similar Shopify Theme - Develop Simple Android Game Develop Simple Android Game - develop simple drupal template Develop Simple e-library (URGENT -- Needed ASAP) - Develop Simple iOS/Android Game Develop Simple iPad App - Develop Simple Mobile Application Develop simple mobile application for android - Develop simple program to copy files into a specified folder in Hard Drive Develop simple Program urgent - Develop simple virtuemart plugin Develop simple web app, web store functionality - Develop single custom page for Webmin (Perl/PHP) develop single page for wordpress site - Develop site like linkedin but modified with added features Develop site like linkedin but modified with added features - Develop small android application. Develop small app in 2.0 - develop small website DEVELOP SMALL WEBSITE - Develop snapchat like IOS and Andriod like app for China Develop SNMP MIB file - develop social network chat app develop social network chat app - repost - Develop Software Develop Software - Develop software about Hotels online payment Develop software and enter into long term relationship for ongoing work & support - Develop software for IPTV set top box Develop software for IPTV set top box and Integrate - Develop software in Java Develop software in Java - Develop software to Boost Instagram Posts develop software to bring work to our website - Develop software/strategy for ebay sales Develop software/web programming - Develop some modules of iPhone App Develop some modules of iPhone App - open to bidding - Develop some software Develop some software - develop some software for diesel engine develop some software for kodi - Develop specific sections of a travelling website (sections include search, availability calendar, online bookings) Develop Specification for Excel Add-In - Develop stage 2 for our website and game application Develop stage one of android application using Xamarin - Develop stock trading program interface develop storage management software for me. - Develop superhydrophobic and oleophobic coating (copy the existing products) Develop Supersite 2 theme - Develop system biometric develop system n design using UML - develop taxi app develop taxi app in android - Develop Template for Joomla 2.5 Based on Design Develop template for webapplication - Develop TextPipe Engine Demo projects(repost) Develop the homepage for stock mareket website - Develop the Climbing Buddy app Develop the clone of a script from the demo site in this project - Develop the game speedrunner for ios, with online multiplayer option. Develop the given article title and check its originality - Develop the Phantom Contact Software develop the php/mysql script for - Develop the WEB DESIGN idea and code of our web app like Dribbble Develop the web site in HTML and Web development also - Develop Theme Options Page for Genesis Child Theme Develop theme. Remove code direct on theme. Check attachment - Develop Tool to scrap real time data from sportsbetting site Develop tool to search/retrieve email from websites and put in an excel spreadsheet - Develop Tranzila module for OpenCart. Develop Travel Agent Plugin (woocommerce) - Develop Twitter Page Develop Twitter Page -- 2 - Develop Two Sister Websites & A Structure for a network of Mini Sites Develop Two Themes for MythTV - DEVELOP UNIFIED JOINT ANTI TERRORISM DE-CENTRALIZED: STRATERGY FOR MIDDLE EAST Develop unique art advanced website - Develop US-Brazil Connect Program Management System Develop USAEPay Payment Gateway for Drupal Ecommerce - develop application Develop VB.NET Client/Server Application to Control Game Servers - Develop Video Compression Codec for Windows Develop Video Conference API - DEVELOP VIDEO SCHOOL ONLINE : same customize it and launch it on my server domain -- 2 Develop Video security application - Develop VOIP application using twilio APIs Develop VoIP billing program - Develop Wearable Kids Tracking Device - Need only GPS data from device to server Develop wearable product based on BLE. Small device of coin size -- URGENT (Business case Study) - develop web applcation with chat Develop Web Application - Develop web application using C# Develop web application using GWT - Develop Web based Payroll System using ASP.NET Develop web based POS system - Develop Web Platform and Andriod,IOS apps for Cab Service Develop Web Point Of Sale Client - develop web site develop web site - Develop web-application for negotiations Develop web-based application (ASP.NET and C#) - Develop Webiste For One Product
develop webmail clint with ajax/extJS based on a public emai - Develop Website Develop Website - Develop website Develop website - develop website develop website - Develop website Develop website - Develop Website and mobile App Develop website and mobile app - Develop website for a Rock Band Develop website for a Rock Band - open to bidding - develop website for picture capture from builtin camera and post data to MSSQL Develop website for preschool using open source CMS based on supplied visual design - Develop website in .Net Technology (Mostly Static & Partially Dynamic) - Repost - open to bidding Develop website in .Net Technology (Mostly Static & Partially Dynamic) - Repost - open to bidding - Develop website like Develop website like - Develop website like - Repost - open to bidding Develop website like - Repost - repost - Develop website scrapper and upload data into database Develop website script and design - Develop website using Google App Engine Develop website using Joomla template - Develop Website With Facebook Login - repost Develop website with glass custom made shower doors. - Develop Wekan - Open Source Kanban Board Software Develop well commented css based on supplied design - Develop Widnows desktop data search program Develop Wikipedia Page - Develop Windows OS Short Course Material Develop Windows Phone 8.1 App - Develop WooCommerce Payment Method Develop WooCommerce plugin - Develop Wordpress Booking Engine Plugin using API Keys. Develop Wordpress custom plugin that will bridge with a CRM - Develop Wordpress Plugin Develop Wordpress Plugin - Develop Wordpress Plugin For MMA Website -- 2 Develop Wordpress plugin of request a quote - Develop Wordpress Showtimes Plugin Develop Wordpress Showtimes Plugin - Develop WordPress Template $$ Develop Wordpress template from supplied artwork - Develop Wordpress User Analytics Dashboard With API Functions -- 2 Develop WordPress Website - Develop wordpress website program Develop Wordpress website with multiuser doc management, database and basic LMS - Develop wp landing page develop wp plug in for woocommerce, target : save time when upload digital file into a product,need automat system - Develop Xmarian project MVP Model Develop XML Feed - Develop, design and build a website Develop, Design and Install category specific news aggregate website. - Develop/build a payment gateway Develop/build a website - Develop/Design Simple widget through CMS Develop/Design widgets through CMS[ HTML/CSS ]NO FTP! - Develop/Rewrite a Real Estate Application Develop/write a Recruitment Questionnaire for virtual assistants - Develope a breathalyzer machine to bypass alcolock system Develope a business directory - Develope a custom Backup software Develope a custom form with validations & calculations to display results and feed into CRM - Develope a logo develope a logo - Develope a php website Develope a Platform up social media site - Develope a simple iPhone/IPad working with Firebase Develope a simple mobile game - Develope a Tycoon/Simulation Game Develope a user interface for IOS drawing - develope a website Develope a website ! CMS base ! Please read ! (No indian) - Develope a windows application Develope A windows automation software - Develope an app Develope an App - open to bidding - Develope an Interactive Website for a Fictional Bank Develope an Interface to trade on the Binary Option platform "Option Fair" - Develope and "Adobe Air" App for Apple Develope and build an idea. - Develope android mobile app Develope android platform for Instant video message app and configure Firebase as BaaS - Develope Call Center and IVR Solution Develope chat application using Websocket - Develope custom wordpress plugin Develope Customer database - Develope graphics for control panel Develope HTML page with flash - Develope Magento Custom module - repost Develope magento payment module - develope my website by putting data and doing nice desiging with theme and all. Develope my website to earn $500 per month - develope password strength Develope Payment gateway for Miva 5 - develope simple data traffic monitoring app Develope simple forms in MS Access - Develope touch screen medical website Develope UI for option Analysis integrated with Interactive Brokers - develope with cloud storage API Develope Wordpress blog - developed android application jsp to activity connectivity use od http request Developed android application. - Developed on Android and Blackberry Mobile Application Developed our college website - Developed XiBo module to connect to Outlook to retrieve Outlook calendar. Developed/Completed Accounting Software - Developement of Artificial Neural Network Model in Matlab for a problem wherein expert is required to know thermodynamics...Radiation Spectra Emission .(Physics) of Chemical Compositions for solid rocket propellant and Flares Developement of existing homepage - Developement PHP, mySQL game lottery Developement prestashop - Developer Developer - Developer Developer - developer developer - Developer & Business Partner Developer & Business Partner - repost - Developer - Coding and Integration Developer - Coding Trading Indicator for Multicharts (Trading Platform) - developer .net developer .net - Developer 40+ PSD of a website Developer 4D database base management - Developer add-in for HP QTP Developer agency required for FRONTEND work URGENT. - developer and designer needed for website redesign project Developer and designer required for long term - Developer aplicatie Android pentru Google Play - remote Developer aplicatie iOS pentru App Store - remote - Developer Basic4Android (b4a) Developer BeaverBuilder Site templates - Developer Collaborate developer cometchat - developer Django(Python) - open to bidding Developer do stałej współpracy - Developer expert in wordpress and open cart developer expert php - Developer for a 3 month contract Developer For a any time - developer for an Android application Developer for an Android application - Developer for App development