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develop android application for barcode scanning - Develop Android based application that logs WiFi, Telephony, location, phone state, and hardware data on mobile devices -- 2 Develop Android based follow-up reminder and feedback management system - Develop Android Mobile Application develop android mobile application - Develop Android WebView application Develop Android&IOS application - develop Apache system Develop API - Develop API to connect to government website Develop API to publish in groups facebook - Develop App e-Book voice (Audio) reader ( Android, Apple, windows phones) Develop app for both IOS and Android - Develop App for iOS Develop App for iOS and Adndroid for bookings - Develop app in Android and iOS to field soccer and interaction between players / Desarrollo de aplicación movil para canchas de fútbol Develop app in with salesforce integration - Develop App using videoLAN opensource develop app web for company - Develop Application Control Bluetooth Device/Product Develop Application for Android - Develop application to save Whataspp photos -2 Develop Application Using Autoit - Develop apps with Ionic and related technologies Develop apps with SIBERIAN CMS for my company. - Develop asp. Net website app develop - Develop Audio Player for AOD /Live Streaming with special requirments Develop Audio Tool in CSS and jquery - Develop AV for Android Device (Phone and Tab) Develop AV for Android Device (Phone and Tab) -- 2 - Develop Backend RESTful json api node/php + DB Develop backend services using Node.js and Mongo - Develop basic point of sale Develop Basic Software to Analyze Amazon FBA Data - Develop Bind 9 DNS and SendMail on Ubuntu Develop Bing Map Silverlight/Ajax application - Develop Bot for a game Develop bot using IBM Watson - Develop browser ads redirect script. Develop browser extension (Chrome) for our site - Develop Business Marketing Message and Brand Develop Business Model & Plan - Develop C# and LINQ (También se reciben propuestas en español) Develop C# application - Develop CAD and generate a 3D print file to be Printed -- 2 DEVELOP CAD FRAMEWORK TO AUTOMATE TOOTH MOVEMENT ON STL FILE - Develop CashOnDelivery option to Shopify store and integration payment gateway develop Casino card game for both android and ios - Develop Chat & File Sharing Program Develop Chat APP for - Develop Chrome Extension Develop Chrome Extension - Develop Clients Website Develop clock program for windows computer - Develop code to auto send email once signup occurs on website Develop code to FFmpeg - Develop Community Web Site develop Company - Develop Complete Magento Website Develop Complete Magento Website - Develop Construction Site Develop Contact form - Develop copy for website Develop copy for website - open to bidding - Develop Corporate Mascot - vector illustration with poses Develop Corporate Website - Develop CRM using MVC Develop CRM Dynamics Applicaiton - Develop CSV export changes for Ninja Develop CTI application - Develop custom CMS in PHP Develop Custom CMS website based on Php/MySQL (Fun Project) - Develop Custom MAC Software Develop Custom MAC Software - Develop custom Scada System Develop Custom Script/Application to pull data from Helpscout API into a Geckoboard Dashboard - Develop custom WordPress geotag plugin Develop Custom Wordpress Header - Develop Cybersource payment gateway module for Prestashop Develop Cybersource payment gateway module for Prestashop - Develop database + data entry Develop database and interface using Filemaker Pro 13 - Develop Dating Website (Graphic Part already done) coding and design DEVELOP DATING WEBSITE - PHP MySQL - Based on our DESIGN & FEATURE specifications - Develop design for the new screens for application. Develop Design manag Website and manag CEO + google yahoo adwards - Develop detailed software specifications and requirements documentation Develop DevExpress based dashboard reporting soltuion - Develop Dofollow Backlink Checker Develop Domain names - Develop Drupal real estate site(repost)(repost)(repost) Develop Drupal Site - Develop e-Commence Store - Cosmetic & Makeup Develop e-commerce photo gallery website - Develop e-signature system Develop e-waiver & check-in system for kids' play center - Develop eclipse GMF application Develop Eclipse Plugin - Develop eCommerce Website develop eCommerce website - Develop electrical schematic software Develop electrical schematic software - repost - Develop email template design to html Develop Email Template for MailChimp - Develop Emoji Application Develop Emoji Application - Develop encryption plugin for resourcespace. develop end use articles out of coir - Develop Escort Website w/ Online booking and Prepayment Develop Escorts APP For ANDROID AND Iphone - Develop Excel VBA add-in to connect to Xero API Develop Excel Web Part - Develop Existing Website Develop existing website - Develop extension for a individual application Develop extension for Chrome browser - Develop Facebook App to Pick Random Person Develop Facebook App/Desarrollar una aplicación para Facebook - Develop Facebook log in Develop Facebook Page - Develop Featureds Cake PHP Code Develop features and fix Magento web site - Develop Filemaker Invoicing and Quoting Platform Develop FileMaker Pro 11 Therapy Scheduling and Billing App - Develop firmware stuff for ESP-12E (NodeMCU 1.0) using Arduino or Espressif. Develop first page of web site - Develop flash game client Develop Flash Game like + iOS App + Android App - develop flowchart and Activity Cycle Diagrams with detailed explanations Develop Flyer/Print ads - Develop Forms Application Using C#/.Net develop forms for car sales website. Search and find. parsing etc.. - Develop From PSD to website Develop from scraping website using Python - Develop frontend of website Develop FTP file transfer functionality for Classic ASP site - Develop Fundler Wordpress Theme Develop Fundraising Program - Develop game quiz like "who wants to be a millionaire" Develop game quiz like "Who Wants to be a millionaire" or "Show do Milhão"(Brazil Version) - Develop Geo Location based Custom Mobile Apps: iPhone, iPad Develop Geo Location based Custom Mobile Apps: iPhone, iPad and Android - Develop Google Search Console API Code Develop Google-Like Search Engine for Paid Text Advertising - Develop Guidelines for Communicating Across Cultures In a Health Care Setting Develop Gym Management CRM - Develop High Level CRM Develop High Level CRM -- 2 - Develop hotels,airtickets booking system into my wordpress site
Develop Hotspot page - Develop HTML Pages to Functioning Website DEVELOP HTML RESPONSIVE QUESTIONAIR - Develop hybrid mobile app using Xamarin Develop hybrid mobile application - Develop Image Search Engine Optimization (Image SEO) using ASP.NET Develop Images for Quotes - Develop Initial custom interface design Develop initial website - Develop Interactive Voice Response (IVR) using Asterisk on Amazon EC2 Develop interactive web site with data capture - Develop Invoice Automation Application using Spring MVC and History.js Part II Develop invoicing function based on business logic requried by account department - Develop iOS 7 Application Develop IOS 8 - Develop IOS App Develop IOS app - Develop IOS App with Offerwall - users can complete offers and make $$ develop ios app. design and framework is ready. will provide android app as reference - Develop iOS Game based on tapping and physics DEVELOP iOS GAME FOR iPAD. - develop ipad app Develop Ipad App - Develop Iphone and Android app Develop iPhone and Android App for eComerce system - Develop Iphone app Develop iPhone App - Develop iPhone App for iPad Develop iPhone app for Loan Calculations - Develop iPhone Application for Develop iPhone application for Complex Task Management - Develop iPhone version of Android App Develop iPhone version of our Android app. - Develop IT company site in FlexForm Wordpress template Develop IT company site in FlexForm Wordpress template - Develop Java plugin for internet explorer and chrome DLL will be provided Develop Java Servlet APIs for Web Application - Develop Joombri location integration develop joomla 1.5 , 2.5 module that will export excel file from database - Develop jquery mockup ui for bed availability based on json Develop jQuery solution to a php / jQuery combination with jPlayer and troubleshoot an issue with jPlayer Playlist - Develop Landing page system Develop language file system for htmp/php/javascript application - Develop Lightweight Jquery Contact Form Develop Lightweight Jquery Contact Form - Develop Location Aware Mobile App develop location based reminder for android - DEVELOP LOGO FOR LED BALLOONS - open to bidding Develop logo for Naughty Gnomes & Web Design on Ebay Store - Develop Loyalty CRM program and integrate POS terminal with the program Develop Loyalty CRM program and POS terminal configuration & integrate with the program - Develop Macro to Combine Spreradsheets Develop Macro to Find Duplicates Which May or May Not Be Exact Matches - Develop Magento Theme Develop Magento Theme - Develop Marketing Materials Develop Marketing Materials for my company - Develop matlab function develop MATLAB simulations for range and Doppler shift estimation in an automotive radar application - Develop me Chess and Checkers multiplayer (1803762) Develop me Simple Online web Base application System - Develop Messenger service Skype Develop Messenger service Skype application - Develop Minimum Viable Product Develop missing pages - develop mobile app develop mobile app - Develop Mobile App for my widget Develop mobile app for my wordpress - Develop Mobile Application Develop Mobile Application - Develop mobile applications Develop mobile applications for Android, IOS and Roku with STALKER integration - Develop Mobile Phone Site from existing Magento Store Develop Mobile phone testing app - Develop Modues for a php based browsergame develop module - develop MongoDB Index process, simple php web query interface develop MongoDB Index process, simple php web query interface - open to bidding - Develop MS office like application Develop MS Office plug-in - Develop Multivendor ecommerce project Develop Muscles Really Fast! - Develop my database application Develop my database further - Develop my online brand and sites develop my online shop - Develop my webshop in shopify ecommerce DEVELOP MY WEBSITE - Develop my website using template Develop my website! I need your best bid - Develop Native Iphone, iPad App Develop Native Mobile App for Online Newspaper - Develop new corporate logo and identity Develop new custom tech support website - Develop New homapage and Apply on website Develop New Home page and template - Develop New Popup plugin for WP Develop New Popup plugin for WP - Develop New Web 2.0 Application Develop new web based Hotel Online Marketing Automation Suite (SaaS) using PHP/MYSQL - Develop new WORDPRESS website Develop new WordPress website with API service to let other websites get registered members information. - Develop OCR application Develop October CMS extension. - Develop ois app application and submit in app shop after completion Develop on existing JQuery DIV carousel - Develop one page by design on wordpress CMS Develop One page Checkout for an e-commerce website and mobile app - Develop online Android application for shopping of handcrafts Develop online assessment - Develop online game using HTML/CSS/javascript Develop online game: HTML/CSS/javascript - Develop Online Shopping Cart for Pet Accessories. Develop Online Shopping Website - Develop OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) for library. Develop Open source CRM (Sugar CRM) - Develop or Adapt C+ Code for Server's Redundant System Slot Features Develop or Adapt C+ Code for Server's Redundant System Slot Features(repost) - Develop OS Website Develop Oscommerce Site - Develop our new dating platform. Develop Our New Newspaper6 Wordpress Site - Develop PAAS with Mobile App develop package for female pads - develop payment gateway like skrill or any pci compliant gateway to accept payments and connect to banks like wave and stripe urgent Develop Payment Gateway Module For Broadleaf Commerce - Develop PDF Generation Extension For Fusion 2.5 Develop pdf solutions with itextsharp and C# - develop phonegap application Develop PhoneGap application iOS / Android OS - Develop PHP Application Develop PHP application - Develop php script to compress photo Develop PHP script to extract image location url & integrate - Develop PIO Wordpress Theme(repost) Develop Plagiarism checker Plugin - Develop plugin for wordpress Develop Plugin for Wordpress and Emby Media Server - Develop Pong Game Develop POP print display - Develop Premium link generator and Torrent leecher website with registration and payment facility. Develop Premium link generator and Torrent leecher website with registration and payment facility. - Develop Print Shop Develop print.css files for several sites - Develop Professional PowerPoint Template and Convert Images into Font Develop professional Responsive wordpress website + Onpage SEO - Develop professional user documentation for a software product