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Create application for sell specific products via mobile App - Create application to do FPS benchmark of directx/opengl games Create application to download CSV from web API and process information inside CSV for telephone calls - Create Apps and create/modify Joomla website create apps and web - Create ArcGIS python script to convert files and perform erase function -- 2 Create Architechture Pavilion using GRASSHOPPER Software - Create around 20 coloured cartoons and a book cover Create around 20 coloured cartoons and a book cover - repost - Create Article Directory ASAP Create article directory website - Create articles from various sources Create articles from various sources v2 - Create artwork for a 6-pack (750ml) shipper carton Create artwork for a bumper sticker - Create ASP Job Application Create ASP library for API - Create ASP.NET web app with Bootsstrap design Create ASP.NET Web Application Master page Template - Create ATC programme for Supreme to run online via server Create ATEC score sheet - Create attributes for configurable products create attributes for my cvs and categories and create cvs or excel file - Create audio clips for Music Calendar 2009-03-15 Create Audio Download for Smartphones - Create Audios with Transcript Create Audit Program Software - Create Auto Bot Software Create Auto build system for ionic - Create Auto Repair Invoice From German Insurance Claim Create Auto Repair Invoice From German Insurance Claim - Create AUTOCAD Drawings Create AutoCAD Drawings for our manufacturing project, help prepare technical documentation - Create automated batch Google display banners from XML feed in html5 format Create automated bot or script or API Connection to do fixed activity on other website - Create automated workflow based on provided architecture Create automatic ad posting Software - Create Automator Workflow for a Watch Folder Create automotive award/badge design - Create average for subjects and courses in educational program create avertising banner for my site - Create awesome great designs for the new web pages Create awesome iPhone application - Create Azure Web App that manages Azure RM resources and Azure AD accounts create b card - Create back-links to a fashion website in Australia to improve google search visibility. Create back/front end - create background Create Background music for a Animation project - CREATE BACKLINKS Create Backlinks - Create Backlinks for my Website create backlinks for my website - Create backup photo albums Create Backup Procedure - create bank statement temeplate for chase or citi create bank statement temeplate for chase or citi - Create Bank Statements Create Bank Statements - Create Banner Ads for eCommerce Products Create Banner Ads For Facebook And Websites - Create banner for mobile service Create banner for my product - Create banner with photoshop watercolour effects in the background create banner's for my website - Create Banners adults Create banners and an arrow - Create Banners for Website For Google Ads Create banners from existing images - Create base pages for a Drupal site Create base template system for Appengine website. - Create basic but attractive Life coaching website - repost Create Basic CD Cover - Create basic joomla template Create basic Joomla template from PSD - Create Basic Site for adsense clicks Create basic site to send Google Push Notification - Create Basic WP Shopping Cart Plugin Create Basket Images - Create beautiful 3d Female Models Create Beautiful App Using Existing APIs - Create best photobank ever - include administration and all features Create best possible backlinks for website - create bigbluebutton api in php with forms Create Bigcommerce CSV Import file data formatting, scraping and configuring - Create Bing advertizing account & training create bingo village banner - Create Biz Card IMages Create Bizrate and Yahoo Data feed from existing site listings - Create blockchain wallet an add 15 usd ( bitcoin) Create blocks at website and email us forms - Create Blog Entries and Send me Confirmation Links Create blog entry posts on my blog - Create blog posts about IT security Create blog posts and backlinks for Adult Content Blog - Create Blog with SEO Create blog with some unique Work From Home Job articles - Create Blogs Using Viral Instigator program Create blogsite using wordpress engine - Create book cover for Diet and Recipe book based on The Wild Diet Create Book Covers - Create Booking Website for Start Taxi Up Company - repost 2 create bookingsystem - Create Bootstrap Mobile Friendly HTML/CSS from existing site Create bootstrap mobile version of the site, and improve form validations - Create Bot to Auto Submit Files in Webform Create Bot to automate process - Create Box Image - Small Graphic Project Create box in Adobe Illistrator to be made into sample - Create Brand Label - Repost - open to bidding Create Brand Level Script That Displays Popular Products - BigCommerce - Create Branding for Product Create Branding ID- Logo design includes Corporate Stationary suite - Create brochure - Create business cards - create banner last minute Create Brochure - open to bidding - Create browser add-on / plugin (cross browser, cross-platform) Create browser addon - Create budgeting spreadsheet with a simple user interface create budgets on excel - Create bulk videos like given in the link Create Bulk VoIP Phone Numbers with TextPlus API - Create business card design Create business card design - Create Business Citations Create Business Contact List - Create business Logo Create business logo - Create business responsive website Create Business Services Brochure - Create Buttons Create Buttons - Create C# and VB WCF clients create c# api and unit tests for processing payments to firstach and paypal - Create c# winform infomap control Create C# Wrapper class for Java JAR library - create c2c websites Create C;ean Professional Logo - Create CAD from basic fox shape Create CAD Layout Interior Design for changing room at Water Park in 3D and Plan view - create calendar in php or javascript Create Calendar JS Snippet - Create Can label Create CAN lib for STM32Fxx to read OBD-2 data - Create car game off-road desert sand dune BY Unity Create Car Icons in different formats and sizes - Create Carousel Cards For Facebook Ad Campaign Create carousel jquery slider with hover effect - Create cartoon clip/revise existing cartoon clip
Create Cartoon doll maker - Create cartoons for kids Create cartoons for kids and babies - Create Catalogs from EPS to M/S Word create catalogue - create category Create category section on sellers shop - Create CD, DVD, Ebook Covers. Will need a header also Create CD-Box and Logo - Create change menu on site MAGENTO Create change on OOS script - Create Characters for a comic Create Characters for a Game - Urgently Needed - Create chat app in symbian,windows & BlackBerry Create chat app with sharing feature - Create checkboxes with submit button and output choices to flat file Create checkboxes with submit button and output choices to flat file - repost - Create child theme in wordpress Create Child theme in Wordpress site. - Create chrome addon that will find subtitles and insert them in video ? Create Chrome Browser Extension - Create Chrome WebApp (Kiosk link, fullscreen, external URL) Create Chromium Plugin For Cordova - Create class contact information spreadsheet - repost Create class day - create clauses Create clean 2D / 3D designs for technical informational drawings. - Create clickable hi-fi wireframes from low-fi wireframes Create Clickable Image in PDF (change image when clicked) - Create clipart map of Singapore Create Clipart style images of peoples pictures - Create Clone site of Funny Videos, Funny Clips & Funny Pictures Create Clone Subscription Shopping Cart - Create cms & php database Create CMS + Crawler for IOS application - Create CMS website from Static Site Create CMS website incl. Paypal option - create code php remote upload sites web video Create Code Repository System - Create CodeSmith Template create codigniter website - Create Color Swatches from Scanned Images create color variations for 48 graphics - Create Comic or Graphic Book Version of 42 Page Short Story About a Cuban Revolution. Create Comical 2D Animations With Adobe Flash! - Create Company / Website Logo Create Company About Us page - Create Company Logo Create Company Logo - Create Company logo to design Create Company logo, business card, letterhead, brochure template - repost - Create company profile for ICT company Create company profile for ICT company - open to bidding - Create company wikipedia page Create Company Wordpress Websites - Create complete mTurk soft/bot Create complete product listing - Edexcel GCSE and A level - Create composite image Create Comprehensive Collection of Drawings of Proofreader's Marks - Create Concrete5 site from PSD Create Concrete5 Theme from HTML Template - Create Consecutive Up days/ Down days formula in Excel Create Console App to test two libraries, then do UI in WPF - C#/WPF .Net - Create Contact Form / Ongoing Maintenance create contact form 4 website and connect to contant contact - Create Contact List Of Businesses Employing 3 or more Create Contact list of every major real estate developer in Los Angeles - Create content (photo content) for viral content website Create Content (Product Title -Description and Specs) for Website & AMAZON - create content for facebook and Instagram create content for flyer for a new cleaning business - Create content management for three pages Create Content Match AdGroups in Yahoo - Create contract and invoice template file (editable .pdf) Create Contract File - Create cool original website template 'shell' Create cool visual effect for short action film - Create Cordova App Login Session Create Cordova App with MeteorJS - Create corporate opener using Envato template Create corporate PowerPoint presentation template - create COUNTDOWN banner Create countdown script for website - Create courseware for TESDA Create Courseware in Flash.. Similar to Edutainment. - create cpanel user, install php script Create CPC campaigns (for Google AdWords) in Japanese - Create Creative & Fun Company Profile in PDF Create creative advertisement designed for online ads - create cron Backup files to skip Directory Create cron for image import - create crosswords for wiki using provided software Create Crowd Control Logo - Create CS:GO Case Design Create CS:GO case For Rio Summer Olympics (Valve Source 3D Models) - create css file for my template Create CSS files (all for same site to give it different looks) - Create CSS page layout Create CSS PDF template to convert XML files to PDF. - Create CSS to hide/show scroll bars in pink DIV if necessary Create CSS to make older web pages mobile-friendly - Create CSV database from various files types Create CSV extract from website for upload to eBay Store - Create CSV files using PHP create csv for listing - create custom banner and re- work logos Create Custom Mycred Payment Gateway - Create custom API plugin for Wordpress Create Custom API System For Website - Create custom cartoon style city - roads, buildings Mario style for 2X2meters Create custom catagorization engine for stories - Create Custom COver Page Template in MS Word Create custom cPanel Theme - create custom ebay listing for me Create custom EBay theme for shop front and product pages. - Create custom filter - Magento Create custom filters for bigcommerce website - Create Custom Gateway (Payoneer Credit Card plugin) for my wordpress woocommerce based website Create Custom Gateway (Payoneer Credit Card plugin) for my wordpress woocommerce based website - Create custom HTML5 skin for GoogleTV Create Custom HTML5 Video Player and Saving Its Statistics in a MySql Database. - Create Custom Insurance Comparison Site Like create custom interactive pages for a wellness webiste - create custom listing on ebay Create Custom LIVE Cd Phase 2 - Create Custom Member Area linked to ISPconfig Accounts Create custom Members/Administration area, and Freshbook API - Create Custom One Page Website Create custom online form with custom admin panel and CSV Export - Create Custom PHP App using Twilio API Create custom PHP column/news module for existing website - Create custom post type category and detail page Create custom post type for wordpress - Create custom report from moodle database Create Custom Reporting VBScript - Create Custom Search for Website PHP Create custom search form in WP - Create Custom Social Networking Module on Web site Create Custom Software - Create Custom Theme for SMF (SimpleMachinesForum) and Install Create custom theme site with custom admin module panel and dynamic user profile account - Create custom web based software/ database Create Custom Web Browser For Windows - Create custom Word Press form Create custom word press themes - Create Custom Wordpress blog