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Create classic invoice software - Create clean professional logo Create clean professional looking logos - create clickworker macro auto hotkey to help maximize productivity Create ClickYes! Clone - Create Clipping Paths For 200 Product images Create Clock Script - create clothing pattern blueprint based on photos Create clothing sale image - Create CMS for Create CMS for - Create Coco's 2D sprite sheets (pve.ccz) for iPhone game from 3D model create code - Create Code that reveals video on same page after opt in Create code that will allow me to show different banners based on screen size. - Create Coldfusion Developer Mirror Site Create ColdFusion script - Create coloring pages Create coloring pages - Create comment Module in Nice, Simple Design Create Comment Page Layout (Need a Legit PHP worker) - Create company facebook page Create company font - Create company logo Create company logo - Create Company name & logo, business card, letterhead, brochure template CREATE COMPANY NAME AND LOGO - CLEANING / SECURITY STARTUP - Create company profiles on my website - for nabila66 Create company services brochure - create compatibility tests Create compatible cart page for theme & woocommerce - Create Complete Wordpress Blog Create complete WP blog theme (I have PSD and HTML ready) - Create compressed self-extracting exe Create CompTIA Security+ Blog Articles - Create Conference Advertising Brochure Create Conferences Store Site - Create Construct 2 Facebook Plugin Create construction drawing package for shipping containers modifications into mobile offices - Create Contact Form on DNN Create contact form on WP blog - Create contact php form for website create contact sharing application for google apps - Create content for a blog Create content for a company website - Create Content for Website & Consistent Branding Create content for website (two pages) - Create content to add to my consumer review website to monetize affiliate offers Create Content to use in a Brochure for a Marketing Product/Service - Create Cookie Notice Create cookie policy pop up we can edit and upload ourselves - Create copy of website Create copy of website using provided Wordpress Divi Theme. - Create Corporate Identity Create corporate identity - Create Corporate Wordpress Theme(repost) Create Correct And Working SPF Records From Two Domains - Create course material from data I will supply Create course material from files /data I will supply - Create coversheets for CV's Create CPAGrip Addon for EvolutionScript - Create crawling application, create visualization Create crawling application, create visualization -- 2 - Create CRM system for business Create CRM tool using php, html and mysql - create cross platform apps + website Create cross platform illustration - Create Crystal Report that Integrates to a CAD Program Create Crystal Reports - Create CSS code that would enable HTML list to have popout submenu Create CSS design for video chat. Fully responsive single page. - Create CSS Layout for website Create CSS Layout for website(repost) - create CSS theme for our Ecwid store front create CSS theme for our Ecwid store front page - create CSS/XHML from flat files Create CSS/XHTML pages from PSD - Create csv file to import to Prestashop Create CSV File to upload products on Amazon & eBay - Create CSVI template for Virtuemart Import Create Cube and reports - Create custom Android and iPhone feature Create Custom Android application - create custom bootstrap theme Create Custom Bot - Create Custom Component in Swift Create Custom Computer Packages - Create Custom Dreamweaver Extension Create custom drop down menu - Create Custom Featured Place Holder or Slider to Promote Movies/Images create custom feilds for my wordpress theme - Create Custom Formidable Pro Widget Create custom forms - Create custom HTML form Create custom HTML newsletter template for Mailchimp - Create Custom Information Form Integrated with AWeber Create Custom Infusionsoft Order Form/Sales Page (MUST BE FLUENT IN ENGLISH) - Create custom LaTeX class create custom layout in drupal site - Create Custom Magento Template Based Off Another Website Create custom Mailchimp embed form - Create Custom Mycred Hooks and configure S2Member in Wordpress Create Custom Myspace - Create Custom PDF Invoice Design for Prestashop Create custom pdf, with FPDF "framework" - Create custom POS software Create custom post and listing plug in for Wordpress - Create custom race scoring on website Create Custom Raspbian Image - Create custom scraping utility for email client create custom screenshots of msn adcenter/bing ads showing traffic - Create custom skin for our instance of LimeSurvey Create custom skin for telerik controls - Create custom Talend ESB 5.0 tRESTresponse for G Viz Create Custom Taxonomy for Portfolio - Create custom video player that changes speed via mouse cursor Create custom video skin for website - Create Custom Widget Plugin for my SocialEngine Script Create custom Windows 8 Pro image files - WMI / WIM - Create Custom WordPress Plugin Create Custom Wordpress Plugin - Create custom wordpress theme create custom wordpress theme - Create Customer CSV file Create Customer Data Spreadsheet - Create customizable Facebook Application Create customizable section to my website - Create Customized Salon Software create customized shopping cart - create cyber crime profiles Create Cycle Map Using Files - Create dashboard Create dashboard - repost - Create Data Entry Form and Edit Data Form for Worpdress Create Data Entry Form for Wordpress - Create data of Agriculture Journalists/ editor/sites names Create Data Parsing Script - Create database Create database - Create Database And design applications Create Database and Drupal/Joomla Site - Create database for a company using Odoo ERP Create database for already created form in php or html - create database in excel from external websites Create database in Excel from html pages - Create database of drinks products Create database of emails - Create Database specification for managing data for small construction company
Create Database Specification Sheets - Create Database, Queries and Reports- Simple Project-Urgent Create Database, script to import text files on a daily basis - create dating / people searching site Create Dating App - Create db query in asp & add password retrieval function to asp page create db services restful with jersey and json java project - Create Delete function on Active Desk Create Delivery & Routing Plugin - Create demo for C# .NET .dll for access from plain "C" Create Demo for WebSite - Create Description, Instruction and Thumbnail of Games Create Description/Instruction of 28 Flash Games - Create Design background prestashop Create design characters - Create design for new website Create design for Online Store - Create design of homepage create design only for IT services business - Create designs for printable invitations for adults Create designs for sublimation on tights/leggings - Create Detail Software Specifications / Blueprints Create Detailed & Organized List Of Facebook Friends - Create Devexpress screen Create device similar to shopkick - Create Dialux report for a few small commericial projects. Create Diary Application for Android - Create different sizes for 27 banner designs Create different sizes for a set of logos - Create Digital Marketplace (Laravel ADMIN/FRONTEND/CRUD/HTML available) Create digital ocean snapshot to that mirrors my local xampp environment - Create Directory app for me please. create directory for existing website - Create DiskCryptor Windows 7 Setup DVD Live CD Create dispatch database - Create dll from C++ source code create DLL from YoutubeExtractor GitHub - Create DNS interfaces to register .nl domain Create DNS Zone using WHM scripts and PHP - create documentry short film / video create documents - Create domain/company name and simple one colour text logo Create dome shape from flat part to match an existing shape - Create double sided thank you notes Create Double Verified PVA Accounts Youtube! - Create Draggable Card In JavaScript from JSON Create draggable route in extra step in the application - Create drawings in AUTOCAD -- 2 Create drawings of buildings for flash game - Create Drop-Down Menu System create dropdown menu XHTML Css Jquery .JS - Create Drupal Events block with views Create Drupal form - Create Drupal Theme Create Drupal Theme - Create Dst files for my logos . Digitize files Create DTD file from the xml -- Project for anunair23 - Create Dupral theme Create DVD - Create dynamic background like ios 7 for app Create Dynamic Banner - Create Dynamic Image in PHP Create Dynamic Image JPG in - Create dynamic pictures with chinese characters create dynamic pojoclass and xml file for hibernate - Create Dynamic UI for Liferay Portal Create Dynamic UI for Liferay Portal - repost - Create e book by manually typing Create e book by manually typing - Create E-cards in Adobe After Effects Create E-Catalogs with Shopping Links from PDFs for Volusion store - Create e-gift plugin for Magento Store Create e-learning content - create e-shop website Create e-shop with logins onto existing Wordpress site - create easy app game Create Easy Arena Simulation - Create EasySocial App Create Ebay +Amazon +Wallmart Rest Services +Gui Fix - Create EBAY Listing Templates - NETO E-Commerce Platform create ebay listing templates in excel - CREATE EBAY STORE Create Ebay Store - Create ebay template form HTML code Create ebay template from website design - Create eBook Cover / 2 image sizes Create Ebook Cover / Format Text into Ebook - Create Ebook on: Canada IT Jobs Create Ebook PDF - Create ecommerce for groceries similar to redmart Create Ecommerce for tyres - Create ecommerce website Create ecommerce website - Create EDI Bill Of Lading PHP Class Create edit and display content of a simple form [JS and VB] - Create editable page for registered users. - repost Create editable pages for customers within Wordpress website - create editable spreadsheet and convert to html to achieve result as Create Editable table in Wordpress and feed data to Mailchimp Newsletter - Create educational poster Create Educational Site - Create eLearning (VILT) courses Create eLearning Course - Create electronics board for a cctv system which have multiple sensors attached to it Create Electronics Trade In Buy Back Website - Specific Custom Code & Database - Complete Job - Create email accounts create email accounts - Create EMAIL and Facebook account Create Email and Invoice template + Improve Templates - Create email forwarding tool - repost 2 Create Email from PDF in Hotfolder - Create Email List of High School/College Professors in the United States Create Email List of Naturopathic Doctors and Herbalists and Send Emails - create email parser for aweber from infusionsoft Create email processing application - Create Email Template - Mailchimp RSS to Posts Functionality - repost Create Email Template and Implement Email Marketing Campaign - Create emails Create emails - Create Emoji icons for a custom keyboard application. Create emojis for iOS and Android - Create engaging copy for multiple landing pages based on core site Create engaging guides and insightful whitepapers for healthcare - Create ENglish version of my website Create English Version of Website - Create EPS, PSD and AI image from PNG that can scale Create EPS/PDF file for Print from current logo image - Create escort site - open to bidding Create Escrow Type System in PunBB - create event program - open to bidding Create Event Alerts System - Create Events Section on Joomla Website create everything this company has as a platform - - Create Excel Add-in - Looking for Microsoft Office Developers Create excel add-in for financial charting analysis - create excel data file with products from our site create excel data fro financial statement - Excel Expert - Create excel document from list Create excel document from list - Create excel document from list Create excel document from list - Create excel file with email/phone/address for retailers Create Excel file with products from a PDF catalog - Create excel list-box with picture (data validation)- Create excel lists with contacts, phone number and email. - Create Excel Macro to Create New Products for Sku List -- 2