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create and install a responsive Webdesign - Create and Install searchable database Create and Install Site Replicating Script - Create and integrate blog for our Drupal 7 website, security updates create and integrate custom chocolate box application into magento store - Create and link roles in Drupal + Moodle using openid Create and link roles in Drupal + Moodle using openid(repost) - CREATE AND MANAGE 200,000 TWITTER ACCOUNTS Create and Manage 50 Private Dedicated Proxies on Amazon Web Services or another platform for me - Create and manage a PPC program Create and Manage a Small Adwords Campaign - Create and manage Google Adwords PPC campaign Create and manage Google and Bing ads - Create and manage SEM campaign + Facebook ads Create and manage social media accounts - Create and Modify Report Sharp Shooter Templates Create and Modify some pages in Angular JS theme - create and post 7x7 squido lens Create and post a responsive website - Create And Promote C++ Website Create and promote small videos - Create and publish high quality SEO English. - Repost - open to bidding Create and Publish iPhone/iPod Wallpapers (Ongoing Project) - Create and run landing page campaign from facebook ads for stress coaching Create and run SeNukeX Campaigns - Create and setup a Google adsence account for me Create and setup a multi-vendor webshop (with CMS system) and design a fixed look after a sketch. Functionality close to aliexpress - Create and submit article at Create and submit article at - Create and update packing design with use of a step-by-step guide -- 2 create and upload - Create and upload Test feed-file to Magento Apr 09 2013 10:08:51 Create and Upload torrent - Create Andoid Music Downloader very Quick create andrid and ios app - Create Android and iOS app for Ricoh Theta S camera using the SDK Create android and IOS app like instagram. - Create Android App Create Android App - Create android app (Listen music from Url) Create Android App - BLUE LED LIGHT - Create Android App for Tablet Create Android App for Video Website - Create Android app with low latency video capture/display Create android app with out root - Create Android Application basing on my details create android application for gyaro - Create Android chat app (Mockup provided) Create android chat application with web backend dashboard & mqsql database - Create android gaming application create android google map with update function - Create android mp3 downloader source code Create android mp3 downloader source code - Create Android version of simple Windows App - repost Create Android version of simple Windows App - repost - ongoing work - Create Android/Iphone/Windows phone application Create Android/Windows Mobile App - Create Animated Advertisement - avi and mov format Create animated and interesting presentation - Create animated fruits and vegetables to site design and packaging designs. Create Animated Gif - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 18 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 19 - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 8 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 9 - Create animated outline of face Create animated paint strokes, illustrations, titles for music video - Create Animated video Create Animated video - Create Animated Web Video - Explainer video Create Animated Website Introduction Video - create animation Create Animation - 23/08/2016 02:29 EDT - Create animation for game characters Create animation for GAMSAT Exam - I will provide script - Create Animation in Multimedia using flash professional cs5.5 Create Animation in still Jpeg similar to Cinemagraph - Create animation to show invention purpose Create animation to visualise our business concept - Create animation videos for experiments !! Create Animation Videos for me - ongoing basis - Create Animations Weekly Create Animations with Photoshop - Create another donation template from an existing template create another furnished apartment like the past one - Create Anti-Spyware Software create Antivirus in C# - Create API Create API - Create API for Android Application Create API for app communication to website - Create API PHP Fle and Document create api program following how to with phish t - Create APP Create App - Create App booking for iOS and Android create app concept for events - Create App for iOS and Android Magento website Create APP for iOS/Android - Create App from a picture book insert Mobile ad Code Create app from Filemaker file - Create app mock up smooth animations Create App Mockup - Create app that looks like skype and add a conversation in it Create app That will track my childs viber message - Create app with Phonegap from HTML and replace cookie function Create App with Soundcloud API - Create Application for Derby Database create application for desktop - Create application similar to Create application similar to UBER for local Market - Create approx 100 simple online flash certificates (with template supplied) Create approx 150 WordPress pages - create arabic version (PSD) of existing website &amp; logo create arabic version of website - Create Arduino code for sending/receiving async half-duplex serial Create arduino uno xbee code - create art works create article about app creation with my clickbank url embedded and submit - Create articles and surveys for our website Create Articles based on Automotive Finance and Best practices - create artistic timeline poster Create Artists Merch for Print and Packaging - Create kind of site with Joomla Create asmx file and use WebMethod in .net2 to receive and send come json data - Create Pages from Prototype Pages generated with Ironspeed Create Pages from Prototype Pages generated with Ironspeed(repost) - Create astore in Amazon and add best seller products Create Asynchronous Methods With Events (VB.NET) - Create attractive Packages On my wordpress website Create attractive page that includes <script>alert(document.cookie)</script> - Create Auctions webbsite like wellbid Create Auctions webbsite.... - Create audio web link create audio/text pop up box for website - Create authentication script Create authetication code for download from a website - create auto installer for jadu jukebox Create Auto Joomla Template - Create Autoblog that makes $10-$15 day Create Autoblogs - Create Autocads from as-builts Create autocheckout bot to run online via server for the brand Supreme - Create automated Script to run on Ubuntu or Windows Create Automated Selenium Scripts to regression test new Group Communication Platform - Create Automation BOT's for Youtube using uBot Studio Create automation for fifa coin site delivery system - Create avatar book cover (jpg)
Create Avatar for Business Website - Create awesome content for an Anti-Smoking Brochure Create awesome content for an Anti-Smoking Brochure -- 2 - Create Azure and Intranet Network Create Azure ARM VM using puppet --Urgent - create back office(admin+member) create back up of complete site &amp; email to me - Create backend in plain PHP+MySQL Create backend site for members - Create backlink and Rank kewords create backlink finding software - Create backlinks for my .de casino website - repost 1 Create backlinks for my .de casino website - repost 2 - create backup and restore page of DB2 Database create backup database page - create bank statement temeplate for chase create bank statement temeplate for chase - Create Bank Statement Template - repost Create Bank Statement Template - repost 2 - Create Banner Ads Create Banner ads - Create banner for Essay contest Create banner for exhibition stand - Create Banner Photoshop Templates (27 sizes) create banner price - create banners Create banners (2x) - Create banners for my website Create banners for new online store - Create Barcode Label - Bianco #1 Create Barcode Label - Milano - Create basic Animation for 1 image with text Create Basic animation for an Archer and a Zombie - create basic html5 with jquery site Create Basic images - Create basic OpenGL ES 2 rendering application for iOS Create Basic Oracle/SQL Database - Create Basic Website Promo Video Create basic website with about 3 or 4 static pages - Create beach cotton candy pattern Create beach cotton candy pattern - open to bidding - Create Behavioral Health Curriculm for Creative Therapy Group Create Benefit in Kind - Create Bid to win Site Create Bids - Create billion row CSV files Create BIM files from provided materials - Create Bitcoin Pool - repost Create Bitcoin Raffle/Lottery Website Script - Create Blender Animation! Create Blender file using Python for two (2) crossing images - Create Blog Based Website, Graphics, Forms, SEO, etc.. Create Blog Based Website, Graphics, Forms, SEO, etc..(repost) - Create Blog page on Wordpress Website Create Blog page, Portfolio page and Newsletter ability - Create Blog Template Create Blog that i can post my free beats on - create blogpost from different websites based on keyname to Create Blogs - Create Bold Font from existing TTF File -- 3 Create Bollywood Quiz questions - Create Booking Engine Tag etc for Sandos Hotels Facebook Fan Page(repost) Create Booking Form for my Wordpress website - Create Boostrap Admin Panel -- 2 Create bootstrap 3 HTML from image - Create Bot / Script that can extract data from Flash File Create bot for a website. - Create box Create Box Art ! - Create brand guidelines Create Brand Guidelines Document From Existing Colours & Logo Treatments - Create Branding Create branding - Create Brochure Create Brochure - Create Brochure using Indesign CS3 or CS4 from Web Page example. Create brochure WE project 2016 - Create Buddypress Custom Plugin, Install other buddy-press plugins and complete the site Create Buddypress custom profile tab - Create Bulk Sending app or software Create Bulk SEO tools for website (Bulk PR/Alexa/Index checker etc) - create business card + 3 flyers create business card + 3 flyers b - Create Business cards and stationary from Logo Contest Winning Design Create Business Cards from existing design - Create business leads Create Business Listing Citations - Create Business Plan for Technology Company Create Business Plan. - Create Button Images Create button in Google sheet to have a macro to perform action to archive data and reset spreadsheet for new day - Create Buzzfeed Like Website create BW sketches from video scenes - Create C# program to cover the requirement in the description Create C# sample application that uses the Kakadu 64bit SDK to convert an image - Create C-ICAP plugin to send requests over MQTT. Create C.V/Resume - create CAD files create CAD files - Create Calculator Plugin For Wordpress create calculator projec - Create Campaignmonitor template Create campaigns on Pligger - create captive portal pages for wifi hotspot Create Captive Portals - Create Caricature Logo Create Caricature Logo - repost - Create Cartoon Characters Create Cartoon Characters - Create Cartoonish Website Header/Logo Create Cartoons - Create Catalog Flie Create Catalog for online use - Create categories and subcategories with PHP on template Create Categories as in another site and create icons for these using - Most icons are already done - Create CD / Video Menus, Autostart, Add Music &amp; More create CD album cover and graphics - create central MySQL database Create Ceramic Tile Catalog - Create character logo on my example Create Character Model and produce 20 second annimation - Create chart/map dashboard demo on Laravel Sximo CMS Create charting control in C# - Create Chat System Create Chat Website Template like - Create Child theme and fix black box on mobile Create Child Theme and secure Original WP Theme on host server - Create Chinese questions for learners Create Chinese Version of Existing Website - Create Chrome Extension Like EmailHunter Create Chrome Extension that adds buttons third-party webpages - Create Circus website and upload files to server/ test. Create Cisco VPN Server on GNS3 Emulator program - Create Classified Website create classified website from scratch - Create cleanup script for removed videos (adult site) Create Clear Image of a Control - create client email database Create client email database (mySQL) &amp; integrate into existing site - Create clone of Quosera Platform Create Clone of or similar rating site - Create Cloud provider overview website. (Cloud landscape) create cloud server - Create CMS Pages in Magento Create CMS shopping cart using Zen Cart - Create CMUSphinx training script