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Create 4 images - Create 4 Movie Clips Create 4 neutral looking illustrations based on 4 photos - Create 4 Player Multiplayer Card Game Create 4 press releases each on different top press release website - Create 4 simple php functions with BingAds API Create 4 Simple Social Media Covers - Create 4 Wordpress Blogs Create 4 Wordpress Child Themes - Create 40 'roses are red violets are blue' greeting card messages - Jacenta Create 40 adult dot-to-dot designs ranging from 250 - 900 dots - Create 40 Responsive Templates Create 40 Restaurant Website Templates - Create 400 Multiple Choice Questions for Grade 6 Create 400 Multiple Choice Questions for Grade 6 - Create 450 profiles on social network + 1000 facebook likes Create 450 quiz questions and 300 flashcards from the highlighted content. - Create 5 Banners Create 5 Banners - create 5 different birthday invititations Create 5 different buttons - create 5 home page banners 640x300px Create 5 hosted exchange email addresses in China - Create 5 jQuery mobile Pages: SIMPLE Create 5 jQuery mobile Pages: SIMPLE - repost - Create 5 page preview report on battery reconditioning Create 5 page review site - Create 5 Professional-Application-Forms in Delphi XE6 Create 5 promo videos for me - Create 5 simple logos create 5 simple responsive forms - create 5 unique flash games - repost Create 5 unique resume CV templates - Create 5 Word templates and format docs for Caterer Create 5 wordpress blogs + small editing of current blog - Create 50 - Wordpress Blogs Create 50 .pdf files - Create 50 external links to web create 50 facebook account - Create 50 inbound links Create 50 inbound links ( 2) - create 50 questions and answer about islam hajj pilgram Create 50 questions/answers each for 16 topics - Create 50 Wordpress Blogs Create 50 Wordpress Blogs - Create 500 email Accounts Create 500 email accounts - Create 500 social media links and 1000 social media shares Create 500 Social Networking Profiles - Create 52 Facebook accounts and Join 50 gropus Create 52 glossary articles for ICANNWiki - Create 6 designed Facebook pages with custom forms Create 6 different A2 posters. - Create 6 maximum 60 seconds whiteboard Video Create 6 movies for our youtube channel. animotto style or stupeflix or other.... - Create 6 Solidworks parts, from dxf cross section Create 6 Static blocks in Magento - Create 60 Internet Graphics/Memes Create 60 Itunes accounts - Create 600 Gmail accounts Create 600 html files from template - Create 7 forms Using Dynamic Forms (Data Springs) for DNN 6 Create 7 Graphical Banners For Affiliates - Create 720x90 Advertising Banner Create 75 articles for blog network - Create 8 mortgage calculators to be used on my wordpress website -- 2 Create 8 online interactive online courses - Create 80 Mails+Facebook accounts Create 80 PayPal buttons - Create 9 game thumbnails Create 9 icons - Create 900 listings (adverts) on our new website Create 900 Listings in Ebay - CREATE A A PROFESSIONAL SLIDESHOW Create a an Android and iphone application - CREATE A FAST SEARCH ENGINE + WEB-BASED GUI Create a fisical service sharing website - Create a PPC Advertising Campaign only for CHINA Create a PPC Adword campaign - create a simple webpage Create a simple website (Domain +Hosting provided by me) - repost - Create a website for dance studio(repost) Create a Website for mobile - Create a "game like" user interface menu for internal training videos/games Create a "help" link in my website - Create a "Request a call back" button + form processing Create a "responsive" version of my goolgle calendar and emmebed into a web page - Create a "mock" search page Create a "Samples" page on my website - Create a (dating) site Create a (iPhone + android + mobile website) 3 items - create a .ics file to populate a calendar from an excel file Create A .INF file - Rush Job - Create a .PSD for me - I've already drawn out what i want Create a .PSD for me - I've already drawn out what i want - Create a 1 min Video with stock footage Create a 1 min Whiteboard animation & Explainer Video - Create a 1 minute video for crowd funding Create a 1 minute video to create leads for an Self-paced Elearning course for corporate environment - Create a 1 page wordpress squeeze page using ''PROFITSTHEME'' WordPress PlugIn Create a 1 to 1.5-minute Explainer Video (Animation) - Create a 10 minute presentation about a two services Create a 10 minute voice over demo - Create a 10 seconds Video Create a 10 seconds Video for add - Create a 14 page Drupal website, I will provide the content as to word and images and I have purchased the Drupal theme Create a 14-letter 3-D logo for my site - Create a 15 second video x 25 Create a 15 seconds video - create a 1minute attractive you tube video for an online store Create a 1minute dubstep track - Create a 2 minute promotional video for online software Create a 2 minute short promotional video of a startup - Create a 2 Step Opt-In Form At My Homepage Create a 2 way SSL Connection in C# - Create a 20 second promotional vide Create a 20 second trailer - Create a 2D Animated Video Create a 2D animated Video - Create a 2D animation for a name Create a 2D animation for a video game - Create a 2D car race Animation Create a 2D Cartoon Animation - create a 2D mouse Create a 2D pencil drawing Animation style - Create a 3 column Shopify Template Create a 3 D animated video - Create a 3 page fillable PDF Create A 3 Page Forex Content Site - Create a 30 sec - 1 min long VFX piece Create a 30 Sec 3D Minecraft Animation - Create a 30 second to 1 minute video animation to demostrate a product Create a 30 second to 1min Video ads of our Company -please see details below - create a 300x250 banner ad Create a 300x300 sponsorship banner - CREATE A 3D AND 2D WITH MESURES create a 3d android mission game - Create a 3D Animation Create a 3D Animation - Create a 3D ariel view Create a 3D ariel view of 2D floor plan - Create a 3d demo Video create a 3d design - Create a 3D Globe with light beams coming out from a data on a mySQL database Create a 3d HD medical Animation with motion graphics - Create a 3D logo motion clip Create a 3D Logo with my 2D Photoshop artwork - Create a 3D model for a small coffee factory Create a 3D Model for a Tablet Stand - Create a 3D Model of a Packing Box (That Looks Real)
Create a 3D model of a phrase to be printed on a 3D printer - Create a 3D navigational mesh for pathfinding/finding - repost Create a 3d object - Create a 3D rendering from an existing logo Create a 3D rendering from an existing STP file - Create a 3D Video Create a 3D Video - Create a 3d view of existing Logo/business card Create a 3D visualisation/virtual prototype for a high quality wine bottle box. - Create a 4-image icon set Create a 4-page Mobile Website - Create a 5 minute long video Create a 5 minute Muslim Wedding Congratulations Video - Create a 5 seconds logo intro using an After effects template Create a 5 start rating system for android app - Create a 6 page design only in php Create a 6 page brochure layout in PowerPoint (similar to example) - Create a 60 Seconds Video Create a 60 seconds Video Animation - Create a 7sec flash video Create a 8 second youtube Animation - Create a : GoAnimate video Create a :30s animated video (primarily text) but some images too (very sleek and impressive text animation) - Create a A4 Design Sticker Create a About Us page for a start-up company - Create a Admin Panel for my website -- 2 create a admin panel in php - Create a Adult Verified Encounters Landing Page [html] Create a ADULT Video Website In WP WITHIN BUDGET !! - Create a AI in PHP Create a AI robot like Tapia - Create a an installer for several Mac apps with reporting features Create a and buld-in a module for a website - create a android app with titanium studio with in-app purchase Create a android application - Create a animated explainer video for a eco friendly office cleaning company Create a Animated GIF (High Definition) - Create a animated Video Create a animated video - Create a animation for children's book Create a Animation for our chemical plant. - Create a Apache Jmeter jmx file for testing Rest based APIs Create a api based script that can convert ppt to swf - create a app like whatsapp create a app like whatsapp - create a app android for website Create a App as iFrame of our Website for IOS, ANDROID & WINDOWS - Create a app to interact in dating websites as a robot Create a App to manage expenses and appointments. - Create a article order UI for existing iOS APP Create a AS3 game preloader - create a auto sales area on my wordpress site Create a Auto-Fill form software - Create a B2B portal for selling and buying products -- 2 Create a B2B promotional video in Retail Hypermarket Advertising - Create a Background Animation using my Illustrator Artwork Create a background for a radio-player! - Create a Baidu page in Chinese from our Company's Wikipedia Page (English) Create a Balance Scorecard ASAP - Create a banner Create a banner - Create a Banner Ad Using's Banner Maker. Create a banner Add for Facebook advertising - Create a banner from 3 -pdf files 1 want 3 different designs (profiles) and 3 different types create a banner from my design in paint - Create a base for APP alike Jodel ( IOS swift) Create a base for APP alike Jodel ( IOS swift) Xcode - Create a basic app. with QR Create a basic application - Create a basic HTML website from Image or PSD Create a basic illustration in style of previous ones from photo - Create a basic site on Wordpress MU Create a basic site on Wordpress MU(repost) - Create a Basic wordpress site Create a basic wordpress site with template - Create a battery door mechanism which will include a door, release button, and door latching features to house and cover 2 AA batteries Create a bayesian network giving probability - Create a beautiful website. Create a beautiful wedding in & outro - Create a better logo please. Create a better mathematical model and a documentation for it. - Create a biding website for car wraps and lettering . Create a biding website for car wraps and lettering jobs. - Create a birthday video Create a Birthday Video Montage - Create a bittorrent website Create a BizTalk flow - Create a blog Create a blog - Create a blog and upload it to Hostgator CREATE A BLOG COMMUNITY - create a blog in word press and want to create an attractive, user friendly dynamic website for my business Create a Blog in Wordpress - Set up + Design (in German) - Create a Blog Posting System Create a blog section for my site using Wordpress - Create a blog with Blogger for Videos and Pictures create a blog with magento - Create a blogging website create a blogspot for free - Create a book cover for me Create a book cover for my E-Book - Create a booking system that display all booking on calendar like event manager create a booking website and application - Create a bootstrap modal with a form that POSTs inputs on submit Create a bootstrap modal with two columns in it . Hiding and showing that column using angular js - Create a Bot Create a bot - Create a Bot For Mobile Strike Game ( Game already available in App Store / Google Play) -- 3 Create a Bot For Mobile Strike Game ( Game already available in App Store / Google Play) -- 4 - Create a bot to post back links and increase traffic Create a bot to post messages on facebook pages - Create a boxing arena that looks like the attached link Create a boxing fitness website - Create a brand name Create a brand NAME & LOGO for a hotel management company - Create a branding guideline Create a branding package for Huntingdon Response - Create a brochure advertise for a baby shop Create a brochure advertisement - Create a browser based game similar to game Create a browser detection script. - Create a budget template for a hotel property Create a budget tool for clients - Create a Bundled Installer (using NSIS) Create a bus arrival time app - Create a business card design Create a business card design - create a business intelligence capablity Create a Business Introduction Video - create a business plan Create a Business Plan - Create a business website Create a business website - create a button to print a contract / invoice of the customer php/mysql cms Stivasoft -- 2 Create A Buttons To Move & Copy Data In Excel Sheet - Create a C# code for EXT.Net calendar with DB Create a C# Command Line Project to Insert Order into Salesforce via API - Create a C++ program to call iPerf3 program to run on Mac and Windows Create a C++ project that convert english into euro-english - Create a calander inviter website Create a calculated atribute (product with % discount) and edit layout - Create a cam site integrator Create a cam website similar to or - Create a Car Magnet Ad Create a car model (low poly) - Create a cars collection database create a cart - Create a cartoon animation