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Create 6 page Catalogue - Create 6 Solidworks parts, from dxf cross section Create 6 Static blocks in Magento - create 60 icons for me Create 60 Internet Graphics/Memes - Create 600 member profiles for an online website and collect data Create 600 pictures from 12x12x5 different pictures - Create 7 forms Using Dynamic Forms (Data Springs) for DNN 6 Create 7 Graphical Banners For Affiliates - Create 720x90 Advertising Banner Create 75 accounts on 15 websites (web 2.0s). NEED FAST JOB, DONE IN 2 HOURS. - Create 8 Magento Blocks on Home (like example) Create 8 more pdf reports looking like the first one - Create 8-10min Voice Recording Create 8.5 x 11 brochure / double sided - Create 9 Banner Ads for my Site Create 9 banner size variation from current design - Create 90 Second Tutorial Video Create 90 second Video using template - Create a 10 sec Video with the 2 clips i have Create a 30 minute Video - Create a Drawing animated Video Create a Dynamic PPC Campaign using The SpeedPPC WordPress DKI Plug-in - CREATE A MOTORCYCLE APP Create a new Website - Create a reponsive Joomla Template from InDesign files Create a responsible Joomla Template - Create a video demo in the website. Create a visitor and booking form on WordPress website - Create a "clean / Crisp" vector/layered version of an existing image Create a "Click Menu" on the mobile view of a wordpress Theme - Create a "Mobile Friendly" Version of an Existing Website Create a "mobile-friendly" version & app of existing website - Create a "Terms of Use" agreement for my social media iPhone app. Create a "test your ingredients" web page - Create a ''Proposal of Service'' document for Internet Marketing Services Create a ''time-limited'' web page - Create a ***WORLD CLASS*** DEMO video for our online management platform Create A ***WORLD CLASS*** Web Based Movable Floorplan Addon For Our Storage Management Platform - Create a .NET dll to communicate with QCollector Create a .net Exe to upload images - Create a .PSD for me - I've already drawn out what i want Create a .psd logo from existing jpg image - Create a 1 min Video with stock footage Create a 1 min Whiteboard animation & Explainer Video - Create a 1 minute trailer for my video game Create a 1 Minute Video - Create a 1 Page Website Create a 1 page website and insert prewritten text - Create a 1-Page Bootstrap website Create a 1-page dynamic PDF form - Create a 10 sec TV commercial create a 10 sec video from after effect - Create a 100% vector (.ai or .eps) from a .psd file. Create a 10s Animation exactly like my sample - Create a 15 sec stop motion video using our hot sauce bottles Create a 15 sec TVC - Create a 16 x 16 windows Icon of the letter K Create a 16-bit gothic Wordpress theme - Create a 2 min Christmas Product Sale Video Create a 2 min explainer video with voiceover - Create a 2 minutes Youtube Video Commercial Create a 2 mionute explainer video for android app security product - Appvigil - Create a 2-3 minute slideshow with some animation Create a 2-3 minute video - Create a 20 seconds advertise 3D Video ( Please check the link before bids and tell me if you are able to provide similar job or i will block you) Create a 20 seconds animation (maximum badjet 30 euro) - Create a 2D animated game trailer video Create a 2D animated game trailer video -- 2 - Create a 2D Animation Clip Create a 2d animation explainer 20sec within 24hours - Create a 2D Animation, Parallax background and ground Create a 2D Animation/Motion Graphics Video - Create a 2D Game for Android Create a 2D game in C++ using OpenGL (University Project) - Create a 2D Video (30 Seconds) - ongoing work Create a 2D Video -- 2 - Create a 3 Minute Cartoon (Animating + Character Design) Create a 3 Minute Cartoon (Animating + Drawing) - Create a 3 youtube commercial videos Create a 3-4 min 'hype' reel - Create a 30 Sec Video in 2D Animation Character, Script & Voice Over Create a 30 sec video introducing a photo realistic product - create a 30 second video part 2 Create a 30 second video with some animation - Create a 30sec. 3D still frame slideshow Video Create a 33 Minute Video / Animation or Whiteboard - Create a 3D animated Logo on an Alpha background Create a 3D animated Newsroom Animation - Create a 3D Animation (augmented reality) Create a 3d Animation (Video) of a property project - Create a 3D Animations and export it as 2D Sprite Sheet Create a 3D Animations and export it as 2D Sprite Sheets - Create a 3D company house Create a 3d construction app - Create a 3D game for Android and IOS phones and tablets Create a 3D game for Iphone and Ipad - Create a 3D Logo and Banner in different size Create a 3D logo And logo reveal (future work possible) - ongoing work - Create a 3D Model Animation to present an Architectural Project CREATE A 3D MODEL BASED ON 2D PLANS AND PICTURES - Create a 3D model of a cartoon or superhero biped character using Maya Create a 3d model of a cartoon trees low poly for games - Create a 3D Model of the LOOP Create a 3D model of the monument - Create a 3D preview on the fancey product designer Create a 3D Print model. - Create a 3D rendering plane from a 2D CAD White and Black. Create a 3D Ripple effect on my video - Create a 3D Video Create a 3D Video - Create a 3D video using openGL C# or Java Create a 3d view of existing Logo/business card - Create a 4-5min overview video of sports day Create a 4-5min Youtube video of a Facebook app - Create a 5 intro and 5 outro infographics Create a 5 min powerpoint presentation - Create a 5 Reel Slot Machine in Flash create a 5 sec animation in after effect - Create a 50 secs video (from audio file) using words/subtitles only Create a 5000 word ebook - Create a 60 sec Video (PSD/HTML task too) Create a 60 sec Video + PSD/HTML task - CREATE A 7 LABELS TO A CHEESE RANGE CREATE A 7 LABELS TO A CHEESE RANGE -- 2 - Create a 9 Page Wordpress Theme from PDF Create a 9 step on line training program - Create a \"still image\" product video (YouTube style) Create a \"Wifi Teather\" Called (Super-Wifi) - Create A accounting Software in and Sql Server compact 3.5 Create a Accounting Website under Wordpress platform - Create a admin panel that can deliver Instagram followers/likes -- 2 create a admin panel with php pdo - create a advert for a company Create a advert site with CMS - Create a airline booking website that includes servlet, Java server pages (JSP) Create a airline booking website that includes servlet, Java server pages (JSP) - Create a an exe installer for browser extensions Create a an explainer video - Create A Android App To Capture Video And Image Create a Android App to connect to BLE chip and program the chip CC2541 or other to get information from analog input - Create a Animated Commercial for business platform Create a animated commercial movie around 2 min long - Create a Animated Video Create a Animated Video - Create a animated video to promote a startup idea Create a animated video to vectors - Create a animation video Create a Animation Video - Create A App
Create a APP - create a app like whatsapp create a app like whatsapp - Create a App for Cafe/Restaurant Android + iPhone create a app for clothes - Create a app! create a app's mobile of a website for BB,Iphone, Android - Create a ASF file with mixed aspect ratio (c++) Create a ASP net MVC website for news - Create a Autocad ie dwg file format drawing from a pdf file Create a AUTOCAD PLAN - Create a B2B Ordering App Create a B2B portal for selling and buying products - Create a background (Drawing or Photoshop made) themed for mafia MMO. create a background and improve all building drawing - Create a Badminton Game in Unity 3D Create a Baidu campaing similar to our Adwords campaign - Create a banner Create a banner - Create a banner ad for NY Times Create a banner ad from existing graphics - Create a banner for some clothing line website. create a banner for youtube - Create a barcode system with database for some products. Create a Barcode Validation View for a IONIC app (native) - Create A Basic App For A Gym Create a Basic app for android and mac - Create a Basic Game in Java Create a Basic Game of Mancala - Create a basic OTT platform Create a basic package for an online business - Create a basic web script Create a basic web site - Create a batch folder scan that auto positions auto re-sizing and saves files as JPG Create a batch inventory adjustment tool for osCommerce - Create a BEAUTIFUL Line Chart -- Excel attached Create a Beautiful Marketing Presentation for my company - Create a beginners C++ Course Create a benchmark for comparing the performance of three open source web servers; JBoss, Tomcat, and Glassfish - create a betting website for betting on counter strike game Create a Betting website using bot , need urgent . - Create A Bigcommerce public plugin Create a BigCommerce store using an existing Prostores site design & data - create a bitcoin faucet + content website Create a Bitcoin faucet site - Create a Black Belt Certifcate Create a Black Friday Banner Sale Discount - Create a blog Create a blog - create a blog design from my sketch - do not bid if you can not do a mokcup before i award the project Create a blog directory using rss feeds on wordpress - create a blog like this create a blog like this - repost - Create a blog section for my site using Wordpress Create a blog similar to this - Create a blog with PR! Create a BLOG with WordPress - Create a BLOGSPOT Template create a blogspot for free - Create a book cover Create a book cover - Create a booking site with all modern features Create a booking system - Create a bootstrap 3.0 template for animal site Create a bootstrap 3.0 template for animal site -- 2 - create a bootstrap theme for fengoffice Create a Bootstrap web page prototype - Create a Bot for Game Create a Bot for Keywords based listing ranking on E-commerce websites - Create a bot to fetch tweets (long term working) Create a bot to fetch tweets *(long term working)* - create a box in a website indicating which song is being played in a radio station && Create a box in AI of 8/8/3 cm with simple design - CREATE A BRAND IDENTITY FOR A FASHION ACCESSORIES COMPANY Create a Brand Identity of a Company - Create a brand new logo for a company Create a brand new logo for our trading platform - Create a Brickwall Image Create a Bridge between SocialStrap and Wordpress Logins - Create a brochure and business card create a brochure and help with some forum topics for a php complex script - Create a browser detection script. Create a Browser Extension - Create a budget tool for clients create a budgeting calculator spreadsheet - Create a bunch of widget style applications Create a bundle of pinterest images for ads. - create a business card ------- create a business card --------------- - Create a business game/simulation for my research Create a business guide to Snapchat - Powerpoint presentation - Create a Business Plan Create a Business Plan - Create A Business Slogan Create a Business Template - Create a Button in Wordpress create a button on a existing website - Create a C# .net application to connect to Google Drive and Dropbox Create a C# .net application with embedded PDF form - Create a C#.Net class to share a folder Create a C#.NET plupload POST request to upload the file. REST interface, Plupload need to be used. - Create a cad drawing for a oil and gas service company Create a CAD drawing of an event setup - Create a calendar app on Macbook Create a calendar app on Macbook -- 2 - create a candle labels template for me create a candy sale logo - Create a card game App Create a Card Game on Android - Create a Cartoon Create a Cartoon - Create a cartoon drawing of a character for website use create a cartoon engagement poster - Create a cartoon show on mobile Create a cartoon style artwork for a match 3 game. - create a cashflow model template in Excel Create a casino - Create a Catalogue of Men's Fashion Background Images Create a catalogue with images (1000 products) - Create a CDR file from a given design Create a CEdit style control with mouse value adjustment. - Create a character and animation sprites of a top down 2D game Create a character and ilustrate children books - Create a Chart of accounts for general retail business Create a Chart of Accounts Module for Odoo - Create a Chat system which simulates a A.I. chatbot in website Create a chat web app - Create a Chess game for android devices Create a Chess game for android devices - Create a child theme to change the blog display from two column into on column Create a child theme twentytwelve on wordpress - Create a Chrome / Firefox / Safari / Edge extension using Angular Create a Chrome addon/extension - Create a chrome extension to extract content from website Create a Chrome Extension which recorder steps and generates PhantomJS script - Create a city typography poster/subway art poster! Create a Civicrm donate page - Create a class for Visual Composer to stretch content in row Create a Class in C# XNA for a program. - Create a classified website with advanced function. Create a classified website with advanced function.. - Create a clean iOS app based on existing Android app create a clean paralax website usung wix - Create a clickable mockup of a mobile app on InVision Create a clickable schematic for a Magento Website - Create a Clipping Path (Cut Path) For Vinyl Decal in Illustrator Create a clipping path for a design in CS3 - Create a clone of the following site using pre-design PSDs Create a clone of the website classifieds - Create a cloud service similar to dropbox for my company