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Create 2 x EDM responsive templates from existing code - Create 2-3 Product Architecture Diagrams Create 2-5 seconds of simple video intro - Create 20 banners: 1 original + 19 derivates Create 20 Basic Social Media Posts - Create 20 forum posts (2) Create 20 GENERIC + 20 KIDS Easter card messages - Create 20 newsletters for digital photography website (12 Feb 2010) Create 20 page report on Asian Dating journey (indian, pakistani, etc.) - Create 20 unique denmark account and denmark ip for trust site - repost Create 20 Unique Plumbing Illustrations for students. - Create 200 Articles using Spinblitz (1580924) Create 200 Articles using Spinblitz(repost) - Create 200 Memes/Images From Existing Memes (Provided) Create 200 mood boards using our images. - create 2000 email accounts Create 2000 Free E-mail Accounts - Create 23 social profiles and configure APIs, APPs, them Create 23 Web 2.0 websites - Create 25 Leather Images Create 25 One Page Wordpress Landing Pages - Create 2500 Ebay Search Phrases Create 2500 questions on tourism - Create 2D animated videos Create 2D Animation - Create 2D assets and animation for video game. Create 2D Background Art for Mobile Game App - Create 2D game assets and animations Create 2d game character - Create 2x contact forms for html website Create 2x course cover image with modern style - Create 3 animated gif from css animation (see link in description) Create 3 animated or flash ad banners - Create 3 Buildings for use in Unity 3d Game Engine Create 3 business cards - Create 3 designs for newspaper advertisement Create 3 different designs of a memorial site - Create 3 Flyers and re-design a logo Create 3 Fold A4 Catalog - Create 3 Icons Create 3 icons - Create 3 Logos Create 3 logos - Create 3 new MS Azure VMs (also validate & document) Create 3 new pages and update website eg, new pic`s, descriptions, blog etc. - create 3 pages of design layout and functionality on php, mysql site Create 3 pages per attached design using attached Visual Studio 13 project - Create 3 Renders Create 3 reports in CMS system - Create 3 simple VBA macros (Microsoft Access 2010) Create 3 simple vector images - Create 3 types of flares in needed colors Create 3 UHD animated gif icons for my website. - Create 3 web-teaser visuals Create 3 Webpage Proxy Site - Create 3 x 700 Word Articles in 24 Hours CREATE 3 x FMS (*.ASC) files - Create 3.5 minute animated video Create 30 Adult Wordpress templates - Create 30 forum profiles with backlinks - report required Create 30 free blogs and websites - Create 30 second promotional videos on a variety of topics Create 30 second TV Ad - Create 300 accounts to My website Create 300 accounts to My website- - Create 300 WooCommerce Product Categories Create 300 x 250 video ad with constant contact form - Create 30second video from stills Create 31 html pages for my website - Create 360 degree panorama capture iOS app Create 360 degree panorama from 8 stills - quick job start now - Create 3D Animation 50 seconds Create 3D Animation 50 seconds - Create 3D Animation Video expert -- 31012 Create 3D Animation Video expert -- 4 - Create 3d Artcam relief model - open to bidding create 3d assembly from real part - Create 3D canvas to show of mobile phones (files are supplied) Create 3d Car Driving / Parking Game similar to in Unity - create 3D design on catia Create 3D designs of Phone cases - create 3D floor plan from pencil sketch, req in 19 hrs Create 3D floor plans - ONGOING project. 20 Floorplans a month - Create 3D image from 2D -- 2 Create 3d image from 2d image - Create 3D logo from pre designed vector Create 3d logo out of existing logo. - Create 3D Model for 3D Printing of Company Mascot Create 3D Model for a renovate old room to be modern room in hotel. - Create 3d Model of a Dress Create 3d Model of a Galaxy - Create 3D Model of our products for product configuration tool create 3D model of PCB in KiCAD format - Create 3d model's of a back garden for various swatches of our product create 3d modeling for 3d print - Create 3D Models of 10 Pairs of Sunglasses Create 3D Models of Apartments - Create 3d photorealistic view of furniture on front of sea Create 3D Picture of a Necklace - Create 3D rendering of a high rise development project Create 3D rendering of denim sofas in a modern home decor - Create 3D tap model from photos and technical drawings Create 3D Text - Create 3D Visualizer for website to display pavers Create 3d walkthrough animation - create 4 3D drawing of some enclosures based on original picture. Create 4 3d Models and One Cut-away Model - Create 4 colored concept arts for a western game Create 4 competition posters for instagram and tumblr - Create 4 fully functional web pages for my website: Create 4 future sales copy /newsletters to be scheduled based on existing / previous newsletters. - Create 4 iOS Projects create 4 jacket measurement photos - Create 4 Original High Resolution Photos of Persons with 2 corporate identites on either half of his body Create 4 Original High Resolution Photos of Persons with 2 corporate identites on either half of his body -- 2 - Create 4 quality website pages Create 4 queries using AdventureWorks2012 in SQL Server 14 - Create 4 stickers around a Pacific islands cartoon Theme Create 4 sweatshirts for related Tennis Teams based on logos - Create 4 Wordpress Pages -3 Create 4 WordPress pages using Visual Composer from Adobe Illustrator file - Create 40 Blogs for us Create 40 business card templates - Create 40 sympathy card messages Create 40 sympathy cards greeting card messages for LOSS OF CAT - Create 400-500 word SEO pages. has to be sports related Create 4000 Accounts - create 461 invoice just copy and paste in excel Create 468x60, 125x125 banner - Create 5 Banners Create 5 Banners - create 5 different birthday invititations Create 5 different buttons - Create 5 high res busts base off photos - 3D Modelling / 3D Printing Create 5 High-Res Textures - Create 5 iphone game playing videos Create 5 jpeg images for new website being launched - Create 5 page HTML website from marketing files Create 5 Page parallax website design (Only PSD required) - Create 5 Premium CSS templates based on a custom built Platform Create 5 Premium CSS templates based on a custom built Platform - Create 5 simple AVI Create 5 simple banners - Create 5 Template simple in html Create 5 themed variations of a graphic - create 5 websites Create 5 Wet Paint pages a week, 1 day using our content - Create 5-7 simple illustrations to be used for a video Create 5-page modern design for new anime website. - create 50 dofollow inbound link related with the industry of cnc hobby -- 2
Create 50 Email + Facebook ID's - Create 50 gmail and 50 yahoomail id - Easy work- Do today- Indians only Create 50 gmail, youtube, sound cloud, instagram, Facebook and twitter accounts. - Create 50 Phone Verified Craigs List accounts- I will pay $125 cash. E-Mail me at Create 50 Phone verified Craigslist account - Create 50 Vector Clipart Create 50 VERY BASIC slides/images - Create 500 Basic 2D Archicad objects from our DWG files. Create 500 Basic 2D SketchUp silhouette objects from our DWG files. - Create 500 m/c Elementry Math questions Create 500 Member Profiles For A Demo Site (Pic, Name, Birthday) - Create 5000 Gmail addresses Create 5000 Gmail addresses - Create 6 amateur porn sets Create 6 Animated Characters - Create 6 Hair Extension Packaging Designs & Unique Packaging Labels Create 6 high quality supporting graphic designs for my products! Please Read Brief!!! - Create 6 pieces of Circles Create 6 Posters/Banners for an E-Commerce Rotating Banner - Create 6 wikipedia entries Create 6 Windows XP Style Icons - Create 60 second Video from Script -- 2 Create 60 second YOU TUBE video from stills - Create 65 social media accounts Create 65 Video Sharing User accounts - Create 7 scrappers very similar to extract paintings Create 7 short music tracks - Create 8 Banners for Website Create 8 bit-style spritesheet for a Martial Arts retro game - Create 8 second graphic with rotating words Create 8 Sexual Performance Tip Emails - Create 800 accounts in a free website with Recaptcha and Email Verification -- 5 Create 800 amazon listings from ebay. Convert ebay to amazon - Create 9 short animations (.swf) Create 9 short videos - Create 99 Banners for Image Library Project A754 create 99 individual transparent images containing text - Create a Awesome Explainer Video Create a backup software for medical imaging systems - Create a Flash website Create A Free flash player - Create a PPC Adword campaign Create a PPC Campaign - Create a Simple Text to Graphics Software create a simple webpage - create a website - open to bidding -- 2 Create a website for dance studio - Create a "Donate for Nepal" version of our banner create a "dropbox badge" for excel - Create a "property" template page Create a "Question of the Day" module in Flash - Create a "WordPress" template Create a "Yo" application clone - Create a 'Savings Calculator' for a Shopify website Create a 'share' content locker for facebook tab app - Create A .Exe File. Create a .exe program based around existing Excel Sheet, additional logic is needed - Create a .PHP Page with Google News API Create a .PHP server-side script to recieve the request an iPhone - Create a 1 Beautiful and Attractive Landing Page - repost Create a 1 click export to MS Access from MYOB Accountsright plus - Create a 1 minute animation Create a 1 minute animation Like the Video in the Description - create a 1 page modification on my Joomla site Create a 1 Page Overview for my consulting Company - Create a 1-2 page website that will pass form info to another website Create a 1-3 minute 2D animation... - Create a 10 sec 3D Blender video Create a 10 sec 3D logo animation video. - Create A 10-20 Second Animation Create a 10-Page Book From my 10 Sketches - Create a 15 or 30 sec Advertisment video for my website Create a 15 sec animation - Create a 15sec digital commercial ad for Youtube and TV display Create a 15sec video from footage - just editing - Create a 2 Min 3d Animation video Create a 2 min Animation - Create a 2 minutes Video Create a 2 minutes Youtube Video Commercial - Create a 2-3 minute video Create a 2-3 minute video for Indiegogo Campaign - Create a 20 seconds Youtube Video To show how to access PayPal API details Create a 20 to 40 second video advertisement. - Create a 2d animated video for my company. QUICK! - open to bidding Create a 2D Animation - Create a 2D Animation in After Effects create a 2d animation in after effects or flash - Create a 2D character Create a 2D Character + sprites in the future - Create a 2D pencil drawing Animation style Create a 2d physics based ball and goal game - Create a 3 D animated video Create a 3 hours video tutorial - Joomla Template - Create a 3 page fillable PDF Create A 3 Page Forex Content Site - Create a 30 minute DVD Create a 30 minute presentation on Creating an Interactive PDF in InDesign - Create a 30 Second to 1 Minute Photo Still Video Ads. Create a 30 second to 1 minute video animation to demostrate a product - Create a 300x100 banner ad animation for iPhone unlocking create a 300x250 banner ad - CREATE A 3D AND 2D WITH MESURES create a 3d android mission game - Create a 3D Animation Create a 3D Animation - Create a 3D animation/ stop motion Create a 3D Animations and export it as 2D Sprite Sheet - Create a 3D company house Create a 3D countdown animation - Create a 3d game in Unity or UDK create a 3D Game player Character - Create a 3d logo animation for video introduction Create a 3d logo exactly the same as this one without the background in vector format - Create a 3D model for 3D printing Create a 3D model for 3D printing - Create a 3D model of a cute hedgehog, based on a 2D design Create A 3D Model of A Drawer Chest (Furniture) - Create a 3D Modelling Create a 3D Modelling - Create a 3D Render Create a 3D render for an event - Create a 3D space fighter for a game Create a 3D Spaceman in Blender - Create a 3D Video Animation Intro create a 3d video animation of our product. - Create a 4 letter logo Create a 4 Min Animated Music Video - Create a 45 sec 2D Animation Create a 45 Second "How it Works" Video - Create a 5 page Mobile Site Create a 5 page website - Create a 5-7 seconds Youtube introduction Video Create a 5-8 Second Video/Animation Intro for a Cooking Video - Create a 60 articles /520 words article Create a 60 sec 2D Animated Explainer Video - Create a 60-second Animated Marketing Video with Voice-Over (script provided) Create a 60-second Animated Video with Voice-Over (script provided) - Create a 800x800 product details image for my ecommerce Create a 837 file from XML Files for EDI - Create a \"people cartoon\" design (caricature) create a \"share\" link in phpfox - create a accounting logo debitor Create a Accounting Package for a Printing Company - Create a admin panel that can deliver Instagram followers/likes Create a admin panel that can deliver Instagram followers/likes - Create a Advanced Sneaker Bot Program -- 2 Create a Advanced Sneaker Bot Program/script - Create a AI robot like Tapia Create a AIML application - Create a airbnb like site