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Create 3 Storylines Create 3 survey forms using a CRUD plug-in for Code Igniter. Create 3 T-Shirt Designs! Create 3 tables in Excel Create 3 Templates and add products to templates Create 3 Tests/Quiz Pages in WordPress Site Create 3 themed suites (6 ads each) of Display Ads (18 ads total) for (FMI). Create 3 TIer 2 Guest Posts on PR1 site (I will provide Content) Create 3 to 5 pages Java based web application Create 3 to 5 pages Java based web application - open to bidding Create 3 tshirt designs Create 3 two page product brochures Create 3 types of flares in needed colors Create 3 UHD animated gif icons for my website. Create 3 unique and functional pages Create 3 unique pages that function Create 3 Unique Printable ''Happy Anniversary'' Greeting Cards With Graphics in PDF Format Create 3 updates for the existing website
Create 3 variant of a design Create 3 variations of landing page for Adult Dating CPA Create 3 vector course maps like you did last year for me Create 3 vector pictograms for website - car towing services Create 3 versions of ad banners (240x90px) Create 3 Versions of Quiz App - Simple Create 3 versions of simple logo layout for box design Create 3 VERY SIMPLE Low Poly STAR WARS 3D models in 3DS Max in 24hrs Create 3 Very Simple Product Videos Create 3 video Create 3 video game templates. Create 3 Videos Create 3 Videos about Fun Facts Create 3 Videos for on my website Create 3 Videos for YouTube Create 3 videos from videohive (AFTER EFFECTS) projects (Files provided with tutorials) Create 3 Videos from VideoHive templates