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Creat a video ( as a Gift ) AR or EN only - creat a website creat a website - Creat accounts creat accounts - Creat an AWESOME presentation Creat an Axure wireframes or prototype - creat and publish android/ios app B2B platrform with some services Creat and run a script on multiple computers atleast 10 PC - creat backlink Creat backlink for my dating site - Creat Client-Server Game - Part 2 Creat Clone for watch shop - creat easy wordpress slider plugin or custom fileds image gallery Creat eBay listings using excel sheet & Blackthorne Pro - creat free accounts Creat FTP Access using IIS 7.0 - Creat ios app Creat IP Address Managment Tool - Creat Logo Animation for use with Movies Creat logo Flex-shop - open to bidding - creat my email signature extra special Creat my homepage from my design - Creat pdf attachment in php Creat PDF brochur - Creat simple desktop application to download Keyword volume data from adwords using an API! Creat Simple Frame Home Page (Nothing Fancy!) - Creat T-Shirt designs for us Creat templat of my script And add some function to the script. - Creat web app Creat web app using Angular and Jquery mobile - creat website of movies with profiisionel background - open to bidding creat website to save some records from clients - Creata WPF Simple Visual-Studio-Like Designer Creata WPF Simple Visual-Studio-Like Designer - Create 3 instances of MYSQL DB's on local machine. (teamviewer) Create 3 MYSQL databases on local machine. (teamviewer) - Create a C# Desktop Application Create a CAD Drawing for a stainless steel trolley and also a 3D model of the trolley. - Create A Logo For Departmental Store Create A Logo For Online Departmental Store - Create A Website Create a Website - Create an iPhone News application create and integrate a new template for my website - Create chat & SMF & calendar Skin that matches our site Create Comercial Tv Video Ad Film - Create HTMLTemplate FROM PSD create httaccess file - create online casino gambling site Create online banner & logo & icons - create real US trafic for facebook page create real US trafic for facebook page - open to bidding - Create Video Create Video TUTORIAL - Create "Advanced" Landing Page - Professional Work required Create "Age Gate" For JW Player 7 - Create "pagseguro" payment module for phpfox 4 Create "Privacy Policy" and "Terms of Use" for website - Create & customize a wordpress website using a thirdparty theme Create & Customize App Store Using Open Source Software - Create & develop woocomerce bridal addon with updates Create & edit a website via CMS web skills in BELGIUM ONLY, to follow a training and work on a CMS - Create & Manage a PPC Campaign Create & Manage a PPC Campaign - Create & Run Kickstarter Campaign Create & Schedule ETL (FTP to Google Cloud Storage) - Create & Manage PPC Campaign for us Create & modify DotNetNuke and Module Skin - Create ''Accordion'' Style Navigation create ''adapter'' PCB circuit board - Create 'front end' Magento website Create 'Loading... Please Wait' animated gif series - Create (8) Eight E-mails in .eml or .htm format for my e-mail marketing campaign Create (8) Online Profiles with (8) Products on Each - Create (while you show me how) a digital products shopping cart Create *.avi file from Camera using Direct Show (Without OpenCV) - Create .AI file from example scan / image - for editing & printing Create .AI of Existing Logo Design - Create .dwt Dreamweaver template pages from existing HTML5 - repost Create .dwt for existing site - Create .ico for windows that contains all image sizes needed. Create .ico variants for my website from the logo - Create .NET C# page to acces SQL data using a ColdFusion page as a model Create .NET class for existing Windows DLL - Create .SRT Subtitles for 2 small videos in 6 provided translation Create .STL and .OBJ files from 2-D drawing - Create / customise a WordPress site Create / Customise a Wordpress Template - Create / format 8 forms and letters Create / Forward / Deliver Product pictures - Create / Narrate Video of our business Opportunity Create / pimp screenshots of IOS apps for website presentation - Create 1 Banner 900 X 319 Create 1 banner for website.. - Create 1 high res busts base off photos_3 Create 1 high res busts base off photos_4 - Create 1 landing page/template using free graphics... Create 1 Line App - Create 1 minute Video Tutorial for our website Create 1 minute video with voiceover - create 1 page mobile Create 1 Page Motivation Collage of Life Successful from Images & text I provide - Create 1 Single HTML / CSS Page Create 1 single search page in wordpress - Create 1 Wordpress Page from another site to match current template create 1 wordpress page template - Create 1-2 Minutes Marketing Sales Video Create 1-2 Minutes Marketing Sales Video (1982743) - Create 10 Animated GIF Emojis Create 10 animated GIF files to Celebrate Team Sky's partnership with Ford - Create 10 Desktop 300x250 Banners and 10 Mobile 305x99 Banners Create 10 different color combinations (in css) for my site - Create 10 icons to be used in a video game. Create 10 image ads for google adwords - Create 10 new levels for a remake of a classic arcade game Create 10 new levels for a remake of a classic arcade game - 2nd iteration - Create 10 quick hockey logos (very well-defined specifications) -- 2 Create 10 Quizes On My Website - Quiz Software Installed - Create 10 small icons Create 10 small line drawn black & white sketches to be used in a printed brochure - Create 10 Website Banner / Images Create 10 Website Banner Graphics - Create 100 000 (One Hundred Thousand) Facebook Profiles Create 100 1D Book Images (Lots of Work!) - Create 100 email address Create 100 email addresses and verified accounts with a 3rd party review site - Create 100 gmail accounts Create 100 gmail accounts - Create 100 Onlywire Accounts create 100 onpage seo - Create 100 Small Webpages Create 100 social account - Create 100 user profiles on my website - Repost Create 100 user profiles on my website - Repost - Create 100% Unique and Original product descriptions for beauty products Create 100% Unique WordPress theme - create 1000 gmail accounts Create 1000 Gmail mails - Create 1000 xmas questions Create 1000 Yahoo Email Accounts - Create 11 Images for Website(repost) Create 11 landingpages from PSD to websites, WP + SEO addon. - Create 12 Designs for a Sticker create 12 eps icons + fontstyle - Create 120 interview quizz questions about Symfony 2.8 Create 120 questions about CSS 3 - Create 132 web pages. Each page will play 1 MP3 file using a Flash player and show 1 or more images. Create 139 HTML files containing different song lyrics, from a given list - Create 15 dog icons.
create 15 field contest input form using - Create 15 Tumblr Accounts. Create 15 unique articles about pop music - create 150 user accounts with pictures and profile Create 150 Video scenes/ animations - create 17 Die Cut Ai Files create 17 Die Cut Ai Files with ready graphic - Create 1k Netlog accounts create 1K twitter accounts - CREATE 2 ADSENSE WEBSITE THAT EARN $10 TO $20 A DAY CREATE 2 ADSENSE WEBSITE THAT EARN $10 TO $20 A DAY - Create 2 automatic emails with attachments to be sent weekly Create 2 background illustration (Continued Project) in flat colorful style - Create 2 CD E-Covers Create 2 Characters - Create 2 custom Wordpress plugins Create 2 customized Joomla 3.1 Oculus Template websites including virtuemart. - repost - create 2 explainer videos for 2 mobile apps Create 2 explainer videos of 1 minute each - Create 2 forms with WP GravityForms plugin + integrate google checkout Create 2 Freelance websites – 2 sites. - Create 2 HTML Pages with JS and CSS Create 2 HTML Pages with JS and CSS - create 2 joomla article pages Create 2 Joomla Based Forms - Create 2 Logos Create 2 Logos - Create 2 minute trailer videos with cool effects and time lapse Create 2 minute video - Create 2 new logos Create 2 new pages for our website with hosting plan information - Create 2 pages in jsp Create 2 pages in jsp - abierto a las ofertas - Create 2 pixel ads as gif create 2 plugins for 7-Zip Pro - Create 2 Review Sites/Blogs with SEO Included Create 2 Revolution Slides for 2 Different Websites - create 2 simple html page Create 2 simple HTML pages from JPEG Mock (No psd) - Create 2 small flash buttons on ~250 player skins ((.fla included)) Create 2 small websites from Template - Create 2 very good quality exterior 3D images ( Don't bid if not very good quality) Create 2 Very High Quality Banners - CREATE 2 WEB PAGES. COMPATIBILITY WITH ALL WEB-BROWSERS Create 2 web sites - open source solution - Create 2 websites with same content from Templates Create 2 websites. A 4 pager, another big website - create 2 x 20 food icon sets for smartphone apps Create 2 x 20 second animated clips using existing assets - Create 2,500 Posts In WordPress (Data Entry) Create 2,500 Posts In WordPress (Data Entry) - Create 20 articles from 3 sites and substitute other keywords Create 20 audiobooks from 20 books in French - Create 20 emails addresses - batch 4 Create 20 emails addresses - batch 5 - create 20 logo for websites urgent Create 20 loss of MOTHER sympathy messages + 20 loss of FATHER sympathy messages - Create 20 Social Bookmark accounts for Create 20 Social Media Accounts for My Business and integrate them with Onlywire Account (Facebook, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, Pinterest, Instagram, etc) - Create 200 accounts Create 200 ads for AirBnb - Create 200 Products Manually Create 200 Products Manually - create 2000 word content create 2000 word content - repost - Create 24 CMS newspages + 2 overviewspages Create 24 Contact Form Variations - Create 25 videos on a green screen background. Create 25 web 2.0 properties. - Create 27 howtos for vpn company Create 27 static HTMLs for email templates in arabic - Create 2D Animation about diabetes Create 2D animation advert - Create 2D Cartoon style game in Unity Create 2d character explanation animation base on my script - Create 2D Illustrations & Animations for use in a Unity3d mobile game Create 2D kid's video. Will serve as template for ongoing business! - Create 2x contact forms for html website Create 2x course cover image with modern style - Create 3 animated or flash ad banners Create 3 animated Videos - Create 3 Buildings for use in Unity 3d Game Engine Create 3 business cards - Create 3 data tables in Frontaccounting Create 3 demos and 5 pages - Create 3 flash simple advertisement templates Create 3 Flyer Mockups - Create 3 html/css pages from existing design Create 3 HTML\'s and CSS from PSD files - Create 3 Logo Mock-ups based on sketches provided Create 3 Logo Mock-ups based on sketches provided - Create 3 New eBook Covers for Historical Novel Trilogy create 3 new ebooks per existing outline - Create 3 pages in my website (The budget of this job is only a placeholder) Create 3 Pages in our wordpress site - Create 3 Proposal Sheets and 3 Invoice sheets Create 3 psd files from simple JPEG - Create 3 simple images/graphics Create 3 simple MAYA animations - Create 3 TIer 2 Guest Posts on PR1 site (I will provide Content) Create 3 to 5 pages Java based web application - create 3 web pages -- more work to come Create 3 Web Pages from Custom Layout - Create 3 workouts based on body types Create 3 x Wordpress Template & Bug Fix - Create 3-D Heart for Bracelet Create 3-D Product Sketch for ATM type machine - Create 30 Forum Profiles + Make 1 Post Each Create 30 Forum Profiles + Write 1 Post on Each - Create 30 second 2D animation - no sound required Create 30 second animated explainer video - Create 30+ Accounts and submit my content to them Create 30-40 products - The products are created and can been seen, so it's copypast task - Create 300 products in Woo-Commerce Create 300 profiles in dating website - Create 301 redirects Create 301 redirects for .htaccess file - Create 35 slide shows and submit to Create 35 Website Accounts - Create 3d animated videos Create 3d animated walkthrough of a building from autocad plans - Create 3D Animation video -- 2 Create 3D Animation video -- 3 - Create 3D animations, with Men and Women models, and tools Create 3D app and then port to other platform , Need experienced Developer - Create 3D Building Internals from Rough Floor Plan Create 3D Buildings for Game - Create 3D Commercial CREATE 3D CONFIGURATOR TOOLS - Create 3d Fantasy Landscape Create 3d fantasy Landscape for my Android game - Create 3D Geological Profile using the given BoreHole data Create 3D graphic - Create 3D images of air cargo containers from drawings and photos. Create 3D images of Home interior Living room - 9 pictures needed - Create 3d Mock Up Print and Packaging Designs for Bottle Label create 3d mockup exactly like this from different angle - Create 3D model from a 2D cartoon drawing Create 3D Model from AI or EPS file. - Create 3D Model Of An Apartment & Render Stereoscopic 360 Images. Create 3D Model of an existing house - Create 3D Model of Room - Repost Create 3D Model of Room - Repost - open to bidding - Create 3D models Create 3d models - Create 3d models of people and animals Create 3d models of people and animals - open to bidding - Create 3D objects for in a iOS Game. (cartoon look)