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Configuring SMTP Configuring SNMP in Kaseya Configuring snort or iptables to drop packets (based on string) Configuring SPAM Assassin to support additional spam filtering and some forwarding it to a different email address Configuring SQL Server for Kerberos Delegation Configuring Squid or Equivalent Control Configuring Squid or Equivalent Control - repost Configuring squid proxy on a LINUX server Configuring squid proxy on a server Configuring ssh reverse tunneling on Android 5.0 installed on the Nexus 10 Configuring SSL for owncloud Configuring SSL on Magento with Varnish + Turpentine AND Automated Backups configuring static routing Configuring SugarCRM on GoDaddy Configuring SwiftMailer on a Windows Server to send mail Configuring the Boot Loader and Linux systems for raspberry Configuring the Flex SDK with FlashDeveloper.exe on my PC and Build existing project
Configuring the LAN and WAN, exim4 and monitoring system Configuring the Server Side for a Facebook Flash Game (Heroku or Amazon) Configuring the websites. Configuring the zipwire (by Aspect) call center Configuring two MikroTik routers Configuring Ubuntu server properly so Wordpress website is stable. Configuring Ubuntu server to authenticate logins with LDAP Configuring unusual network layout with multiple PPPoE DSL Configuring Users on 2 windows Servers 2012 R2 Configuring Varnish on Magento store Configuring Virtual Hosts on Oracle 10g Application Server Configuring virtuemart 3 properly + some minor Joomla 3.5 works Configuring Virtulization using VMware Configuring VOIP on asterisk server configuring VOIP telephones Configuring VPN configuring vpn and sharing folders.