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Create/Manage a PPC Campaign within Facebook - Create/Manage a PPC Campaigns -- 2 Create/Manage a PPC Campaigns and Google Adwords accounts - Create/Manage a Google ADWORDS Campaign and SEO our website Create/Manage a Google Adwords Pay Per Click PPC Campaign - Local Logo Design Company - Create/Manage a PPC Campaign Create/Manage a PPC Campaign (Andre B DFY) - Create/Manage a PPP Campaign Create/Manage a PPP Campaign - Create/Manage Bing PPC Campaigns Create/Manage complete 360 degree PPC Campaign, First get approval from adword which not approving our ads due to some policy issues. - Create/Manage POP UP CALLS Campaign for PC TECH SUPPORT - Repost Create/Manage POP UP CALLS Campaign for PC TECH SUPPORT - Repost - open to bidding - Create/modify Print and Packaging Designs Create/modify a gantry Joomla 2.5 template (adapt design) - Create/Modify Wordpress Sites For Us Create/Modify Wordpress Theme - Create/Setup a Bitcoin Clone Create/SETUP GOOGLE SHOPPING ADS/ campaign or google image ads. sample link is images on right when you search google. check attached image. - create1Google Adsense websites - repost 2 create3d logo - Created 40 autoblogs on wordpress Created a "Joomla squad manager" component/extension for my Joomla site. - created for suchshutterfly Created from ArchiCAD & 3D visualisation with Lumion of our Resort (Main House, Eco Lodges & Lodges, Store, Ground Plan) - Created Unsold Apps -- 2 Created Video (Approximately 8 Slides under 60 seconds) - CreateProcess Hook CreateProcessAsUser - Createspace Book Designer Needed to Format whole manuscript Createspace Book Interior Design & Cover - Creatin 3D-Cartoon-Model creatin a WP responsive multi purpose theme - Creating tags within our website Creating tech specs for a clothing brand - Creating , modifying and finishing an e-commerce website. Debugging hidden faults etc. CREATING .AWD FILE - Creating 100 User Profiles Boonex Community Creating 100 usernames on my forum. (Easy and fast) - Creating 2 variable length Gray scale postscript boxes as color bars for Corel program Creating 2 very simple plugins for Classipress (category icon, and ads upgrade) - start ASAP - Creating 3 class methods in c# Creating 3 D blocks for Furniture in Autocad - Creating 3D facial image from a single 2D real photo -- part 2 Creating 3d file from 2d design drawing - Creating 4 Banners and a 2 Favicons creating 4 databases - Creating 9 images for a website Creating 9 subdomains according to our project on our website - creating a 2d sprite battle Creating a 3 image GIF with transitional effects - will be awarding within 20 min of posting - creating a 5 page broushure Creating a 5plus button an a wpcasa site for bedrooms - creating a backlink Creating a Backoffice For Online Courses - Creating a beautiful urban music video Creating a Beer List - Creating a blog website, need to be creative! creating a blog with comments - Creating a brand logo for a new product. Creating a Brand Name - Creating a calculator Creating a calculator survey webpage with Wordpress - Creating a class for java. writing a set of classes that define the behavior of certain animals. Creating a class rectangle using a header file! - Creating A Company Logo Creating a company logo - Creating a control panel for wordpress woocommerse pages Creating a cooking video - Creating a custom (MUD) Multi User Dungeon Creating a custom basic joomla + cart (virtuemart or open c - Creating a custom WordPress website based on existing HTML website Creating a customer portal using Umbraco 7 and Microsoft CRM - Creating a database and loading and interpreting in SPSS Creating a database dynamic driven site with search, checkout, and upload. - Creating a dating website Creating a dating website, need to be creative!(repost) - Creating a DLL Hooking Project with Deviare2 Creating a Document in LaTex - Creating a dynamic RSS Feed Creating a dynamic web site - Creating a fashionable website that is user-driven creating a feasibility study about a custom usb device - Creating a Flash/Adobe Air Program Creating A flavor tag - Creating a Front End user profile with wordpress. Creating a FSA from a Regular Expression - Creating a game similar to the classic "Excite Bike" Creating a game similar to the classic "Excite Bike" (8-Bit) - Creating a Hack protection for a MMORPG creating a header graphic + cover - Creating a internetsite Creating a intro for my upcoming YouTube channel which is going to be starting this summer - Creating a Joomla Template with pre-made Design Creating a Joomla Template with pre-made Design - creating a line sheet creating a line sheet - open to bidding - Creating a logo Creating a logo - Creating a logo in illustrator (Vector size) creating a logo or icon - Creating a Marketing Analysis and a full Marketing strategy Creating a marketing campaign and we need lots of real contacts - creating a mini ebay creating a mini ebay site using ASP.NET - Creating a mobile version of our website Creating a mobile version of - Creating a new android developer account Creating a New Autocad Object - Creating a new profile website Creating a new server and salvaging what you can off my old one - Creating a new website wich a CMS and a webstore based on the excisting site Creating a new website with a CMS and a webstore based on the excisting site - Creating A Page With Google Login&Facebook Login With Points Tracking Creating A Pages Of Website - Creating a photorealistic vector image Creating a photosphere from images, linking to google maps. - Creating a PHP website - repost creating a picture/photoshop expert - creating a portable filesystem using linked allocation method Creating a portfolio - Creating a private online gift certificate site - repost Creating a private PGP network with BlackBerry OS 7 and 10 - Creating a professional Microsoft excel management dashboard Creating a Professional Travel Website like,, - Creating a professional version of a Hackathon prototype creating a professional website - Creating a quantitative survey regarding Toxic Leadership and Psychological Outcomes of Suborindates Creating a questionairre in PHP - Creating a replica of a web service for futures traders Creating a Report for a Wordpress PHP site - Creating a Sand-Box MMORPG Creating a scheduling website - Creating a sell sheet & infomercial Creating a seo friendly url with php - Creating a Similar Site Creating a similar site - Creating a simple iphone app ( Game ) Creating a simple iPhone application - creating a simple website creating a simple website - Creating a small basic mobile app with admin panel, Creating a small business website - Creating a Software Console Gaming Creating a Software for Easy hand drawing -3D - Creating a Stage6 Alternative Creating a Stage6 Alternative 2 - Creating a symptom checker
Creating a system - VB - Creating a template for the squeeze/ landing page Creating a template in Motion - Creating a trading system Creating a traffic sign database - Creating a user friendly internet interface, using incoming C# data Creating a User Guide and a Software Package for A - Creating a VI that addresses the problem at hand Creating a Video - Creating a video intro creating a video module - creating a WAP-friendly page of my homepage Creating a watch need a freelance artist/designer - Creating a web resource for Microsoft CRM to track time of employees -- 2 Creating a web scraping program fore data collection - Creating a webservice in Java to manage proxy accounts Creating a webshop like - Creating a website creating a website - Creating a Website and Blog for a Nutrition Busniess Creating a website and data entry and application softwares - Creating a website for students Creating a website for the company - Creating a Website that Earns $15 - $ 30 Per day Creating a website that extracts home appraisal values via API - Creating a Website. Contact me for more details. Need to be done before Thursday Evening... -- 2 Creating a Website. Contact me for more details. Need to be done before Thursday Evening... -- 3 - Creating a WiFi Captive Portal Creating a Wiki Page - Creating a WordPress Plugin Creating a WordPress Plugin - Creating a WordPress Website using Creating a Wordpress Website using Semplice Labs Template - Creating about 400 wordpress posts from given data. Creating About Us Company Site - creating accounts. creating accounts. -- 2 - Creating Adult Personal Profiles (1088559) Creating advanced Android app using a guide with custom viewpager - Creating an accessories collection Creating an accessories fair trade brand - Creating an Advanced Excel Pricing Matrix Creating an advanced Grid used for a VB6 application - Creating an Animated Object in OpenGL 3.0+ Creating an animated series based on the popular nintendo game Splatoon - Creating an app creating an App - Creating an Artistic Photoshop Image/Sketch Creating an ASCII file for transmission to the Social Security Administration for reporting of year end W-2 information. - Creating an easy website for new business venture Creating an ebay store - Creating an excel form Creating an Excel formula to aggregate underlying reports into a master report based on conditions - Creating an HTML 5 Game Basic with Restaurant Logos and Food Pictures to make the customer help him order food Creating an html or Axure mobile prototype from a design - Creating an interactive digital manga comic Creating an interactive ecommerce website using drupal - Creating an iPhone App for same functionality (To show Facebook feeds) Creating an iPhone App. - Creating an online quotation system. Creating an online retail and wholesale shop for clothing - e-commerce - - creating an Rakuten Store Creating an RTL feature in a Magento Template - Creating and customization work for a magento store (Front & End backend) Creating and Deploying HTTP Live Streaming Media for mobile - Creating and inserting quastions! creating and installing a website - Creating and modifying a simple header menu to a WP child theme Creating and modifying simple header menu to a WordPress child theme - Creating Android App with ListView Creating Android App with ListView - repost - Creating Animations Creating Animations for 5 Animals - Creating Applications with Andromo Creating appointment website - Creating AT Command responds Application Creating AT Command responds Application for monitoring Modem port - Creating Awesome Travel Guides - India Creating awesome visuals and brochure for my marketing campaigns - Creating Banner >> Style provided see details Creating Banner Ads - Creating Bill of Materials for Light Steel Resort Villas Creating Bill of Materials for Light Steel Resort Villas - creating branding and logo creating branding and stationary - Creating C# wrapper for C++ DLL Exporting 20 C++ classes with virtual methods and abstract classes Creating C++ assignment - Creating certain interactions on a page CREATING CGI SCRIPT FOR PROTECTING CLICKBANK EBOOK THANK YOU PAGE - Creating client and server components to exchange binary messages between two android smartphones in the same wifi network Creating Client App Angular - Creating company website with great graphics and payment gateway Creating Compelling Amazon Listings - Creating content for automated email campaigns to followup with potential customers Creating content for IT services booklet - Creating coupons and publishing them in different coupons websites for our online products creating course in Moodles - Creating Cusotmer Dokumentation System and Connect to Windows Filesystem Creating Custom and Dynamic site menu for sharepoint foundation 2010 - Creating custom websites Creating Custom Wordpress Lists - Creating data layers about elevation and vector datas Creating data work - Creating dedicated URL for a web user Creating delete function - Creating distance learning program on banking and finance Creating DLNA App for iOS, and Android devices - Creating dxf/dwg file from b/w image in java Creating dxf/dwg file from b/w image in java(repost) - Creating Eagle Components Creating eBay a listings Automotive - Creating email templates Creating Email Templates for Biz Opp Niche - Creating Excel / Google Docs for 200 files Creating Excel Database - Creating Extra Members Account Using HTTP GET or POST with the Tips and Tricks HQ plugins Creating face templetes with MATLAB - Creating Fake ID for disabled Facebook accounts creating fake pokemon - Creating Financial Portfolio for Educational Purposes - open to bidding creating financial reports - Creating Flyer Creating flyers - creating forum accounts and verifying them creating forum accounts and verifying them. - Creating Functions in R studio Creating functions in SQL - Creating Gmails & Craigslist Accts. Creating Gmails & Craigslist Accts. - repost - Creating Handover mechanism in OPNET Creating hash function according to certain criteria - Creating Html Email Marketing - MailChimp and Landing Page Creating HTML eMail Template with Proper Design - Creating icons for math subjects Creating ID Template - Creating import CSV file for magento, with data you collected on suppliers' websites Creating import CSV file for magento, with data you collected on suppliers' websites - Creating interactive children e-books using Flash Professional AS3 Creating interactive Flash charts using Laszlo (063) - Creating ISO Creating ISO - open to bidding - Creating JPEG images for signs models -- 2 Creating jpg image - Creating landing pages with search results from a mongodb database. Creating laravel package - Creating Line Sheets/ Tech Files for 3 Garments