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A single order option page for my Word Press website. - A single page Windows Phone 8 App A Single page wordpress website is required - A SINGLE RESPONSIVE WEB PAGE A SINGLE RESPONSIVE WEB PAGE - A SIP Client for Mobile A Sisters Mission - A site for a small bed and breakfast in the Czech Republic A SITE FOR BOOKING RESERVATIONS LIKE BOOKING.COM - A site lik A site like - A site like KeepVid.COM a site like makemoneyonlinehow - a site like A Site Like - a site Ranking Website a site rebuild - A Site Similar to Rate My Professor a site similar to - A site that shows the traffic on other selected sites A site that will garner daily revenue through ads or affiliates - A site with features similar to A site with few functionalities - a sketch artist A sketch (not comical) based on a photograph, replica image. - A sketch up model of a three story building A sketch video to promote my event company - A skilled Freelance marketing executive A skilled game developer for iOS + Android - A skin for my kodi project A Skinnable Clock like ClocX - a slide share format and a combination of photos and videos to build a Nastrac story which we will provide them . 2-3mins max A Slider like Slider Revolution with a Text Effects Generator - a smal application to play sound over the sound-card a smal application: p2p voice chatt - A small 3D design work a small 3d effect - a small amount of website design, majority of coding and building out website A small and cheap GPS locator - a small app for facebook A small app for Windows 10 Mobile - A small arrangement of a php file. A small article written Today - A small book 100 pages smallest size to print A small book on LOVE YOURSELF - a small business website A small but impressive background needed! - A small cartoon for a birthday gift A small Cash register in VB.NET - A small closed communication project between phones and computers A small collage level assignment on criminal law - A small database based web site with a shopping cart A small DELPHI project - a small ecom website to be coded.. a small ecom website to be coded.. - open to bidding - A Small Error in Scraper (yellow -pages) A small essay on Children & Families. Witer must know about the English legal system - A small excel job--2 A small excel job--2 - A small flash Lucky Draw game A small flash mob - A Small Google Map Utility - Device Location Tracer a small graphic design in file form - a small html based website ( not daynamic) A small HTML coding issue with my website - A small Java application A small java application - A small Javascript Fix A Small Javascript task - A small Jquery fix for a talented jquery expert. A small js / css issue to be fixed now - A small matlab project a small matlab task - a small one product and one page e-commerce. ASAP A small Online multiplayer game - A small photo editing project A small Photoshop - A Small PHP task A small php task - A small price comparison app A small privat site - A Small Project A Small Project - A small Project .net windows application A small project based on servelets and html - A small project on acceleration and velocity a small project on computer graphics with shaders in glsl and the code in C/C++ - A small python script to send emails when a mysqldb error or warning is catched A small Question ,Disjoint Set ADT - A small research for Visuals Designers having their own practice A small research job - a small script in (perl,asp,cgi,java,vbscript) A Small script in UNITY for a mobile game [Urgent] - A small simple squeeze page A small simple village, a cave with a big wall, a small interior home - A small social media site for my school a small software - a small Symbian project A small task - a small test with A small things - A small utility in Visual Basic 6 A small vb job - a small web based car booking application for admin use a small web based gam is to be build - A small website a small website - A small website to showcase places of interest for the public. A small website translation from English to Lithuanian - A SMALL WORK TO BE DONE ON MS EXCEL A small working assignment to create one Excel add-in (Should be very basic) - a SMART DNS blueprint a SMART DNS blueprint - open to bidding - A snake drawn. A snake game in java - A Soccer Joomla website A soccer minecraft plugin. - A social gaming platform. Something like QuizUp but with simple multiplayer... -- 2 A social health based app for android - A Social Media Consultancy Platform for the Financial Industry A social media expert - A social network A social network - A Social Network Project A social network site - A social networking app - open to bidding A Social Networking App -- 2 - A social networking site and a mobile App A social networking site and a mobile App - open to bidding - a social networking website A social Networking Website - A Social Shopping App that is ready to hit the market. A Social site preferably with Joomla & joomsocial - a softwaare on fbuk a softwar to run a facebook account as the same time - A Software code or program to detect new projects from some certain websites and general lists every day A software code programmer who can rival Mark Zuckerberg - a software developer with 3+more year exp. on spring hibernate a software developer with 3+more year exp. on spring hibernate - open to bidding - a software get the whatsapp history A software guy - A software or javascript to access specific website and fill form A software or website for crew management agency - A software testing process A Software that Calculate late payment for monthly instalement - a software to gather directory information a software to gather directory information(repost) - A software-package about P2P (website, android and IOS)
A Software/Service to join real members to Telegram channels - A Solitaire Game for iPad A solo hummingbird design needed for my logo - A song A song - a sorting and filing software that self adjust for a price comparison site A sorting assignment - A Spanish Fertilizers Company A Spanish Fertilizers Company - A Special Classy Logo Required A special dealsite - A Special Project for Helen#3 A Special Project for Helen#4 - a specialist that will market and prmote the artist I'm managing and be our main specialist throughout his career a specialist with square space. - A speech a speech - A Spider Gwen Zentai Suit A spider that grabs a site in my db, and than rebuilds the site. PHP MySql - A sports betting exchange website A Sports betting site with Drupal with these features. - A Sports Social Networking Site on Scala/Lift A sports tipping website with betting odds - A sprots league A sqeeze page created - A stacked bar graph of sale of product by category by month A stacked bar graph of sale of product by category by month -- 2 - A standalone Windows native GUI program A Standard and simple ecommerce site - A startup software company is looking for a webmaster/tech support A Startup's Website Needs Development from Naught - A static android application with menu and static content of text and images -- 2 A static homeopathy website needed with a paypal and credit card gateway! No time-wasters! - a static website built from Hugo ( *must* use Hugo ) a static website for Chinese Restaurant - a statistical model using STATA or ant statistical software such as EVIEW, SPSS etc A statistical model for prediction of NFL games - A stealer for facebook password A Stealth OpenVPN Android Client - A stiker to use at a coffee pack. A STL to MatLab 3D array converter on MatLab - A store online A store online - A story writing A Story you will never forget - A strategic software outsourcing partner is needed for long term projects A strategy game with Sicstus prolog - A Strong Copywriter that generates their own ideas A strong Drupal developer - A structure paper on the Principle of Social Media for Business a structure which functions as both maximum tree and as binary tree search. - a student record managing system application using java A Student's Guide to the Heart - A Study of Financial Ratio profitability for Companies in Malaysia. A study of Main Pillars of accounts and its importance with respect to business. - A stunning new webdesign for an existing web site - repost A stunning pattern on the edges of my tuxedo. - A submission to governments a technical reports A submission to NASA about a space settlement - A suitable logo for my new website (offering learning software) a suite of 14 XP Style icons needed - A Super Designer is Needed! A Super Fun Halloween Project-Photoshop my Sister onto Jessica Rabbit real life look alike - a supermarket marketing strategy and customer behavior A supermarket price comparing app - a survey done for some market research A survey expert with a PH.D - A Survey Website & Mobile App A Surveyor who can conduct surveys at various areas - A swt snippet using ActiveX to run/display Windows Mediaplayer 11 in an OleControlSite A Symbian J2ME Series 40 Java developer needed for Book app - A system for controlling a PC from a remote location A system for developers - A system that delivers Point-to-Point mails and packages without human involvement (e.g., D-mail or Drone mail, e.g., using Drone driver-less vehicles). - open to bidding A system that extract the pre inplay soccer prices (Back and Lay) - A t shirt design A t shirt design - A t-shirt design for an African adventure seaside town a T-shirt design for the students of Electrical engineering students - a table and a chair webgl javascript A table in my website - A Talent coder to solve MMPROG bugs! A talent directory - A Talented Unity3d Developer is needed for an awesome game A talented web designer with css/html/some programing skills - A Tattoo website re-design A tax accountant required familiar with UK tax - A teacher -- 2 A teacher for Python Flask web server, RESTful API, MongoDB and iOS development - A Team Math A Team of 3 Coders - A Team of Writers - $2 per 500 words A team of writers is needed - A tech blog A Tech Blog On Wordpress. - A Technical Essay on JPEG2000, JPEG Baseline, and Wavelet Image Codings A Technical Essay on US Digital TV Standard - A technical web designer who knows CSS A Technical writer - a telecommunication projecy - open to bidding A Telecoms Company NEEDS A LOGO - A template created A template design - a template logo revision for my company A template made for my twitch stream and graphics for twitch page - A ten to about 15 second intro animation of a character.Created in a video game style for a ipad and iphone or an animated breif. A tender Managment system - open to bidding - a Test Project a test project - A text based game produced in Prolog A text based game to access from your smart phones though .mobi - A textbox with autocomplete multiple values. A textbox with autocomplete multiple values. - a theme suitable for lighting company A Theoretical Framework for the Software Testing. - a three minute music video A Three Page Biology report on Lab-book and SOP - a time work sheet a time work sheet - open to bidding - A tiny HTML work, 10minute tops. - repost - Repost - open to bidding A tiny icon design - A to do site like A to Z - a tool for card game A Tool for converting military Grid reference to latitude Longitude - A tool to generate free domains with 2, 3 and 4 letters A tool to get products from 3 different sites - A top-down scroller game for Android A top-not computer coder - A touch of class/professionalism to my front page A touch of class/professionalism to my front page - repost - A Tours and travels project A Tours and travels project - A traditional approach to project management A traffic exchange script in PHP and MyAql - A trainer specialized training customer support executives on product, process and softskill. A BPO experience expericed is preferred. A trainer specialized training customer support executives on product, process and softskill. A BPO experience expericed is preferred. - A transcriber A transcript of a French audio file (23 minutes) from mp3 to. Doc ; odt - A translation for a video script A translation French to English - A translation from English to Vietnamese a translation of 2300 words from Lugandan into English of an electronic newspaper - A translator a translator (German to Turkish) - A translator app -- 2