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A simple PHP mail form - A simple PHP Script to sell Proxies (with proxy checker and updating database) A Simple PHP Site - A simple PHP/MySQL based system for keeping records A simple physics puzzle game - A simple presentation/slideshow in flash is required A simple price management Application - A simple program for a psychology study a simple program for an inventory of supplies (in excel) - a simple projct data capture and display application A Simple Project - A simple project in Solidwrok - repost A simple project in Solidwrok - repost 2 - A simple Property website A simple property website needed - A simple quiz game with some background music. A simple quiz game with some background music. - open to bidding - A simple report on how to put on muscle and look good for skinny people A simple report using telerik reporting. - A simple Ruby on Rails based code that checks data in DB A simple Ruby on Rails Website - A simple script to load images from url on the website odnoklassniki. A simple script to put search term into an array of URLs - A simple shell script A simple shell scripting project to mount an image - A simple Slot machine program for unity3D A Simple Small Business Website - PHP - Admin Panel - A simple software that can Retrieve Vehicle No from a Image A simple software to count how much I wrote on pdf - A simple strategy on NinjaScript (based on C#) A simple styled logo for my makeup buisness - A simple task--but you should have a website - 05 A simple task--Everybody can do it--Only need one minute - A simple tic-tac-toe game in pyhton A simple ticket template - A simple transport accounting A simple Transportation App with google maps - A simple UNIX assembly ELF Program a simple unix project to develop - A simple VB routine doing data movement a simple vb script for excel - A simple video player in html A simple video to make - a simple weather app for android A simple web app - A simple web based 'todo' list - open to bidding A simple web based game deveolped - A simple web page with drag and drop functionality A SIMPLE WEB PAGE WITH FILTERS - A simple web site to list items for sale and facility to receive payment A simple web system with control panel - Phase 1 - A simple Website A simple Website - A simple website A simple website - A simple website built that I can upload to my GoDaddy domain -- 2 a simple Website Clone Needed !! - A Simple website for adding pictures A simple website for an art gallery - A Simple Website needed -- urgent in active condition a simple website of my business - A simple website with photo uploading capability and paypal button. A simple website with some graphic design - a simple windows phone game A Simple Wordpress Affiliate Website - A simple wordpress plugin that uses shortcode a simple wordpress project - A simple work for Indian A simple Work Force App Development - A simple youtube application to program A simple Youtube downloader (or download manager) using Microsoft .NET (windows forms or WPF) similar to the gPodder App - A Simplistic Minimalist Personal Webpage A simplistic physics-based game for Android - A Simulation in JAVA Using Cloud Sim Cloud Simulator Tool A Simulation modeling for SIP signalling over MANET ( OPNET or NS-2) - A Simulator For Fault Diagnosis of Fanout Free Combinational Circuits A simultaneously /7 Files) Mp3 Player in java - A Singer Website, WP or Admin Panel A Singer's Official Fan Page - A single full screen illustration - open to bidding A single graphic design & minor changes for a web site home page. - a single machine infinite bus system in matlab A single model page displaying a panorama, similar to: - a single page website A single page website which displays leaderboards using MySQL table data provided - A Single Product Auction A single professional HTML e-mail signature - A single well-architected html/php page to tally traffic and write results to a database. A single, 1000 word article for an internal newsletter - A Site Cloning A site containing video - A site from Drupal to Wordpress A site functions updates - A site like Groupon a site like groupon - A site like redtube A Site Like - A site made similar to wordtracker, keyword search tools A site made similar to wordtracker, keyword search tools -- 2 - A site similar to A site similar to Groupon - A site similar to World Star Hip Hop A site similar to - A site to be finished a site to be hosted in a server - a site with this complexity in another area activity A Sitemap Page needed for website that follow the rules and guidance of - A sketch based off of the Baylor University sailor bear mascot A Sketch for my boyfriend - A sketch/mock up 1 page website and basic logo A sketch/pattern of a female shirt - A skilled graphic designer required for urgent print based design A Skilled iOS Developer for App Creation - A Skinnable Clock like ClocX A skyline and a map - a slide share format and a combination of photos and videos to build a Nastrac story which we will provide them . 2-3mins max A Slider like Slider Revolution with a Text Effects Generator - A Slow Motion App a smal application to play sound over the sound-card - A small 3 page ios app required A small 3-4 page website - A small adjustment of 3D model + pdf drawing A small Adobe Air Flash (AS3 / CS5) Application for on-screen score-keeping. - A small animation of a car hiring model/process A small animation with simple cartoon shapes (example included) - a small application made for some basic network tests A small application to repeatedly visit different pages on a specific site ... - a small basic android app, which should be device based only,using xamarin studio and C# A Small Billing Software - a small business manager A small business need a GREAT website - A small C++ project A small C++ project - A small change on a wordpress site A small change on html website - a small css advice A small CSS bug fix - Shouldn't take long! - A small django application A small DNS control panel - A Small Electronics Manufacturer Seeking for Business Partners A small engineering company website required - A small excel job A small excel job - A small firefox plugin A small fix for my Laravel 5.1 application and some clean ups - A small fold-out brochure A small fold-out brochure - open to bidding - A small graphic job
A small GUI application - a small HTML responsive design part issue a small HTML responsive design part issue - A small Java application - open to bidding A small java assignment completed - a small job a small job - A small letter to be translated from English to Russian a small library database - a small matlab task a small medium enterprise company in logistics and transport is looking at putting in place proper financial models to look for funding. - a small one product and one page e-commerce. ASAP A small Online multiplayer game - A small photo editing job A small photo editing project - A small php script A small PHP site - a small POC using Python A small poster and notice board heading design (urgent !!) - A small program to control AI to export PNG imges A small program to search data. - A small Project ( PHP, SQL, SMS API, EMAIL API and ANDROID) a small project -- 2 - A Small Project in Python 3 enviroment a small project in Qt - A small project. A Small project2 - a small report a small report generating module to be developed - a small scheme program A small scraping project - a small shell program working on linux by C "student lab Assignment" A small shopping cart - A small simulator - base for a game A small site .......3 pages of html pages - open to bidding, Word press with sliding screen/frame. With some pictures.....Word Press .... - A small software project and its documentation. A small software utility to make audio output to Mono sound - A small team of coders for a game I want to make A small team of developer/desinger required in India - a small tool to update database A Small Tour Booking System - A small video animation. A small video doing for a kickstarter project - A small Web Report a small web sight for my new bussiness - a small website a small website design - A small website(repost) A small website(repost)(repost) - A small worpress work... A small write up on banking. - a smart image gallery program A smart person is need it to do some copy and paste work for 600 items - A snake game in java A snap back design - A Soccer Joomla website A soccer minecraft plugin. - A social gaming platform. Something like QuizUp but with simple multiplayer... A social gaming platform. Something like QuizUp but with simple multiplayer... -- 2 - a social media campaign - open to bidding A Social Media Consultancy Platform for the Financial Industry - A Social Network A Social Network - A social network for positivity A Social Network for Users - A social networking and a ride-matching site A social networking and a ride-matching site - A social networking site a social networking site - A Social Networking Website A Social Networking website - A social platform for food recommendations - open to bidding A Social platform for sharing Home Cooked Food - A social website A social website - repost - A software app Social media A software app Social media - A software developer A software developer - A software for 3D printing using c++ A Software for HR Consultants - a software like cccleaner - open to bidding A software like PowerMTA - A software program which can annalyze data from multiple app users A software program with C++ and visual studio - A software that take information in a email body adn transfert the information to a form. A Software that talks to website and get data - A software to post job on peopleperhour A software to record multiple TV channel at the same time - A Solar Power Engineer A solar powered Latern a.k.a. a Solar Lamp build - a solution for publish Data to a simple script page A Solution for sending bulk whatsapp messages to a list of mine around 5,000 contancts - A song for my girlfriend a song for my toys - A sound analizer for a Audio player A Sound Design on my Short Film - A Spanish Fertilizers Company A Spanish marketer to work part time in Madrid - A Special Classy Logo Required A special dealsite - A Special Project for Helen#2 A Special Project for Helen#3 - A specialist in Vicidial A specialist programmer for SEO optimization needed - A speech A speech - a speed search engine.......... a speed search engine.......... - open to bidding - A Sport designer for Ladies Golf shoe bag A sport scientist - A Sports researcher from "Oman" A Sports Researcher from "Saudi Arabia" - A SPREADSHEET A spreadsheet - a squarespace website built A Squash Court Floor Graphic - A stand hostess-assistant for an exhibition in World Trade Center-Dubai -- 2 A stand to be designed that can hold a phone/tablet acccording to our specifications - a start-up screen for my iphone app a start-up screen for my iphone app - ongoing work - A Statement A statement 1 - A static menu in wordpress A Static page - A Statistical Analysis A Statistical Analysis - repost - a statistician A statistician to analyze survey data with respect to the current market. - A Steganography Application a stencil made from a photograph - A stock gallery A stock management person, Marketing skills - a story A story about a cattle enterprise on the Mid Coast of NSW - A story/Novel from a boy that came from Mexico and made it successfully in the USA A story/serial writer - A streaming website A Street promoter to promote our football campaign in a Sports Centre - A Strong duck logo A strong Editoril thta want put on A strong publishing that want put my book on the market ... I'm sure that will have a big impact.the market my book. - A stub for an investment application A stub for an investment application - repost - A STUDENT. A STUDENT. - open to bidding - A study of pollution levels in Paradise Creek(R_studio_ software) A Study on Brand Awareness of Fast Rent a Car” (A study with reference to the brand awareness of the organization in the UAE Market) - A stunning new webdesign for an existing web site