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A Rewriitng project for ZAWriter Only! - A river logo a rivet metal background to use must be high resolution jpg or pdf - A robust algorithm for text detection in complex background images A robust educational web application - A Rose for Emily A rose icon - a private project for Angela - A RPG based Game for mobile platform A RPG based Game for mobile platform -- 2 - A Russian-English Article in Chemistry a rutine to get the MAC address and public ip address from gateway router - A sales friendly telemarketer to set B to B appointments. A sales funnel similar to - A sales person. A sales piece to email market - a salesman A Salesman for Lean Operations Consulting Services - A sample Android application for above 4.2 with kiosk mode A sample android code for admob can running - A sample health related article. a sample interface as an prototype - a sample using Linux c/c++ to send smtp with ssl/tls to A sample webservice - A Scala microservice that capture name and email from a form and stores them into a MongoDB A scalable database for persistent, binary byte trees with shaded nodes - a school and personal grant A school and student management portal. - A science fiction graphic novel. A science fiction graphic novel. - repost - a Scrabble game for ios, android, facebook application A scraper for Thomson Local, Yell and BT - A screensaver that filters through and displays trending topics on Twitter a screenwriter currently rep-ed by a major agency - A script for a short business video A script for an animated video for my website/advert - A Script in Hindi / Urdu A script in php - A script or software to automate what I do on Facebook Pages. Image attached. A script required to hide content on vBulletin from non facebook fans - A Script that takes a users text input from a website and sends it via ssh a script that will let me define an area and then click in the area - a script to get collection items at will from a flash based bingo game A script to help me semiauto bid at project periodically - A script to set a custom field to be featured image in Wordpress site a script to show some data - A scroll down box that accepts payments, also a new front page A scuba diving and travel website - a search engin ! A search engine - A search page so users can find their representative based on state or country - open to bidding a search portal - A second project for this talented developer A second project for this talented developer - ongoing work - a secured self destructing scheme in cloud computing A Security Applicaiton for IPhone(repost) - A selection of webscraping tools A self applying screen stabilizer - a selling page for a new product, that will also re direct after payment to a second possible product. A sellingbook - A sentence creating program that creates random sentences that are grammatically and semantically correct(repost)(repost)(repost) A SEO Expert - A seperate HP for mobile devices a sepia jpeg I bought from Shutterstock put into color - A series of articles on a list of diets A Series of Articles on the Importance of Data Driven Decision Making In Schools - A series of graphics for an email shot A series of greetings cards for xmas for our clients - A series of posters for uni events (movie nights and etc) A series of Prezi presenations - A Server Administration Services. Pro Apache skills needed a Server and a Client to communicate with each receiving and sending data - A service engineer a service like live person - A set of 35 to 40 Animated gifs in high quality. A set of 5-10 different Backgrounds for 2d Animation - A set of functions to set ntfs permissions. A set of graphical drawings of wedding dresses - A set of seven archetypal figures for my book. Simple sketches. A set of seven archetypal figures for my book. Simple sketches. -- 2 - A severe error occurred on the current command. The results, if any, should be discarded. A sexy cam girl needed for fun - A shell implementation A shell implementation - open to bidding - A Shopcart complete site A SHOPCART WEBSITE - A Shopping Cart / Instant Notification(repost) A shopping cart design that pays different levels of commission - A Shopping Hall Image A Shopping Hall Image - open to bidding - A shopping website a shopping website - a short 30 to 45 second video commercial A short 300-500 word article written about online poker - A short and simple thermodynamic problem A short and simple video animation to help me with my presentation - A Short animation for my gaming youtube channel A short animation intro for youtube - A short bio proofread/edited a short blog on the bowflew powerpro to upload via wordpress to my site - a short detective story based on my provided evidences to be included within the story. a short detective story. - A short essay(2 pages) A short essay, approximate price: 40$-50$ - A short Flash animation A short Flash animation(repost) - A short informative Newsletter A short informative Newsletter - A short product introduction video scripts need to be checked and rewrited A short project for marciamp - a short script A short script in English (approx. 250-300 words) - A short story titled 'Sunlight', i'm looking for someone to publish the article a short story turned into a graphic novel - A short translation of 2 lines from Arabic to English A short translation of 2 lines from Arabic to English - repost - A short video to use for a Kickstarter campaign A short Vine Video - A short-film part of the "School Of Freelancing" project! A shortened version of my original logo that I have sent you already. - A sign making business logo A Sign on the order Grid for Orders with back order product on platfrom Magento - A similar Pinterest site based on Wordpress + Potential App A similar platform and website to indichino - A Similar website like in the description A similar website Needed 2 - A simpel wordsearch A simplae class - A simple , neat professional website A simple - 2 players game - A simple 20 page report on lucid dreaming A simple 20 page report on vegetarian and non-vegetarian (chicken) recipe for soups/broths - A Simple 30 page report on Tips on how to build confidence in a child A Simple 333 Game - A simple A5-sized advertisement A Simple Access and Project - A simple after affect video A simple after affect video - A simple and short one html page A simple and short r function programming - a simple android app a simple android app - A simple Android App to track movement using GPS A simple android app. - A simple Android integration with a function A simple android layout. - A simple animation of a cat - I have vector artwork for you to work with - open to bidding
A simple API layer is needed for an existing web based application - A simple app using SDK for android A simple app where you record video with a song in the background - a simple application on mongoDb a simple application on MongoDb or sqlite - A Simple Assignment in SalesForce A simple assignment waiting for expert freelance with scientific background - A simple banner design a simple banner design for print - A simple blog A simple blog - open to bidding - A Simple business website A simple Business/Fashion Article Writing - A simple C language code using Visual Studio A Simple C Program - A simple C++ program a simple C++ PROGRAM - A simple calendar with authentication A simple camera Mobile App - A simple checklist style application for iPhone and android systems A Simple Children's animation Video - A simple coat hanger design A simple coin sized communicator - A simple copy paste and save as products images from a website into a folder A simple copy paste and save as products images from a website into a folder - ongoing work - A simple CSS3 animation & transition. - repost A simple CUDA program - A simple Data entry job A simple Data entry job - repost - A simple dating site... A simple dating website - A Simple Desktop Software A simple Desktop Software - A simple dynamic php web site design A simple dynamic website - A simple Ecommerce (Internet transfer) website A simple ecommerce banner - A simple enhancement to an existing PHP site A simple error need fixing...Need a fast html ,php coder - A Simple Facebook App Developement A Simple Facebook App Guessing Game - A simple File Manager and File Uploader - written in PHP Scripts A Simple File System - A simple fix of ruby program A Simple fix Website. - A Simple Flash Website Logo A simple Flash work - A simple Fresh non spun Article - open to bidding A simple full screen custom web browser for Android - a simple game for social network A simple game I want to create, with simple art-work - A simple gif with some detail a simple gift site using amazon - A simple hedging EA(repost) a simple HFS HTTP TEMPLATE FROM SCRATCH - A simple html page A Simple Html Parser - A simple installation of Sympa in 2 servers. A simple integration job for Android - A simple iPad application/game A Simple iPhone & Android AR application - a simple iphone game a simple Iphone game app - A Simple Java Interpreter for a language A simple Java J2ME application (similar to a dictionary) - A simple Java/Android app A Simple javascript animation involving objects and landscape - A simple job.log into a blog - repost A simple job.log into a blog - repost 2 - a simple landing page. - open to bidding a simple landing page. - open to bidding - A simple login form using sessions in C# SQL a simple login page - A simple logo A simple logo - A simple logo for a chiropractor/massage therapist A simple logo for a web site and potentienlly flyers - A simple lunar lander game A Simple Mac Application - A simple medical app - repost a simple meditation timer without any bells and whistles - A Simple MIPS Disassembler A simple MIPS Disassembler - a simple mouse over slider, graphics slides will be provided A simple MP3 player to integrate into my web template - A simple newssite based on user likes and articles A Simple Ninjatrader Strategy - A simple online database solution. A Simple Online job !! - A simple page need to be coded in PHP A simple page with AJAX Database - A simple photo editing app that can add the pictures of a celebrity A simple Photo Manager - A simple PHP page redesign of a single page with a form. A Simple PHP Polling/Voting System - A SIMPLE PHP SYSTEM WITH 4 MENUS A simple PHP web Page - a simple PNG file via PHOTOSHOP A simple podcast mobile app - A Simple professional website A Simple Professional Website in Wordpress Required - A simple program in C++(MFC) is needed A simple program in Open GL or DirectX(repost) - A simple project but need done fast A simple project for a Joomla & SOBI2 expert - A Simple project using "Haskell programming" -- 2 A simple project with restrictions - A simple query function A simple query page - A simple recruitment website based on provided template a simple register 1 Page HTML-PHP site - A simple ringtone app for our new video song -- 2 A simple Robot using V-rep simulator - A simple script to generate unique random numbers and store them A Simple Script to grab Log and send them over the Email - a simple server plugin for the game unturned A simple service to change the way people search for web sites - A simple site selling photographic film a simple site that I can add offer different services and products and make regular changes myself - A simple software a simple software creation project - A Simple Stock APP A simple strategy on NinjaScript (based on C#) - A simple task with Delphi 7 A simple task--but you should have a website - 05 - A simple text recognizer - need Delphi code A simple three page countdown timer app and application of the U.I - A simple translation from English to Spanish A simple translation spanish to english - A simple UNIX assembly ELF Program a simple unix project to develop - a simple vb script for excel A simple application - A simple video to make A simple video to make20150625 - A simple web app for converting a google scholar search to an RSS feed A simple web app for converting a google scholar search to an RSS feed. - a simple web based videogame A simple Web Browser - a simple web radio page A simple Web Scraping - A simple webbased payroll A simple webbased payroll - A simple website