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A press release revised and edited - A Pretty Simple Website with jQuery A preview web page for a mobile application - A price List to go in our Hair Salon Window a pricing scheduler app - A Priortiy Queue C++ a privat grant,feed for cows - A Private Project A private project - A private project for KZM A private project for KZM #3 - A private project for tomal2514 A private project for VC The Guru - a pro a pro functional 5 page - web PORTAL site coded in Drupal 7 - A problem solver a problem to be solved regarding i2c with raspberry pi 2 - A producer to make my music a hit A Product Announcement - A product designer A product Designer and Prototype Maker - a product template A product that allows precision marking of points - A professional acro dancer thats a girl in toronto, ontario -- 3 A professional and creative animator to develop a number of video ideas into effective and entertaining animations - A professional creative Facebook page A Professional Custom Real Estate Squeeze Page - A professional eye catching logo for a new laser cutting company A Professional Facebook Header Design - A professional Logo a professional logo - A professional logo needed - very urgent A Professional Logo needed for website and t-shirts and other products - A professional photographer A professional photographer required at north-east Indiana - A professional site membership system A professional social networking and dating website - A Professional Voiceover - Young American Male A professional web design & development company proposal - A professional website for Ladies Bags A professional website of an it company. - a professional writer A Professional Writer - FR12116 - a proffesional work without plagiarism a proffesional writer to go over my book and co-write to improve - A profitable EA is needed A profitable Scalping EA is needed - A program checking on pop-up/ invalid web on an input list A program code for Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) - a program for school teachers to use to track student progress in subjects which will produce a report a program for the police - a program problem A program project - A program that can create group fitness timetables for a gym a program that can play a puzzle for me (robot) or bot - A program that helps me with my new business, some quotations, invoices, receipts, keeping a list of customers and employees A program that I can just input numbers into and what comes out is a report that is correct for each set of numbers. - A program that will automatic click on ads on my site. Need to have different IP address. Needs to look like real people. A program that will automatically add a product and size to my cart from websites - A program that will input HTML and output a new HTML code based on the first one A Program that will log in on Facebook - a program to compute a 3d surface that will reproduce a target image from caustics when the surface is manufactured and exposed to a parallel light source a program to control a app game - A program to generate a poster-size PDF a program to get results count for a query with web search api - A program to play the game Gobble - open to bidding A program to plot serial data and print a report - A program to validate xml A Program to Verify Domains on a Windows Nameserver Weekly - A program/software - repost A program/software - repost 2 - A programmer A programmer - A programmer experienced in Random Number Generating (RNG) software specifically linked to those used on online casinos. A programmer expert ASP.NET - A PROGRAMMER TO CREAT A SOFTWARE TO RETRIEVE MY PASSWORD A programmer to create Java Android application - A programmer who is familiar with ViciDial A programmer who is familiar with ViciDial - repost - a progrmmer A Project - A project already made in medical engineering - repost a Project and writing report - a project for Zdrenga a Project for "fastwork" provider - A project for amitorada A project for anamoody! - A project for bob2214 only A Project for Bray - A project for data entry. A project for data entry. - open to bidding - A project for dumb ppl who are not reading project details before they bid. A project for duskyapex only! - A project for gary888 only A project for gega6mk! - A Project for Image Slide Show A project for ImASinger only - A project for Joomla website A Project for Joshua - A project for lokeman only A project for lorcheto94 - A project for Michale A Project for MinodoraCampeanu! - A project for niki84 only A project for NSpruit - a project for profkim 1 A Project For Prosepoet - A Project for SAS + Required SAS Programmer A Project for SAS + Required SAS Programmer - A project for shellywagar - 6 A project for shellywagar - 7 - A project for Sumon a project for sundas thesis chap 1 and 2 - A project for Uoksusantha A project for usmanali01 only-700 words - A Project For Wordpress A project for writers from Keneya, Pillipine and Romania - A project for you . Sehreen A project for you 1 - A Project in CodeIgniter A Project in CodeIgniter - A Project Logo A project management expert/graduate from Civil Engineering needed - a project on advance security hardware design A project on Agarose gel electrophoresis - A project on mutli threading in c programming A project on mutli threading in c programming - open to bidding - A Project Outsourcing Portal for Nigerian Students A project proposal - a project similar to whatsup A project simillar to an older project you did for us - a project to build a cms web site by drupal A project to combine individual working files to a single spreadsheet with macros to control - a project which I can do it at free time (sartuday, sunday) A project which is small - 02/12/2016 22:27 EST - a promo real created for my short animation film - open to bidding A Promo Video - A promotion video for a start up A promotional animated video - A proof reader to edit a short story A proof-reader for a medical based document - A proposal A proposal - A proposal please check it A proposal to a departmental store to start a clothing line for them - A Prospect list built A Prospect list built - repost - a prototype of a product for the automobile after-market A prototype of a system as described below: - A provider to write an Iphone and Android Mobile App. I have a retail website
A Proxy Checker - A psd From to Theme A PSD layout for website - a public voting site! A publish-subscribe messaging framework for GAE - A pushbutton iPhone app for Japanese professionals. A Puzzle Application - A Python Image file explorer using PyQT A python program - A python script needs to be developed for a task A Python Script that moves folders to a location based on folder colour - A qualified photographer A qualified web designer needed. - A quality Project for claudiamitroi33 A quality report writer with experience in development of KA01 & KA02 - A Query Software for Net 2 Paxton Software a Query to get info from 3 tables (calculate Account Receivable) - A question about the sum of binomial random variables A question and answer site for veterinarians - A Quick & SKilled Developer to finish a CMS & Ticket ordering system. built on php a quick 10 article writing job - A Quick And Simple Code ? Software For Arduino Boards A quick and very urgent Java Deployment Question - A quick check on documents that have proofread before by a writer A quick clustering analysis on SAS / equivalent - A Quick Fix A QUICK FIX - ongoing work - A Quick JavaScript Task A Quick Job - A quick logo needed for a freelancer portfolio - $6 work A quick Magento Fix - A quick report in Computer Crime and Digital Forensics a quick revision of a research paper - a quick test A quick transfer of files - A quick, easy, and secure way for users to verify their domain name a quick, job OsCommerce customization - A quiz system in Django/Angular/PostgreSQL A Quiz Theme Logo Design - A quote on a website A quote on an essay - a rails work - open to bidding A raiser of money for a driverless trucks solution provider (per commission (5% of the investment)) - A range of smallish modifications to my site. A Range Of UK Articles Needed (14) - A rather simple Android application developed in delphi XE 7.0 and above A rating mobile app - A read later app A read only twitter client in IronPython - A Real Estate Company website with Content Management System A Real Estate Company website with Content Management System - A real Joomla template expert needed A real life novel about the way it was going up in the 40's and the great adventures (very funny) that my friend Mickey and I had back then. I need a writer that can put to words the way it was. I believe this could be a best seller and possible a movie. - A real U.S. address to order the new Ipad A REAL video sharing script needed - not a worthless youtube clone - a realistic graphic of a frog A realistic model of a parking lot polulated with cars and video sequences - A Really Great Kickstarter Video for Company a really great wanelo saving job - A reasonable Data Entry Work. A reasonable Data Entry Work. - open to bidding - A record label logo a recorded interview transcribied - A reddit HTML copy A Reddit Traffic and Facebook Groups Expert - A Reggio Emilia Curriculum Approach (Early Childhood Studies) A registering flash game website - A relational database with scripts A relationship book - A reliable web designer with solid drupal, css, jScript and photoshop skills.s A reliable Web Designer with solid knowledge of Bootstrap, Jquery, CSS - A RENT PORTAL system a rental website - a report a report - A report about: "CORPORATE GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE" -- 4 A report after penetration testing -- 2 - A report needed on E marketing A report needed on Software Archetecture - A report on Australia,s mining industry. A report on burning fat through diet and exercise - A report on Operational management issues within an organisation A report on organ donation - A report to be designed from a basic Word text document to something of graphic design quality A report writer in Johannesburg. - A request project A request to every one - A Research for living in ukraine a research laboratory - A research paper A research paper - A research paper on Margaret Sanger. A high school paper A research paper on Nurse Practitioner: past, present, future trends - A Research Project Specific to Sweden A Research Project Specific to the UK - A researcher needed : Prove the benefits of prayer using studies. A researcher required - A Response Single Web Page A responsive 10 page web page design - A responsive multi-vendor store A responsive navigation bar. - A responsive website framework design to support Kendo UI A responsive website framework design to support Kendo UI - A restaurant for healthy food business A restaurant manager - A resume re formatted A resume re typed - A revamp of my website - A revamped website, rebranding - A review of related literature regarding my thesis topic A review of the marketing strategy of an organisation and its effectiveness (Based on study of 1 Organisation) - A review/rating site for restaurants, shop, travel tours,.... needed - Nice layout and easy to use/upgrade (2) A revision in the Combinations Tool that you already built - A ride sharing app for Android and iOS a rig for my model - A robot for finding surebets and bet in auto - repost 2 a robot keeps posting pages on my web page & i need assistance with preventing this to continue - a rockettheme template help A rocky planet of creatures - a rough design drawn up for use on charity website and promotional items A rough guide to the music of Pakistan! - a ruby on rails socialnetwork project A ruby rails developer - A SaaS Product A Sacrifice on Paper - A Sales Lead Database A sales letter - A Sales rep for United Van Lines A Sales Rep required in the UK to visit retail shops and sell our products - A salesman or saleswoman A salesman to sell my products - A Sample application - repost A sample application use Aero Style - A sample made of my new design. And place an order after made A sample MYOB EXO API url that can be used to update stock number - A samurai or ninja themed art a sandy project - A Scanner Darkly - VB.NET image A scary monster - a school management app in yii2 a school management app in yii2 - A scientific article A scientific article about Romanian literature 20th century - A screen lock application in android A Screen play for short film - A screenwriter with a comedic edge A screenwriter with professional knowledge and skill - A script err