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Adding a custom social media button to the footer of my website - adding a dropdown list select list to a drupal 8 module Adding a dutch payment provider (Ideal) to an already existing Wordpress Theme - Adding a feature to OSCommerce Adding a few features into almost finished wordpress website - Adding a font to my Customize theme page on Shopify !! adding a form in megento checkout Page - Adding a functionality to an ASP website Adding a functionality to WordPress website - Adding a jQuery carousel slider to a html page. Adding a language to a template - Adding a logo to a sticky navigation bar in Shopify Store adding a logo to sencenet - adding a new area Adding A New Custom Post Type in Wordpres Site. - Adding a new store and new domian to magento Adding a new store with new currency to our current store - Adding a pages for each writer on my website Adding a paid subscriber base to my web site. - Adding a pinterest style feed adding a plugin - Adding a rectangle on DXF drawing Adding a rectangle on DXF drawing & delete all lines outside - Adding a second gallery to a website ADDING A SECONDARY MENU IN THE PAGE BESIDES A MAIN MENU - Adding a single shell menu right-click item(repost) Adding a single shell menu right-click item(repost)(repost) - adding a startup image to a web app in html for iphones Adding a static page and link it to image - Adding a TTS(text to speech) V. 7.0 control Adding a type of product called "Pre-order" - Adding a WIN 2K help style glossary and definitions in bubble to a PHP-based wiki(repost) Adding a wordpress blog into an existing html website - Adding additional code to current project - repost Adding Additional Feature To Estimating Takeoff Program - Adding additional Gallery to our homepage with Zoom feature on a Wordpress theme ADDING ADDITIONAL IMAGE CAPTIONS TO WORDPRESS IMAGES - Adding api option for my members Adding adfalcon ad to unity game and export it to App store and Playstore - adding adsense banners to unique areas on a script Adding Adsense On Site - Adding affiliate links to site adding affiliate modulw - Adding Alphabetic sorting to PHP script Adding ALT descriptions to HTML - Adding an edit and copy feature to a shopping cart Adding an email link to a php page - Adding an Image Upload to a Form Adding an invitation feature for a multiplayer flash game (Connect 4) - Adding and altering a php online internet game. Adding and altering a php online internet game.(repost) - Adding and Subtracting Game for resale adding and uploading data to db via xls - Adding Apple Smart App Banner to an Existing Website Adding Apple Smart App Banner to Existing Website - Adding artwork/images related to the Bible to a database using a web browser adding asection to a web site - Adding audio to lightboxes, static breadcrumbs bar and gallery images on Wordpress Adding Audio to Optin Page - Adding Automatic Mode etc on MFG Adding Automation to an Online store - adding banners to drupal site adding banners to my website and fixing issues - Adding Black Running Board to truck images Adding Bleeds and Crop Marks to EXISITING PSD Files - Adding borders to images Adding bot to csgo lottery - Adding buy now and info buttons to shopify theme Adding C++ code lines to my ESP8266 webserver for email sending - Adding captions to thumbnail images in a gallery on a SquareSpace site. Adding Car Accessory Site to Spanish Car Forums - Adding category and updating images to a basic Wordpress website Adding Category dropdown menu to Header of Wordpress website - Adding Chat Room Adding Chat To My Website - Adding Clickbank's Recurring Billing Code Into Website Adding Clickbank\'s Recurring Billing Code Into Website - Adding code to a theme template to provide a transfer booking structure Adding code to call functions - small php project - Adding columns to a PHP script Adding Columns to Database - Adding Comparison Shopping capability to -- 2 Adding complex products for WooCommerce - Adding Content (Calc) Adding content in my Joomla Site - adding content to css template Adding content to DNN skin - adding content to my website- need php and coding expert, add captcha Adding content to my wordpress site - Adding Content to Wordpress Sites adding content to wordpress template + installing wocommerce plugin and making small shop - adding Core Data into existing iPhone storybook app Adding Core Features in Spring Java Web Application - adding crystal reports in existing project C# and crystal reports adding css code - Adding custom filters -- 2 adding custom form in megento checkout - Adding Custom taxonomy on the backend and front end. Adding custom Wordpress features to existing site - adding data to a Grid and formatting the data, and display in telerik report Adding data to existing Joomla site - Adding dating members!!! Adding Days, Weeks, Months, Years - Adding different data types to existing artificial neural network (image processing) Adding Functionality to Expressions Engine - Adding discount offers for Thailand online stores (THAI NATIVES) Adding discount offers for Thailand online stores (THAI people only) - Adding drag & drop two and single column layout container using PHP, Ajax(JQuery), MySQL Adding drag and drop Ajax functionality to site - Adding dutch language to english wordpress site Adding DVD dates to - Adding ebay items to volusion Adding Ebay Listings, Data Entry - Adding email and phone number in a website Adding email api to my phpbb3 forum - Adding Escrow Function Adding Escrow Function to my current script - Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- Start NOW -- 2 Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- Start NOW -- 3 - Adding Events to Webpage Adding EWay Credit Card merchant account on my custom PHP website - Adding extra features and customizing existing web service ADDING EXTRA FEATURES FOR EXISTING PROJECT - Adding extra to the graphics Adding extra tour for multiple vehicles and cars, Adding Affiliate details and Logo, Adding 10% for affiliates to be paid in cash, Adding SSL to the secured tours portal, Adding qr code to the voucher, - Adding facebook friends Adding Facebook friends - big project - Adding Facebook Members Into Groups Adding Facebook Page LIKED Automatically when visited a link - Adding FB like button on homepage specific posts' preview section - repost Adding FB like button on homepage specific posts' preview section - repost 2 - Adding feature to the GPS, FONA, Arduino project Adding Feature to wordpress theme - Adding features in the UI of a text editor in PyQt5 adding features in website - Adding features to a Site adding features to a site - Adding features to an existing website and database Adding features to an existing website using Node JS / Mongo DB / Express / Angular / Less / Front End - Adding features to existing freelance & client project management tool Adding features to existing javascript floor plan library. - adding features to my android app Adding Features To My App (Need an iOS dev with musical background) - Adding Features to PHP Browser based mafia game Adding features to php script - Adding features to Wordpress Website Adding Features, Custom Perl - Adding field prodlot_id from stock_move table to account_move_line table
Adding Fields - Personals Profile - Adding filter button and filter sidebar to a live website -- 2 Adding filter sidebar to a live website - only design - no development. - Adding Flurry Analytics to "single screen App" (MonoTouch and MonoDroid) Adding FLV Video to Blogger - ADDING FORM TO WORDPRESS WEB SITE Adding form validation and extra field - Adding friends on a social network website,long term project Adding friends on - Adding function of automatic daily, weekly and monthly notification to the website users adding function to a project - Adding Functionality Adding functionality (incl. jQuery) to existing site - Adding functionality to current website to include shopping cart, payment processing, reporting, etc... Adding functionality to existing codes - Adding functionality to Wordpress site Adding functionality to wordpress theme - Adding functions to search form adding functions to vanillaforums - Adding German Subtitles to Video Adding Gift Card Banner BACK to Gift Card Page - Adding Google Analytics Code to site Adding Google Analytics coding to - Adding Google Maps & 3 Social media widget feeds Adding Google Maps Store Locator to Joomla site - Adding header element to soap request Adding heading images to shop page - Adding HTML links to an existing blog Adding HTML listing to my website - Adding iCloud functionality to my game Adding Icon next to category in Main Menu - Adding image question and answers for a trivia game - ongoing work Adding image slider to an existing web application - Adding Images to \"Home Page\" and Branding Logo and message. Adding images to a pdf file - Adding in models to 3d envorment and renderings Adding in-app purchase 'Restore' feature to existing app - Adding Input Fields to Web Registration Page adding input text into product page - Adding invite friends tab to my Facebook page Adding iOS and Android push notification to ionic App. - Adding Items and Ring sizes II - repost 3 Adding items from Volusion clothing store to - Adding Items to Ebay - Very Simple Data Entry Adding Items to Ebay - Very Simple Data Entry - repost - Adding Javascript to Mobile Website and Modification to Mobile Website Design Adding javascript/jquery loading bar on PHP upload file component - Adding Jquey animations and other HTML website improvements Adding JS Ad Units to our Wordpress Theme - adding keywords to website Adding Korean letters support to existing Unity3d Asset - Adding Letters to Font Adding Letters to Font 2 - Adding Links to ASP Pages That Remember Part #s(repost) Adding Links To Footer in Magento - Adding live streaming to our website Adding LiveFeed function for a nopcommerce based website - repost - Adding Login/Password to an existing PhP+MySQL Environment Adding Login/Registration + 3 Forms to a Website - adding machine applet or javascript Adding Macro Function to Existing Spreadsheet - Adding MapPress to main site Adding market analytics to website - Adding membership feature to a Wordpress website adding menu /slider - Adding mobile friendly UI for exist asp web adding mobile phone support for phpbb3 forum - Adding modules to a Language Testing Software Adding modules to a Language Testing Software - open to bidding - Adding more feature to the website adding more features (for dakunil only) - Adding more Images to the Same Shoe Site ADDING MORE PAGES WITH FUNCTIONS ON OUR WEBSITE - Adding multiplayer network on existing flash app Adding Multiple Collections to Pages with Headings - Adding my Custom Template to Turbo Lister Adding my expenses and categorizes them - Adding neon effect to multiple graphics adding netseal to ig bot version 4.0 - Adding new features and debuging of existing project in .Net - repost Adding New Features and Fixing a Few Bugs in Existing Android App - Adding new Features to Ionic 1 App Adding new features to my android app. - Adding New Function the our VoiceChat adding new function to hyip monitoring script - Adding New Module to Existing VB 6 Software Adding New Module to Existing VB 6 Software (repost) - Adding New Products to Shopify adding new products to website - Adding news from mexico Adding News Pause into existing EA without DLL use - adding of products to ecommerce site need adding of products to my amazon seller account need - Adding on self-editing elements to existing site - SLC adding on the background the logo attached - Adding opencart module for delivery times Adding opstacles in a latitude, longitude coordinate system - Adding order history functionality view to Django project Adding order history view function in Django application - Adding pages and modification to website Adding pages and modification to website(repost) - Adding Paid Option for Craiglist clone adding parallax - Adding Payment Gateway to our GroupBuying Site Adding payment gateway; adding flash; amending headers on existing web page - Adding paypal payment option to my personals site Adding Paypal Processing To Website - Adding people from the city to city centric FB Group - open to bidding adding people on personal blog / page - Adding Photologue App to Existing Django Project Adding PHOTON PUN to a Unity3d Air Hockey Game - Adding pics to demo sites Adding pics to nextGEN wordpress, using my facebook pics - Adding Plugin to My Magento siet Adding Plugin, SEO keyword phrases, link to facebook and mor - Adding popup window to Flash AS2 XML PayPal cart Adding post to my site. - Adding price comparision plugin to my site. Adding Price Feature - Adding Product images to an X-Cart system (ecommerce site) adding product in oscommerce - Adding product, Category Management, Wbsite mock up design Adding Products - adding products 1 adding products 1 - Adding Products for MMO Shop E-Commerce - Remote Job From Home (version 2.3) -- 9 Adding Products for the web site - Adding Products in Magento Adding Products in Magento Store - Adding Products into adding products into magento doesnt work - Adding products on Website ( Magento - eBay ) Adding products to a CSV file and editing that CSV file - Adding Products to E-commerce Store Adding Products to Ebay / Quicksales using wp lister - Adding Products to Magento G Adding Products to Magento Go - Adding products to my website Adding products to my website - Adding products to shopify adding products to shopify - Adding Products to website Inventory Adding Products to website Inventory - repost - Adding Profile Links Adding profile URL for about 1000 records - Adding Proxy to a C# App Adding Proxy to a C# App - open to bidding - adding quantity function to Magento on manage inventory