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Add tracking URL to a site - Add transition to a product list with images. Add transitions and animations to previously completed website - Add translation tool and change language theme with Poedit Add translations to existing drupal commerce Product Display - Add Trip Advisor logo to website Add trip planner to my word-press website ! - Add Tutorials From Other Sites To Wordpress Blog / Spin Text add twain feature - Add twitter and facebook to laveral existing site and link with the current user profile and our current system -- 2 Add Twitter App to my Wordpress - Add Twitter Followers Add Twitter Followers - Add Twitter Module and Blog to Joomla Site Add twitter posting to existing site - Add two banners to the left and right side of a website Add two banners to the left and right side of a website(repost) - Add two email forms into Flash file Add two existing macros to MS Access file - Add two filter on search page in chameleon script Add two filter on search page in chameleon script 2 - Add two more booklets to Flash site Add Two More Data Info into existing website using PHP - Add two products to existing PHP order form add two rings - Add two tabs to an existing App Add two tabs to current site - Add txts to photos. Add Typed.js Effect to Template - Add UI functionality to a single page of the mxfactorial Github project -- 2 Add UI JQUERY - Add unicode support to game created with Irrlicht Add Unified Inbox to Rainloop webmail client - Add UNITY CrossPlatform Mobile controls to my Car Controller Add UNITY CrossPlatform Mobile controls to my Car Controller - open to bidding - add update Add Update panel to existing .net app - add upload feature to ASP.NET website Add upload feature to software in c++ - Add Upload Image on MarkDown Editor Add upload order to filename - PHP - Add UPS and/or FedEx live rate shipping to VirtueMart 1.1.3 website Add UPS Dimensional Weight Support to osCommerce - Add URL Parameter option to Wordpress Plugin Add url rewrite to wordpress site for custom query string - Add US Fans to my Facebook Page Add US sales tax to virtumart - Add user avatar to my Fantasy Sports mod for Phpbb Add User Base File upload download functionality in an Existing Joomla site - Add user log to my ios and android apps Add User Login and Paypal Integration to Ringtone APP - Add user profiles and a user generated page of stats Add User referral with Binary MLM Feature In My Running Website - Add user to existing pins in Joomla pinterest theme database Add user to proftp on Debian - Add USPS and FEDEX shipping to Virtuemart Add USPS and FEDEX shipping to Virtuemart(repost) - Add validation to 3 forms Add validation to a form - Add values to the bottom of columns using jquery columnizer add variable gridsize to jquery.ganttView plugin - add various functionalities to website Add various functions in existing C# project via Teamviewer. - Add vehicles to existing car rental reservation system Add vendor avatar to Product preview (multi vendor marketplace)w - Add vertical response API to custom php CMS. Add vertical response API to existing CMS. - Add video and photo editing features to existing app add video and section to wordpress - Add Video Chat Quickblox Into App add video chat software plus - Add video download feature to existing website. Add Video Effects to Artwork for website - add video gallery on this project and other functions Add Video Gallery to wordpress theme Fuji - Add video page to php site Add video play button on mobile - Add video sites to script Add video sites to script(repost) - Add Video Titles: Video 7 Add video to a site - Add Video to my Revolution Slider add video to my site - Add video to replace parallaxing images - repost Add video to replace parallaxing images - repost - Add video to WP page, fix the script issue and update coding Add video to Zencart Testimonial Page - Add video/still image sharing ability to website Add VideoCall and Voice Call Quickblox Api - Add videos and video layouts to my current wordpress theme Add videos from youtube - Add View All Option On Product Section On My Site Add View Process - Add virtual columns to SQL query Add Virtual Furniture for Real Estate Photos - Add Visitor Registration to web site ADD VISTA COMPATIBILLITY TO SIMPLE BACKUP APP VB.NET + New Features - add voice chat to ajax chat using red 5 add voice chat to ajax chat using red 5(repost) - add voice to prochatroom add voice to the video - Add voting, make other changes to decision-processing software program -- 2 Add voucher saving capability to mobile web app - Add Wallet and shop Add Wallet Payment to Already Source - Add Watermark Code To Graphics Add watermark in all pictures in a site and add in several other pictures - Add watermark to image gallery (script needed) Add watermark to image upload - Add WDSL Service to website for supplier stock levels Add weather radar overlay to current map project. - Add Web Page and Menu Button to Existing Website. Easy Work Add web page to web site - Add webcam postings on webcam portal Add webcams to a webcam portal - add webrtc mutli connection to chat room which is php/mysql chat script Add WebRTC Voice & video call functionality to the existing app - add website feature add website feature - add website template to hosting domain Add website terms of condition - add websites to my directory add websites to our adult directory - Add Whatsapp share to wordpress site Add whatsapp, hangouts and viber to the app - Add WHMCS Price Slider on Cart.php Add WHMCS Price Slider on new Cart.php with design - add widget placeholder for wordpress Add widget sidebar to products pages - Add widgets to site Add widgets to site (Javascript) - Add Window Focus Control to Flash Video/Image Rotator Add Window Focus Control to Flash Video/Image Rotator Featur - add wizard form for yii app -- 2 Add wizards to websiten English/Spanish - Add WooCommerce functionality add woocommerce images - Add woocommerce to existing site Add WooCommerce to existing WordPress theme - add wording to an existing logo Add wording to existing Image - Add wordpress blog to my joomla Add WordPress Blog to my Site - Add wordpress discussion on my wordpress site. Add Wordpress Flash Header and Theme Help ASAP - add wordpress plugin to watch videos on site Add WordPress Plugins and Facebook like button on my blog - Add Wordpress to my Hosting Add wordpress to my html website - add words to picture
Add words to previous Desgin - Add wow slider to my volusion store Add Wow slider to my volusion website - Add WP Blog and Other Content Methods to Squeeze Page Site Add WP blog and slideshow to site (SP) - add write and read functions add writers to my team - ongoing writing job - Add WYSIWYG editor to Joomla 2.5 Add WYSIWYG Editor to page. - Add xml configurability to flash site Add XML Data Export option to ASP.NET Content management System - Add XML integration to my website Add xml link on a log page, delete 1 xml from log page - Add yahoo maps Hyperlink for Pop-Up Map Add Yahoo or Google News RSS feed to an ASP page. - Add Your Facebook Friends to The ShopO Group of India - v3 - open to bidding Add Your Facebook Friends to The ShopO Group of India - v4 - Add youtube iframe to basic html site add youtube movie to a web page outside my domain and using bookmarklet [jquery, css, javascript, json] - Add YouTube Videos to WYSIWYG Editor Add Youtube Views - Add Zimbra server to existing configuration Add zip code collection box to html - Add Zoom functionality to Scrollview in Ipad App - repost Add zoom galerie on a wordpress website - add'l work on new website add'l work on new website - ongoing work - Add-in for Excel 2010 to enter repeat values in a cell Add-in for Excel 2010 to enter repeat values in a cell - ADD-IN FOR WINDOWS VISTA Add-in para outlook 2010/2013 - Add-on Calendar to an existing brochure Add-on Components - Add-on features to phpmaker 9+ Add-on fields for ecommerce system - Add-on for MS Word Add-on For MSN Messenger 5.0 - Add-on module for Survey software (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) add-on module to install (oscommerce) - Add-On project for C# and VC++ Add-on project for Unity - Add-on to microsoft Word - comments toolbar, C# Add-on to provide images of tables etc - Add-ons 2 existing PHPCake project Add-ons for domain sales database - Add-ons to current work Add-ons to existing PHPCake project - Add/ edit a SQL Procedure Add/ edit appointment booking service on my website - Add/delete photos from html site (ProE) Add/Delete records to a txt file - Add/Edit Coldfusion code for reports and Excel export!! Add/Edit Content on my Home Page and Add Short Form. - Add/Edit Text in an .EPS File Add/edit website content - Add/Integrate GTPay Payment gateway to PHP Holiday script Add/Integrate video player to website - Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel - Add/Modify Data Fields in Existing .NET Application and Database add/modify features in existing project (PHP) - Add/remove feature in Android app (Android Studio) Add/remove function to my wordpress theme - Add/Tweak a couple areas of my wordpress site. Pics Included. Add/update 2 field values in database when form is submitted. - Addabathroom e-commerce site ADDAD animation film - addderall articles redirect script - Added Features Added Features - Added Functionality For Script... Added functionality for website and javsascript error solve - added new feature in current website Added online store to my website - Addemdum 2 for Shopping Cart Project Addemdum to Integration Project - - Duplicate addetisment - Addiction Book Addiction Book Vol. 1 - Addiction Social Worker Addiction to recovery. - Addig ads & mulitiscreen support to my mobile application - Addin/plug-in for outlook Addind arround 10 000 car data detail to DB via ajax form (faster) - Adding " Sign up for Newsletter " function to existing Python site Adding "0" pagination to wordpress. - Adding "Multi-Stores multiple shop system" Contribution to two existing live websites adding ''live changing'' feature to PHP site - Adding 10 Art related sites on DMOZ Adding 10 static web pages - Adding 150,000 Facebook Fans Project Adding 150-200 Product Descriptions (Wordpress) - Adding 2 more databases to the BreastStart App Adding 2 pages to a Wordpress site and minor template modification/additions. - Adding 2000 recipes to cooking website (in spanish) Adding 250 more products to Online Store - Adding 3000 Products To Interspire Shopping Cart adding 301 to site and replace old site with new wp - Adding 50,000 users to a facebook app Adding 500 items to the Rauken eCommerce Marketplace - Adding 60 products to Magento Go -- 4 adding 600 pictures to a wikimedia website - Adding a Ajax Contact Form Adding A API to egsisting website - Adding a blog and Twitter feed to our website Adding a blog functionality to our web site - adding a c# file some lines Adding a calculated product price within Magento based on Gold and Platinum Prices - Adding a component in an existing site adding a component to social network application - adding a custom field in OsCommerce adding a custom field in OsCommerce(repost) - Adding a discussion forum to the easysearchdirectory Adding a drop down menu to my site - Adding a feature to existing iOS app adding a feature to my joomla component - Adding a folder to a new facebook application Adding a folder(screen) to a facebook application (P3) - Adding a function to my admin panel to upload a photo into my front page. Image is already there. Adding a Function to OpenSource POS - Adding a javascript code to the AJAX-based infinite scroll pagination? Adding a javascript code to the AJAX-based infinite scroll pagination? - open to bidding - Adding a loading graphic between all pages & Lightbox 2.6 help. (How do you put multiple slides into one thumb?) Adding a log record to Joomla Component Jtracking - Adding a module to a simulator Adding a module to a simulator - open to bidding - adding a new payment gateway option to paidmembershipspro Adding a New Postal Code Database - Adding a page to my website adding a page to our website - adding a Php component to social network application(repost) Adding a picture - Adding a purchased pricing table Template to my site on Squarespace Adding a Quiz to my website - Adding a season to a mysql database website Adding a season to a mysql database website(repost) - Adding a simple forum Adding a Simple Menu Bar to Webview Application - Adding a social login button Adding a social share buttons integrated with my theme - adding a tree structure changes in ASP 3.0 application Adding a triger into SQLite DB - Adding a weather component to my existing App - For MCAabhinavS Adding a webpage to a Shopify theme - Adding addional field like search, sidebar having regions adding additional calender to existing calender in a table - Adding additional code to current project - repost