Projects Directory: Add new features to Musicbox version 2.3.4(repost)(repost) - Add product descriptions and tags to Shopify website. Make sure website is easily navigable.

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Add new features to Musicbox version 2.3.4(repost)(repost) - Add new features to some existing web platforms Add new features to Spanish Rental Site - Add new features to WHMCS Affiliate System Add new features to Windows Phone 8 app (C#) - Add new field to form Add new field to Hot or Not script - Add new files to pho website and create report for variable Add new filters to my MT4 EA - ADD NEW FUNCIONALITY TO USER ACCOUNT AND ADMIN Add new function - Add new functionalities to a WordPress Template Add new functionalities to an iOS app - Add new functionality to exisiting business directory WP Plugin Add new functionality to existing email marketing application - Add New Functions and make changes to a PHP/MYSQL website Add new functions and more security to my PTC site (bux 4)and more security - Add new functions to my website Add new Functions to my Wordpress Website - Add New future on php software Add New future on php software Quickly - Add new HTML pages to Existing Web Site(repost) Add new HTML pages to Existing Web Site(repost)(repost) - Add new languages to a current design add new languange addon on a custom website - Add new logo to Wordpress Site. Add new magento store and more - Add new module in existing project codeigniter PHP ADD NEW MODULE TO EXISTING .NET Application (VB.Net) - Add new options to a software writen in C# Add new options to an existing program - Add new page to existing website. (Single Image) Add new page to flash - Add new Pages and tabs to my wordpress blog Add New Pages on Drupal website - Add New Payment Gateway Event Espresso Add New Payment Gateway to Active Merchant - Add new piezoelectric Material to COMSOL Add new Piezoelectric Material to COMSOL -- 2 - Add new products to Custom Shopify theme. Add new products to ecommerce database - Add New Range to Website- 63 products + some attributes add new recaptcha on php foam pages - Add New Search Page Add new search page and visitor analytics page into my blog engine website - Add new shopping car to website and redesign homepage ASAP Add new shortcode to plugin - Add new Tab to website Add new table/fields in Easypopulate.php - Add new theme to Shopify add new theme to wordpress website - Add new User page : Convert PSD to HTML Add new user role and bidding feature to NOPCommerce - Add New Widget to Wordpress Site Add new window to existing code - on 9/27/2005 8:31:04 AM(repost) - add news filter for EA Add news filter to existing indicator - Add newsletter form to WP theme Add newsletter functionality to existing website - Add NFC support for existing Android App Add NFC to existing android app - Add node event when the user click in day or hour in a FullCalendar in a drupal site. Add Nodes to Cryptocurrency Wallets to enable syncronization - Add Notifications (for Truong) Add Notifications (for Truong) - repost - Add objects (plants) on a single picture Add objects to database through a web form. - Add offline payment method to daily deals script Add OKPAY payment processor to PHP Script - Add on a Text Form in my Website, and to be saved. Review Submit form. Teamviewer Only Add on a Text Form in my Website, and to be saved. Review Submit form. Teamviewer Only - Add on feature to web portal Add on features and Bug fixes to an Existing PHP website - Add on for existing project (templates.aspx page) Add On For exitisng App - Add on ilance script marketplace add on in Community builders et Profil pro builders Joomla - Add on Modules for 2.2 OSCommerce Add on modules for original project - Add on Shopping Cart Add On Site for Comparison Marketing Page - add on to customer project Add on to database and website for phpexp - Add on to Magento Website Add on to my Android application in Eclipse - Add on two feature for Property Site -- 2 Add on two feature for Property Site -- 3 - Add one additonal Tab at Magento checkout page add one butoon on my sites - Add one feature to already existed open source chat program on Google TV box Add one feature to existing iPhone app, compile, and upload the updated version to Apple Store - Add one list view, one item view and persist user choice in Titanium application Add one mobile menu to wordpress - Add one page in My wordpress site add one page in to another page html asap - Add one required field to a php form Add one sentence to existing site. - Add online chat function on the website Add online data export capability to PowerBuilder application - Add online registration and payments to existing C# MVC application. Add online sales option with shopping cart to existing websi - add ons and bug fixing on existing website Add ons and updates to existing Wordpress site - Add onscreen capability to existing program Add onto an exisitng brochure - Add open source projects to new website Add open source python code to sub-folder - Add Opt-in section to blog add optin and change video place on one page. fix the header for mobile - add option to flash program Add Option To Host Our Users Websites On Our Server - Add Options Module Add options to a software - Add options to Wordpress theme. Add options to WP Deals (wordpress deals) - Add Order Form Integrated with PayPal To Website Add Order Form To Each Product in OS Commerce - Add Oscom Contribs to OsCmax Add OsCommerce AJAX-field for XML-export - add OTR support to bitlbee Add ouline around logo for cutting - Add our English Subtitles to a Brazillian Video add our form on our wordpress website - Add our link your websites Add our link your websites! - Add our researched keywords+description to our Overture/GoogleAds Account Add Our Site Search To IE7 Search Options - add overall high score (php and sql) Add overide for bids in auction system on wordpress (PHP) - add owner to everyones profile add P&F stock chart buy and sell signals to PHP program - Add page for secure payments to existing site Add page for secure payments to existing site(repost) - Add page to Customer Area of Magento Add page to drop down menu on Joomla website - Add Page to osCommerce Checkout Process Add page to site - Add Page(s) to Website add page, animated gif nav button and text to existing website - Add pages -Website for INSTITUTE Add Pages / Products to Our Blog - WordPress Experts Where are You? - Add pages design to our website (Russian) Add Pages In A Wordpress Theme - add pages to an existing photoshop design Add pages to an existing website - Add pages to existing website and make minor changes to existing pages
Add pages to existing website wordpress and shop plug in - add pages to my functioning site now, set up email/domain/google SEO stuff Add Pages to my GWA Autoresponder - Add Pages to Website Add Pages to Website - Add pages/Make changes to our website Add Pagging Page Woocommerce and Page Category Product - Add Pagination to Quick Galleries Add pagination to Widgekit Gallery by yootheme - add Panel funds Add Panels to website Easy Job ! - Add Parameters to API Client in C# (Great Project) Add Parameters to API Client in C# (Great Project) - Add parts ordering function to ecommerce site Add parts to admin interface / fix some parts - Add password to an Android application Add Password to Existing App - Add pay-per-lead feature to our site - ongoing work Add payment api - Add Payment gateway Add payment gateway - Add Payment Gateway for Floreant POS Add Payment Gateway in Ablecommerce - Add payment gateway to joomla site (Check2pay) add payment gateway to my site - Add Payment Logos to Magento Checkout Add payment method - Add Payment Processing and Extend Current Programming Add Payment Processing to Subscription Web Site - Add payment system and some page to my joomla website Add payment system to a simple AS3 project. - add payoneer as a payment method Add Payoneer payment option at wordpress - Add paypal and credit card payment gateway. Add Paypal and CreditCard option to existing PHP website. - add paypal button Add paypal button on my site instead of 2checkout - Add PayPal checkout to site For uniqueitworld Only Add paypal code to a blogspot page - Add paypal gateway and fix error Add PayPal gateway to a site - Add Paypal Option to Zen Cart Add Paypal Options To My Site - Add Paypal Pro payment gateway to php cart add paypal processing to form - Add Paypal to an OsCommerce website Add Paypal to Codeignitor - ADD PAYPAL TO PHP LINK POSTS Add Paypal to Shop - Add Payscout processing to website transactions Add PayU credit card payment method to my project - Add pdf invoice to wordpress Add pdf invoice to WordPress booking site - Add People add people from canada, quebec to my group - Add percentage progress bar to our upload page add percentage to script - Add pets back to game /fix email verifatcarion & property rentals or player partnership Add ph# to asp/html page(s) - ADD PHONE NUMBER TO EXISTING SITE Add Phone Number to header of WordPress website - Add phone numbers to mobile site Add phone sip registrant to phone native memory - Add Photo and Video Galleries Add photo block ( drupal ) - add photo gallery to site Add Photo Gallery to Website - add photo to the flash Add photo to Wordpress Website - Add photos of products to our website Add photos of products to our website - Add photos to stock image sites Add photos to website - add php captcha to contact form add php captcha to wordpress form - Add PHP features to existing PHP website Add PHP Features to my website - add php mysql features to existing social website Add PHP mySQL secure login to existing website - Add php spell checker to WYSIWYG editor Add php support/pages for translated text to existing website - Add PHPBB3 Forum into Joomla Add PHPMailer and reCaptcha to my contact form - Add pics to website add picture to logo HD design quality 10$ bid only - Add Picture to products (front view and back view) Add picture to stock background - Add pictures of products to Wordpress page(s) add pictures related to article title in joomla - Add pictures to my website Add pictures to my website - Add PinIt Button to gallery images within Oshin Wordpress theme Add PinIt Button to gallery images within Oshin Wordpress theme - Add Play + Pause button on image slider Add Play / Pause button to slider - Add Plex Channels to a database Add Plex Channels to a database (Plexopedia) - Add plugin code for wordpress website Add plugin in Wordpress at Flywheelsites - Add plugins to wordpress and customize Add plugins to wordpress blog - Add Pollfish Ads SDK, Facebook SDK to share the app and Tapjoy Ads SDK in an activity Add Polljoy to Game - Add pop up to wordpress site REALLY Quick Easy Job 25$ Add pop up to wordpress site REALLY Quick Easy Job 25$ -- 2 - Add popup box with iframe html page inside Add popup description to woocommerce product categories - Add Popup window for Health Insurance list and Google Maps Add popup windows to image map - Add possibility to cancel backup tasks for existing android application Add possibility to define different stock quantites to different user roles - add post work Add postage and Data entry - Add Poster Needed Add poster needed - ADD POSTING ADD POSTING - add posting add posting - add posting , data entry - open to bidding ADD POSTING - open to bidding - Add Posting Jobs Add posting on 6000 Classified Sites - ADD POSTING TO WEBSITE Add Posting USA Candidate Only - Add Posts on Wordpress Blogs (My Personal Blogs) Add posts to wordpress site - Add preloader to flash gallery add preloader to flash that reads images via xml - Add Previous and Next Arrows to Menu WP ADD previous created HTML form to Wordpress page. - Add price update button add prices - Add print & email functionality to ASP/Access DB Add Print and PDF buttons to Profiles in Community Builder in Joomla - Add print preview button on Form Add print stylesheet to wordpress Website - Add Private Messaging, Commenting and Social Sharing Feature on existing Android App Add Private Messaging, Commenting and Social Sharing on an Android App - Add product and change pricing for Zen Cart site Add Product and Post tabs to homepage - Add product description Add Product Description to the Variants in my shopify site - Add product descriptions and tags to Shopify website. Make sure website is easily navigable.
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