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Add security to website - Add Sellers functions to Interspire Shopping Cart for $200 Add sellers products categories on theyr shops, on a prestashop marketplace - Add SEO Codes & Change 1 item on my web page - repost Add SEO elements to my website. Please read the description first and then provide quote/timeline. - add server and client capability to application Add server protection for Malware, anti virus etc - add several commands to script Add several features to my web-site - add share button on the website Add Share Button to Posts - add shared component Add Shared SSL to Joomla/Virtuemart Site & sh404SEF - Add Shipping Code & image fix Add shipping component to existing Joomla Virtumart - Add shipping per region in Opencart Add shipping per region in Opencart and fix tax not showing correctly - add shop to my classifieds site Add Shopify as third party payment gateway to sell a service - Add Shopping Cart - Simple HTML and CSS Work Add shopping cart - This needs to be today. Budget is £50 - Add Shopping Cart and Revise some pages Add shopping cart and telipliant portal to WHMCS - Add Shopping cart to existing website Add shopping cart to existing website - Add shopping cart to Tesseract theme Wordpress like + connect to PayPal. Add Shopping Cart to Website - Add Shortlist and Contact Popup Buttons Add Shoutbox to my website - Add Sidebar to Wordpress theme Add sidebar to WordPress Theme - Add Sign-up hyperlink text to Andriod Add signal generation GUI from existing code - ADD SIGNUP AND LOGIN FORM TO MY SITE Add Signup Form Script to HTML Page - add simple application and minor maintnance for my site Add Simple AR function for an existed iOS app - Add Simple Day Planner Calander to AbleCommerce 7 - ecommerce Software Add Simple Description Graphics to 6 Images - Add simple filter to EA add simple flash animation - add simple links to Joomla site add simple mail function to html website from with php - Add simple php equation to form add simple php form to html website - Add Simple Spread Rule to EA Add Simple Spread Rule to EA add simple sql queries to php pages and enter results into a table - add simulcasting support for video streaming app Add Singapore/Malaysia Females Into My Facebook Group - Add site seal in magento Add site search engine - Add Site's Feed to Google Base and Other Aggregators. Add Sitelinks to website - Add sites to Senuke XCR - Via script recorder Add Sites to Web Directory - Add sizing information to products in a zen cart online shop Add sizing to 300 items from list in shopify - Add SKU to drupal ubercart "cart" page - repost ADD SKU to products page in Magento - Add slider and make a few small mods to Magento site Add slider and make changes to responsive website - Add Slider to product page on OpenCart Add Slider to Static Home Page of Wordpress Site - Add slideshow side registration on site SocialEngine - repost Add slideshow to drupal page - Add slots time for taskers Add smaato ads to my Android app - Add small feature to Existing magento extension Add small feature to Existing magento extension -- 2 - Add small functionality to Drupal Add Small Functionality to Java Script Form - Add smart point Add Smarty Pages & fields to Mysql Db - Add SMS functionnalityto existing Web Site Add SMS gateway and create a panel to a Wordpress-WoocCmmerce website - Add smtp aplication in my vps, to send the php forms from my site to my email .. Add SMTP Authentication to a script - Add SOAP Extension to WHM Add Social and MapKit functionality to a "Meal List" App (1 hour at most - really quick money!) - Add Social Icons to my Wordpress template Add social icons to wordpress header - Add social media accounts - ongoing work Add Social Media Add Ons - Add social media developer buttons to desktop and mobile version of website Add Social media FB, Twitter in existing iPad app - Add social media icons to my Wordpress website Add social media icons to page - Add Social Media Share Plugin and Fix Form Add social media share to my website! - Add Social Network Features to Existing Website Add Social Network Feeds into HTML5 based site. - Add social share feature to audio player plugin Add social share feature to audio player plugin - repost - add software Add software functions - Add some additional options to the existing website Add some additional sections and tables to existing script - Add some basic code to a bootstrap website Add some basic GUI features in a Python software - Add some changes to my wordpress website Add some character to image - Add some code to html pages Add some code to my website - Add some content and functions to a community website Add some content into Drupal directory website for testing - add some controls to fusion tables/charts embedded in a wordpress pages Add some copy to a webpage (CSS and XHTML) and make a graphic larger - add some customization to my magento online store Add some data fetching capabilities to my EXISTING Instagram Plugin on my website - Add some easy functions to my apps Add some ebooks for sale - add some extra functionality to my wordpress website by designing a newsletter and writing a paragraph of engaging text Add Some extra option in a webshop. - Add some feature to a website + DNS | MX based email validation Add some feature to an existing website, and perform regular updates - Add some features in existing Wordpress Site Add some features in iPad app - add some features on Iphone game add some features on Iphone game - repost - Add some features to a website Add some features to a website - Add some features to an existing contact form 7 (WP) 1. Add some features to an existing dreamweaver built webpage - Add some features to existing POP Mail Script Add some features to existing Windows Desktop Application - Add some features to my iPhone App Add some features to my iPhone App -- 2 - Add some features to my YouTube API videos site Add some features to my Zoho Creator project - Add some features to the PHP File Add some features to the Resumes section of a job board - Add some fields in wordpress jobroller theme Add some fields to stripe - add some function in last script for charli18 add some function in our image editor software - Add Some functionalities in Website Add some functionalities to a launchpage - Add some functionality to a website design Add some functionality to an existing Magento website - add some functionality to my current site - 24/03/2017 03:53 EDT Add some Functionality To my projects - Add some functions to app. Add some functions to existing Iptv panel - Add some functions/script and kill some bugs on a WP website. Add some funtctional buttons to an already existing web page - Add some images to a .psd file Add some images to a picture to show how a room will look - Add some javascipt functions to a html form.
Add some javascript and CSS. - add some line of code to Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm Add Some Links about a Website - Add some modification to my website Add some modification to php convert file - Add some mysql queries and filters using existing databases Add some narration to my website commercial and J2K File Conversion - Add some nice CSS styles to a comment area Add some nice features to website - Add some pages to my site Add some pages to my website - Add some PHP code to check for max enrollment in Moodle Add some php code to wordpress website - Add some products to a Magento website - Repost Add some products to a shopiing cart - Add some scripts to KOPARENT - repost Add Some Scrolling Columns to Existing ASP/C# Page - add some small features on a current sharp code Add some small features to my existing app - Add some sub-scripts to current script Add some subdomains NGNIX and Virtualmin - Add some text to index page Add some text to my logo - Add Some Validation and Custom Fields to OpenDocMan Add some validation to a wordpress form with a pop up when a field is missed - Add some works Add some WOW factor - Add something to my existing project Add something to my magneto website - Add songs/artist/album automatically in musicbox Add Soomla IAP to Unity project - Add Sorting Button to search results page. Add sorting en search fields to existing PHP table - Add Sound Effects to a 60-70 sec video [URGENT] Add Sound Effects to a video - Add Sound to Ordering System Add sound to video - Add Spanish articles to 4000 top high-freqnecy words - Repost Add Spanish articles to 4000 top high-freqnecy words - Repost - abierto a las ofertas - add special form to vb program Add Special Functions to WooCommerce - add spell check functionality to existing mshtml editor Add spell checker to Joomla 2.5 TinyMCE and 2 small other jobs - Add splash screen & icons to site to make mobile web app icon able to be saved to phone screen Add Splash Screen in React-Native Android App - Add sql database lookup to weebly website Add SQL queries to Java web automation project - add ssl certificate to my site Add SSL certificate to my woocommerce site through cloudflare - Add SSL support on a existen imap server written in Qt5 Add ssl support to wpg-proxy - Add SSL to Volusion checkout page Add ssl to website with csr provided by us - Add startapp SDK ,configure ad placement ,and change package name of existing android source codes add starwars to my wedding pictures - add statistics to a site Add stats to current Wordpress Blog - Add stock photos to site Add stock status of a product to the productpage in oscommerce shop - Add Store Front to Local Shop Website Add store front to magento Store - Add Streaming Movie and TV links to my website Add streaming audio to my website - Add stripe library via composer Add stripe merchant to event ticket website - Add recurring billing API to my website Add Stripe.js To A 3 Page ASP C# Website - Add Styles to page Add styles to some pages - Add sub-menu to navigation (dropdown) Add sub-menu to WP site - Add Submenu to HTML/CSS Horizontal Menu Add submenus to a wordpress site - Add subscription billing to my system and credit timeout Add subscription code to website - Add Subtitle Captions to a Video File Add Subtitle for Video - add subtitles to a music video Add subtitles to a video - Add Subtle Flash Effects To Image Add successful mouse wheel scroll to a slider plugin. - Add Support for Embedded Media (Slideshow, SoundCloud, YouTube) Add Support for Embedded Media (Slideshow, SoundCloud, YouTube) - repost - Add Survey After Payment CrateJoy add survey box to a template - Add swipe menu from free version into pro version Add swipeable photo/video filter and emoji stickers to 100% completed camera app - Add Tab InfoWindow to Google Map mashup Add tab layout and style it in an existing Android app - Add table into existing template Add table maintenance page. AngularJS/JSP/Struts/MSSqlServer - Add tables to Access2000 database Add tables to my existing MySQL database - Add Tabs to Website from Ebay RSS Feed Add tabs to YouTube clone script - Add tags to a series of images add tags to my blog - Add tax portion to (custom) e-commerce website Add tax to shipping in Wordpress - Add Technician Search by Postcode/Suburb functionality Add technology products to a Wordpress/Woocommerce website - add template to existing site Add Template to Job Portal Script - Add Terms & Conditions to the invoice in Magento add terms + privacy to email - Add Testimonials to Client Logos add testimonials to the home page - Add text and images to my html template (must be done in 3 hours) Add Text and Images to Wordpress Site - Simple Job - Add text area over Carousel in Bootstrap/AngularJS SPA Add text area over Carousel in Bootstrap/AngularJS SPA - repost - Add text field on Oscommerce Site Add text HTTP status codes to C++ application - Add text on two images ADD TEXT ON VIDEO PRO!!!!, SIMPLE WORK - Add text to a few images Add text to a flash file - Add text to an Image Add text to an image with PHP - Add text to flash coupon Add text to flash menu - Add text to imaged Add text to images - Add Text to my business card Add text to my logo - add text to publisher file Add text to soccer shirt - Add Text to Wordpress Site add text to wordpress site - Add texting to website add texts and effects to a promo video - Add Texture to Vector Icons add textures and repose production model - Add the ability for my code to dispose and reuse a Serial Port/Com Port Add the ability for users to upload a profile image (an avatar) to an existing Rails site - Add the cars to my website add the clustering system within the polygon - Add the finishing touches to the book project... Add the Finsihing Touch to an Android Game - add the images for the restaurants into my website add the images for the restaurants into my website -- 2 - Add the Paypal BUY NOW button to products in CS CART Add the plugin "Enjoy Instagram" to my wordpress Homepage - add the sidebar to my website add the sidebar to my website -- 2 - Add the Word "Team" to my Logo