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Add Iframe menu button, add banner code several pages, analy - Add Image and Teaser text to incoming RSS FEED (DRUPAL 7) Add Image and text to Html Pages - Add image gallery for products in custom CMS Add Image Gallery to Existing .php Page - Add Image scaler to existing website Add image slider to Magento site - Add image to site Add image to site(repost) - Add Image Upload Feature to Existing Website (lensc) Add image upload in web admin panel.. - Add images and description to 1500 products in magento (Urgent) add images and description to consumer electronics products - Add images into .aep file add images into my website into the correct listings - Add images to an existing image remove background from 9 images Add Images to Articles - Add images to existing flash fla file Add images to home page of magento site - Add images to products in Wordpress Add images to Sales Report in WP eCommerce - Add images to WikiMedia online manual Add Images to Woo commerce items - Add improves to iPhone App Add in animation to a pre-recorded video on i-phone for social media identity - Add in app payment to an iPhone/Android application add in app purchase function within exiting android app. - Add in email link to javascript code Add in extra feature content (Shopify) - Add in magazine Add In New Breakpoint to Drupal Site - add in whatsapp numbers manually to groups add in whatsapp numbers manually to groups - add in-app purchase to app again Add in-app purchase to existing app - needed fast - Add in-app-purchase to a button where a view will be bought Add in-app-purchase to android app - Add Indian Friends to our Facebook Accounts Add indian payment gateway in to an existing worpress site - Add Infinite Scoll to my Website -- 2 Add infinite scroll and video post option to a website - add infinity to wordpress site add infinity to wordpress site -- 2 - add information (prefix for each network) to twilio price list Add information about sites to directory - Add Information to business card Add Information to Flyer - Add ins and minor changes to existing website - repost Add Inserts to Samples Template - ADD INSTAGRAM LOGO AND LINK TO WEBSITE Add Instagram Video Views - Add interactive feature to website add interactive features to volusion template - Add interiors to a 3D house model Add Internal And External Links On My Mattress Website - Add Intersitial ad to app Add intersitial ads to my app - Add Inventory column to Products Ordered Report In Magento Add inventory from 3 motorcycle sites and input into 1 site. Pics, categories and descriptions. - Add Invoice Form to Existing Access Database Add invoice number to web order form - Add iOS9 support Add ip address (not from host) - Add ipad device frame to screenshots - repost Add iPad Scroll to my Web App (HTML/CSS/Jquery) - Add IPs to Squid server Add IPs v6 to Centos Server - Add Italian and Spanish to Magento Store Add italian fans to Facebook fan page. - Add items on website Add items on website - Add items to my online store - Joomla based with virtue mart Add items to my oscommerce store - Add items to store -- 2 Add items to store -- 2 - ongoing work - Add Jasper Reports and LDAP authentification to Spring Security to an existing Spring Roo project Add Jasper Reports and LDAP authentification to Spring Security to an existing Spring Roo project - Add javascript booking widget to resort website Add JavaScript Calculations to Drupal Content Entry Forms - add javascript into wordpress page Add Javascript Menu To Responsive Wordpress Theme - Add Javascript to PDF Form to control combo boxes and do Validation Add JavaScript to Person Approval Page - Add job companies, new logo, new background and SEO Add job data to my website - Add Joomla and VirtueMart Add Joomla Blog to Existing website - Add JoomlaComment to SOBI2 entries Add Journal board in Dating Website - add jquery components to existing rails application add jquery content slider/switcher - Add jquery menu plugin for mobiles/tablets to our prestashop site Add Jquery Mobile Swipe gestures to my responsive website - Add jQuery slider to website add jquery slider to Wordpress theme - Add JQuery/AJAX Search to my Page Add jquery/javascript and clean up css to html page - Add JSON row to HTML table with javascript/jquery add json support to music app - Add Keyboard Navigation to AJAX Autosuggest Add keyboard up/down/enter support to search field - add keywords to my website add keywords to web articles for search engine optimization - Add label to the empty bottle ASAP Add labels and data (from database) on the product page - Add language drop-down and other changes to my site Add Language Field to WordPress Registration (User Meta) - Add language translation to joomla module Add Language Translation widget to header - Add Large Product Range to Prestashop commerce Add Large Product Range/Prices to Prestashop - Add Layer link on Video and image. Add Layer of Markers from Fusion Tables to Google Mapping App - add leadbolt ads to html5 game with phonegap or Intel XDK Add Leadbolt ads to my html5 android app with phonegap or Intel XDK - Add left sidebar to my woocommerce product page Add Legs to a Photo - Add Licesing to a Delphi Application Add Life with photoshop (vegetation, people, whatever it is missing) to 10 renderings - Add Lightbox Image Display to Site add lightbox images to magento site - Add lightning to my hands in the picture Add lights to an existing AutoCAD file (dwg) - Add Likes to my Social Media Pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) Add Likes to our page - Add link and pop-up window Add Link Attribute Code WP Plugin - Add Link to Flash (easy project) Add link to Flash Banners - Add link to wordpress form Add link to wordpress table / Formidable Pro - Add linkes on my website - ongoing work Add LinkPoint API and other recurring moduals to current cgi script - Add links to a SVG file Add links to a webpage - ADD LINKS TO MY SITE add links to old site order page, small edit - order selection box - Add links to URL's Add Links to Web Pages - add listing add listing - Add listings to a local town discount site Add listings to a local town discount site - repost - Add listings to website
Add little function to my php file it is very easy - Add Live Multiplayer To My Flappy Bird Like Game on iOS/Xcode Add Live Multiplayer To My Flappy Bird Like Game on iOS/Xcode -- 2 - Add LiveBackup to servers(repost) Add Livechat widget to websites - Add Local Dirctories sites to Senuke XCR - Via script recorder Add Local Dirctories sites to Senuke XCR - Via script recorder - open to bidding - Add location tags to photos Add Location through Google Map Maker - Add logic to a script - abierto a las ofertas Add logic to a script - Add logical test Add Login and bug fix to ringtone app website - Add Login Functionality to MVC Application Add login functionality with Google & Facebook for an Android App - Add login to website Add Login to Wordpress Site (should be simple) - Add Login/Backend to RIngtone Website Add login/logout functionality + get data into database - Add logo and title (In Hindi) to the image given by me using photoshop add logo and web address - Add logo to a styling photo and add a white border to 16 pictures add logo to a video - add logo to index picture and main picture add logo to jersey - Add logo to poster---have AI files of logo and poster Add Logo to Product Images - Add logo to wordpress header Add logo to wordpress site - add logos to my website Add logos to my website - Add MA strategy to existing EA to make work together Add Mac OS X 64bit Support to libvidcap - Add Magento Plugin in WP Add magento product page reviews form and review list - Add mail Function Urgent add mail merg email app to lead database - Add mailchimp subscription on sign up (Custom PHP) Add mailer script - Add manufacture information to order email Add manufacturer logo to category page Virturemart - Add Mapbox map and OpenWeatherMap to GWT project Add Mapbox to PrestaShop - Add marketplace sections on google Add marketplaces to my magneto website. - Add MasterCard's MiGS (Mastercard Internet Gateway Service) into Convergine's BookingWizz Credit Card Payments modules. Add match keyword and linkend with notification chat - Add me 1000 facebook friends USA only Add me 1000 facebook friends USA only - Add me 500 facebook friends -- 2 Add me a million youtube subscribe in short time - add me on skype for your request - open to bidding add me on skype jaysspeedy - Add ads to magento site Add Medical Disclaimer at end of videos to very Short .MP4 files - Add members to fb group Add members to music Facebook group - Add membership option to shopping cart Add membership plugin and have it function on wordpress - Add menu and content to Open Realty site(repost)(repost) Add Menu and Options to Unity 2D mobile game - Add menu item to System menu - fix codeproject sample add menu items in wordpress - Add Menus to Outlook (VBA?) Add Menus To WordPress Site - Add Meta Keyword Description Edit Some Txt on Site Add Meta keyword on /search pages - Add Metadata to Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2 Add Metadata to Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2 - Add Metro Tiles to a website as per design Add mgid code on my site - Add Minor Functionality to Wordpress Theme - repost add minor functions to website - add missing pr0ducts to website Add missing product images - Add mobile functionality to website Add Mobile game app code to Google Play Store and Apple App Store - Add mobile responsive feature to simple wordpress image plugin / Script Add mobile responsive support to an existing webpage - Add Mod_Rewrite to foum Add modal box into my gallery on AngularJS - add modifications to chat room script Add Modifications to live project - Add module left colunm homepage Add module on joomla 3.x template - Add module to website Add Module- gift certifcate/ Add 1 Customized Product - Add Modules to OsCommerce add modules to oscommerce website - Add Monogramming Feature Add MOOC online course function to existing website - Add more cheap or free parking spots to my database Add more cheap or free parking spots to my database II - Add more devices for a custom iphone add(device provisioning) Add more disk/space to RAID 5 array - Add more features in my Remittance system add more features in old website - Add more features to my program Add more features to my website - Add more function to Affiliate s System Add more function to my Google map - Add more functions to existing website/project management system Add More Functions to My Site - Add more pages in website need to be done in 3 Hours!!! Add more pages to an existing WordPress website - Add more Search functions on my site Add more searched sites for Torrent Site - add more Twitter followers add more txt - Add mouse gestures to manipulate OpenTK objects Add Mouse Over Effect On SVG Image - add mp3 button and player on flashtemplate add mp3 download feature for youtubify script that uses youtube api - add msn contacts Add MSN Contacts to Accounts - Add Multi Language to English Joomla 3.0 website add multi level - Add multi-language - Internationalization feature to Wordpress plugin Add multi-language interface to an AuroraGPT script - add multilanguages on Joomla based site Add multilangual setup - Add multiplayer functionality, change design, and add some new features to my game. -- 2 Add multiplayer support for my Unity3D Trviva Game - Add multiple currency select option to search box -- 3 Add multiple currency select option to search box -- 4 - Add multiple languages to Wordpress site Add multiple linked Flash files to web page - Add multiple users to a database Add Multiple Users to MU WordPress Sites - Add music feature to website add music in xml mode to a flash xml site - Add music to flash Add music to flash file - Add Music to your Movies/Video Add Music Tracks - add my bank account to paypal Add my banner to my website page - Add my decorations to your realistic high end modern condo design. Add my decorations to your realistic high end modern condo design. -- 2 - Add my logo and album title (in my selected font) to an image for my album cover Add my logo in 3d to office picture wall - Add my Old Django Pages from Github, and Connect to Mongo Add my opt-in form html code into ready made squeeze page and create separate opt-in form from the one included in the ready made squeeze page - Add My Posts to Wordpress