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Add Google Checkout and fix some issues - Add google docs exporting capability to our iOS app. Add google dynamic remarketing tag to magento - Add Google like Analytics and Geo Fencing for Advertisements to Mobile app Add Google link to an existing project - add Google maps Add Google Maps API to my website - Add Google News RSS to my website add google notifications to an existent app - Add Google ReCaptcha to exsisting contact form Add google reCAPTCHA to register page - add google search code/capability to iweb site Add Google Search to a Joomla Site - Add Google Translate to dictionary add google translate to website - Add Googlemap to php application Add Googlemap and Voting system - Add GPS to PRO version Add GPU stats to linux dashboard - Add graphic onto webpage Add Graphic Overlay to Product Images - Add graphics to dress up a social media policy Add Graphics to Edges of Wordpress Site - Add greenshot capture lib to my custom image program Add Greenwell Metro JS and Live Twitter / Tumblr feed Feed - Add Group Price to Manage Products Grid (Quick Task) Add Group Price to Manage Products Grid (Quick Task)--2 - Add guidelines to existing handwriting font add gujarati language in ionic 1 - Add HDR camera capture to TapPainter Add header and background image to myspace band site - Add header widget to existing wordpress template Add Header with links to pages/add 1 additional image to website - Add Hebrew version to an ENG WP site, do minor customization Add hedge filters to my MT4 EA - Add highlights to a banner Add Hikashop Ecommerce Solution to Joomla 3 website - Add home page to drupal Web Site add home page to my wordpress website - add hotdeals to shopping cart Creloaded 6.2 add hotel booking feature to daily deal site running on magento - Add hover over color and border on all images and captions in lightbox -Wordpress Add hover underline to two links in Wordpress - Add HTML Code to site for instant messenger script Add HTML code to website - add html page [tib] Add HTML page in lightbox on wordpress site - add html theme to dropinn scipt Add html theme to wordpress Child theme - Add HTML5 shoutcast player to webpage add html5 video and feature boxes to slider - Add Hyper Links to Flash file add hyper links to my website - Add hypertext to 4 playlists Add I accept check box and terms of condition text area to html overlay - Add IAP to iOS game Add IAP to my iPad game client - Add Icon & links to my wordpress site Add Icon and \"Other Requirements\" Info To Excel Data for Data Recovery Freewareq - Add Icon to website Add Icon to Wordpress Menu dashboard for Plugin - Add Icons To Wordpress Header Add iContact Integration To Custom Wishlist Member Registration Code - Add Iframe Swap Content Feature Add iFrame To Html Page - Add Image and text to Html Pages Add Image as Portfolio Background in Wordpress - Add image gallery for products in custom CMS Add Image Gallery to Existing .php Page - Add image scale filter to emulartor Add Image scaler to existing website - Add image to psd file Add image to site - Add image upload at registration and edit profile ADD image upload capability to existing form and validate the field. - Add Images and Content to Wordpress Themes Add images and copy to existing website - Add Images in My wordpress blog Add images in scrollable - Add images to a template Add images to a Template and tune CSS for the site - Add images to carousel slider on website homepage Add images to Computer product price list - Add images to PDF Add Images To Photoshop File - Add images to website and fix Add images to website and fix - Repost - Add import export to ommla compnent Add Important website features + Graphic Design work - Add in a Next Steps Organizer Add in a page - Add In App Purchasing to PhoneGap site (Wordpress) Add In app to iphone /ipad app - Add in for Outlook 2003 and 2007 Add In Foward to friends page on my website - Add in RSS FEED Program and link Exchange Program to website Add in Side menu to existing website - Add IN-APP payment on iphone APP Add in-app payment to existing iOS and Android - Add In-App Purchases to existing iOS Application Add In-App Purchases to Existing Project (Buttons & UserDefaults Ready) - Add inapp purchase in current iPhone/iPad app Add inapp purchase in Mac OS X application - Add indicator (filter) to buy sell condition in Amibroker AFL Add indicator (filter) to buy sell condition in Amibroker AFL - Add Infinite Scroll to ajax Wordpress theme Add infinite scroll to custom wordpress site - Add info from spreadsheet1 to spreadsheet2 (2) Add info from text document to html document. - Add information from 100 properties info from old sites into new sites Add Information from 220 Business Cards to Google Address Book - ADD INFORMATION TO WEBSITE AMA ADD INFORMATION TO WEBSITE AMA - Add Inset Border to clickable thumbnails Add Inset Border to dynamic thumbnails - Add Instagram Video Views Add Instagram Video Views - Add interactive feature to website add interactive features to volusion template - Add interior and exterior to existing images Add interiors to a 3D house model - add interRapidSSL Intermediate CAs Add Intersitial ad to app - Add Intro/Outro To Audio File Add Inventory at Size Mod in OSCommerce - Add Invoice and Check-in/out to MS Access Equipment Rental Access Template Add invoice and quotation options to registered account profiles - Add iOS7 MFi game controller support to simple game Add iOS8 support to our iPhone app - Add IP's purchased from OVH into our WHM and Cpanel - Read Description before bidding Add IP's to Server / Other small server management - Add iPhone-like scrolling to flash applet. Add IPN script to send out an email with a PDF as an attachment, or an email that has a link to a secure page where the item can be downloaded - Add Isotope plugin on custom made Wordpress theme with NextGen Gallery Add Isotope plugin on custom made Wordpress theme with NextGen Gallery - repost - Add items in template Wordpress Add items into our webshop Template is available - Add Items to Etsy Add Items to Existing Shopping Cart - Add items to Shopping Cart Add items to shopping cart - Add Jackpot Game to CSGO Betting Website Add japan language to a flash site. - Add Java Script to Navigation. Add Java scrollable bars to Canvas - Add Javascript Facebook Gallery to Webpage Add javascript features and improve structure of web page (html, css, design) - first of several projects - Add Javascript to an LP that shows- Trial Ends Date - I have the JS add javascript to auto submit form - add javascript validation to 2 forms.
Add javascript Validation to Web page - Add job template feature to site Add Jobs Board To Existing CMS - Add Joomla Image Overlay Module Add Joomla Modules - Add jpg signature to a pdf(repost) Add jPlayer to my website and an upload field to a form - Add jquery effect to Joomla K2 component Add jQuery Effects To Landing Page - Add jQuery plugin to website Add jquery plugin to wordpress site and php script - Add jquery to existing Bootstrap navbar form. Add JQuery to form - add js animation after that upload to wordpress (good comments) add js arrows to ready image slider - Add just 1 Page for me to site. Bids should be no more then $30 Add just 2 custom Features On TinyMCE - Add keyword tags to 393 posts of a Wordpress blog Add keyword to product titles & descriptions - Add Keywords\Tags for Videos in CMS Add Kinect Features into Existing Flash Game - Add labels to the buttons inside my app Add labels to woocomerce products - Add language in magento add language on websites - Add languages and CMS to a site - PLEASE DONT BID Add Languages Script for Site - add latest blog posts + images to frontpage of magento site Add latest news module to joomla website homepage - 2 languages - Add layer to Megento Menu Add layer toggle functionalty to web map - Add Leadbolt ads to my html5 android app with phonegap or Intel XDK -- 2 add leadbolt ads to my html5 game with phonegap or Intel XDK - Add Legs to a Photo Add Lens Flare (?) to Photoshop Image - Add Licesing to a Delphi Application Add Life with photoshop (vegetation, people, whatever it is missing) to 10 renderings - Add Lightbox Image Display to Site add lightbox images to magento site - add lighting on 3 d model Add lightning to my hands in the picture - Add Likes to F B Page Add LIKES to Facebook site - Add lines of code to php.ini Add Lines To Video Clips Tracking A Tennis Racquet - Add link to banner and update from cms Add Link to Button - Add link to SWF Add link to text in existing pdf (Python) - Add LinkedIn link to Villa Punta Coral website using OpenGraph Add LinkedIn login to a Sencha Touch application - Add links page to my website Add links pages and make a few small site changes - Add links to java website (Job for begineer)(repost)(repost)(repost)(repost)(repost) Add Links to Korean PDF - Add links to search engine add links to show products on searchpage - Add links, video etc to swf file (swfcombine) Add Lip-sync in After Effect to toys in the video - Add listings Add listings / category pages from another site - Add listings to map locator Add listings to my eBay and Amazon Web Stores - Add Live Chat Function (Olark code) Add Live Chat function to Wordpress site - Add live streaming capabilities and rtmp server to a website Add live streaming to existing media distribution website. Ongoing needs for site enhancement, - add LLVM/Clang support add LLVM/Clang support - repost - Add Local SMS API to woocommerce in wordpress Add local storage to existing Phonegap Application - Add locations to my wordpress custom type page taxonomies add lock to open source software - Add logic to a script -- 4 Add logic to a script -- 5 - Add Login and Network Status Monitoring To Existing App Add Login and Network Status Monitoring To Existing App(repost) - Add login on wordpress, but should login to external site. Add login only by mobile no and add sms gateway in woo commerce - Add login using Facebook & twitter to website Add login via LinkedIn to existing PHP / MySQL based site - Add login/logout to oscommerce website Add login/sign up functionality in a pop up integrated to salesforce. - add logo and web address Add logo and white border to 6 styling pivtures - Add logo to a styling photo and add a white border to 16 pictures add logo to a video - Add logo to InDesign files and create PDF's add logo to index picture and main picture - Add Logo to Pictures Add logo to Pligg site - Add logo to wordpress site Add logo to Wordpress theme - add logos to my website Add logos to my website - Add MA Filter in a existent Expert Advisor Add MA strategy to existing EA to make work together - add magento option Add Magento Plugin in WP - add mail function Add mail function in coming soon page - Add MailChimp signup form to mywebsite Add MailChimp Subsciber Form To Web Page - Add manual post to facebook pages Add manually products in Amazon - Add Map location and new contact details to our website Add map to Joomla Site - Add marketing attractive images to a blog Add Marketing strategy to my paper - Add massive data Add massive data -- 2 - Add mb.YTPlayer plugin to wordpress website Add MD5 Check to my php code - Add me 500 facebook friends Add me 500 facebook friends - Add me in to other photos Add me in to other photos - Repost - Add Measurement feature to range slider - wordpress Add measurement specs to clothing techpack - Add Member Section To Script Add Member signup and recurring monthly subscription to php site - repost - Add members to site 4 Add members to website - add membership that automatically bills and charges a wordpress using stripe Add membership to my php site - Add menu bar to the bottom of app screen Add Menu below header - Add menu structure in Wordpress website Add menu templates to restaurant web site - Add Merchant Solutions Account Add Merchant Solutions to site - add meta tags Add Meta tags and header tags modules for Oscommerce V1.1 - Add metallic/foil print to a logo in Photoshop Add metatags in the thema of a website to share articles on FB and Google - Add Micro paiement modules to my website Add Microdata - Add mirrors for Qooy Add Misc contributions to OScommerce - Add missing schools Add Miva Shopping Cart Functions - Add Mobile game app code to Google Play Store and Apple App Store Add mobile gestures to image instance - Add mobile responsive support to an existing webpage Add mobile responsive website to existing website - Add Mod_Rewrite to foum Add modal box into my gallery on AngularJS - add modification to my dating website