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add html pages - Add HTML to a Shopify template add html to amazon description - add html5 video and feature boxes to slider Add HTML5 Video to Background of Custom Wordpress Theme 2 - Add Hyper Links to Flash file add hyper links to my website - Add hypertext to 4 playlists Add I accept check box and terms of condition text area to html overlay - Add IAP to iOS game Add IAP to my iPad game client - Add Icon & links to my wordpress site Add Icon and \"Other Requirements\" Info To Excel Data for Data Recovery Freewareq - Add Icon to website Add Icon to Wordpress Menu dashboard for Plugin - Add Icons To Wordpress Header Add iContact CAPTCHA to Custom form on my website - Add Iframe menu button, add banner code several pages, analy Add Iframe Swap Content Feature - Add Image and Teaser text to incoming RSS FEED (DRUPAL 7) Add Image and text to Html Pages - add image funtionality Add image gallery for products in custom CMS - Add Image rotator and rss feed content to a wp theme Add image scale filter to emulartor - Add image to PDF file add image to pixel script - Add Image to Wordpress site Add image to WordPress website - add images and add new features to wordpress website Add images and affiliates banners to my web site - Add images files to CDN and clear some other issues Add images from one website to another - Add images on the order page and print page. Add images slider and save as a copy button for aticle using seeblod in Joomla -- 2 - Add Images to Blogs-2 Add Images to Blogs-3 - Add images to MS Access form Add Images to my food Items takeaway online shop - Add images to tiltviewer .swf file Add images to web pages - add images, inventory and product descriptions manually using script to online store add images, inventory and product descriptions to store 1600 items - Add in - c# project Add in 2 lines of code into existing APK file for $5. Code and instruction given - add in app purchase function within exiting Add in app purchase to app - Add in facebook and twitter, email address info Add in fatures of MS Access application to client server application - Add In New Breakpoint to Drupal Site Add in News Indicator inside this Ea - Add in user role to website and login area add in whatsapp numbers manually to groups - Add in-app purchase to android app to remove ads add in-app purchase to app - Add in-app purchasing to my existing game and make it scalable to any iPhone screen size. Add in-app purchasing to my existing game and make it scalable to any iPhone screen size. -- 2 - add includes file to website Add Index Follow Tag for Wordpress Page on Magento website - Add Indicator to EA - ongoing work Add Indicator to existing EA - Add Infinite Scroll To Shopify Site Add infinite scroll to Shopify Theme - add info on ready mad android app - repost Add Info to a List of Residential Communities - Add information from multiple pdfs to an excel Add information in settings - Add Payment Module to existing Wordpress Plugin add initial balancing to existing proof of concept app - Add Inset Border to thumbnails on page Add inside app purchase meny in Xcode and help me arrange it in iTunes. - Add installment payment system in joomla virtuemart Add Instant Messaging Functionality to a C#/.NET Peer-to-Peer Windows Application - Add interactive image pinboard page to website add interactive infografic (java script) to my web site - Add internal pages to website Add Internal Search Feature to My Site - Add intersitial banner to app and updating the Admob SDK to the newest Add intersteller ad into my ap with chartboost or applovin - add inventory levels to my online store Add inventory management to my existing website, with uploadable images - Add invoice number to web order form Add invoice option to users profile pages - Add iOS8 support to our iPhone app Add iOS9 support - Add IP's to Server / Other small server management Add ipad device frame to screenshots - Add iPhone-like scrolling to flash applet. Add IPN script to send out an email with a PDF as an attachment, or an email that has a link to a secure page where the item can be downloaded - Add Isotope plugin on custom made Wordpress theme with NextGen Gallery Add Isotope plugin on custom made Wordpress theme with NextGen Gallery - repost - Add Items from eCommerce Site to another eCommerce Site Add items in template Wordpress - Add items to ecommerce site Add Items to Etsy - Add items to online web store. Add items to OSC - Add items to Windows menu list, when copying/moving file Add items to WP site - add java certificate Add Java Expanable Menu - Add javascript code into custom wordpress theme Add javascript code to my Prestashop all web pages - Add javascript navigation bar to page Add JavaScript Play/Stop to our simple Flash player - Add JavaScript to Person Approval Page (191536) Add javascript to signup form - Add job data to my website Add Job Filter Options To Website - Add Joomla and VirtueMart Add Joomla Blog to Existing website - Add Joomla/WP CMS to existing PHP site Add JoomlaComment to SOBI2 entries - Add JQuery Carasouel to my site add jquery colorpicker - Add jquery javascript to my weebly website Add Jquery Layout and Forms to a Zend Framework Website - Add JQuery Slider & CSS fixes Add Jquery slider and datatable support to page - Add JQuery UI to calendar Add JQuery UI to calendar (with $ bonus) - Add Js HTML5 logo carousel add js local storage to website - Add jwplayer flash player to my website ... Add jwplayer flash player to my website A.S.A.P - Add keywords and description to website Add keywords and hyperlink to some articles - Add Kissmetrics tracking code to website Add kit process section - Add landing page ahead of wordpress install and duplicate existing install into subdirectory Add landing page and customize menu - Add language in magento add language on websites - Add languages and CMS to a site - PLEASE DONT BID Add Languages Script for Site - Add Large Product Range to Prestashop commerce Add Large Product Range/Prices to Prestashop - Add layer image to video Add Layer link on Video and image. - Add LDAP User Add Lead form and a login button to a site - Add left pop out menu to my wordpress site. Add Left Side Navigation in Magento - Add license management, WPM and Worldpay Payment processing Add licensing code to WordPress Plugin - Add Lightbox and Sharebar to Website Add lightbox autopopup to homepage - Add Lightbox to Play Videos on my Site
Add Lightbox to product page - Add Like/Dislike Buttons to DataTables (Jquery/PHP) Add Likes (favorite) Etsy Listings - Experiences Applicants ONLY! - Add line of code to site for google web master tools access Add Line of Text to EPS File - Add link in same page Wordpress Add link page+site map - Add Link to OsCommerce Page add link to pdf - Add linked buttons to slider images of wordpress website -- 3 Add linked in image with link into theme php file - Add links (with clickTAG) to flash ad. Add Links and Dimensions to Excel - Add Links to Current Wiki Entries add links to existing webpage - Add links to our website for from various related websites Add links to page - Add links to web pages Add links to web pages(repost) - add listing Add listing and filtering features to an iPhone app using Parse services - Add listings to a local town discount site Add listings to a local town discount site - repost - Add listings to Real Estate Website Add listings to website - Add Live Help to Magento Website Add live inventory functionality to my existing website. - Add live tiles to WorkOnIT Add live video platform to a real estate site - Add loading animation in the tab (our previous project) Add Loading Animation to customized WP Dashboard - Add location category to a zip proximity search query Add location detection on mobile to WPGroupBuy wordpress site - Add location map similar to Airbnb - Add log in and register modal to existing wordpress site Add Log in/Sign Up Dialogue - Add logic to a script -- 7 Add logic to a script -- 8 - Add Login and Signup for React.js APP Add Login and Signup for React.js APP -- 2 - Add login only by mobile no and add sms gateway in woo commerce Add login option in mobile theme - Add login via LinkedIn to existing PHP / MySQL based site add login via otp in Node.js api(api is already there) - Add login/logout to oscommerce website Add login/sign up functionality in a pop up integrated to salesforce. - Add logo and menu to javascript sticky header Add logo and text to some mockup bottles - Add logo to 8 images Add logo to a 3d object - add logo to iframe Add Logo to Image - Add logo to PCB (Orcad) add logo to pdf - add logo to Video Player control bar add logo to Video Player.swf control bar - Add Logo, Help Make this Graphic Perfect! add logo/text to registration form (ICM) - Add Lossless Audio file format to getID3 lib Add lot number to product in WooCommerce - Add macros/vba/formulas to spreadsheet and tweak the design. -- 2 Add Made up Profiles to my Website - add magento products Add Magento products to google shopping - Add Mailchimp API into HTML Page (Single Opt in) Add Mailchimp code into wordpress 1 minute job (5$ MAX) - Add mailing list email entry to bottom of website Add mailing service to android application - Add manufacturer logo to category page Virturemart -- 2 Add manufacturer products to website - Add Mapbox to PrestaShop Add Maps Function on Vtiger - Add marketplace sections on google Add marketplaces to my magneto website. - Add Master / Slave Contribution (PCP) add master login to php script - Add MD5 Hash and Google +1 to facebook ''like'' wp plugin add md5 hashed keys to rtmp streaming - Add me a million youtube subscribe in short time ADD ME - add me on skype for your request - open to bidding add me on skype jaysspeedy - Add ads to magento site Add Medical Disclaimer at end of videos to very Short .MP4 files - Add members to Facebook group Add members to music Facebook group - Add membership option to shopping cart Add membership plugin and have it function on wordpress - Add menu and content to Open Realty site(repost) Add menu and content to Open Realty site(repost)(repost) - add menu in Joomla Template Add Menu Item to Eudora - Add menu to website Add menu,Categories and Filter option on my website - Add meta data to a blog Add Meta Data to search results - Add Meta Title,Description,Keywords Add META titles and META descriptions fields to a website - add methods to to fraction class Add metric measurements to a PDF document (with imperial measurements) - add minecraft games to my website Add mini job application to existing website - Add missing functionality to a project Add missing functionality to a project -- 2 - Add Mmy Website Logo Display Plugin(URGENT) Add mneus and categories and dummy products to woocommerce - Add Mobile Menu To Responsive Wordpress Theme Add Mobile Micro Payments intergration - Add Mobile Specifications with Price and Images Add mobile theme to existing wordpress site - Add Modal Video Players to Site Add modals windows to mvc project - Add Modifications To Unity Game Project Add Modifications to Websites ASAP - Add Module Position To Joomla Template. Add Module Positions - Add Module: "TELL THEIR FRIENDS WHAT THEY ARE UP TO" Add modules to a .net application - add modules to oscommerce website add modules to script php mysql - Add Monogramming Feature Add MOOC online course function to existing website - Add more character for product name on oscommerce 2.3.1 Add more cheap or free parking spots to my database - Add more details to article already written about iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus **ARTICLE DUE IN 5 HOURS** Add more devices for a custom iphone add(device provisioning) - Add more feature to my website Add more features in - Add More Features to Existing iPhone Social App Add more features to existing wordpress plugin - Add more filters for product search on select boxes Add more flash effects to existing slideshow - add more functions on wp-pro-quiz Add more functions to a VC++ dll - Add more languages to Wordpress website -- 2 Add more levels & ad code for swift iOS game - add more picture and content to my flash from templatemonster add more prefix for forum - customize prefix - Add more then 40.000+ members into MYSQL Add more then 8,000 members on my facebook page - Add motion capture data to rigged 3D model Add Motion Design to a video. - Add movie releases to wordpress Add movie style war effects to several video clips - Add mp3 to flash intro - for BADDY add mp3 to my website - Add MS Outlook "invites" functionality to form submissions