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Add features to my site - Add features to my website for a mobile app Add Features to my website - Add features to online Card game (repost)(repost) Add features to online Card game (repost)(repost)(repost) - Add features to our Python website Add Features To our site - add features to PHP tool Add features to php we application - Add features to previous app Add Features to Project - Add features to simple SolidWorks part file Add features to simple wxpython application with CEF3 - add features to the already designed templet Add features to the current PC builder script and clean-up the PHP code - Add features to web application (C#, AngularJS, SQL) add features to web site - Add features to website via API integrations Add features to Windows based photo watermark sofwtare - Add features to wordpress theme Add features to wordpress theme - repost - Add features/fix up website, update chrome extension/create firefox extension Add features/make changes to C++ Application - Add feeds to twitter account Add Feet & Inch Calculations including Fractions to my PHP calcuator - Add few features in my iOS game add few features in vbulletin mod - Add few features to vBulletin vBForms plugin add few features to vc++ video streaming application - Add few more markers and routes on this page given Add few new features to existing website - Add fex to mail -- 2 Add ffmpeg php on my server. - Add Field to Donation Form Add Field to Email Receipt - Add field to responsive form and copy form style to another form add field to ticket form and store detials in database along with other details in form - Add fields in already exsisting web site form, convert to csv, character manipulation. text changes Add fields in database - Add fields to Check Out page and fix Order Details in admin Add fields to check out. - Add fields to my wordpress registration form (add to simple plugin which is attached) Add fields to MySQL DB and PHP pages - Add fields to Registration form Add fields to the comments form on Wordpress - Add file manager (add/upload/list/download/delete) Add file reading to C source - add file upload option to a form Add file upload plugin and populate Page content - Add file-sharing feature to existing website Add file/picture upload to previously created android project - Add filter -- 2 Add Filter and Vendor Review and Custom Field in WP Web Site - Add filter to inventory page Add filter to Mini Search - Add filters to certain Images Add Filters to Embed code - Add finnancial part in website Add fire / lighting / special effects to video - Add first image in post to RSS feed for Add First Name to list - Add flag icons to the language selection menu Add flag in Wordpress plugin country dropdown - Add flash background in CubeCart v3 / v4 Add flash background in CubeCart v3 and v4 - add flash file to magento home page Add flash files to my Joomla Site - Add flash slideshow to Joomla site add flash slideshow to oscommerce page - very simple for someone who knows php - Add Flash Video to My Website Add flash, rollovers links to psd template pages - Add Floating DHTML Menu Script Add Floating Elements - Add flv audio resample feature Add FLV support to flash rotating slideshow image - Add following functionality to existing website add following thing to website - Add fontawesome icons to a xelatex template Add Fonts to ActionScript 3.0 Flash Image Editor - add for facebook add campaign - 16/04/2017 17:53 EDT Add for magazine - Add Form Feilds and minor issue fixes to form Add Form fields + Newsletter component - add form to admin and coupons Add form to admin status of pdf-documents uning MVC - I have DB design done. - Add form to select items - repost ADD FORM TO SITE FOR AUTO-RESPONDER SERVICE - Add Forms To 2 Pages W/ MySQL DB Access Add Forms to 2 Websites - add forms, csv download of forms plus avoid repeat form scri Add forms, tabel and product comparison to a Wordpress website - ADD FORUM TO MY WEBSITE Add Forum to My Website - Add four additional pages to existing website Add four functions and implement ad network to app - Add Free Shipping Ribbon to product thumbnail photo on a bigcommerce site - repost Add Free Shipping Ribbon to product thumbnail photo on a bigcommerce site - repost 2 - Add Friends Add Friends - Add Friends to a MySpace Account Add Friends To Communtiy - Add friends to mySpace-Account Add friends to our FaceBook Fanpage. - Add FTP feature to an existing iOS app add ftp file uploads to existing file manager/file upload program - david - Add FULL to existing Wordpress template Add full screen carousel to shopify store - Add functinality to website Add function - Add function in C code Add function in Cakephp intranet - Add function to a ready made script (EASY) Add function to a WebGL script - Add function to existing Chrome and FireFox extension that uses Amazon API to get best product matches Add function to existing iPhone application - Add function to online booking script. add function to opencart rental extension - add function wordpress add function, php script - Add functionalities to excisting app Add functionalities to existing Joomla v2 website - Add functionality + some graphical improvement add functionality - open to bidding - Add functionality for posting and bidding on projects to my website Add functionality for posting and bidding on projects to my website - repost - Add functionality to a custom commerce portal Add functionality to a custom website built using the Yii framework. - Add functionality to a webapp Add functionality to a Website - Add functionality to an Access DB Add functionality to an already designed shopping cart and Contact us form - Add Functionality to an existing website Add functionality to an existing website - Add functionality to duplicate pages to create new ones (js and php) Add functionality to earlier created event system - Add functionality to existing C program Add functionality to existing C# code - Add functionality to existing opencart website Add functionality to existing PHP Authentication Script - Add functionality to existing WP website. Add Functionality to Exsisting iOS and Android versions of an App - Add functionality to JPlayer (Drupal) -- 4 Add Functionality to JROX E-Commerce Management(JEM) Shopping Cart Script - Add functionality to my ionic desktop app Add functionality to my ionic desktop app -- 2 - Add Functionality to PHP web application Add functionality to PHP website - Add functionality to the calculator
Add functionality to the existing Joomla website - Add Functionality to Website, HTML/CSS is Already Completed. Must be able to compare distance between two postal codes as part of it(See description) Add functionality to website, then convert into a Wordpress template - Add functionality to wordpress website Add functionality to wordpress website - Add functions add functions - add functions in drupal Add Functions in UI completion APP. - Add Functions to a wordpress theme Add functions to a WP plugin - add functions to Delphi backup software add functions to Delphi backup-software - Add functions to iPhone application and build database server on MAC OS Add functions to java Chess Game - Add functions to pages with forms (FOR INZAGHI2006 ONLY) Add functions to PhoneGap app - Add functions to upload script Add Functions to VB 2010 .NET Application - Add functions/Fix bugs for competitve gaming website Add functions/Fix bugs for competitve gaming website - repost - add funtions to my whmcs module with third party api Add furigana to vertical Japanese text for 3 children's books for book printing - add galleria to theme - Rehire Add galleries in following site - - Add gallery to a wordpress website that has a template installed Add Gallery to Drupal Page - add game to facebook ADD GameCenter and Fix Bugs for my Swift iOS Game App - add gateway to a2billing - open to bidding Add Gateway to Shopping Cart - Add Geo IP Popup for Country Redirect Add Geo location into |nterspire email marketing - Add GeoLocation to CakePHP App - ongoing work Add geolocation to existing app - Add GetResponse Code to Landing Pages add getresponse newsletter form to my wordpress site - Add gift option to our magento ecommerce Add Gift Registry Image Upload and Display Option to 3D Cart Ecommerce Site - Add Global Shout to buddy zone Add global tabs and category tabs options to opencart website - Add google +1, facebook like and tweet this buttons Add google 2 step authentication to my login website - Add Google Adsense and Fix some CSS issues in a website Add Google Adsense and Pinterest HTML code to website -- 2 - add google adsense to our site Add Google Adsense to the website - Add Google Analytics & AdWords Conversion Code Add Google Analytics - Add Favicon - Add Google Analytics code to Joomla site Add Google analytics code to my existing site - Add Google Analytics Script + eCommerce Script Add Google Analytics to 2 Websites - Add Google Analytics to my iOS App -- 2 Add Google Analytics to my iOS App quick - Add Google analytics,and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Links to my Wordpress site. Add Google Analytics. - Add Google Checkout and fix some issues Add Google Checkout and Google Base to Zencart - Add google dynamic remarketing tag to magento Add google dynamic remarketing tag to magento - Add google Images search as vBulletin Attachment ,, PLEASE READ BEFORE BID Add Google like Analytics and Geo Fencing for Advertisements to Mobile app - add google map to website Add google map with driving directions - Add google mpas to ionic 2 in ion-segment add google news api to my website - add google plus circles Add Google Plus Icon to existing site - Add Google Script using Drupal Add Google search bar to site - Add Google Tracking Code to X-cart Add Google tracking codes etc - Add google website translator Add Google's Deferred Billing API To My Completed App - Add gps feature to an existent android app Add GPS Geo-location to Booking App - Add graph to existing iPhone application Add graph to iPhone app - Add Graphics to my Content for ONE Backlink to be shared (SEO) Add graphics and logo to press release - Add graphics to video i.e company name, logo etc for the first 15 seconds Add graphics to website - Add Grid to Existing ExtJS Form / TabPanel Add Grid to Homepage - Add Groups page to site. Add Groups within Jomsocial - add h.264 support to vc++ application Add H.264 support to windows openwengo(repost) - Add header and footer to a external php page within wordpress Add Header and Footer to existing website's forum - Add Header with links to pages/add 1 additional image to website Add Header/Footer Code To Template - Add hedge filters to my MT4 EA Add Hedge Grid to EA - Add highlighter to Lucene.Net code Add highlights to a banner - Add Home Button on all pages of website Add home page to drupal Web Site - Add hot product on homepage (should work with products_opt5) add hotdeals to shopping cart Creloaded 6.2 - Add hover effect to Images and resolve search issue Add Hover functionality to buttons in mfc appwizard project - Add html code in website in 5 mins Add html code to online store (3dcart) - add html link fields to website, categorize them , couple small fixes (wordpress) add html link to a flsh swf file - Add HTML template to script add html template to shopify cart - Add HTML5 dynamic ads Add HTML5 Player to 1 Page - Add human American accent voice into the videos Add human body (kids) to existing solid work 3D Model - Add Hyperlinks to listview - for rajtuhin1 Add Hyperlinks to PDF document - Add iAds to xcode Add IAP and Charttboost at cocos2d-x - Add ICMPv6 to Client / Server Code Add ICMPv6 to existing project - Add icon to logo / logo redesign add icon to product images in a bigcommerce site - add icons to my site, easy! add icons to my site, easy!(repost) - add ie css add IE7 support for fully sliced page - add image ability in joomla module Add image Alt tag and title file name in every posts image and gallery - Add Image Edit Option To Wordpress add image editing tools to wordpress - Add Image Map Add image map layer in google maps - Add Image to Javascript Rotating Banner Add Image to Javascript Rotating Banner - repost - add image to template Add Image to Video - Add Image Verification to Form Add image with link to Popup-Window - Add images and descriptions to directory Add Images and Descriptions to Products in new eCommerce site. - add images into my website into the correct listings add images into my website into the correct listings - Repost - Add images to an existing image remove background from 9 images Add Images to Articles - Add images to dropdown menu in myshopify store Add Images to Existing 8 institutions - Add images to photoshop mockups Add images to products / webshop - Add images to website and fix - Repost - open to bidding