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Add an extension to product pages - add an FTP upload page to my wordpress website -- 2 Add an h1 to header on WP blog - Add an image in one of my website's pages. (2 minute job) Add an Image Map to a 3Dcart store - Add an installer for a small java program Add an installer for my windows app - .exe or .msi - Add an on-line catalog/store to a Template Add an onboarding screen to exisiting WebApp, a screen users see when they log in for the first time. - Add an opt in form to my website add an option - Add an QR scanner for my app Add an QR scanner for my app - Add an Update Script to my current web app-1 Add an upload button to Tiny_MCE editor on Lotus Domino - add analytics tracking to my wordpress + ninja form Add Analytics Tracking to 2 Joomla Sites - Add and Connect features in PHP/Javascript finance script Add and connect my mobile site to my wordpress website. - Add and edit a Video add and edit comment fields in wordpress - Add and impliment captcha to an existing .asp form Add and import SDK to Android and IOS Game - Add and remove fields in two magento pages Add and Remove items in Magento Go - Add and style text to existing website HTML pages - repost Add and style text to existing website HTML pages - repost 2 - Add Android Screen Controls to Unity game Add android youtube app to existing app and make it play playlists instead - Add animated text effects to 1 video Add animated text, animated lines, and soundtrack to video - add animation to my website Add Animation to Picture (non-flash) - Add Annotations Layer to PDF.js with ability to save to MySQL Add Annotations Script to my installation of PDF.js - Add another image onto other image SIMPLE JOB Add another image to a photo - Add another request/reponse to existing project add another scrape page to site - add api broker into c# application autobot Add API call to API Middleware Web App - Add API links to Wordpress eCommerce Site Add API or Elastic Search to UI - Add APIs in three tabs and minor bug fixing. Add APN to existing iOS application. - Add applications on to Huawei E586 mifi add appnext to android app - Add approx. 1000 Products to E-commerce Website - Woocommerce Add Approximately 1400 Hi Res Photos to Existing Products on Volusion Platform, Add Approximately 200 new products. - add arabic support to a php based webiste add arabic text to a banner (psd) file - Add around 1000 woocommerce grocery products Add around 1000 woocommerce grocery products - Repost - Add Article to amazon shop and to our Ebay Acount add article to top of virtumart cat page - Add Artwork to a 3D game Add as Friend and Likes on facebook album - Add assignments and self-assessment exercises to a course Add Assist Gateway for JoomBri Freelance (CMS Joomla, last version) - add attachment form to a php mailer script Add attachment form to group email - Add Attribute to Magento API -- 2 Add Attribute to Product Page - add auctions to my auction website add auctions to my website - Add Audio Icon To Image And Fix Autoplay Issue for Ipad add audio on answered call - Add audio to a Video Add Audio to AVI File - Add australia post shipping table to magento installation Add Australian Business Listings to Hot Mice Directory - Add authentication to RSS template add authentication to web site - Add payment gateway to my platform Add payment to membership site - Add auto instant auto delivery to my website Add Auto Live Price Update to Open Cart. - Add auto-refresh to a specific tree view (Odoo 9) Add Auto-Resume to Cocoa FTP App - Add automaitic email response to wordpress eshop direct bank checkout Add automated process to a contact or account in Microsoft Business Contact Manager - Add automation function to MT4 Indicators Add automation function to MT4 Indicators. - Add Aviary Photo Editing Feature to An Existing Image Creator JS Browser App Add Aviary Photo Editing Feature to An Existing Image Creator JS Browser App - repost - Add aweber pop over form to homepage Add Aweber script to existing website - add back/fw menu to gravity forms Add backbutton, remove black screen, add admob full screen ad - add background color Add background color to logo - ADD BACKGROUND IMAGE TO WORD DOCUMENT AND OUTPUT TO PDF Add Background image with JS and FIX stable the contact form button - Add Background to images Add background to my floating UIView - add backround color to a joomla top menu. Add backup feature to Order Tracking CP - Add banner / Check operation - PLIGG required Add Banner / Clean up SIte / SEO - Add banner positions in Joomla template Add banner script to 404 page. - Add banner under header Add banner with button to web - Add banners to my app add banners to my website - Add barcode functionality and printability to a zebra printer label in PHP add barcode scanner support to an excel file - Add basic contact forms to a basic html website Add basic features to android app - Add Bay Area Unified Schools to System Add BBB links to site - Add beta to logo Add better ansi support to jta20. - Add bing map web page to existing web site Add BiRD-BGP SNMP statistics to observioum - add bitcoin payment to our cms website Add Bitcoin to EPay Enterprise Platform - Add bleed to existing PSD add bleed to my Business Cards - Add Blog and Few Other Alterations to my Concrete5 Website Add blog and product page to Joomla site - add blog function to HTML website Add Blog Function to my Wordpress (WooCommerce) - add blog posts PR needed Add blog posts to Optimize Press via HTML - Add blog to existing wordpress site Add Blog to Existing Wordpress Website - Add blog to site Add blog to site with Pulse Pro - Add blogs to 2 sites Add Blogs to Websites - add BluetoothProfile support for existing Android and iOS App Add Bluetrackmedia In PPD Script - Add booking ad to my sites Add booking engine - add bookmarks to indesig document and convert to pdf Add Bookmarks to PDF programatically - Add Border to Pages Add Border to Products - Add breadcrumbs to my page Add Breadcrumbs to my WP website with microdata in HTML5 - Add Buddypress inside in Our Wordpress Theme Add BuddyPress Integration to my site - Add business card details (70-100) into a provided Excel spreadsheet Add business card details (70-100) into a provided Excel spreadsheet - Add Businesses to Database Add Businesses to Database 2 - add button for import emails from users account -- 2
Add button from internet sites - Add Button to an existing magento website add button to android app - Add button to Website Add button to website - Add buttons to NSIS nsWeb popup Add buttons to NSIS nsWeb popup - Add C++ DLL to Firewall Project Add C++ libraries to AIR application - Add calculator to a site Add calculator to existing WP site - Add calendar view to a Drupal Module Add Calendarscript to Events Page on site - Add CALPRESS to existing AJAX WP "Responsive" Site plus more Add Camer/Video Upload to Webview based Android App - add capcha to dotcombuilder OR your own solution Add CAPCHA to existing site - Add Captcha code Add CAPTCHA code & Image Descriptions to Website - Add CAPTCHA image verification to 3 Forms Add CAPTCHA image verification to 3 Forms - Add Captcha to a web form ADD captcha to a wordpress form - add captcha to contacts page add captcha to contacts page - add captcha to form add captcha to form - Add Captcha to Joomla 1.0 adsmanager Add Captcha to Joomla com_user Form - Add captcha to php form - ongoing work Add captcha to phpLD - Add captcha to website form Add Captcha to Wordpress Contact Form - Add Caption to Photo - repost Add caption to photo using CSS - add carousel on wordpress site Add Carousel slideshow to website - Add cartoon eyes to a hashbrown Add cartridge toner finder to woocommerce site and some other design changes - Add categories in home and subcategories in category pages add categories in Rokquickcart joomla extension - Add category and image to opencart store Add Category Capabilities to ASP Property Listing Utility - Add category to Magento/Wordpress integration Add Category to names - Add CD Burning ability to VB app Add CDN for kodi plugin - Add Changes on Oscommerce web add changes on wordpress template - Add Channels to my Satelite TV on PC Software Add Chapter to an Ebook - Add Chartboost & Admob and delete other ads. Add Chartboost Ads to App - Add Chat Feature to IOS and Android Add Chat Function to Android Quiz App - Add Chat/Comment Features to my website Add chatbox to a website/page - ADD Check to wordpress crowdfunding Add Checkbox & Sentence to Woocommerce Checkout Page - Add checkout page and ways to pay to online shop Add checkout page to exisiting website. - Add choose time and date to Virtuemart checkout page Add Chord Names (Guitar Chords) Over Popular Traditional Catholic Gregorian Chants' Hymn Sheet JPGs - Add Cirillic alphabet (Russian) to a website template Add citations on few wikipedia articles - Add CKEditor or TinyMCE to php script Add CKEditor or TinyMCE to php script -- 2 - Add clay renders Add CLE jquery editor to a forum, plus a plugin - Add Clickable 2 badges to one webpage Add Clickable Link Banners to My YouTube Videos (Not Description or Annotation) - Add clicktag to 4 banner adverts already made add clicktag to 4 existing Flash banners AS3 (adform) - Add Clipping Path to Jewellery Add clipping paths - Add CMS and Install Template add cms and update links - Add CMS to an Opencart 1.4.8 Site Add CMS to existing Site designed in ASP.NET - add code and text Add code CSV upload feature - Add Code to 6 pages in Wordpress Add code to a .Net application to use Postmessage so it can be used in an iframe Cross-Domain - Add code to JavaScript webapp, cloud database Add code to Jekyll Website using "Liquid" - Add code to our Big Commerce store Add code to rss feed in Wordpress for social buttons plus more - Add code/script to my html5 game to save player high score Add codec on a vps system and make modification in a2billing - add coinpayments gateway Add Coins to Bitcoin Dice Script - Add Color and Text To Illustrations ADD COLOR CHART LINKS - Add Color To Drawing Add color to drawings - Add color,pictures and design work to PDF documents Add Color-Picker to PHP App - Add colour swatches to shop page Add colour to garden plan - photoshop /illustrator artist - add column to oscommerce site Add column to PHP Script - Add command code to 3 existing PHP files in order to add a campaign name on 3 squeeze page creators -- 2 Add Command functionality to existing ffmpeg library! - add comment, star rating, and download counter to file directory listing script Add commenting section below articles on my website - add comments meta below post title in home and single in 2017 theme Add Comments Section - Add comments/notes option to photos ADD Communication Platform (Quickblox etc) To Existing PHONEGAP app - Add Company Logo to existing Software Add Company Logo to High Resolution Apparel Images - Add completed/non completed filter and button to existing wordpress theme Add complex features to app. Awarded coins for registration, push notification etc. - add condition to macro Add conditional logic to Plugin form - Add Constraints to iPhone Storyboard project Add Contact and pay link on email - Add contact form to an existing page Add Contact form to Bootsrap - Add contact information to spreadsheet provided. -- 2 Add Contact Management into PHP based control panel - Add contact us page to my website with captcha Add contact us page to our website - Add content (from a file) to a file (html file) based on user selection of radiobuttons/checkboxes Add content (provided) to already formatted WordPress Template - Add content and expand on a template for a WordPress site... add content and images & coupons - Add content and Virtuemart to Joomla template already loaded on server Add Content Areas To Wordpress Site - Add Content From Old Website To Wordpress Add Content From Old Website To Wordpress - Add content management dashboard and landing page for research Add content more content to my site - Add Content Slider/Rotater to HTML Website Add content to & finish our medical BLOG website - Add content to a website using a CMS Add content to a website. - Add content to a wordpress website add content to actionscript flash template - Add content to Blog add content to Build a Website - Add Content to Existing iPhone App (1669590) Add content to existing mobile and full site - Add Content to Homepage Add Content To HTML Code - add content to joomla