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Adapter et faire évoluer une apllication full-web - Adapter une application Android Adapter une application Android - Adapting a linux driver that works on raspberry pi and using the device tree bob (dtb) for a version using the arm arch linux script.bin (fex). Adapting a website to a new design. - adapting html for flash image slider quick job Adapting html jscript image gallery for android browser - Adapting output of google forms Adapting Perl script to new phpMyAdmin URL - Adapting website to Responsive and Mobile-First Adapting wordpress template of dating with log in in home page and notifications of chat and mail for profil - Adaption of Joomla module: corejoomla community survey Adaption of logo, excellent skills required - Adaptions to 2.5 Joomla Site - repost Adaptions to theme Business finder - Adaptive Control Project : MATLAB using KAMAN filters Adaptive Database and Frontend - Adaptive Filter MATLAB simulation Adaptive Fuzzy Controller For Vehicle Dampers - Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inferemce System (ANFIS) adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) - Adaptive Payments of Paypal adaptive payments parallel payment net paypal - Adaptive Teaching Adaptive Testing Development - adasdasdasdas adasdasdasdasdasd - Adattare alcune Immagini per la slideshow in home page Adattare il motore di ricerca google al template WP - Adault website adava template woocommerce configuration - AdBlock Application for iOS Adblock block my Ad pages as you can see.. - Adblock using Webbrowser Control in VB.NET AdBlocker Bypass - AdBrite Clone AdBrite Clone - Adbrite on wordpress site..quick task. Adbrite picture ads in Image Hosting - Clone Script - ADC/Inst Amp PCB design ADC10 usage of MSP430F2274 and interfaced with a LCD Display - Adchoices Banner Ad Project ADCHOICES WEBSITE - ADCS Products Data Entry Add 2-image codes - Add conditional fields to JomSocial Registration Add conditional fields to JomSocial Registration - add hipay to skadate Add Https to a Wordpress site - Add Network gateway - repost Add NEW FEATURE TO MY VISUAL BASIC SOFTWARE - ADD Some Features in Prestashop Add Speaker Tags and Timestamps to a Raw Transcript- 45 min file - Add "browse file" to certain fields created with CRUD ADMIN GENERATOR / Symfony Add "Buy Now" in CMS Page in Prestashop to take Customer direct to Checkout - No Blind Bids - Add "Good Question" Plugin to Wordpress Site Add "Header Tags" addon to my heaviliy modified oscommerce site - add "print" functionality to a simple jquery calculator Add "Pro" sash to iTunes store listing - Add "Sort by Discount %" feature to Woocommerce Add "Stock Checker" Search Field (Connect to Supplier API) to Magento Admin Header - Add "VIew English version" to my Wordpress site Add "watermark" overlay feature to our camera application - Add & edit tomato cart script Add & Edit toppings to pizza/product - add " unsubsecribe link to Openinviter Emails " ect.. Add "add sample product to cart" functionality in Magento - Add "How did you hear about us?" dropdown on checkout page and contact page. Add "How did you hear from us?" module oscommerce - Add "Ship Too" On Checkout Page add "sign in by twitter" to my site - Add ''playlist'' control to website for flash video player Add ''points'' system to social networking website, install. - Add 'Basketball' in the same design as current logo Add 'buy now/proceed to checkout' button in wordpress - Add 'Import CSV' into child theme for Directorypress Add 'Import CSV' into child theme for wp directorypress - Add 'User Login' function to existing web site Add 'Virtue Mart' to 2 Joomla Sites & provide me instructions - Add (Sleep Mode) Similar to IOS Do Not Disturb function to an existing app. Add (sub)categories option to ClipShare V4 - Add -interface bind option to elinks web browser Add -on to previous work. - Add .PDF Apppliction to site Add .pdf upload ability to website - Add / delete a field to product registration page Add / Delete designs in flash designer tool - Add / Stream Wordpress Content from one site onto non-facebook site. Add /Update content to existing webpages - Add 1 field on reset password form Add 1 field to iPhone Sample Code - add 1 page to an existing jsf application and fix a few bugs Add 1 page to existing iPhone App - Add 1 small function to existing wordpress site Add 1 Small Dyanmic Feature for show prices on services page - Add 1,000 Musicians to my Facebook page Add 1,000 people to facebook group - Add 10 000 members to my facebook group Add 10 000 members to my facebook group (real users, no fake members) - Add 10 products a day to my webshop - Manuel entry Add 10 Profiles to Social Network - Add 10,000 fans to my facebook page Add 10,000 Followers To My Twiter Accounts - Add 100 "Chinese" fans to my Facebook fanspage. Add 100 (and more) products to our Prestashop webshop - add 100 items in my oscommerce Add 100 items to my opencart shopping cart - Add 100 products to an Online Store Add 100 Products To Auctiva From Another Website - Add 100 products to Shopify... TODAY Add 100 Products to WooCommerce Store - Add 100,000 youtube hits + 100 likes + 200 subscribers Add 100-500 TARGETED Facebook Fans Monthly from the USA - Add 1000 Genuine Youtube Subscribers Add 1000 google map points - Add 1000 products to a woocommerce store Add 1000 Products to Amazon - Add 1000 real estate listings to my website Add 1000 real estate listings to website - Add 1000+ installs for my android app and 5 star rating Add 1000+ likes to our Facebook page already with 59k - repost - Add 100k Facebook Fans and 100k Twitter Followers from India add 100k facebook fans for my site - Add 10k facebook fans Add 10k facebook fans for me - Add 12 Products to Magento + Attributes add 12 task to php/jquery chat script - add 14 fixes and features ($25) to php chat script for full time php freelancers who can complete work quickly - posting in detail. add 14 fixes and features ($25) to php chat script for full time php freelancers who can complete work quickly - posting in detail. -- 2 - Add 15,000+ Fans to my Facebook Fan Page Add 150 attending on event facebook event - Add 150 products to our online store. Start immediately. Add 150 products to our online store. Start immediately. - Add 190 movie releases to blog. Add 1964 to an existing logo - Add 2 api in 1 app Add 2 Arrays (1 Chkbox,1 Drop Down)to PHP SendMail Processor - Add 2 Column to RS RDLC report - repost - Repost Add 2 columns to VB6 flexgrid and fix Error 30009 - Add 2 feature to current iPhone application and android application Add 2 feature to my java app - Add 2 features to my program add 2 features to the current TDatetimePicker Delphi replacement - Add 2 Images and Text to a Website - Easy Project Add 2 images on a Video - add 2 link in menu and compile c++ project
add 2 links to 5 pages on Joomla - Add 2 new countries in the registration screen of a modified OSCommerce shop add 2 new domain - add 2 oscommerce contributions Add 2 Page Sign Up form on WordPress Site (For Catering School) - Add 2 payment Options to Virtuemart Add 2 people into 1 photo & touchup the final photo - Add 2 Simple ActionBars to an Activity (Android- Google) Add 2 simple additions to Oscommerce site - Add 2 Tracking Codes &amp; Make 4 Changes on Website Add 2 upsell images and links to 2 checkout pages - Add 2-3 keywords and a shortened product description. Add 2-3 WYSIWYG Editable Front-End Pages - Add 20 sites/domains to dmoz directory twice each. Add 20 WooCommerce Products for My Client - Add 200 E commerce products **IMMEDIATE START** Add 200 facebook adress - add 200 products Add 200 products from category listing - Add 200 products to the zen cart with the product part#5 Add 200 products to the zen cart with the product part#6 - Add 2000 friends on 3 facebook pages Add 2000 India, Woman-Only Targeted Facebook Fans - Add 2000 products, image description, and price to osCommerce Website - Repost - repost Add 2000 Studio Records To Web Database - Add 220 email addresses to Mail Chimp Add 230 names/email addresses to my Mailchimp account - Add 250 ads from website A to website B (Wordpress) -- 2 Add 250 Business Listings to My Website - add 2500 auctions to my website Add 2500 Facebook Fans - Add 2nd google and News + user tesimonials on login page Add 2nd payment type dynamic and update daily statement accordingly - Add 3 dynamic pages to existing LAMP-based website Add 3 email notifications - add 3 field form to checkout page of My Big Commerce site Add 3 fields in WP Store Locator plugin (WordPress) - ADD 3 HTML pages to a site ADD 3 HTML pages to a site - Add 3 months of calendar events to my site Add 3 multiple-author wordpress blogs to social network site - Add 3 pages and one widget to WordPress Site Add 3 pages to existing website programmed using Word Press - Add 3 Simple Features To A Basic Php/MySQL Membership System Add 3 simple fixed buttons on the side that scroll along the web page - add 3-5 more clips to video. - ongoing work Add 3-D Secure (3DS) to our mastercard payment gateway - Add 30,000 Fans to my Facebook Page. Add 30,000 signatures to an online petition by 31 July, 2016 - Add 300 products to wordpress in 2 days. add 300 real Facebook Likes or Twitter followers or subscribers - add 3000 products in my magento shop manuelly - Repost - open to bidding Add 3000 Products into an OpenCart Store - Add 360 Code to Tribe Body Mobile Website Add 360 Degree Video Streaming to a Published Android Media App - Add 3d-style save option to magazine maker app ADD 3MM BLEED TO ARTWORK - add 4 features and fix small task -- 2 Add 4 features to our school management website (PHP) - add 4 min video to existing one and hide my employees face, have to be same kind not fake kind please -- 3 Add 4 Missing Wordpress Theme Pages - add 4 pics on websites add 4 points read project Project Description: and make bid with good price - Add 400 Articles to my Wordpress add 400 facebook followers - Add 4000 Real USA Facebook fans for 4 Pages #113 Add 4000-6000 Products to Cart - Add 4555 products to Wix Online Store Add 46 products to Magento Site - Add 5 Categories on Wordpress Add 5 column footer to Drupal website - Add 5 Offer Walls & Postbacks to GPT Site Running Shiftcode add 5 pages to existing php website - Add 5-6 Offer Wall at my GPT [Shiftcode] Add 5-6 products to current WP site - Add 50 products to Bazar WooCommerce site. Add 50 Products to eBay store - Add 50,000 Facebook/Twitter Followers Add 50,000 fans to my facebook fan page - Add 500 dating sites to my web site directory Add 500 embeded wideos with original title - add 500 listings to ebay - Repost add 500 listings to ebay - Repost - open to bidding - Add 500 Products using FrontPage 2000 Or HTML Editor Add 500 Projects Using FrontPage Or HTML Editor - Add 5000 facebook friends in Australia Add 5000 facebook friends in Australia to my own personal face book account - Add 5000 product on magento Add 5000 Products to Magento Store - Add 500k Facebook Fans and 500k Twitter Followers Add 500k Facebook Fans and 500k Twitter Followers - Add 58 Uttermost Lamps and Bookmark add 590 products to oscommerce shop - Add 6 More IP's to Dedicated Server Add 6 page to my WebSite - Add 6000 Real USA Facebook fans for 2 Pages #118 Add 600k twitter followers - Add 7 webpages on Magento website Add 7,500 Facebook friends to The ShopO Group of Albania in Two Days - Add 7500 product with images to prestashop Add 7500 with images to prestashop - Add 9 different layouts to PDF-Invoicing script Add 9 properties from old site to new site - Add \"Edit question\" option to Q&A website Add \"NetVideoHunter\" in Crawler (Check Description Easy Job) - Add a online admission form for my school website Add a Process button to our competition website - Add a "getting started" page to my website - open to bidding Add a "Guest" access button to an existing app - Add a % discount tick box to my ASP.NET shopping cart checkout page. Add a % variable to prices received via API. - Add a 'Brand/Manufacturer' field to my e-commerce software Add a 'Buy Now' Button on Product Pages | Shopify - Add a 3d Cake Model in Augmented Reality awe.js Script Add a 3D retouch of a photo - Add a AI logo to AL file Add a alarm system to my site - Add a background image to header of all pages Add a background image to pages (IMMEDIATELY) - Add a Banner Section in HTML Template converted from PDF Add a banner to a Prestashop website - Add a beautiful email list on my blog at wordpress Add a better layout to 2 powerpoint slides - add a blog page to wordpress website Add a Blog Section to Website - Add a BLOG to my website - READ CAREFULLY! Add a blog to my website in footer - Add a border/frame to a picture and provide detailed step by step instructions on how to do it Add a box in a custom plug in for Wordpress to prevent spam - Add a Button and make webpage look better Add a button for Beko - Add a button to our theme template (PHP + HTML) Add a button To shopify store to enable toggling between two currencies - Add a calender to a HTML5 website Add a calender to a HTML5 website - repost 2 - Add a Captcha to a Website Form (urgent) Add a CAPTCHA to my contact form - Add a Challenge Management view to an existinf ASP.NET MVC application add a change password field to my admin panel - Add a chatbot program to a test website Add a check out -Create a check out for existing website - Add a clickable link on a slider made from <span> Add A Client Automated Self Generating Invoice Portal Section To Our WebSite - Add a column on wp theme - repost Add a column to a web app and a searchbox - Add a condition to "Conditional Payment Plugin" Add a condition to "Conditional Payment Plugin" -- 2 - Add a contact field - business Catalyst