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Add a feature to a small open source project - Add a feature to an existing online application Add a feature to an existing software - Add a feature to iOS App + PHP/MySQL Backend Add a feature to lightbox image that links the image caption to the original post - add a feature to my WordPress plugin Add a Feature to Open-Source PDF Viewer - Add A Featured Image To About 30 Web Pages Add A Featured Section To My Social Exchange Site - Add a few features in my actual WP Template Add a Few Features on .NET C# Website - Add a Few Functionality to Shopify Store Add a few images to existing word press site. - Add a few products to joomla ecommerce site (about 10) Add a few segments on my EA - Add a field to customer data in woocommerce Add a Field to Dropdown Menu - Add a filter to my location page ( Add a filter to scraped data - Add a flipbook feature to a Squarespace site I'm building Add a floating "Back" button to mobile site - Add a form on a page Add a form page to - Add a Form to my Wordpress site Add a Form to OSCOMMERCE - Add a forum to my site. Add a forum to website - Add a fuction to a php script Add a fuction to a php script2 - Add a function on post admin dashboard Add a function on Website linked with quickbase - Add a function to existing EA Add a function to existing ios app - Add a function to upload an image from a webview Add a function to upload logos for Car Dealer Script - Add a gallery page to our Magenta Website add a gallery page, or 2 and some minor changes - Add a Google Map Location functionality to my Site Add a Google search Engine Tool to my Website to call google engine - Add a GUI feature to existing website Add a header row on the datagridview . - Add a hotel administration Add a hover effect to Wordpress post thumbnails - Add a image to my homepage Add a image withiht php site - Add a JavaScript/jQuery function Add a Job Scheduler to this SSRS Report viewer setup - Add a Jquery/Vector Map to WordPress site/template. -- 2 Add a Json Input/output to my App, currently on xml - Add a Left Grid to the DSR plus miscellaneous improvements Add a left navigation menu to my magento site - Add a link for a Blog Add a link for downloading csv - add a link to top of page using phpSound add a link to wordpress index page - add a live chat system so that my employees can talk to my users Add a live chat to a magento site - Add a login box to a rlash intro Add a login box to a website - Add a login with Facebook and Twitter Add a login with Facebook and Twitter and more - Add a logo to a PDF file add a logo to a picture - Add a logo to web page Add a Logout button in joomla component - add a Market Place feature to our community Add a masonry gallery to a shopify theme - Add a menu option to Flipping Book Content Add a menu to an existing iOS application - Add a mobile design to an existing website. Add a Mobile Friendly Page to my Website - Add a module in magento 2.0.7 add a module position to a joomla template - Add a MP3 Player to a Joomla 2.5 site with Virtuemart Add a multi currency management button in PHP/mysql website and Paypal API - Add a name to my facebook page with 4 letters Add a narration to a video - Add a new column in a excel file. Add a new date field to Opencart Plugin (admin side), so it shows on Front End - Add a new feature to my website Add a new feature to my website for mobile - Add a new form in a existing aplication(repost) Add a new form to an existing android application - Add a new item to navigation menu add a new layer on gmap - fem - Add a new page to an existing website add a new page to an existing website. RAW PHP + Smarty Framework - Add a new panel to upload design ideas add a new partner logo under contact number on website. (top right) - Add a new screen to an existing iPad application add a new search category to a customized Wordpress plugin - Add a new url combination in the excel you worked before Add a new user - Add a node to a XML Add a node to a XML file. - add a option in existing custom joomla module add a option to browse people on my site - Add a page in a web Add a page in cs-cart website - Add a page to a wordpress website Add a page to an existing website - Add a page to my website Add a page to my website - Add a page to this ASP.NET catalog application Add a page utilizaing API from, and utilizee that info throuout website. - Add a password windows to log into Open VFR/reader Add a password. - Add a payment gateway with WooCommerce Add a payment integration to my site which is under development. - add a PayPal button and edit text on Celebrity Bodyguard Services page / form - open to bidding Add a PayPal Form on a Wordpress site - Add a phone cart to website Add a Phone Number to php contact form - Add a PHP Captcha to 7 web forms Add A PHP Code - Add a PHP/MySQL login script a website template. Add a phrase to Google Auto search - Add a plugin for SEO for OSC site Add a plugin on my wordpress website - Add a Pop Up window to our product pages Add a pop up window to the shipping page in shopify website - Add a Post to Facebook option a website -- 2 ADD A POST URL TO MY WEBSITE FOR SUBMITTING FORMS TO 3RD PARTY APPLICATIONS - Add a private section to existing Wordpress site Add a Prize Wheel Game to my Raffle Site - add a professional "book now" option to my website. it needs to calculate different services and cost. eg. size of bathrrom/type of job/material. to get an accurate sum Add a professional looking Amazon Referral button to website - Add a public event calendar to my wordpress website Add a Push notification on MT4 indicator - Add a Radius on some edges Add a random email address to a file - Add a registration and sign in form to wordpress site Add a registration form to Wordpress site - Add a responsive theme to existing wordpress site. Add a restruant to my app. - add a rotation for an ABAQUS model add a rotation for an ABAQUS model -- 2 - Add a screen to existing iPhone application (Simple Roulette Game) Add a Screenshot in to An existing Image - add a seal for website info and security Add a search and find in our different groups - Add a search function to a website Add a Search function to LazyPDFKit - Add a second store to our Open Cart ADD A SECOND WEBSITE TO MY VPS SERVER - add a sent box to a members online inbox Add a separate download method to my site - add a shop function to existing clients site, wordpress, implement changes
Add a shop to a dropdown menu - Add a shopping cart to my site Add a shopping cart to my website using paypal - Add a simple 1 page template to my builder Add a simple 3 second timer to my Java source code - Add a simple design element to Zencart Website Add a simple download button to AVS 4 (Adult Video Script). - Add a simple function to software -- 2 Add a simple function to WordPress. - Add a Simple Sidebar to My Responsive Template Add a simple slider to website - Add a site to be included in Google News Add a site to be included in Google News - Add a slider/carousel to index page ADD A SLIDESHOW CODE TO EXISTING WEBSITE. CHEAP & EASY JOB. - Add a small feature to my website Add a small feature to my website - Add a sophisticated blog page to a wordpress website -- 2 Add a sort by category option to Woocommerce theme - Add a Star Menu to Web Page Add a Star Rating system to an Existing App via Kinvey/Parse... - Add a store to our Unity 3D Infinite Runner Game ( Unity3d and C# ) Add a store to our Unity 3D Infinite Runner Game ( Unity3d and C# ) - repost - Add a Surveillance feature to our existing directshow video capture application-3 Add a Surveillance feature to our existing directshow video capture application-4 - Add a tab on the home page Sell Your iPhone/ iPad Add a tab to a menu item in WordPress and embed Vimeo Videos one below the other - add a tax feature to a paypal shopping cart script Add a tell a friend email link to web site - Add a text/ email alert to a forex indicator on mt4 add a text/javascript code i have - Add a timer to a little MP3 player with flashVars Add a timer to my JS based game. - Add a tracking pixel to an open cart site Add a Trade Mark (TM) to my 2 existing Logos - Add a Twitter Feed Add a Twitter Feed slider to my website - Add a URL when a user copy a text from my site to clipboard Add a user ASP.NET web page with email verification - Add a very simple search function to my current existing website Add a very simple search function to my current existing website - Add a video Tab to my Android app Add a Video to a Drupal Website's Homepage - Add a voice math calculator into my website Add a voiceover MP3 to an Adobe aftereffects CS5 Project - Add a webhook to a Wordpress plugin Add a webkit-based rotating HTML5 cube to a one-page website (cube code provided) - add a wheel to original app(repost)(repost) add a wheel to original app(repost)(repost) (492250) - Add a widgetized page to my wordpress site Add a widgetized page to my wordpress site -- 2 - Add a Wordpress Application Add a wordpress blog and make some changes to my website - Add A Wordpress Page To A Business Website Add a wordpress plugin (talentlms) to my bluehost/wordpress domain - Add a youtube tv script into my avatar chatting script Add a youtube video to a powerpoint presentation - Add ability to open multiple drawings in gCADPlus Add ability to purchase items to small HTML5 website and change pictures on current site - Add about 150 products to oscommerce store Add about 2 fields to a database....has to be done within 3- 4 hours - add Access-Control-Allow-Origin header to all link in webview -- 2 add accommodation - Add Accurate listing in Site - Data Entry Add ACD back end support to S3Backer - Add Actionscript 2.0 features to Existing Site Add actionscript to existing flash - Add AD Mob Advertisements to Android application add ad mob to our app - Add additiona features to my Directory script 9/30/10 Add additional 2/3 text-links on top right WP - Add additional currency to payment gateway Add additional data to image files - Add Additional Features to an existing website Add additional features to an extisting website - Add additional features to wordpress website Add additional field to existing application - Add additional functionality to Highcharts JS web page app. Urgent. Short time frame. Add additional functionality to iPhone & Android Application - Add additional inner pages to previous design worked add additional language on the site and fix php bugs on joomla - Add additional pages and functionality to an ASP .NET Website Add additional pages and functionality to an ASP .NET Website -- 2 - Add additional services to dating website Add additional services to my site. - add address to existing business card Add Address to Map - Add admin area to enter 8 digit sales numbers Add Admin Features - Add Administrative Login as Studio Owner Add Admob advertising to an existing iPhone applicaton - Add Admob Banner to iOS project (Objective c) Add Admob Banner to project on Eclipse - add admob on app Add Admob SDK (Banner & Interstitial) - add ads admob to application Android Add Ads Admob With - Add ads to my game developed with xamarin(mono for droid) and monogame. Add ads to my small android game - Add Adsense Code in the Wordpress Theme of my Website Add Adsense Code to Blog - Add adsense to wordpress - Remove encrypted links Add Adsense to WP website - Add advanced search tool to Drupal 7 website Add Advert Banner and Link to XML PHP Auto Email - Add advertising slot on bottom of existing webviewer based app add advertising space for joomla template - add afew share point site Add affiliate ads on my websites: Amazon, adsense, ebay. 200 sites - Add affiliate links to website Add Affiliate Logos to Site - Add Affix and Scrollspy Functionality to Multiple Navigation Elements Add After Effects for Video - Add Airline Frequent Flyer number Add AirPlay icon on volume bar - iOS radio app - Add AJAX Contact Form to Website Add Ajax Drag-and-Drop Cart Feature to ASP 3.0 Cart - Add ajax or jquery functionality to existing photo gallery Add Ajax Poller to Existing Site - Add Ajax Updater/Poller to an existing site Add AJAX-Request on Kendo UI form - Add Alert and Confirm to webview of Android App Add alert message to Android Quiz app - Add alertdialog to existing apk (break apk) add alertpay and google checkout payment options - Add all Bambi Products to Ebay Add all bidders of project to Personal Worker List on Vworker; scraping - Add Alphabetical Filters to PHP/MySQL phone directory Add Alphabetical index to e107 content plugin - Add amazon and facebook Channels to My Shopify store and add seo Add Amazon Associates Program to Wordpress Theme. - Add Amazon Product API to my website Add amazon product to wish list and gift idea - Add amortization calculator into existing .PDF created in Livecycle add an piece of script to my site that publish the latest articles on the frontpage - Add an Additional Page to Website Add an additional section to a Wordpress Template - Add an alert to this MT4 indicator Add an alias in Google Apps....Need help! - Add an Audio Player to a Wordpress theme Add an Australia Post Shipping extension to a magento store - Add an effect to updatepanel gridview with double to perform update row Add an element to a PSD packaging label - Add an existing DLL to Wiindows Forms application Add an existing landing page to Wordpress - add an extension