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A Aaaaaaaa... - a a - a a - A book designer/typesetter A Brackett - a double meta refresh redirect a drafting to scale of building frame and components - a graphic for my sports business A HTML project - a person whose handwriting is best and looks appealing to others a personal Statement for admission application - A Small Macromedia Flash Assignment a Survey Paper - A "3-step" illustration A "4D Space-Time Torsion Calculator" - a "website builder" website a "website builder" website - repost - A "Friend code wall" A "Get it Free" clone like - A 'Blog' app, including 'Threads' A 'C' library which handles file/directory IOs to Amazon S3 - a (vehicle) decale disigned A *genuine* expert on fold out submenus needed! - A .Net developer looking to invest a small amount of time after hours for shareholdings in a health and fitness platform that won Innovation of the Year at the NZ Fitness Awards last year. a .NET devloper - A 1 minute animation video presenting what we do A 1 minute animation video presenting what we do - open to bidding - A 1-2 min animated video based on a short storyline A 1-2 min Video require - A 10 page business report on Caterpillar inc. A 10 page paper on a dataset (double spaced, including figures) - A 100 articles rewrite work A 100 page book - A 1000 Words MATLAB Related Aerospace Engineering Assignemnt A 1000+ Guaranted upgraded paid membsership to our site. - A 15 min video shot and edited A 15 minutes animated video - A 1500 words Business Plan A 1500-words Chinese History Assignment - A 2 minute long video A 2 minute product analysis segment - A 2 sided FLYER, Full Color & very nice. I have the content/text. A 2 weeks deadline Mall Catalog/Events iPhone application - A 20 page power point presentation. A 20 page power point presentation. - A 2000 Euro Web Expert 200 Mini - 60 Major Website a 2000 French to English document translation - a 2000sq ft commercial building built on 2 acres of flat raw land in Yulee, FL A 2017 calendar - A 290 page book translated from English to Spanish a 2:30-3 min video - A 2D drawing of a character converted into a 3D riggable models A 2d game for iPhone - A 3 day event website A 3 dimensional drawing - a 3 pages paper that covers a specific question about a book, a history book a 3 pages project - A 3-page prototype for login and submit forms A 3-page prototype for login and submit forms - repost - A 30 second animation movie A 30 second animation movie - A 3000 word case analysis using SSM Methodology A 3000 word essay on one of the four. - A 3D African Warrior/Superhero Toy Illustration - open to bidding A 3D ancient book - A 3d animator who can create elearning content A 3d animator who can join my team - A 3d character modeled from concept art A 3D character/scene animator. - A 3D Enviroment that can edit a given cache - open to bidding A 3d film trailer - A 3D Jewelry/Model Design for 3D Printing a 3d joss paper shrimp boat - A 3D model needs recreating A 3D model needs recreating -- 2 - a 3d modeler - open to bidding a 3d modeler - open to bidding - A 3D rendered model with multiple views A 3D rendering of a Den - A 3D video animation that describes our solution A 3D video animator - A 4 minute music animated children's video - open to bidding A 4 minute or so animation. - A 40,000 Word how to book needed (Relationship niche) A 40,000 Word how to book needed (Relationship niche) 2 - A 45second animation that captures my sites product offering. A 468 x 60 gif banner - A 5 page essay on an analyses and research of the book The Young Lions. (I will provide you with a summary and details about it if you haven\'t read it) A 5 page paper for the Okinawa Battle Study on the subject of Sugar Loaf Hill - A 5-10min project -- 2 a 5-6 page paper - a 500-word summary A 5000 word essay on the Chinese Herb Turmeric due in 48 hours with 50 references. - a 60 second 2D/3D animation work for a short movie A 60 second animated video - a 6502 programmer a 6502 programmer - repost - A 7k words report [TAM in banking sector] -- 3 A 7k words report [TAM in banking sector] -- 4 - A 9gag like web page A 9gag like web page - open to bidding - a academic paragraph needed!!! a Access work - A adventure tourism website A advertisement - A am not bit I am fresser... a amazon clothing data file (intended to be used in uploading inventory - A android quiz app A android railway quert app chang - A answers for a questions A answers for a questions - A app or webpage to deliver our service. A app that allows you to connect with your friends - a architectural sketch artist for concept drawings A Arduino program and an Android APP for push notification message through Google GCM service. - a artist who can draw manga a artist who paints portraits - A Automatic bot for a automotive design - A B2B platform for luxury and fashion business A b2b trademanager script/software like that of or - A Backend Design for a Crowdfunding site A backend developer knowledgeable in PHP, Mysql and Yii framework for a small web app project - A Background Village For My Video Game A backtesting AFL script for amibroker - A band to join A Bangla Natok need to be translated in Noth American English - A banner campaign reguired. A banner design - a banner for google words and facebook A banner for my clan for COD Ghost - A banner we can use as a sign for our shop and for our website A banner, Flash and Left Column of a website redesign - A basic Android app in Unity 5 A basic android app with two web services, more info will be provided - A basic company logo A basic company logo to be used on advertisements and web site - a basic html site A basic HTML websites with 5 - 10 pages. - a basic logo/company design a basic logo/company design - Repost - A Basic Problem A Basic professional and personal website for a Contracting Company. A section for a portfolio of previous work. A section for the Team. And Contact information. Very basic - A basic version of A Basic Web Application in Springs and Hibernate - A basic website to create - open to bidding
A basic website to start a youtube channel - A batch of 7 simple accounting subject assignment A batch of photographs from which we can choose one to purchase and own in perpetuity - A Beautful Encore a beautiful aap - A Beautiful, Simple, Minimal Splash Screen Website A Beautiful, Simple, Minimal Splash Screen Website -- 2 - A beginning of a poker bot! A beginning of a poker bot, - A better application of an existing logo A Better Choice Day Habilitation: The community coming together to support the Developmentally Disabled adults - A better Stickie note A better tipping comp - A biblical based project A bid bot on - A big form of Jquery A big housing project design in different states - A big Web Form of Web elements & Jquery -- 2 A big web site development - A billionaire gets rich from a tie A binary file needed to be studied for its logic - A biostatistician who knows RevMan software A BIRD EYE DRAWING - A bit of code tidying, change layout from tables to css, and setup emailing list to be automated A bit of cosmetic work - A Bitcoin based game A Bitcoin Exchange - a black and white drawing of grandparents off picture A black and white illustration - vector for a logo design - A blog A blog - A blog article for a dessert table company event A blog article written to debate 'Employee Engagement' - A blog generating 8-10$ with google adsense A BLOG In SPANISH - A blog set up similar to Perez Hilton A blog site - a blog writer A blog writer with an internet searching experience needed - a blogger for two articles A blogger needed to write on linux/android/open source - A blood donation website A Bloons smilar type of game Mobile Phone Application - A bonus to be paid A Book - a book about starting a business, budget $50 A book about theology - A book cover A book cover - A book cover illustration A Book Cover in both Kindle (front) and CreateSpace (front, spine, back) formats - a book for the new baby A book formatted and polished, publish for Kindle Direct Publishing - A book named "THE BIBLE, UFOS AND MORE" a book of 250 pages max. - a book professionally edited A Book promoting website useing Joomla - A book to support training seminars A Book to Turn through pages for projection - a book written a book written - A booking website A booking widget for an accommodation website. - A bookstore inclusive WMS A bookstore website (architecture and programming) - a Boss, an high class lady as my Boss A Bot - a bot that can autofill the simple captchas A Bot That Can Change The World - A Botanist and a photographer [need to see qualifications] A Bots For Chat Network / Social Network! - A box with Tabs for a wordpress theme A Box2D intro for a website - a brand identity designer A brand image.App UI/UX. - A brand new job description written to incllude a descriptive working title A brand new oscommerce store needs contribution installation. - A Breath of Fresh Air A Breath of Fresh Air - ongoing work - A brief website to setup, run and test online payments a brife instuctional animation - a brochure designed A Brochure Designed - A brochure to launch a student hostel A brochure to send to corporate to introduce a Yoga program in the new year - a bug fixing A bug-fix for jQueryMobile list-view sticky-headers jittering in Android-4.0.3 WebView - A bulk conversion of XLS to XML including delivery of a cloud solution with client granted unlimited conversions A bulk facebook accounts creator - A Bunch of Rewrites Required #3 A Bunch of Rewrites Required #4 - A business / marketing Plan for "fixed geared / road" bikes A business / marketing Plan for "fixed geared / road" bikes - open to bidding - A Business Card Design A Business card Design for import & Export buisiness - A Business desktop Software app and cloud SAAS - repost A Business desktop Software with cloud SAAS - a business directory with coupon and evens a business directory with rating system and map - A business logo A business logo - a business logo A business Logo - a business logo that can be transferable from website, social networks, cards clothing A business logo to use on my website and business stationery - A Business Plan A Business Plan - A Business Plan A Business Plan - A Business Plan for Freelance Website Repost A Business Plan for frozen chicken business - A business plan writer who can write in Spanish and English A Business Plan Written - A business report on fast food industry(Pizza Hut) Global point of view. Business environment analysis. A Business Research for Mexico - A business website design for a responsive WordPress theme a business website needs to be designed Urgently - A BUYER FOR MY VIDEO TAPE EDITING EQUIPPMENT A buyer for red and white sorghum - A c programming project A c programming project (need to be done in 12 hours ) - A C# Wrapper for JavaScript a C#/.NET console parser program - A C++ Program A C++ Program - A c++ program/script that pulls score daily that I can use - open to bidding - repost A C++ programme for walsh transform - A C-based API for MySQL commands in Linux a c/c++ client can visit https server - a cad designer A cad drawing - A Cafe website(repost) a cafeteria plan to pull permits - A calendar design A calendar grid for 2014 Calendar Photoshop cs2 - A call for digital painters a call for guest bloggers banner - a camera and photo developer a camera and some editing softwares - A campaign set up i can manage A Campaign Site For An Event - A Capstone project - need a unique idea and - built it -- 2 A captcha team of data entry specialists or few individuals for long-term period. - A car sell - auction site a car selling website to allow car dealers to bid on potential car buyers - a care aide A Caribbean Resort Review Site with Ranking System - A caricature from myself