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Mechanical Engineering is a field of engineering that focuses on the design, creation, analysis and maintenance of mechanical systems. This field of engineering applies physical principles to the design and manufacturing of various machines and components for use in industry, and the service and maintenance of existing machinery. From car engines, medical equipment and construction machinery to sophisticated aerospace components, Mechanical Engineers work with almost every aspect of today’s industrial world.

At clients can hire a Mechanical Engineer to develop some of the most advanced engineering solutions. Unique applications of principles of mathematics, materials science and physics are used to examine how varying forces like gravity and friction affect different designs. Mechanical Engineers also work with computers to help them create precise drawings and simulations related to the product they’re creating or repairing.

Here's some projects that our expert Mechanical Engineer made real:

  • Develop energy efficient systems such as chillers and other climate control systems
  • Creating detailed mechanical parts from 3D models
  • Designing robust structures for static loads
  • Generating CAD files for precise machining
  • Creating precise schematics for different construction projects
  • Analyizing energy consumption involved in engineering operations
  • Producing flat pack designs for cutting out parts
  • Design consultation for various fabrication projects
  • Contucting naval architectural reviews

Projects related to Mechanical Engineering can range from complex construction or design-related tasks to more intricate analyses or simulations. With this flexibility, it's no wonder that clients continue to leverage the skill sets of Mechanical Engineers through With access to some of the most talented workers in this field clients can expect projects completed quickly, efficiently and within their budgets. So if you need a qualified Mechanical Engineer to help with your next project, why not post it on today?

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    You must be at least 16 years old and live in Latin America or Eastern Europe. ✻ NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED ✻ You do not need any experience whatsoever, but you must be clever and eager to learn. No, I am *not* being charitable; rather, I am actually being practical. ✻ PAYING YOU TO LEARN ✻ No, you are not dreaming. I value both intelligence and problem-solving ability over experience. I would prefer to work with someone who is clever and learns quickly rather than someone experienced but is not very intelligent and/or does not solve problems scientifically. ✻ TESTS ✻ You must pass several difficult logic tests to work with me. The first logic test you complete for me will be an unpaid logic test. In other words, I would not pay you any money whatsoever if you were to pass the first logi...

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    I'm seeking a seasoned mathematician/engineer for a project aimed at analyzing and solving complex mathematical equations. The equations in question are related to both structural mechanics and Reynolds equation. Key Requirements: - You should have a strong background in mathematics, particularly in the fields of structural mechanics and fluid dynamics. - Experience with Reynolds equation is a definite plus. - A profound understanding of the structural mechanics of aircraft is essential. Your primary objective is to help me analyze these equations. The overall goal is to assess the structural integrity of aircraft. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven expertise in mathematical modeling, specifically related to structural mechanics and fluid dynamics - An academic background in a...

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    I'm looking for an expert in structural engineering, specifically with experience in beam calculations. This is crucial as the project deals with a load-bearing beam made of wood. It is a ridge beam and another supporting beam. Both would preferably be 4x6 lumber with a maximum span of 6’. I just need confirmation that this will work to get my plans finalized Details: - I need calculations for a load-bearing beam. - The material of the beam is wood. - The load type was not specified in the project. Hence, you should be prepared to calculate for all types - static, dynamic, and impact loads. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Degree in Structural or Civil Engineering - Proficiency in structural engineering software - Strong understanding of wood properties and its behavior under di...

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    I need a structural engineer for designing a prefab double storied building and calculating loads staaad

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    I am in need of a savvy and experienced engineer who specializes in designing VRF cooling systems for large residential spaces. Specifically, I have a property with a total area of over 2000 square feet which requires a custom design consistent with its layout. Key Job Requirements: - Deep expertise in residential VRF cooling system design. - Particular emphasis on designs for larger homes (over 2000 sq ft). - Strong consideration of the square footage in the design phase to ensure the system's effectiveness and efficiency. This is an attractive opportunity for anyone proficient in VRF systems, particularly for those with experience in larger scale residential projects. We're looking for the ideal candidate who can design a system that harmoniously integrates into our property...

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    I'm seeking a proficient drafter with expertise in both engineering and mechanical drafting, preferably using the SolidWorks software. The task at hand will require: - Creating detailed drafts based on my specifications. - Deep understanding of engineering and mechanical concepts to accurately interpret and bring the design ideas to life. Ideally, you should have: - Extensive experience in mechanical and engineering drafting. - Profound skills in SolidWorks software. - A keen eye for detail and accuracy to produce detailed drafts. Your focus will be on the accuracy of the design details rather than the artwork. I'm excited to see your work and discuss any additional features beneficial for this project.

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    I'm seeking an expert to assist with a project involving Ansys simulation, specifically concerning structural analysis of launcher using steel. This job requires deep knowledge and hands-on experience in dealing with Ansys simulation and extensive familiarity with steel properties. - Key Responsibilities: - Work on structurally analysing a launcher using steel material using Ansys - Identify and report on structural integrity, weak points, and potential improvements - Carry out detailed simulations and generate comprehensive results The ideal candidate will have: - Proficiency in Ansys simulations - Specialization in structural analysis - A solid understanding of steel material properties - A high degree of accuracy and attention to detail. The execution of this project ne...

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    As an electrical engineer required for an industrial building project, I’m seeking an expert to handle essential tasks. The focus will majorly be on creating construction drawings required for acquiring building permits. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in circuit design and control systems. - Expertise in power distribution tailored to industrial setups. - Extensive background in creating electrical plans for industrial buildings. The project's success hinges on your capacity to deliver dependable, clear, and accurate electrical plans suitable for both construction and permit acquisition purposes. Your work will pave the way for flawless power distribution and control systems within the industrial facility. The path to project success is in your hands.

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    Hello, We are looking to improve the efficiency of our current mixer used for plastic granule mixing by designing a new mixer compatible with our existing hopper. Below are the detailed criteria we need the freelancer to meet: Project Details: Material: Standard original plastic granule. Test Quantities: 3500 g, 4000 g, 5000 g, 5500 g, 6000 g, 6500 g. Material Flow: Material flows into the hopper from a height of 20 mm and enters through a 155x87.5 mm section in 6 different colors. Expected Outcome: Design a new mixer compatible with our existing hopper and prove its functionality through tests in the specified weight ranges using particle analysis programs. Supplementary Documents: Schematic drawings and images of the current hopper and mixer are provided in the attached files. Det...

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    Selected intern`s daily duties include: 1. 3-D Model Creation and Refinement: Develop specific 3-D fashions of automobile additives and structures the use of CAD software program (e.g., SolidWorks, AutoCAD, etc). Refine and optimize current 3-D fashions primarily based totally on comments from the engineering and layout groups. 2. Collaboration with Design and Engineering Teams: Work carefully with the layout and engineering groups to make sure that fashions are accurate, useful, and meet the important specifications. Participate in normal group conferences to talk about challenge development and cope with any layout challenges. 3. Prototype Development: Assist withinside the advent of prototypes the use of 3-D printing and different fast prototyping methods. Test and compare prototypes...

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    I'm looking for a skilled professional who has experience with dynamic simulation, particularly in Autodesk Inventor Nastran, to analyze and evaluate the efficiency of our current packaging solutions for heavy pallets. Key project details: - **Objective**: The primary goal of this project is to optimize our current packaging design for sustainability. This involves comparing the performance of plastic wrap versus PET straps with honeycomb under dynamic loads, such as transportation vibrations. - **Simulation Software**: You must be proficient in Autodesk Inventor Nastran, as this will be the primary software utilised for the project. - **Reporting**: Once the analysis is complete, I will need a detailed report that outlines the results and provides recommendations on the most sustai...

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    I'm looking for a Catia expert to provide in-person training in Navi Mumbai. This is an advanced level training program tailored to the local professionals in the area. Key Responsibilities: - Deliver training sessions on Catia - must be comfortable teaching advanced level topics - Provide practical, hands-on examples that are relevant to the local industry - Adapt the training program to the skill level of the audience - Offer ongoing support to participants, answering their questions and guiding their learning Ideal Candidate: - Advanced level expertise in Catia - Proven experience in teaching and facilitating training programs - Strong communication and interpersonal skills - Understanding of the local industry in Navi Mumbai would be a plus, but not mandatory The training will ...

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    I'm seeking a talented mechanical engineer to help design a device enclosure. The primary goal of the enclosure is to provide protection for the internal components. At the same time, the enclosure should be visually appealing and allow for proper ventilation. Your role will be to deliver a balanced design that excels in both functionality and aesthetics. Key Responsibilities: - Designing the enclosure to provide adequate protection for the internal components. - Ensuring the enclosure is visually appealing and enhances the product's overall aesthetics. - Creating proper ventilation systems within the enclosure to prevent overheating. Your application should ideally include: - Examples of your past work showcasing your experience in designing device enclosures. - Demonstrated...

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    I'm seeking a freelancer with ANSYS Workbench expertise for a numerical modeling project to perform a static analysis on a push-out test specimen (Non-linear Analysis). I want to perform a numerical analysis using finite elements for a push-out test on a sample consisting of a GFRP girder and a concrete slab with GFRP rebars. The concrete and girder are connected by a shear connector made of stainless steel, under static load analysis (Non-linear solution). The numerical model has been completed, but the results are incorrect. The errors might be in the definition of the materials used, the contact between the different parts, or in any part of the model phase. The required tasks are to modify the model and perform verification of the load-slippage curve to ensure it approximates t...

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    My project involves the structural design of a bridge cum culvert that is intended to cater to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic across a local drain. The design must be able to withstand flood risks and should be modeled and analyzed using STAAD Pro software. Key Project Details: - Design both for vehicle and pedestrian traffic - Consider flood risks in the area - Utilize STAAD Pro for modeling and analysis Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in structural engineering for bridges and culverts - Prior experience in designing structures with similar dual functionality - Proficiency in STAAD Pro software for structural analysis The deliverables for this project are: - Detailed structural design plans for the bridge cum culvert - Comprehensive software analysis report using STAAD ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled professional who is proficient in Autodesk Inventor 3D modeling. I need to rearrange a tote tilter, a sifter, and a metal detector within a specific building height. The goal of this rearrangement is to include a new sifter and optimize the available space. Key requirements: - Proficient in Autodesk Inventor 3D modeling - Experience in industrial equipment layout design - Understanding of equipment integration for enhanced functionality The existing space has a ceiling height restriction and the ideal candidate should be able to work within these limitations. The new equipment needs to be integrated with the existing systems in order to improve efficiency and workflow. The integration requires combining the new sifter with the existing equipment for enhanc...

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    I'm on the lookout for a skilled engineering professional who can design two linear, vibratory feeders for my project. The first system is a straightforward conveyor for parts. The second system is a bit more complex, it's a robotic feed that not only transports parts but also sorts and orients them. The parts in question are metallic raw stock. Key Points: - I require two linear, vibratory feeders - one for simple transport and the other for sorting and orientation. - The feeders should handle metallic raw stock - The production rate I'm aiming for is under 100 parts per minute Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in engineering and designing linear, vibratory feeders - Strong background in robotic feeds and part sorting systems - Able to handle a production rate of under ...

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    Spa Hydraulic System Design 1 hour left

    I'm seeking a knowledgeable and experienced hydraulic specialist to design a hydraulic system for a small day spa in an existing commercial property 100 sqm in size . The system should include a water supply system, drainage system, and water heating system. Exceptional design capabilities are a must to ensure that our spa is compliant and can have a toilet, a, hot tub, and a steam room. This is an urgent project with tight timelines, we need the hydraulic developed within a week. Required Skills: - Expertise in hydraulic systems - Familiarity with spa structures and features - Strong problem-solving abilities - Top-notch design talent Experience: - Demonstrated success with similar projects - Understanding of spa-specific hydraulic challenges will be preferred. - compliance with ...

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    I need help with LAMMPS. I'm looking to perform a Monte Carlo simulation on a zirconium-copper cube with a concentration of 2%. I don't get along with the Monte Carlo execution setup I don't get replacements of atoms, More details will be shared over a chat

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    We are looking for ideas on how to have a small flat plastic container (approx 85mm x 55 mm x 4mm) fold in half to dispense fluid from a dropper nozzle (at the folded seam) that gets exposed when container is folded in half. The challenge, and specifically what we are looking for ideas on, is how to pass fluid across the seam when folded. Ideally the internal volume would not change until mostly folded to prevent squeezing out fluid or sucking in air during the folding process. Only after it is almost fully folded should there be pressure to squeeze out a drop of fluid. I have attached various rough ideas for this. Ideas like how straw can bend or how a fire bellows works can be used for inspiration. My goal is that this is about the size of a thick credit card. It would be flat, nozzle w...

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    Seeking a freelancer well-versed in AutoCAD to trace an electrical conduit for me. We will supply a PDF with the actual line to trace. You will have to recreate those line in autocad. The building baseline will be supplied has well.

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    I'm in need of an experienced professional to handle the following tasks: - Drywall Repair: The project involves fixing multiple large cracks in the drywall. - Foundation Sealing: The foundation needs to be sealed to prevent further issues. Skills required: - Proven experience in drywall repair and foundation sealing. - Attention to detail and precision in work. - Strong problem-solving skills to address the root cause of the damage. - Knowledge of the best materials and techniques for these procedures.

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    I am seeking an experienced electrical estimation engineer able to handle large-scale, multi-story building and industrial facilities. Key Responsibilities: - Preparing cost estimates for diverse electrical projects, including but not limited to residential, commercial, and industrial. Ideal Candidate: - The perfect fit for this project will have a strong background in a broad range of electrical projects in both a residential and commercial context. - Proven experience with large projects, such as multi-story buildings or industrial facilities, is a must. - The ability to accurately prepare cost estimates is indispensable for this role. If you fit the description, I would love to hear from you.

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    In my endeavor to progress the operational efficiency of my business, I am actively seeking proficient experts in the field of electrical engineering. I require specific assistance with: - Electrical system design - Power system protection - Energy automation The ideal candidate should demonstrate proven experience and proficiency in Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories' (SEL) offerings. Their task will be not only to ensure safety through power system protection but also to design efficient, reliable systems under the umbrella of energy automation. Extensive experience and an established skillset in EPLAN Electric P8 are non-negotiable prerequisites, as this software will be leaned on heavily to execute the assigned tasks. It lies paramount to note that the foremost objective of th...

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    This project is focused on building a machine from scratch to extract fibers from plants for textile production on an enormous scale. I am looking for a professional who can create a machine based on this specific plant fiber, where all green matter from the plant has been extracted and the fiber is left in its natural form with little to no damage. We need the machine to be fast and efficient, and only one motion. The plant fiber goes into the machine, then comes out the other end in fiber form. We are Hong Kong based. Key Specifications: - Understand and implement suitable extraction methods. - Experience in industrial-level textile production. - Detail-oriented to ensure the quality of the extracted fibers. This project demands skills and experience in dealing with plant fibers ...

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    I'm in need of an AI software solution that effectively extracts all data from PDF files of aerospace components drawings. KEY DETAILS: - Notations will be a prime focus; these include geometric dimensions, tolerances, assembly instructions, surface finishes, and other annotations. - Development time is not restricted; attention to detail matters more than speed. IDEAL SKILLS: - Clear understanding of aerospace component drawings - Proficiency in AI and machine learning methodologies - Experience with data extraction from complex drawings - Knowledge of PDF data extraction and management - Ability to work independently with minimal oversight Think you can create an accurate and efficient AI tool for this purpose? I'd love to hear from you.

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    I'm looking for a skilled mechanical engineer or product designer who can assist in redesigning a bolt system for industrial applications. The current issue with the bolt is that it keeps rotating after tightening, which is decreasing overall product efficiency. The main objectives of the new design should be: - To prevent the bolt from rotating post tightening - To significantly improve product efficiency in industrial use Key Requirements: - Experience in mechanical design and industrial product development - Proficiency with CAD software - Ability to understand and cater to industrial needs and standards Please only apply if you have relevant experience and can provide examples of similar work.

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    I'm looking to hire an expert with a deep understanding of WrightSoft for manual D duct and mechanical designs. This project will focus on sophisticated designs for complex, multi-million dollar custom residential plans. High expectations are set for this project so only professionals who can handle intricate and elaborate HVAC plans are encouraged to bid. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in WrightSoft for both manual D duct designs and mechanical designs - Extensive experience in advanced residential HVAC layout - Demonstrated ability to meet high expectation and deliver quality work within deadlines We are seeking an experienced HVAC duct designer who can create high-quality designs using WrightSoft. These designs will be used for client presentations and during installa...

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    I am looking for an engineer to build a rechargeable battery-powered portable car washer. The car washer should have the following features: - Soap Dispenser: An incorporated soap dispenser to make the washing process easier and more efficient. - Adjustable Pressure: The washer must have the ability to modify the pressure range to carefully clean the varying parts of a car's exterior. - Multi-nozzle Attachments: These should be included to take care of different sized surfaces and varying levels of dirt and grime. Ideally, the pressure range of the washer should be from 2000 to 3000 PSI. The perfect candidate for this job is someone who has strong experience in product development and design, with a deep understanding of pressure systems. Even better if you have designed washing...

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    I'm seeking a skilled professional with experience in designing for CNC cutting on metal. This project specifically involves creating a DXF file for a large size cutting project. Key Requirements: - Expertise in CNC design, particularly for cutting - Prior experience working with metal materials - Ability to create a design suitable for a large scale (24 inches and above) - Proficiency in delivering work in DXF file format As the client, I have a clear vision of the project's requirements and need someone who can translate this into an efficient and precise CNC design. Your attention to detail and prior experience with similar projects will be highly valuable in delivering a successful outcome.

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    Hi, Im seeking an engineer with an in depth understanding of the Australia glass codes and building codes related to Glass Balustrades and Stair case glass. On going consultation work would be required. If any one out there can help, that would be appreciated.

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    I need an experienced draftsman adept at using both AutoCAD and Creo for a mechanized project. Your responsibilities will include: - 2D drafting - 3D modeling Ideal candidates demonstrate: - Profound knowledge and expertise in AutoCAD & Creo - A track record in Mechanical Drafting - An ability to accurately create 2D drafts and 3D models based on my requirements. A strong portfolio showcasing similar work in mechanical drafting using both AutoCAD and Creo is a must. Please include examples in your proposal. Thank you!

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    I am seeking an AutoCAD freelancer proficient in 2D drafting and equipped with AutoCAD Electrical. Your role would be delivering detailed technical drawings that abide by engineering standards. The ideal freelancer should bring the following to the table: - Excellent skill set in 2D drafting. - Familiarity with AutoCAD Electrical. - Experience in creating detailed technical drawings. Understanding electrical components and circuitry is a plus, as the job revolves around designing electrical systems. Justice to this task requires not only experience but also an analytical approach to translate complex plans into legible 2D drawings. I look forward to working with a highly detailed-oriented professional on this project.

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    Project Title: Redesign of Ice Flaking Machine Hardware Description: We are seeking a skilled and experienced mechanical/electrical engineer to redesign the hardware components of our ice flaking machine. The goal of this project is to improve the efficiency, reliability, and performance of our existing ice flaker while minimizing production costs and maintenance requirements. Project Scope: 1. Assessment of Current Design: o Analyze the existing hardware design of the ice flaking machine. o Identify weaknesses, inefficiencies, and potential areas for improvement. 2. Redesign Requirements: o Develop a more efficient and reliable design for the ice flaker hardware. o Ensure the new design meets all industry standards and safety regulations. o Optimize the design for cost-effective manufact...

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    Fixed rate: No less than $100 Newbies & agencies need not apply Description: I need an ASE certified mechanic to write a damage report based upon pictures and description. The following will be needed: Mechanic’s contact information and certification details. Detailed descriptions of each damaged area. Photographs of the damaged parts. Repair cost estimates. A statement declaring the vehicle as a total loss. Please see pictures attached. The vehicle was vandalized and all windows and lights were broken by kids who threw rocks at the truck while it was parked. The exhaust has holes rusted through, it's leaking power steering fluid, one of the engine mounts is rusted off, the frame for the passenger front window is broken, the idler for the timing belt is broken and the ...

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    I'm in search of a mid-level plastic injection moulding operator to assist with a low-volume production run. Key Project Details: - Plastic Material: The specifics were not mentioned, but the operator should have a good understanding of working with various materials and the ability to recommend the best option when material is not specified. - Volume: The production run will be low volume - less than 1000 units. The operator should be able to keep up with quality expectations despite the lower quantity. - Experience: The role requires a mid-level operator, so familiarity with various injection moulding techniques and the ability to troubleshoot potential issues is crucial. I'm looking for an operator who can provide a good balance between quality and efficiency to help bring...

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    I'm currently in the initial concept phase of developing a new type of disability transportation. To bring my vision to life, I need a manufacturing engineer with a specialization in product design. Key Responsibilities: - Collaborate with me to outline the design requirements and specifications of the vehicle. - Create detailed technical drawings and models for the product. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in product design, especially in the area of mobility or transportation. - Proficient in 3D modeling and CAD software. - Excellent communication skills and a collaborative working style.

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    I need a New York State Licensed Professional Engineer to review and stamp a structural engineering report. Key Requirements: - The chosen freelancer should have a valid New York State Professional Engineering License. This is non-negotiable and a crucial part of the project. - The report is already existing; the task is to review it, and if it meets necessary standards, stamp it as a professional engineer. Ideal Skills: - New York State Licensed Professional Engineer - Experience in reviewing and stamping engineering reports - Strong knowledge of structural engineering Please include your license number in your application as proof, and feel free to ask for further details if needed.

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    My project entails the implementation of a chocolate ball mill required for mixing ingredients on a large scale. This specialized machinery aims to achieve: - Large Scale Production: We're aiming to blend ingredients for a sizable number of chocolate batches. As such, having experience with large-scale production equipment is essential. - Basic Digital Control: While we want the mill to have digital controls, they won't need to be overly complicated. Therefore, the ideal freelancer should have proficiency with basic digital machinery controls. In summary, I need an expert who's not only skilled in designing and setting up large-scale food production machinery especially chocolate ball mills for mixing purposes but also in basic digital machinery controls.

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    I'm seeking an expert in underground power lines for provision of ad hoc advice on the diversion of a 275kv national grid cable. Specifically, my area of interest is the engineering design and analysis particularly in relation to cable routing and layout planning. Ideal skills and experience include: • Demonstrated knowledge in 275kv underground power lines • Proven expertise in cable routing and design • Ability to explain complex engineering concepts clearly • Experience in national grid cable diversion Your advice will facilitate safe, efficient, and optimal routing procedures whilst meeting all necessary standards and regulations.

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    As the client, I am looking for an expert in laser etching to help engrave degree markings on an aluminum material. This is a straightforward task but it does require utmost precision and attention to detail. Skills and Experience Needed: - Expertise in laser etching, specifically on aluminum. - A strong understanding of measurements and degrees to etch accurately. - Previous experience with similar projects is a plus, but not mandatory. Please make sure your bid includes your relevant experience and how you plan to ensure exact degree-markings execution.

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    I'm in urgent need of transforming some of our company pictures into simple, engineering-like sketches. These drawings are intended for use in our presentations and online platforms. Key Requirements: - The drawings should have a simple, yet professional, engineering-like feeling to them. - The transformation needs to be done urgently, so I'm looking for somebody who can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Please provide examples of your past work in a similar domain for me to review.

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    I'm Shankar from Sri Sakthi Industries, a centrifugal blower manufacturer, looking for an experienced design engineer to help us with a project. - Specifically, the tasks the design engineer will need to perform include designing the blower structure, creating 3D models of the blower, and calculating airflow and pressure requirements. - Proficiency in AutoCAD and SolidWorks is a must, as you'll be using these for the design process. Knowledge of ANSYS would also be beneficial. - We're working on a tight deadline, so the expected turnaround time for the design work is within 1 week. Ideal Skills: - Experience in designing blower structures - Proficiency with AutoCAD and SolidWorks - Ability to calculate airflow and pressure requirements - Knowledge of ANSYS - Strong atten...

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    I am looking for an experienced individual who can translate my mechanical drawings, inclusive of annotations and dimensions, into MicroStation format. These drawings involve several different components and aren’t overly complex, but still require a discerning eye and strong attention to detail. The ideal bidder will possess: * Thorough understanding and proficiency in MicroStation. * Background in mechanical engineering or similar. * Familiarity with dimensional and annotational conversions. * Excellent spatial reasoning and drafting skills. Your task is to translate all components and markings accurately, maintaining the fidelity of the original drawings. This project requires an individual who can work without supervision and always meets deadlines. Please submit your ...

    $500 - $1000
    Sealed NDA
    $500 - $1000
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    I'm seeking a professional to help register inorganic chemicals per the requirements of UK REACH and create submission dossier. This is a compliance task that needs accuracy and relevant knowledge. Here's what I'm looking for: - An expert with experience in registering chemicals in accordance with UK REACH regulations. - A background in inorganic chemistry would be highly beneficial. - The individual should be knowledgeable in extracting and compiling basic chemical properties like molecular weight, melting point, boiling point, solubility, etc. Remember, the scope is limited to basic chemical properties only. Priortize clear, thorough documentation as these data will support the registration process. Understanding of health and safety regulations in relation to inorganic...

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    Below is a scope of work that we have which we need your cost and timeline to complete. For this project, the manufacturer does not have testing of their systems, and we will qualify them through engineering analysis of the structural elements. Any evaluation of the air or water resistance, or impact resistance is outside of the scope of the evaluation. The following items need to be analyzed: capacity (ASTM E1300) methods (use 20 psi silicone design strength if wet glazed) members such as mullions, astragals, TDLs, etc. shall be evaluated as beams based on their section properties hardware components shall be evaluated for the load they are subjected to and their layout shall be adequate to transfer the load to the structure Examples are attached of previously completed simi...

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    I'm on a quest to build my own gasoline, mid-size car prioritizing comfort internally. I'm seeking experienced freelancers who can contribute to this ambitious project. Here's what I envision: * Design and Build: Mid-sized gasoline car - providing a blueprint will be your first order of business. If you've worked on car manufacturing projects before, that's a huge plus. * Interior Comfort: The car should embody comfort. Expertise in ergonomic design and vast knowledge of comfortable, high-quality materials are paramount. * Fuel System: Even though the car is gasoline powered, experience with fuel-efficient designs will be necessary to maximize its output. Skills and Experience: * Proficiency in AutoCAD or similar designing software. * Familiarity with gasol...

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    $11 / hr Avg Bid
    16 bids

    I'm in need of a skilled individual with a background in engineering or similar field to help me determine the weight capacity of a custom tubular steel shelf. This shelf, measuring 54"LX30""H, is intended to hold an aquarium tank weighing approximately 1000lbs in a college setting. Key deliverables: - **Analysis of Weight Capacity:** The primary objective is to calculate the maximum weight this steel shelf can safely support. This involves factoring in the dimensions of the shelf, the material it's made of (14ga. tubular steel), and the intended load. - **Recommendations:** Based on the findings of the weight capacity analysis, I'll need clear recommendations on whether this shelf is structurally suitable for its intended use. If not, suggestions for modifi...

    $134 (Avg Bid)
    $134 Avg Bid
    46 bids

    I'm in need of a well-experienced mechanical engineer who can design a hydraulic lift specifically for parking a single car. The design should focus on: - Optimized use of space through smart engineering. - Safety standards to handle a single car. - Ease of operation and maintenance. The ideal candidate for this project will have: - Extensive experience in mechanical engineering, particularly hydraulic systems. - A sharp eye for safety and efficiency. - Prior experience in designing car parking solutions is a boon. The aim is to develop a robust, space-saving design that can reliably park a car using hydraulic technology. With your expertise, I'm looking forward to seeing how we can make the most out of this project.

    $13 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $13 / hr Avg Bid
    17 bids

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