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JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. If you are looking for a website to be created with sophisticated interactivity or in search of an impressive mobile app, using JavaScript is the way to go. With the help of our expert Javascript Developers, you can bring your idea to life.

A Javascript developer on can create dynamic web applications with extended features and improved user experiences. They can also design advanced gaming applications, develop cloud applications, and create powerful websites that work with less coding and low complexity.

Here's some projects that our expert Javascript Developers made real:

  • Developed interactive websites & apps with detailed user accounts experience
  • Created powerful applications that streamline complex data into actionable insights
  • Built custom Windows and Mac software designed to fit client specifications
  • Developed mobile apps that enables customers to access data from their phones
  • Connected databases to web interfaces with easy input/output functionality
  • Optimized existing code for faster loading pages and smoother user workflows

Javascript Developers on know how to turn ideas into reality. They are experienced professionals dedicated to excellence and creating top-notch scripts that are easy to use, reliable and fast. If you have an idea but don’t know how to turn it into technical reality, is the place to post your project. Hire our expert Javascript developers today!

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    I am in need of a skilled developer to create a custom PHP script for my website. Key Requirements: - The script must offer the functionality of user registration and login. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in PHP programming. - Experience with user authentication and registration systems. - Strong understanding of web development principles.

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    I am seeking an experienced PHP developer to implement a throttling system for our API sending. Currently, we are sending data to an endpoint in real-time. However, this approach has caused server overload in the past. When We Hit the Endpoint Or Messages Get Blocked As They Say We Are Sending To Fast So We Need To Add A Throttle System And A Que On Our Api Endpoints So When Our Users Hit Our Endpoints And We Forward them Then It Will Go Into A Que And Be Processed At the Right Speed Key requirements: - Devising a throttling solution: We need you to design and implement a mechanism that will ensure our API requests are spread out over time to prevent server overload. - Experience in real-time data handling: Our data needs to be transmitted to the endpoint instantly, so you must have exp...

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    Bring your web app idea to life with my extensive experience in full-stack development. I specialize in creating robust backends using Node.js and Express, with MongoDB for efficient data handling. For performance optimization, I integrate Redis as a caching layer. On the frontend, I craft engaging and responsive interfaces using React.js. Whether you need an e-commerce platform, a personalized content management system, or any other type of web application, I ensure high performance and scalability.

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a full 3D Shopify website. The site should meet the following specifications: - **Purpose of 3D Spinning Effect**: The main aim of the 3D spinning effect on the clothing is to enhance product display. You need to ensure that this feature is seamlessly integrated and works well across different devices. - **Cross-Platform Optimization**: The website needs to be optimized for all platforms including Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet. It is crucial to ensure that the 3D effects work smoothly and the logo spins 24/7 on every device. - **Branding Guidelines**: I have specific branding guidelines that need to be followed. This means incorporating our brand's colors, themes, and overall look into the design. Ideal applicants should have a p...

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    I'm looking for a skilled Developer to create a simple Whatsapp Auto-Reply chatbot using OpenAI's ChatGPT, and the any WhatsApp API (could be Wassenger API, Node.js, or other WhatsApp integration API works too!) Key Requirements: Implement OpenAI's ChatGPT for AI responses. Send automated messages based on triggers. Plan for future multi-language support. Use Node.js to integrate Wassenger API for WhatsApp chatbot.(OPTIONAL) Ideal Skills and Experience: Proficiency in API integrations. Experience with/ know how to pre-train chatbots and AI models like ChatGPT. Understanding of best practices for engaging chatbots. (Triggers and negative prompts) Strong communication skills for collaboration and future language support. Note: Assist in obtaining a API key.

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    We are looking for a proficient MEAN stack developer, specializing in Angular, and MongoDB. Your primary tasks will include the following: - Data Modelling - Implementing CRUD Operations - Query Optimization The ultimate goal of the project is to develop a IVF module for our existing ERP Application. The ideal candidate should have extensive experience with these tasks and MongoDB. You'd be a great fit for this project if you're great at problem-solving, have a keen attention to detail and are proficient in , AngularJS, and Node.js.

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    Hi, I want a catalog in JS (i prefer without jquery and no framework), use bootstrap, with all funtion on this : https :// www .promo catalo rdez/of fres/catal ogue-e-lec lerc-230 0001#page=1 (Link with space, just remove it) with ads every N pages, ads on bottom etc ... This can be done with Js framework but not much of them, not copy the exemple, you have to do it, and all screen size compatible like exemple. Please read carefully, automatic bid is ignored.

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    I would like to purchase the previously produced Holdem poker game source code. Please support only those who have the completed source code and can sell it. Frontend: React.js for the UI, WebSockets for real-time communication, and for 3D card animations. Backend: Node.js with Express for the server, MongoDB for the database, and for WebSocket communication.

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    I'm in need of a Magento expert to ensure that a shipment is always created for my Magento 2.4.3 orders, even when the quantity is 0 or less. I have MSI enables with 8 different sources and 8 different stocks. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a solution that allows the system to create shipments for orders with 0 or negative quantities in Magento 2. - Ensure that the process of creating shipments for these orders is smooth and doesn't disrupt the overall order management system. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Magento 2 and its architecture. - Strong understanding of order processing and shipment creation in Magento. - Experience in customizing and extending Magento functionalities. - Ability to write clean, maintainable and efficient code. - Good problem-solving sk...

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    Urgent Fix for Crypto Faucet 6 days left

    My faucet has already been created using the viefaucet script, there is no need to create a new faucet. I just need help to fix my shortlinks and also add offerwalls to my faucet. For shortlinks, they have already been added. It's just whenever a user clicks on them, it shows as *failed to generate this link*. Need help to fix the settings/links so that users can click on the link without problem. For offerwall, there is already an offerwall section. Just need help to set up and add the offerwalls to my faucet. Ideal Skills: - Experience with cryptocurrency faucets - Proficiency in fixing redirect issues - Ability to work under tight deadlines

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    I run an agency and I'm looking for a web developer who's comfortable with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and GSAP(optional but preferable) Key responsibilities: - Supporting the development of e-commerce websites, corporate websites, and interactive web applications. - Working on various stages of the development process, from design to deployment. Ideal candidate: - Has a good understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and GSAP. - Experience working on e-commerce websites, corporate websites, and interactive web applications. - Comfortable working in an agency environment.

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    I am on the hunt for a skilled MERN Stack Developer to collaborate on a compelling new web application. Key Skills Required: - MERN stack development; both front-end and back-end. - Demonstrated understanding and use of React, Express, MongoDB for past projects. - Possess excellent database management skills. Project Objective: The key goal is to create a robust, user-friendly web application using MERN stack. Therefore, the ideal candidate should possess significant experience with the design and deployment of similar projects. The ability to communicate effectively, troubleshoot issues and consistently meet deadlines is crucial.

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    I'm looking for an expert in Typescript and Solana to help with integrating a smart contract into my project. I have a smart contract code, but I need to get the typescript code to integrate it on solana playground.

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    I'm in need of a Flutter developer to make a quick addition to my existing app. The task involves creating a new tab that displays event data sourced from an open API in a Wordpress site. This is a simple task, so please send competitive quotes. Key Requirements: - Add a new tab displaying events data - Data should be fetched from an open API in a Wordpress site - Display events in List view - No need for RSVP functionality, but users should be able to: * View event details * Share events on social media Ideal Candidate: - Experienced with Flutter - Familiar with fetching data from Wordpress APIs - Proficient in creating list views - Capable of adding simple sharing and viewing functionalities Please include your estimated timeline and quote in your proposal. Looking...

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    I'm looking for a skilled professional with expertise in animation and SVG. I have an image that I would like to convert into an SVG file for website use. The successful freelancer should be able to simplify the code to a single path while preserving the visual integrity of the original image. Key Requirements: - Experience in animation and SVG - Proven track record of similar projects - Ability to simplify complex SVG code - Understanding of web-based image optimization The final deliverable should be an SVG file that is visually accurate and optimized for web use. Please include relevant past work in your application.

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    THIS IS 1 HOUR Job So is basically 150$ / HR Just get it right :) You can test your VALUES inside the custom the value of this page: Freelancer Brief: Customizing Ant Design (antd) Theme with Apple Style (White and Black) Overview We need a freelancer to customize the Ant Design (antd) theme to reflect an Apple-inspired aesthetic, available in both light (white) and dark (black) modes. The customization should ensure all UI components harmonize, including hover, active states, and focus on accessibility. Additionally, the theme should seamlessly integrate with a prose editor used within the application. Deliverables - Two JSON files: One for the light (default) theme and one for the dark (night) theme. - Two sets of CSS classes and customizations: For the prose editor to match bo...

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    I am looking for a skilled Angular developer to build a website with particular focus on user authentication, roles and permissions. Key Features: - The primary objective is to create a robust user authentication system. - The website should have two types of roles: Admin and User. - The Admin role should have the ability to manage and moderate content, users and other aspects of the website. The User role will have standard access to the functionalities. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Angular development with a solid portfolio of website projects. - Previous experience in implementing user authentication and role-based access control in Angular. - Strong understanding of web security principles and best practices. - Ability to communicate effectively and work collaborat...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer who can integrate a cricket scorecard API into my system. The primary goal of this integration is to provide real-time match scores to visitors. Key Features: - The scorecard should offer live scoring updates to ensure users are up-to-date with the match progress. - The implementation should be in the form of a widget on a website, ensuring it's easily accessible to users. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in integrating APIs, particularly in a web-based environment. - Prior experience with sports-related APIs, especially cricket, would be a plus. - Understanding of user experience and interface design, in order to present the scorecard in a user-friendly manner. If you're confident in your API integration skills and have a passion for ...

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    I'm currently looking for an experienced front-end developer with expertise in Next.js. The main purpose of the project is to create an informational website that should be optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. Key Project Requirements: - Develop a responsive design using - Optimize the website for both desktop and mobile - Implement the specific color scheme provided Skills and Experience: - Proficient in - Strong understanding of responsive design - Experience in creating optimized websites for desktop and mobile - Ability to implement specific color schemes Please provide examples of previous projects that showcase similar work.

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    Working on web development projects focused on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript entails leveraging these foundational technologies to create interactive and visually appealing websites and applications. HTML forms the backbone, providing structure and semantic markup for content. It defines the elements that make up the webpage, such as text, images, forms, and links. CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, enhances HTML by controlling the presentation, layout, and design aspects of the webpage. It allows developers to customize fonts, colors, spacing, and responsive design, ensuring a consistent look across different devices. The development process typically involves translating design mockups into HTML/CSS templates, implementing interactive features using JavaScript, and ensuring cross-browser compat...

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    I have a Python script which uses Playwright for automation. The script is struggling with a few issues and needs to be updated. Key Points: - The script is not running correctly and is failing to interact with the necessary elements. It also currently cannot bypass the login page. - I would like the script to be updated to use a different authentication method in order to get past the login page and get cookies. - In terms of error handling, I would like the script to log errors to a file and to automatically retry any failed operations to get valid cookies. The ideal freelancer for this project would have: - Proficiency in Python and Playwright, with a strong understanding of automation. - Experience in debugging and fixing issues in existing scripts. - Knowledge of different authenti...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer with experience in AppSmith to help me set up specific interfaces within the tool. - The tasks will involve creating a Login interface with username and password fields, would like some more insights into if we can manage users parameters with MySQL database rather than the internal database. - We would like the next pages to be dependent on the users being logged in and just some simple pages displaying some MySQL data. Ideal candidates for this project should have clear familiarity with AppSmith and prior experience in setting up similar interfaces. They should also be proficient in working with MySQL databases. This is a great opportunity for a developer looking to showcase their skills and deliver a meaningful solution. Let's discuss your ...

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    I need an expert to integrate Google login into my and Node.js application to enhance our user onboarding process. - What I'm aiming for: * A seamless Google single sign-on experience. * Restrict access to certain application areas post-login. - Ideal Skills Needed: * Proficiency in and Node.js. * Experience with OAuth 2.0 and social login integration. * Understanding of secure authentication practices. * Proven ability to work with Google APIs. - Project Steps: * Set up Google login within our system. * Ensure secure, functional user authentication. * Link login to access exclusive features. By applying, you are confirming that you can undertake this task from start to finish, guiding me through the entire process. You don’t need prior experience, but an...

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a Telegram bot and tap to earn mini app like Hamster Kombat. attached you will find more details of this project.

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    In light of my project, I'm looking for a professional developer to build an accessible job portal. Key Features: - A voice-controlled interface: I value inclusivity, so this portal must tend to users who might have difficulty reading or typing. - Chatbot and AI integration: The portal has to provide automated support through intelligent interaction. Assistance for Vision Impairments: - Screen reader compatibility: Allow text content to be translated into speech for individuals who are visually impaired. - Text-to-speech functionality: Offer the ability for text displayed on the screen to be read aloud for better accessibility. - High contrast mode: Include this mode to aid users who have difficulty viewing standard color combinations. Support for Intellectual Disabilities: - Sim...

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    I am seeking a skilled developer who can create a Tally Connector Software. The software should be able to connect to a Tally system and export / sync data in real-time to JSON format. Key requirements: - The software should be able to export the following data from Tally into JSON: Account balances, Sales transactions, and Purchase transactions. - The synchronization should be in real-time, which means that any updates made in Tally should be reflected immediately in the JSON data. The JSON data will be sent to a backend server. So, the connector should be designed with this in mind. Ideal skills for the job: - Strong experience with Tally systems - Proficient in software development, particularly in creating connectors or APIs - Familiarity with real-time data synchronization - Unders...

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    I have successfully set up the LottoLab live lottery platform from CodeCanyon. I'm now in need of a developer who can seamlessly integrate the CashFree payment gateway to the platform. Code link - payment gateway we sir - Key Requirements: - Integration of the CashFree payment gateway to facilitate user payments on the LottoLab platform. - Ensure that the integration is secure, user-friendly and fully functional. The successful candidate should ideally have: - Proficient experience in payment gateway integrations, specifically with CashFree. - Strong knowledge and understanding of PHP and MySQL. - A track record of successfully implementing similar integrations in a timely manner. Your main task will be to ensure that users can easily and securely make payments through the Ca...

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    Web app modification. -- 2 6 days left

    I need some modification in an app that is getting data of trending crpto from twitter.

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    I am looking for a php developer with experience and in-depth knowledge of how cookies are managed in various browsers. The php script will have to insert a cookie when the visitor visits a particular website. The cookie or series of cookies can also be set via an iframe (for example). The best purpose of the script would be to pass the cookie values ​​server side and not client side. Cookies are considered third-party cookies so it is necessary to execute the right logic in the script for these cookies to be set, as they could be considered CSRF. It is important to consider the fact that current browsers are deprecating cookies so in most cases they are blocked if considered third-party and . This announcement is only for experienced PHP programmers with in-depth knowledge of how cookies ...

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    I am in need of a comprehensive cross-platform app that will be utilized for home inspection report generation. The app should be compatible with both Apple and Android devices, as well as internet browsers. Key Features: - Expertise in PDF generation within apps - Inspection Report Creation: This app must be able to create detailed inspection reports. The reports should include: - Property Details: This should cover information such as property address and owner information. - Inspection Findings: Details of any issues or findings during the inspection. - Photos/Videos: It should allow the inclusion of visual media alongside text. - Recommendations: A section for suggestions or recommendations based on the inspection findings. - Cross-platform app development experie...

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    I have some experience with Java but I'm looking to improve in web application development using Spring Boot. I learn best by understanding theoretical concepts. Key aspects: - Java & Spring Boot Web Development: The main focus of this project is to take my understanding of Java and Spring Boot to the next level. I am particularly keen on improving in web application development. Skills and experience needed: - Expertise in Java and Spring Boot: The ideal candidate must have a strong command over Java and Spring Boot, with a focus on web application development. - Experience in Training: I learn effectively through understanding theoretical concepts, so the trainer must be adept at explaining complex programming concepts in a clear and concise manner. - Strong Communication Sk...

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    I'm urgently looking for a professional who can optimize my webpage login for high traffic while ensuring a fast login process. Key Requirements: - The login must be ultra-fast during high traffic times. The aim is to cater to less than 1000 users simultaneously. Ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience in optimizing webpages for high traffic and fast access. - Strong understanding of user account management and online security. - Ability to work under tight deadlines and deliver results promptly. This project is urgent, and I'm looking to have it completed ASAP. Please only bid if you have the required experience and can deliver within a short timeframe.

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    TON CHAIN token transfer MEV script-nodejs

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    I'm currently facing an issue with fixing a single component in my Vue project (That was transfered from C# using GPT and working successfuly). Key Requirements: - Ability to identify and rectify rendering issues in Vue components. - Previous experience working with Vue.js. The feature is dragging and sorting table rows. I made static html with this vue draggable code sample which is working fine, but trying to implement the dragabble code on my template file result in strange behaviour that it's only letting me drop the dragable line between the few first lines and not to all of them (while it do let me drag them all). I assume it's a simple stupid syntax but I'll be glad for help.

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    I'm seeking a talented freelancer to help me enhance my skills in programming and designing. Programming: - I'm looking to focus on improving my knowledge in JavaScript and Python. - I need hands-on experience and guidance to develop a better understanding of both languages. Designing: - In terms of design, I'm particularly interested in improving my skills in graphic design and UX/UI design. - I require practical projects and constructive feedback to hone my skills in these design areas. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in JavaScript and Python, with a strong understanding of programming concepts and best practices. - Extensive experience in graphic design and UX/UI design, with a keen eye for aesthetics and user experience. - Prior experience in mentoring or ...

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    As a business owner, I require a developer who can construct a Telegram bot specifically tailored to interact with our customers via automated messaging. Key Requirements: - The bot should be programmed in JavaScript, thus your proficiency in this language is crucial. - It has to send automated messages, such as order updates, promotions or scheduled alerts. - The bot must be designed to respond to queries from customers, providing them with immediate and efficient customer service. - It is essential for the bot to possess the capability of collecting user data securely. This data can include customer preferences, engagement behaviour and query types. Ideal Competencies: - Strong skills in JavaScript including familiarity with Telegram bot API setup and implementation. - Experience bu...

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    I'm seeking a skilled full stack developer to aid in the creation of a new website, primarily aimed at business professionals. - Proficiency in Java, Python, and JavaScript is a must, and even though I have skipped the question on programming language preference, these skills are crucial for you to execute this project successfully. - Your main task is to develop a new website from scratch. This not only includes building the web infrastructure but also creating a user-friendly platform that fosters efficient interaction for business professionals. Ideal Skills: - Strong command over Java, Python, and JavaScript - Experience developing professional business websites - Strong understanding of user interface design - Good knowledge in database management - Ability to incorporate ...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to help set up a Node.js application on cPanel. All the code and DB is ready you just need to configure on cpanel

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    15 bids

    I'm looking for an experienced developer who can build a custom project using React JS for the frontend and Node JS with a MySQL database for the backend. To align with my requirements, the project will: - Store user data, specifically, customers' billing information. - Incorporate essential features such as: - User authentication system - Comprehensive billing system - Intuitive search functionality - Automated messaging - An efficient stock inventory module. Possessing expertise in MySQL databases along with strong skills in React and Node JS would make you an ideal fit for this project. Preference will be given to those who can demonstrate a portfolio of similar work.

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    Seeking a pro developer experienced in custom HTML/Java for a clean and minimalist website and app creation. Key Functionalities: * User Registration & Login: Implement an intuitive, secure, and hassle-free procedure. * Messaging & Notifications: Incorporate a reliable messaging interface to ensure seamless user interactions. Enable prompt push notifications. * Payment & Checkout: Create a straightforward and secure payment process, with a reliable checkout system ensuring user-centricity. Aesthetics: * Design must be clean and minimalist, complementing a user-friendly interface that optimizes functionality. Required Skills and Experience: * Proficiency in HTML/Java and custom website/app development. * Previous work in similar projects with a focus on minimalist design. * ...

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    I'm seeking a skilled web developer for my project. The nature of the website, specific features, and target audience were not specified but I have some general information you might find helpful. - I am envisioning a website that serves a specific purpose, such as e-commerce, a community platform, or a content-sharing blog. Your expertise in developing these functions is crucial. - As a developer, you would need to help identify the main purpose of the website and ensure it's well-integrated into the design and functionality. - Understanding the target audience and tailoring the website to their needs will be a big plus. Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Proficiency in web development, including front-end and back-end technologies. - Experience with e-commerce plat...

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    I need a web application developed for voter registration, with a priority on having it completed as soon as possible. - The primary purpose of the web application is to facilitate voter registration. - Essential features include: - User registration: Users should be able to create an account easily. - Online form submission: The website should allow users to submit necessary registration information through an online form. - Voter verification: The system should have a mechanism to verify the eligibility of the registrants. The ideal candidate for this job would have experience in developing web applications, particularly in the field of user registration and form submission. The ability to create a robust and secure user verification process is a must. Due to the urgent nature of...

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    I'm on the lookout for skilled JavaScript tutors who can guide me and enhance my knowledge in certain specific JavaScript topics. Being an advanced user, I seek a tutor who can provide valuable insight and a unique perspective to my learning experience. Key Topics of Interest: - Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript - Asynchronous Programming (Promises, async/await) - JavaScript Libraries or Frameworks (React, Angular, Vue) Goals: My current goal is to advance my grasp on JavaScript. Lessons should be tailored to deepening my understanding of the selected topics. Skills and Experience: The ideal candidate would be a knowledgeable JavaScript developer who has a good tutoring track record. Experience with both teaching and proficiency in Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript...

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    I'm looking for a talented Full Stack Developer to create a new system for my existing business. This is a crucial project, and I need someone with a solid track record of developing applications and systems from the ground up. Key Skills and Experience: - Proficient in both front-end and back-end development - Experienced in creating new systems using react for Frontend and node.js for backend . - Proven track record in building successful business applications - Strong understanding of user experience and scalability - Strong experience in payment gateway integration , WB API integration. Your application should include your past work, specifically any similar projects you've worked on. Showing me your previous projects will help me understand if your style and s...

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    I am in need of a web application that can help me manage my financial activities. This application should be developed with the following aspects in mind: - Expense Tracking: The app should allow users to record, categorize and monitor their expenses. This will help me keep track of where my money is going and adjust my spending habits accordingly. - Budget Management: I need the app to facilitate setting a budget for different expense categories. This will help me plan my finances effectively and avoid overspending. - Financial Reports: The application should be able to generate comprehensive financial reports based on the data inputted. This will help me understand my financial situation better and make informed decisions about my spending and saving habits. The project needs to b...

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    I am in need of a talented web designer and developer to create a Classic and Elegant, informational website that will represent my non-profit organization. Here's what I'm looking for: - **Design:** A classic and elegant design that reflects the seriousness and the professionalism of a non-profit organization. - **Features:** I need a blog section, content posting capability, polls, news updates, and an advertising space. Your experience in creating similar websites and expertise in the following areas is highly desired: - Web design - User experience - Blogging platforms - Content management systems - SEO - Advertising and monetization techniques -Database user and rest of content manage using PHP, JS, HTML5. Please include samples of your previous work in your proposal. I&...

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    I need an online tutoring platform, within one month. Users can search tutors based off skills, message or see the tutors calendar and book a class, complete payment and do the video call within the platform (using agora or similar video integration) and also integration with other social media platforms. I would like it built using and Vercel. Happy for you to use agora for the video chat functionality Key Features: - Video chat functionality: The ability for tutors and students to communicate in real-time through video. - User profile management: Users should be able to create and manage their profiles easily. - Payment integration: A seamless system to handle transactions between tutors and students. - Bookings: Students should be able to book sessions with tutors. - External app i...

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    50 bids

    NOTE: If you can fix this I will have constant projects for you. I have an urgent issue with my web app that needs fixing. The project involves fixing a Razorpay issue and addressing a MongoDB error. The Razorpay issue specifically pertains to the creation of orders. It was working fine previously, but has suddenly stopped working. The current problem is that orders are not being created properly. The MongoDB error is not clearly stated, but it's likely an issue with data writing to the database. The error may be contributing to the Razorpay problem or be a separate issue, but it needs to be resolved urgently. Ideal skills for this project include: - Proficiency in and Node.js - Strong experience with Razorpay integration - Expertise in MongoDB - Ability to troubleshoot and res...

    $76 (Avg Bid)
    $76 Avg Bid
    14 bids

    I need a Progressive Web Application (PWA) that can interact with the Laudus API to retrieve lists of sales orders and purchase orders, validate and confirm them, and subsequently generate invoices for both sales and purchases within the same API. This project is specifically for PDA Caribe PL60L. Key Features: - View lists of sales orders: The PWA should enable users to view comprehensive lists of sales orders. - View lists of purchase orders: The application should also allow viewing lists of purchase orders. - Barcode/manual validation of quantities received/sent - Generate purchase invoices: Successful completion of a purchase order should trigger the ability to generate an appropriate Invoice and sending it to Laudus API - Generate sales invoices: Similarly, the successful processin...

    $517 (Avg Bid)
    $517 Avg Bid
    38 bids

    Hello, I am looking to commission specific customizations for our website using the HivePress plugin on WordPress. We would like the following requirements to be developed. ■Specific Requirements 1,Automatic Display of Price Input Field Please add a function that automatically reflects and displays the price set by the requester in the "price input field" of the proposal form for sellers. 2,Design Change of Seller List Page Modify the design of the seller list page to a list view, allowing users to check multiple sellers and make requests simultaneously. Display items include: Nickname, Status, Age, Gender, Location, Occupation, Questions 1 to 4. 3,Date and Time Communication Function via Calendar Add a function that allows requesters to communicate and schedule dates and ...

    $131 (Avg Bid)
    $131 Avg Bid
    51 bids

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