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    938 windows file open windows app jobs found, pricing in ZAR create a working desktop app using the API documentation below. I don't want to store the login credentials inside the app. I would prefer to store them in a text config file. Deliverables should include a windows based .exe file and a separate config file to be used to store the data24-7 login credentials. I am open on the type of pro...

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    3D Graphics OpenGL Ended

    • Write a program (Windows Forms App with C#) using Microsoft® Visual Studio® (Community Edition) that will generate an OBJ file with a 3D model of a dragon curve by using recursive calls to the same method. Below is the general idea of the final result shown in Microsoft® 3D Builder: • Minimum requirements include the following: o Your application

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    application project Ended

    ...I need an app that will quickly launch  open in an always on top mode- it should be a single form and no-pop ups, ets. It should launch on top of all other windows and stay on top. It can begin at 0,0 and should take up approx. the left ½ of the screen. • Everything should happen on the one form- no pop ups, messages, etc. o The app will have

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    application Ended

    ...I need an app that will quickly launch  open in an always on top mode- it should be a single form and no-pop ups, ets. It should launch on top of all other windows and stay on top. It can begin at 0,0 and should take up approx. the left ½ of the screen. • Everything should happen on the one form- no pop ups, messages, etc. o The app will have

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    We currently have an iOS app and Windows desktop software written in Delphi XE 10.1. There is also an Android version, but current Delphi issues prevent this from working. We want to move these to Visual Studio 2017. The software connects to our proprietary peripherals via Bluetooth in the mobile apps and USB in the Windows version and allows the user

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    Develop node.js app to retrieve live data from Top 100 Cryptocurrencies in following web site. [url removed, login to view] Required data is: rank (sorted by market capitalization) name symbol price(usd) market cap vol 24h percent change24h percent change7d Application will open an .ini file to write updated data every

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    ...seeding). I need to port it into a Windows application I am building. C++ app was written on top of [url removed, login to view] libraries (most used libraries for torrents). Current C++ application works 100% downloading and seeding. Seeding requires to manually open a port on the router (unless you have a UPNP router). Also to seed a file you need to start a separa...

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    5 bids program small app to work on Windows Handheld PDA devices or ANDROID PDA Devices with Barcode scanners. We have Point of Sale software which is using "SQL Server Compact Database File" We will be using this handheld device to manage products on POS software, we will be scaning product barcode, if product found it should open Product Edit screen

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    9 bids App ID - 0a710931 Key - 43e2d83ecc473eaf6ed866d4c2ac7084 STEP 3: Make your first API call The most simple method to make your first API call is to use cURL. First, get the URL of a hosted image, for example, [url removed, login to view] Then, open Terminal (Mac) or Command Prompt (Windows) and type: curl -d '{"image":

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    We want to update an app that we have which polls our site every 10 minutes and displays an alert code in the toolbar and on the desktop. It also sounds a tone when the alert code is upgraded (5 to 4, 4 to 2, etc, in that direction. No tone in the opposite direction eg 1 to 2, 4 to 5) You can see the site this is associated with at http:/[url removed, login to view]

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    4 bids publish in Windows App store as well as create an installer for the same so that users can install it w/o having to go to App store (side loading). App needs to be opened in Full Screen mode and can not be resized, but minimized. Our Web App can take user to a third party website, back key should enable user to come back to our web app. Need a keyboa...

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    ...managment To be Implemented: * Program must open a file stream for data parsing and discover all variables (search for " = " or keywords like int/double/long "XYZstring"+";") and map them to a excel like table for in a visual basic or gui windows app and show user variable list for editing * Mass file search and replace for ...

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    This is fairly simple cosmetic changes required in the OBS open source project. (Refer the attached image for the changes). - Change the installable application name from OBS Studio to "[AppName] - OBS Studio" - Add a [app logo] in the main screen - Add a [app logo] in the settings popup screen - Default the theme to dark - In Settings -> Stream

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    I need a desktop app to be developed using electron framework. Objective 1. A desktop top sticky notes kind of app. 2. Should be developed using electron framework. 3. Should work on Windows and Linux platform 4. Deliverable will be code in bitbucket. 5. Mention the open source libraries used in a separate file. 6. UI design is done using Marvelapp

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    The goal is to implement a python GUI with an embedded open GL (OGL) 3D space window (left) and some control (right). The OGL window will show a single particle (sphere, size say 1.0) in the centre of cube (say from -10 to 10 in each direction) and the user must be able to adjust the particle position in 3D space with 6 keys (e.g, arrows for x and y

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    ...stand-alone app which will be installed on the client system which will act as a bridge between the web app and file system of the client machine. To briefly put across, the web app will provide a network file share link, on clicking the same, the client system should automatically open the file or folder in Windows Explorer so which we ne...

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    ...larger app. 1. I have a remote GStreamer app, which sends me the 1080p or higher H.265 video via UDP. This is emulated locally with a command line: gst-launch-1.0 filesrc location=./v/[url removed, login to view] ! h265parse ! rtph265pay config-interval=1 ! application/x-rtp,encoding-name=H265 ! udpsink host=[url removed, login to view] port=5400 2. I also have a Windows...

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    ...application for android, IOS, and Windows phones, Should have map file with Open street map OSM based or similar (preferred to be similar to [url removed, login to view] app [url removed, login to view]), The application must contain following: - Control panel interface for admin users to build and update the map, in case the app support OSM files I ca...

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    Platform: windows 32 bit Development studio you need to use: Embarcadero RAD studio 10.2 Language: Delphi: Requirements: You deliver app in the in a Zip file containing the full delphi project. Exe files are not accepted. I need to be able to open the project in RAD Studio and press F9 to get it to work. It needs to start without errors in working

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