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    Need help with Html, CSS, Java script I'm looking for someone who can help me with Java script project , details in chat

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    This project is for adult paysite. Please apply only when you are comfortable. I am using the script named xstreamer which is a Tube paywebsite. Need someone who can fix all these features at an affordable price as official support is very bad and expensive: 1. Fix Video Upload and Conversion Feature

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    We require the creation of an animation for use as a commercial based a a provided script. We will also provide a sketch voice over for you to use as a flow guide. We will require nice environment designs, lovely characters and an energetic flow. also a creative work flow that is fully engaging. After the project is done according to the provided requirements, we will review and approve this. T...

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    I have two separate indicators in Pine Script (Trading View) that I want converted to Think Script (Think or Swim). Together, there are roughly 70 lines of code. I can provide screen shots of what the two scripts look like on a chart as well to give the best idea of what I am looking for.

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    [login to view URL] [login to view URL] We are a Chinese B2B wholesaler doing business internationally. We are not very happy with our existing sites (see above). They are kind of duplicate each other. Reason being is we have a few subsidiaries with different trademarks. To make things clear, Sidere is trademark we use when doing business in North America. We'd like to decommission our existi...

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    If you have experience with using settings in the [login to view URL] and [login to view URL] with [login to view URL] to connect to a SQL Server 2017 DB using their application generator and their graphical user interface then you are the person for this task. The Code Generation part of this task is not necessary but the actual changes to [login to view URL] and [login to view URL] to let the th...

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    Hi, I am currently trying to work out a firmware for my designed ultrasound proximity sensor board using PIC16f1769. I just need advice in MPlab to program Basic peripherals. using code generator. and to ckeck my current mistakes and explain whz and how to fix it. In C lenguage.

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    Hello! I want someone to protect my website the max possible (please provide me yours suggestions)

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    project is about a phpmailer script that sends emails with multiple smtp srvs you have a working script attached i need same structure but improved i need to work with php 6+ till last version please don't bid if cannot be on my buget please don't bid if cannot complete project i will give you bad feedback please don't bid if you're not ready to work fast meaning 3-5 days p...

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    add blockchain payment gateway and perfect money payment gateway to my laravel scripted website plus some little update

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    Hey! I want to secure and change the directory of /admin on my php script web application. Please what is your proposals?

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    Pretty much what the title says. I have some example files written in Python, and I need those scripts converted to Go. Here is the script: [login to view URL]

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    Looking for an experienced email/social media marketer with campaign expertise to help set up our whole system with an email service provider (Mail poet) from scratch and complete any necessary integration with WordPress websites. Must be hard working and can work long term (12 months or more). Details Description: 1. Set up account with Mailpoet Platform. ($30 setup cost is paid separately then h...

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    Pretty much what the title says. I have some example files written in Python, and I need those scripts converted to Go. Here is the script: [login to view URL]

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    Pretty much what the title says. I have some example files written in Python, and I need those scripts converted to Go. Here is the script: [login to view URL]

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    Pretty much what the title says. I have some example files written in Python, and I need those scripts converted to Go. Here is the script: [login to view URL]

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    I need script can create host name for godaddy domains name by API or Curl [login to view URL] NS1 + NS2 I need script can do it remotely.

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    I have Instagram Photos Downloader website ([login to view URL]) , this website allows users to download photos and videos from Instagram. When any user put the post link (for example : [login to view URL]) in my PHP script, the photos are being showed in the same page (which is [login to view URL] ) , while I need to show the results in a separate page (for example [login to view URL]) instead of...

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    I need a Python script to download a publicly available .csv file (available at a specified google sheets url) and save it to a specific folder. When saved, the Python script must ensure that the previous version of the file is overwritten but having the same name. This is a relatively short project and preference will be given to bids under $15.

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    Compiler Engineer - CAD 3 days left

    I'm looking for a compiler engineer with preferably a PhD or MSc. Field of study in programming language theory or directly related to programming languages, compilers and/or interpreters. Excellent understanding of every component part of a compiler (lexical, syntactic and semantic analyzers, code generator, code optimizer, etc.). This is a multiple milestones project over the course o...

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    I am a recent college grad and looking to gain experience producing shorts. I am looking to produce a comedy or a drama that takes place in Los Angeles revolving around young people and finding romance. I know this is a very generic request but I am looking for something that will make me laugh and make me think too. Of course, growing up in the 2000's, I loved movies like "Forgetting ...

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    Lead Generation in Dubai 3 days left

    I need a lead generator to create leads within IT and Purchasing in small and middle sized companies. I am looking for you to create a database of companies where nr of employees, age of company and annual turnover is present, together with telephone number and email address of IT manager or Purchasing manager.

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    I need some help with writing a number of design patents and attaching relevant sketches for a range of new furniture I've created

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    I need a highly skilled professional to make emulate what the javascript file is doing. Basically what the javascript does is it pulls all the browser/device information such as mouse movements, screen resolution, user agents, mouse clicks, key directions and etc. I want to a python script which does the same thing that will print out the same set of data as the Javascript does instead of pullin...

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    I have a PHP script that is looping through a multidimentional array of AWS Billing information. The array is a response from CloudHealth API. It contains a few sub-array / sub-dimentions: - A list of services - A list of months - A list costs for each service per month above. I can provide the script as it currently looks and the json data for you to be able to test with. I need someone to...

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    Hi, I need a python 3 script that when given the domain of any website will be able to search and fetch the privacy policy of that website. Almost all internet websites have a privacy policy. It is a legal require meant in most countries so you'll always find one at the bottom of the website. I need a python 3 script that I can add to my code, to search and fetch the content of this policy...

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    Please see attached existing and changes pdf which is from a php script. Any questions let me know

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    We are in process to migrate some old PC to new environment where we use dot1x authentication. Currently, we are manually changing each PC setting to enable dot1X but we want a script to make it faster.

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    HI I am in search of a programmer who has already build Marketplace like Buy website and sell website, best example is Flippa such similar web portal, we are here to purchase readymade, Note: we only need ready made we do not have time to re-build it, if you have similar buy and sell marketplace portal then only apply to this post.

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    I need a tour guide function and alerts added to a PHP script. The tour guide should be similar to: [login to view URL] and be shown when a new user registers and when new features have been added. A new option should also be added to the PHP script that when there is a site wide announcement this can appear in the header.

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    I have four files ([login to view URL], [login to view URL], [login to view URL], [login to view URL]). The Python script ([login to view URL]) does the following: Step 1: The Python script copies cells A4:A29 from data.xlsx. Step 2: The Python script pastes them into A1:A26 of excel2.xlsx. [[login to view URL] has a few formulas already there, which instantly parse the data within the sheet, resu...

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    I need a python script that make call to google calendar api list method and save the response in csv file. Here are the basic requirements: Script should work for any calendar id. Script should parse the response and save in csv format. Script should use a config file with at lease following parameters : Authentication token Calendar id timemin timemax

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    A well annotated python script that: * Reads the input file * Generates an event class that can “hold” the various lines of data for one event (i.e. a line/subclass with the date/time line and various station lines). * Parses the data into the new format by making a write routine for the class. ###### Instructions on input files and expected output file formats INPUT FORMAT: The...

    $100 (Avg Bid)
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    We need a developer to create a online meeting or online class room for us similar to zoom. System should to be able to : - Start meeting - co-worker or student can join (by clicking the link) - Users can open mic or mute mic - Able to share screen - Able to chat with others. Optional: - any other nice feature will be awesome! If you have created a system like that already please le...

    $514 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a quick Twillio script to do the following 1 Upon answering say "Please leave a voice message" 2 Record the message 3 send a text to another number. send the following text to 222 22-2222 "You just received a call from 555 55-5555 (the number that called)" 4 send a text message to the number that called "Thanks for calling. Someone will get right back to you...

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    A loan web. Get me a loan website script Paying 30$ to 50$ I am paying for the domain and hosting Demo below [login to view URL] or any good one you have

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    I need a script to dynamic scrape website page content text to SQL database

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    Powershell script 3 days left

    I need help with a powershell script to download multiple files from url. Files url is specified in an excel file.

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    Hello. I'm looking for an app/script that upload(create,update) products to a shopify store, the datasource comes from an xml file which contains all the products info and changes to be made like the stock if needed. I'm planning to run the application daily through a job in my web server which supports php.

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    I need to implement thingsboard community edition on Ubuntu. - build script on empty Ubuntu desktop version

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    I have an already installed and working PHP script on my webserver. It already performs a simple task and works fine. The part that needs a minor tweak is about 20 lines of code or so. I need to take what is already working on this script and have you modify it for my needs. All the script does is check if a url query parameter is present. The script current checks 2 parameters and works fine. T...

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    I have a native php script (no framework involved), for a business directory. I am looking for someone who can very quickly help me make some modifications to it. Fluent english and immediate availability required. More details after we chat. Thanks.

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    I have a CorePHP script that requires modification to add a temporary email service to the script. You are required to build something similar to this: [login to view URL] Full requirements will be provided.

    $452 (Avg Bid)
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    I require a KanBan task board to be created for a CorePHP script. The KanBan will be created for each users account and must include a: - Time Tracking function - Ability to email details and reminders to both the user and additional people the user has added to a task - Ability to add custom columns - Ability to add custom statuses - Drag and Drop Interface. Inspiration from: [login to view UR...

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    FiveM SCRIPT DEBUG 3 days left

    Hi, I have a script who's bugged I need to find someone who's able to find out where is the problem and resolve it If you think you have suffisant knowledge, apply for this Thanks

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    i need a programmer to program a control panel Its function is to create a javascript generator file When I put a file on any of my websites, it stores customer information And send it to my dashboard for ex name and city .. etc for ex generator file images

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    Sitemap -- XML 3 days left

    Hello Everyone! I have laravel. NO Cpanel I need to add a few sitemaps to my website: [login to view URL] /[login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] /marijuana-strains/[login to view URL] add all strain pages here. if i add any later, please make sure it�...

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    Hi All, I have a script which is developed in Laravel and now the author released a new one, we have already modified it to send SMS to users. Whereas , now we have to upgrade the script to the latest and make the sms feature work with the new upgrade as well.

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    16 bids