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    3,492 simple layout program jobs found, pricing in USD only one on one without being able to create any rooms ( a very simple chat and layout). If the results are accordingly, there will be a second project for the winning developer to adapt the chat to a website. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done

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    I have the design and layout for the block made. What I need now is for some PHP coding to extract data from MySQL DB and display it in the created block. I can send the designed template, I would perfer it to be edittable in HTML format (design) but still have the coding intact after a simple table or image edit. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and

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    ...some additional text. We need 4 duplications of our current site. The information on those sites would need to be pulled automatically from our current MySQL database. The layout, some universal wordings, Title/Comment/MetaTags, and URL strings throughout the site would need to be different for each of thoese 4 sites, and different than our current

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    6 bids's website. Functionality for version 1 of the website will be fairly limited, so emphasis is on clean and attractive design/layout. We plan to introduce more advanced functionality in subsequent releases. We would prefer simple HTML, Javascript (and some Flash, where appropriate) to ASP, etc. but are open to proposals for the best platform solution.

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    ...player, a message box should be presented to the user alerting them to insert the correct CD to contine. Search terms may be entered into the text box by the user, and using a simple SQL LIKE '%' search on the keywords field in the database, located any matches. Any row that contains the keyword they have entered should be listed in the results pane, if

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    ...concurrent users, no of companies. There will be an area where users can add fields to a screen so they can store additional information if required. there will be a simple screen layout facility. This option will also be made available/unavailable via a code setting. All reports will be available via a report generator. The report generator will also

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    ...of layout. Most imp part of project. Have current host. Suggestions welcome. Project Goals: · Scalability. Site will be built in a modular fashion so that more expensive features can be added later without requiring a major overhaul. · Color scheme: [login to view URL] · Design prototype for look and feel [login to view URL] (This layout). ·

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    COBOL Ended

    The objective of this project is to write a Cobol program according to this specification : I have provided detailed information under Deliverables. 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition)

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    ...should be simple - no flash. A classic, high tech look. The contact page is an email link only. There are no forms. Attached zip contains the content and site map in the Word document, plus a banner that should be incorporated into the top of each page. We like the look of the [login to view URL] homepage (with the centered layout), but our site

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    Dear Sir: The customization I want for my cgi/perl scripts is as follows: My cgi/perl scripts work well. I only need to change the html layout inside the cgi/perl in order to look more professional or cool. If you visit the following pages then you will see how ugly my page is :( Customization needs in the following pages: [login to view URL]

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    ... or improve their own existing webpages. Basic steps to accomplish the following and more: A breif explanation of what HTML is and how it works. Basic break down of a very simple HTML file. e.g what all the tags are for and where abouts they appear in pages, and what they do Sections on the following: Formatting text Adding lists and line breaks Setting

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    ...if they cannot be seen. The purpose is to allow me to position the main div and then ensure the layout remains constant with respect to the main div no matter the browser, resolution or browser window size. I need to be able to position the divs with simple functions ie positionDiv(divName,PixelsFromLeft, PixelsFromRight, Centre) in relation to the Mian

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    The exact layout is not fixed but we want a utility to monitor web and email access over a network. One supervisor will be set up on a pc and will be able to view a log of web and email access for each individual pc on the network. There should also be the ability to set up alerts for any particular user. The program must be as simple as possible storing

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    Dear Sir: The customization I want for my cgi/perl scripts is as follows: My cgi/perl scripts work well. I only need to change the html layout inside the cgi/perl in order to look more professional or cool. If you visit the following pages then you will see how ugly my page is :( Customization needs in the following pages: [login to view URL]

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    What I need Need a new layout created in PHP. The new design needs to have a simple navigation look and be easy to edit and update on a regular basis. 1- Create a layout or design 2- Using php to make updating easy as possiable 3- Once completed need assitance on getting the production off the ground (This is an option and will be considered upon accepting

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    I want to sell FLASH TEMPLATES throughout my site, but it just takes too long to make buttons and images for each one, so i need a database...- The project involves a simple data base system, where I can plug all the pics, data, price, info, and a few buttoms with certain features. the buttons for each Product will be VIEW and BUY. When a user clicks

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    I need some addition regarding the program "Expert Support Diagnostic System on Common Corn Diseases" - All the pages inside the Corn Disease Diagnosis should have a back and next button. -When you press the exit button you should return to the main page(first page with the menu in modular form). -when no symptoms is checked and the user pressed the

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    I am setting up a SIMPLE Inventory System using Turbo C to account for purchase/sales of stock from the warehouse. ## Deliverables Stock Management Main Menu -------------------------- 1. Stock Management 2. Search Database 3. Statement of Accounts 4. Accounting Concepts (some text, provided) Submenu of Stock Managment --------------------------

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    I have an assignment to create a simple graphical java program for a small made up movie theatre. Time issues is in the way for me at the moment, and I need someone to write this little thing for me. The movie theatre is small and only stages a variety of small scale shows. They operate with 3 different ticket prices. tudent, adult and senior citizen

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    Job should be simple and fast. The website titled [login to view URL] needs a bunch of updates and deletion of some old information. Want to add a couple web pages and add one form that will send the email information to my mailbox when submit button is hit. I will update all content and you will upload the content for the most part. I will provide

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    ...previous item 9) There should also be a way to exit the program at any point or when reached the end of the record. 10) Default Value for the drop down box should be “NO?? 11) You can choose whatever layout you think is best as long as it functions the way I described above. Since this is a simple project. Please indicate the turn around time in date

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    5 bids capable of receiving data entered by web visitors. The web site layout (i.e., its specific features and visual appearance) will be defined for the programmer via sketches and detailed "input box" labels. The data thusly received via the web site must then be saved in a simple Microsoft Access database. The successful completion of this project

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    ...field naming conventions can be made simple. Web pages must look as close to the MS Word doc as possible, including the ability to print on a single page. ## Deliverables HTML layout restrictions apply (the way tables are indented etc.). Samples will be provided. Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete

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    ...running out of time trying to build the PHP forms as well as the admin side so that the client can maintain. Thanks ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. I'll need login pages so that employees of my client have

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    ...attached spredsheet. I want a program written that can be downloaded from the internet to a PDA that will be used to score boxing matches. The program should be written to work with simple Palm pilots to PDAs. I would prefer someone familiar with how to score a boxing match and will accept recommendations on improving the program. ## Deliverables A table

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    Need a simple site similar to: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] Htpp://[login to view URL] <--most products are here. Need to keep in mind the site has to have a nice layout that is easy to read as well as be a easily spider friendly site. ## Deliverables Complete and

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    I need the program to read in 2 columns of information from an excel worksheet. Information will be a person's name and a status such as Open or Closed or Recind. The program will then need to give each of the status' a number value. For instance Open is 1, Closed is 3, and Recind is -4. The program will then need to tally the total point value for

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    WEBSITE REQUIREMENTS [login to view URL] I need a simple, uncomplicated layout which is easy to use. The website would need to provide the following: 1) Access to archives (25,000 pages which have been scanned as PDF file. Access to these archives will only be on a paid for basis) However on the website, Archives need to be listed by year, issue and

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    ...create simple button action for the attached [login to view URL] a golf course layout which needs kind of mouseover action with clickable [login to view URL] is if a user clicks on hole1)on the course layout it displays an kind of enlarged gif image of that hole(included in the zip file) and when he clicks the button the browser opens the rellevant url. Simple as tha...

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    Will be a VB application using Access Database which will hold about 2100 customers. Must re-index each time the program starts to not get Access Database Corrupted. Will need the followig fields in a VB form1 Account Number _________ Created On _________ - Need Date account was created on Last Name _____________ First Name _____________ Address #1

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    33 bids sent out to the user when he/she registers,also an email will be sent out when the users item is bid for or [login to view URL] [login to view URL] to see the layout i [login to view URL] should be an administrator section also on the site with a preset password in which i can remove items from [login to view URL] checking should be evident as well e

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    ...developer to layout the object model or "scope" of the new system of applications and the preferred mechanisms for developing the new applications. For an overly simplified example, do we develop all apps as standalone EXEs, some as ActiveX EXEs or DLLs? How do we handle the reusable components is the most efficient way? Bascially a simple outline of

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    ...with the user name and password. The username should be displayed in a drop down. There will be a maximum amount of students. I need a rough design specification and technical layout of a website for administering quizzes quickly. Please bid on this documentation if you have done a website similar and have documentation. I will modify this documentation

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    ...very simple web pages that retrieves questions and possible answers from an Access database. Please take a look at the sample template page I would need you to use prior to bidding. [login to view URL] 1)You will be responsible for writing the code that will retrieve the questions and answers from an Access database using this web page layout www

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    ...Please take a look at my search engine now. I would like to keep the same layout and look to it, however, I want to add these additional features: 1) I need to shorten URL of search results. I need to show something simple like [login to view URL], or [login to view URL] I want to get away from [login to view URL]

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    ...being promoted and demoted, and, of course, getting paid. In this version of the corporate world, people either belong to a company or are unemployed. The list of people the program must deal with is not fixed. Initially there are none, and new people may be introduced by the JOIN command. Executives within a company are ordered according to a seniorit

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    4 bids bills with certain specs. it should be pretty simple. i have a spreadsheet i currently use and the layout i would like. please contact me if you would be interested. i could email the spreadsheet, i dont have a way to zip it so i can post it here. ## Deliverables a complete and working program and the source code and all copyrights to the application

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    ...ActiveX classes. Class layout is provided within my attachment. Parsing routine is very simple. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Deadline information Project is relatevly simple and must be done ASAP

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    proj Ended

    ...db layout which normally sorts columns of data based on data values in that column. When they click on a Row, We arrange the Columns based on the values found in the data of the Row they clicked. If I click on row 10 it means that I want to see in my first data column, the previously saved report that has the Highest row 10 value. Pretty simple, really

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    ...different images and like to have a different layout of the categories on the front page of the script. The inner workings of the script to manage all the submissions should be very similar in nature. User signup addition of recipe with option to add a photo using a url to call to or if you can program a image upload feature with tight security then

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    The following specification references this example layout: 1) Build a simple address book viewer/editor. Using Java Swing components build an standalone address book viewer/editor similar in appearance to the enclosed screenshot from "Microsoft Entourage for Macintosh". In particular it should implement a split pane where the top pane is a table containing

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    ...pentru magazin online. Principalele caracteristici ale activitatii sunt: - Dezvoltarea materialelor de design aferente magazinului online, incluzand logo, bannere, imagini, layout-uri pentru pagini, etc - Dezvoltarea materialelor de design aferente campaniilor de email marketing si cele dedicate promovarii pe retelelor sociale. - Conceperea textelor

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