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    I am in need of a web page layout that requires no coding, just the layout. I will send in zip file the two images for the page. Please add the following information/ buttons to the page: Order Form Cake Photo Gallery Delivery Date Contact Information Location About Us Add other component you feel would enhance the page and make it look professional

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    I need a portal layout - 1 page. Designed along the lines of [login to view URL] - blue/lt gray color scheme. Html optimized -- nav links must be text. Graphics must be original. Very simple and easy. Need this today. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source

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    I am looking for a simple web page layout design in Photoshopcs, 7 or 8 version. It does not have to be functional at this point. It should have the following information on the page: Order Form Photo Gallery Delivery date Contact Information About us I will need two logo layouts pertaining to the same business- Claudette's Cakes that has

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    ...options to integrate the script into any website design (layout) and adjust to user references. The script should be such that even a novice (a person without any programming experience) should be able to make these kind of changes without opening a single file. Editing the settings should be as simple as browsing with any browser. I find that once the resume

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    ...with the Miva Merchant shopping cart software provided by Apollo. I want a clean, simple, easily accessible layout and look. The site will be selling home and garden decor in the price range of $200-600, so please take that in consideration. PLEASE NO SIMPLE TEMPLATE OFFERS. I would like to launch the site by May 1, 2004. Please provide

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    23 bids package to by updating the links on the main page. We are not asking for a ASP site with database backend just a simple HTML site with an xp feel to it. We have all the icons we want to use but cannot decide on a layout that we like. We would like just the main page and that is it so it is just for 1 page and nothing else. Something

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    This should be a simple project for someone creative and experienced with graphic design. I need 5 banner ad graphics. 3 with the traditional banner ad size of 468X60; 1 vertical banner that will be 120X240 and 1 skyscraper with the dimensions 120X600 px. I will need two of the traditional banners to only be text and the others will need to have

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    ...looking for a **reliable**, **efficient** and **multiskilled** programmer that will keep close contact with me during the duration of this project. I need someone that can program a real estate website. I would like to use a MySQL backend unless you can convince me otherwise. I am open to any programming language as long as it is flexible and powerful

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    63 bids will be a similar business. We would like to see layout/design of an index page first and then can customize from there. This should be a simple and inexpensive project. It should be an original site and NOT a template. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of

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    This one shouldn't take too long, but be sure to read the Deliverables section. Here's what I'm looking for: This will be a complete web site, not just a simple layout page. Some content will be provided, others must be generated. Total number of pages is only a going to be a few thousand or so. Site functionality should be identical to microsoft

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    ...RUSH SHIPPING in comment field Order Retrieval: We need to retrieve the orders in a very specific ascii file format. file one would contain: (not all fields are used, but layout would need to include:) File name: [login to view URL] 'Item ID','Item Name','Sub Field','Sub Field Option','Price','New Item','Update Item...

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    May sound simple at first, but PLEASE READ FULLY before bidding. If you have made professional quality video-editing/layout softwares, then this may be for you... I URGENTLY require a library which can be used to zoom and translate (move) images (both zoom and move can be done simultaneousy or separately). The image will always be a 32-bit Windows

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    I need a simple Corporate Web site: - Multi-language (Portuguese, Spanish, French, English); Texts will be provided; - Small Flash introduction using our logo; - With 3 menu options (About us, Contacts, Products), such as [[login to view URL]][1]; - The colours and layout must be simple and integrated with our logo; - The web pages must be editable

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    ...Admin page. The content would consist of a daily summary of what they believe the stock market and any particular stocks they are speculating would be doing. The basic layout of the page would be like this: Market Summary (paragraph) (stock chart images could be uploaded/inserted if the client needed) New Open Positions (paragraph)

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    I have an Information System that needs redesigning slightly, the layout is not a problem, it's more to do with the colour scheme. I'm not after something very sophiticated but just something that simple but effective. The System has been coded in ASP, I would require the design to be done in CSS, so it can be implmented throughout the code.

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    GUITest Ended

    This is a fairly simple Graphics project using JBuilder. Some of it is already completed like the method and the date string. It only requires that MyComponent() method be used on a grid layout 2 rows with 2 MyComponents() in each row. The background must be blue with the date in the south using a border layout. The MyComponents() must have a button

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    ...both sites and also the attached zip document for more details Please note this bid requests also requires 3 months support for this product. After completion to ensure the program runs smoothly in the system If you have any queries,comments or ideas please let me know Thanks and I look forward to hearing from everyone soon ## Deliverables 1) Complete

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    10 bids easy to edit - needs to be modeled after the layout of [login to view URL] - need simple logo (will provide sketch) - uses css, no flash preferred Good luck and we will be in touch with you soon. Bid Now! Bid Often! ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source

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    ...logo ive created) 3. E-Brochure for a great example goto [[login to view URL]][1] 4. Print-Brochure, using the same text and pics , the layout will change for a print brochure template please goto <[login to view URL]> Once designed we will pay for them from vistaprint

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    ...certain layout as you can see with the 'winipac' software. So there is a 'mame' jumper position that uses the permanent keyboard definition stored in the 7c63413. When the jumper is in the 'alt' position, an external eeprom is accessed for a different user defined keyboard key set to apply to each switch in the control panel. The 'mame' layout...

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    ...this: clickable images, imagemaps, or simple anchors using tables for layout. Whatever you choose, it should be easy to use and visually appealing. *(15 points) * All pages should be placed in a **folder called FINAL.** I will then upload the folder to my server for the teacher to view Design and Layout *(20 points)* You should design your

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
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    Basically, I need a simple program that does the following pseudocode, translated into PBASIC 2. I am using a basic stamp 2, so I also need a layout as to the wiring scheme of the inputs and outputs, along with which pins were used for the receiver, and motors 1, 2 and 3 and if any resistors are needed. I need to be able to push vertically on a channel

    $30 - $100
    $30 - $100
    0 bids it online. (Ready for printing) See [login to view URL] Basically a nice and simple layout to match my site with all products (approx 300) properly indexed by categories. All images and text is on the site. I also need the original work (in whatever program was built, before was converted in PDF) for any possible future corections or updates

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    35 bids integrated with PAYPAL To get an idea of what we want in terms of features, quality and ease of use, The comparable sites would be: [login to view URL] (nice marketing website layout) [login to view URL] (nice preview feature of the newsletter) [login to view URL] [login to view URL] has 40 email templetes I like Some additional features that are already

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    This is a very simple job for an experienced developer. It can be completed with the creation of JSP 2-3 screens. I have 1 mySql table with 8 fields and I'm already using JSP to insert records in this table. Now I want to search and display the records. Your task will be to create a query screen and then display the records on the

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    Project Description We need a new site designed for our latest e-commerce initiative. The design must, above all, appear professional, and simple navigation and workflow is of the utmost importance. Tabs links will occupy the top of the screen, which navigate to five or six sections. We also require some top-of-screen telecommunications to be set aside

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    I need a simple member listing php/mysql system for a non-profit club. I have attached the datastructure for the project. We need two drop down lists. One is populated by just US states and the other is populated by countries (other than US) Once a selection is made it will bring up a table with companyname, address, state and postcode (zipcode)

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    10 bids created using a premade form I already have built from these programmed exercises and various variables associated to them. (reps/rest time/count/etc) There needs to be a simple diary type area where a user can make notes on his workout based on the schedule the trainer has made. There is also a similar system for nutitrion, but will not have a database

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    ...[login to view URL] (use for baseline features and tour) [login to view URL] (use for editing fields, address import utility and personalization part) [login to view URL] ? (nice marketing website layout) [login to view URL] (nice preview feature of the newsletter) [login to view URL] Some additional features that are already in the above listed services but highlighted

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    **Outgoing Email Relay (running as service) **We need a relay server program that runs as a service on Windows 2000 Server. We currently use Ipswitch's Imail as the mail server (if this is important). We also have several other free mail components installed (if you would like to utilize a specific one please note this in your bid) It seems like

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    Hi, I am looking for somebody to build a simple postnuke module. What is needed is a module where a member simply fill in a form and a very simple business card page is created for them that can be then listed in the directory. (weblinks module) Form should be something like. Business name: Logo/picture: Main description:

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    ...Excel Freeform shape drawing tool (with a few enhancements) should work ok for drawing the areas. I'd like to find an Excel addin that does this. If I can't find a sketch layout addin, then I'd like the following addins: - compute the area for an Excel Freeform drawing object. - compute and display dimension measurements for an Excel Freeform

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    ... Technologies are PHP and mySQL. ## Deliverables See attached functional spec. All graphic layout and design can be relatively simple, but must be reasonably professional in appearance. 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that

    $736 (Avg Bid)
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    Peer to peer Java Audio Video chat Application: This application consist in 2 parts : server and client Server features : - video and audio streaming - simple chat with private messaging support and other like (Ban, kick on user or ip) Client features : - this part would be something like an Java applet that shows the video streamed

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    This is a real simple job, that may have several levels to it in the future. This is for a human resource web site we would like the look to be similar to [login to view URL] The site will need to be mostly static with some movement that will involve flash. Deatial will be added later Most of the content will need to be added by me, so I will need

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    Hello, I need a simple program that will change key in text area. Let say if you press key A you will get B...etc.. If you press a then H then b you will get single character let say L if you press A then H then B you will get single character let say O. Basically, whatever you are writting in a text area it should display //single character replacement

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    ...easily accessible, modern looking layout and look. I'll mostly consider companies with strong portfolio and if satisfied, I'd like to keep a business relationship on an ongoing basis (updating, adding products and redesigning in the future). Please post your portfolios in the form of file or URL's. PLEASE NO SIMPLE TEMPLATES OFFERS OR SUCH.

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    ...upon acceptance of the bid. The coder would also provide a simple easy to modify menu that looks great. As well, colors and style for the web pages should be defined in a CSS file with sample pages showing tables, forms, buttons, lists etc, as well as all images generated. The web site layout must be designed with SEO in mind. The web site is NOT to

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    Create a PHP based web site which will be used for the LAMP platform. A professional sharp looking template will need to be generated for my site with along with a simple easy to modify menu. As well, a library of images will be needed so the site can be modified in the future with little development. Colors and style should be specified in a CSS file

    $500 - $5000
    $500 - $5000
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    The Gallery Backend Program Programmer/Designer needed to develop a program for art gallerys to display exhibitions and artists on a website. I have designed a mock control panel to show how I wish the program to work. It can be found at The basic Idea I have is that the gallery would add an artist to its online database. They

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    ...modifications to html layout, replacing/adding to graphics, changing some text content. The site uses a simple CMS so changing the text is fairly easy and the html is held in tamplates so the task will be to take the html templates (around 5 per site) and modify these as well. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    Hello coders, I am in need of a webring. I would like it in php and very simple, but clean layout. I am hoping to just stuff it in to a template I have with a table cell area. Here are my needs: Main page will have a menu at the top (text links are fine) with signup, login, View all sites, View New Sites, View Top Sites. Random Site

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    6 bids admin area) -Multilanguage interface for the site user interface -Language template to add new language for the site in admin control panel -A neat and clean table layout for home page and each category -User registration system -Only registered users can post events with a picture (display thumbnail only, click to view the picture in a

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    Re-design web site to create a simple yet effective presence on the web. Layout, navigation and themes need to be modern but simple to navigate and very easy to use. Looking for a very quick fix Ideas must be visually pleasing ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code

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    simple revamp of a website [login to view URL] this is a layout of the new home page [login to view URL] change the flash part of the header and change the link buttons to be capsule and below the header not part of the header. again all pages must keep a uniform look ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    ...a relationship with. I would especially like a coder who will make suggestions on how to improve design, layout, code, etc. etc. etc. ## Deliverables Here are the specific requirements for this project. Most of the items below are really simple and shouldn’t take much time at all. If you have questions or need clarification, please let me know. 1)

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    ...database website to replace my four year old [login to view URL] selling art prints. I would like it to have the following features. A professional and clean bright but artistic layout, look and feel such as [login to view URL], not the black colour though, but I like the brightness and? colouring of? [login to view URL] They are updating

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    ...[login to view URL]][3] (Like the simple layout) I really like the design at [login to view URL] so something close would be great. I want a main navigation on the left with the content in the middle. On the right should be some content like found at [[login to view URL]][2]. Ideally I think that the layout should be simple but nice to look at. Please

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    Produce a simple online store for the selling on Brass Home products. Using Miva Merchant's free version as the shopping cart solution and the client's merchant account produce an online store for 150 products grouped into 10 different categories. Images will be supplied. SPECIFICATIONS Product specifications that will be viewable by the site visitors

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    ...redesign the layout but i need you to provide me a rough idea or sample on what you going to do as i am afraid the job might be just simple switching or re-arranging of tables. I don't really know how do i describe this but i need you to be aware that i can do table/color switchings too, so if i will to ask you redesign the entrie layout, kindly don't

    $15 (Avg Bid)
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    6 bids