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    Simple Arduino Data Server 6 days left
    VERIFIED able to be switched off (sub loop on relay?) 3 the webpage to show the current relay status. some thing to note. 1 the webpage format cannot change (because thingspeak parses the webpage and uploads the daate 2 the program is tight on size, it cant get much bigger. there is more work in the future with additional things once this is working again

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    We have users that enter their name, address, DOB on a webform. This then shows up on our website in our CRM. We are able to select all and copy this data in to the clipboard. We need to re enter this name, address, DOB in a website for identity verification (standard webform form fields), this is on another website. We want you to create a tool, or a chrome extension, that I can select the i...

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    Detail description: Html web page form: - button to select multiple files - input value called "numberOfCountedRaces" - button to post launch Php script: Parse all race results files, and compute for each drivers the total number of point which is the addition of the point of his best "numberOfCountedRaces" races result (the lower number of point, the better it is) ...

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    ...file can have different object of arrays, but we can just list all of them, or I'll keep adding more as the data changes. Input file: Json / XML - I have a script that parses Windows .evtx to XML and json formats. Elasticsearch: - it's a fresh install, non-production, hosted localy in a vm. I basically need help in forwarding that files

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed using PHP. We just need one script for an XML API feed that parses the XML and produces a list of one specific child nose. XML file and URL available in request.

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    I’m looking for a solution that parses the UTM tracking parameters from a Google Click ID (gclid) into a WordPress form that can then transfer into a CRM.

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    This project is for a C# .NET Console App which visits the following 8 URLs, parses out the "current" fuel surcharge amount and writes it to a text/ini file in a format as shown below. The URLs are: URLs (assume we always want the top row, if applicable): **************************************************************** [UPS]

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    Write a python script that parses the URLs in a list in the attached zip file and classifies them as harmless or dangerous web sites by using the Google Safe Browsing web filtering mechanism. Please check out the attached files for more information.

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    ...a few medium to complex excel macro (depending on your level of Excel Expertise) that needs to be created or modified based on our existing macro. Background: Our macro parses data (3K rows+), and based on several macros, splits the data into worksheets and then does some minimal vlookup functions and similar functions and updates files (xlsx, xls

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    Build an email parser that parses specific data from email body then inserts it to mysql

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    ...communication protocol to send messages to a server and process / display responses. We provide an API (and help / coaching / tools / test server) that form messages and which parses the responses. The app allows the uses to define tasks – the parameters that are used to form the messages. Tasks are editable, deletable, sharable, executable. Response data

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    Please offer your budget for the Chrome and Firefox extensions separately, that can do: 1. Sends POST ...messageId. 3. When the user opens another site in the list extension searches profileId text and add the messageId from the database that matches the profileId. 4. Periodically parses the data and add new profileId, messageId to the database.

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    ...application is linked to a proprietary medical monitoring device which transmits data for anaesthesia monitoring. My Program takes this data in the form of a byte stream. It parses it according to the defined in the proprietary documentation. After parsing the data it aims to present the data in 2 different ways: - digit fields containg digit values

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    I have an application that is used to parse a specific file type, the application still works with the files it was written to parse, but recently there were some changes on the new files whihc the current application errors out with: Exception thrown at 0x00007FFDE9FC3C58 in [login to view URL]: Microsoft C++ exception: [rethrow] at memory location 0x0000000000000000. Unhandled exception at 0x0...

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    3 bids not compatible with Arduino IDE. The device communicates with a peripheral over serial connected to two gpio pins representing rx/tx. After some back and forth, the ESP32 parses the peripheral's responses and output four or five strings of data. I need that data to be made available to a mobile client through an API with the ESP32 as the host. Let

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    There is a public available library that parses UDP packets for PUBG and converting them to player/item locations. The problem is that after each and every game update, the packet structure changes a little and the [login to view URL] has to be updated. This project is not about updating the code from the GIT, it is about teaching me how I can analyze

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    Hi. We need a PHP function that parses the JSON from a request into an array of variables that we can use. How long will this take?

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    ...or situations. These are usually a mixture of textual commentary and data tables of numbers (typically as a yearly time series). I am looking to build a python script that parses unstructured pdf and extracts two lists, perhaps in json format: the first is a list of all the text in the document, in order; The second is a list of pandas dataframes containing

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    ...specifically, you can check this to know how the animation does: [login to view URL] " Lottie is a mobile library for Android and iOS that parses Adobe After Effects animations exported as JSON with bodymovin and renders them natively on mobile! " You should provide : - JSON file, and I will test if its working

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    ...are quite short of time currently so would appreciate help. ****Description****** We have a collection of over 15,000 individual txt files that contain some client information (see attached zipped example file). We need to place the name, surname, country and phone number as entries for each client in a row in an excel spreadsheet (see example

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    Angular 2 project that parses JSON object real time every 2 seconds and shows data.

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    According to the Solidity Grammar (a programming language on the Ethereum Blockchain), create a Prolog DCG that tokenizes (lexer) and correctly parses Solidity code.

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    I need [login to view URL], here is a link describing how the site is built, [login to view URL] I want to be able to bulk upload twitter url in a csv file and then it parses out the url's and datascrapes all of the users tweets on there profile and puts it into a neat excel. An example of a twitter profile scraped will be provided.

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    Write a command line golang program that parses multiple TXT files and outputs a single CSV file. Please see attached "[login to view URL]" for test data and "Desired CSV output [login to view URL]" for a description of the expected output CSV file. Only golang may be used to code this program. Excellent employer. Excellent past reviews on Freelancer dot

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    I need someone to add a rotating text banner that parses events from a mysql db using mysqli to rotate the events every 60 seconds. The layout and database are completed. I am just looking for someone to write the script to parse info from the db and rotate the text.

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    Hi, I need a function in C/C++ that parses a simple string with delimiters. Example input string: [[login to view URL],LoadLibraryA][[login to view URL],MessageBoxA][..., ...] I want that the function returns a vector with information about each pair. Returns: Function[0].dll = [login to view URL] Function[0].name = LoadLibraryA Function[1].dll = User32

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    I need to get working QT app for [login to view URL] PUSH API. You MUST use signalr( to connect to thei...working python projects and QT SignalR implementation at github, you can try to use it. Finally, you should develop simple app, which subscribes to [login to view URL] Push API and parses recieved events(data) to QString. Thats all.

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    Hi Radu I. [login to view URL] needs a frontend and embedded backend. I was told IRC chat cannot connect to USB devices but I want a chat that parses *poke and other words to activate a usb AA battery (usb cable soldered to AAA to AA battery adapter w/ resistor) when active the device is a kinetic statue like bobble head or motor with paperclip/magnet or

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    1 bids a cordova based app using Angular. I want to create a production ready android app from scratch. The App will require a web extraction service to be developed which parses websites and then shows the info on the app. The main app needs to be simple, intuitive and the code quality should be high to allow future enhancements. I need the developer

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    I have a program that parses search terms I give it and searches through subtitles for them. However, it treats double quotes the same way it treats single quotes. I want it to treat single quotes as apostrophes.

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    I need a cron script, which reads RSS sources from a mySQL table, parses the RSS links and stores the news title, date, author, news lead into an other table. The script should run in every 5 minutes. Overrun is possible because the number of the RSS soures. It is possible more thousands of RSS feeds and about 10-15 news items in every feed. I

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using SQL. I need a SQL store procedure that parses XML from a file or an XML column and inserts the data into a table or rational tables. The XML file will be supplied and has a XML schema. Also there are additional XML files that the store procedure

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    ...project is uncovering a VBA that parses the html from the site so it updates in real time on an ongoing basis. If possible, I would also like the macro to add new rows when the website adds new coins, etc. I have attached the Spreadsheet template I would like to work from. Here is a website with some technical information on the task I would like accomplished:

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    I need a powershell script which parses word, excel and txt files. After parsing them, script needs to search given regular expression patterns in them. I will send full details for proper candidates.

    R1393 (Avg Bid)
    R1393 Avg Bid
    13 bids 11 - [login to view URL] on page 75 Your job is to provide us a java implementation which - gets as input either a PDF file or a Tiff file (selectable by param) - parses through the file and splits the file the by given patchcode T into multiple files. The new files have the same filetype as the original file Ensure the pagecode page can

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    ...messages through the Nexmo platform with the information contained in [login to view URL] There should also be a textbox on the software's form for a custom delay between sms messages. There should also be counter labels for "SMS Sent" and "SMS Remaining". In addition, the software should contain a timer that parses the Nexmo platform every 5 seconds an...

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    ...need to parse data from several lines of code based on Regular Expressions to create DNS records using SimpleDNS API. (full example file data at the bottom). The data it parses will contain an IP address and will have two options. default will be to add the DNS record data. First, check to see how many IPs in a class C range are listed. example

    R9391 (Avg Bid)
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    6 bids" on the left columns and "Fabric name", "Season", "colour" on the top rows. In the table, each cell contains a number represents "pieces" or nothing. Need a script that parses thru the entire file, recognize the table data area and creates lines of record that contains: "product code", "product name", "Fabric nam...

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    ...existing Java App using Netbeans, connect to SQL database, add data, query data. I have a Very basic Java App that runs on the command line. Takes a security log file, parses it, and produces a text file with SQL commands. What I'm trying to do (with limited success) is: Use netbeans to create a GUI interface for my Java classes and then load

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    ...RESTful-related peaking information is mapped. Current situation of this project WSDL generation and invocation DB Insert task is main. DB used Oracle. What you need to do: Interface development It is a voice solution project, a top EAI and Web service interface. It is a data transmission/reception interface development for working information in a solution

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    7 bids using latest AI in creating contents, collecting news info, distribution automation and monetization. References: Arria — Natural language generation platform that parses complex data sets, in any vertical, from finance to meteorology and writes expert-level reports formerly assigned to human analysts. · Banjo — Ingests all types of digital

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    12 bids on page 11 - [login to view URL] on page 75 Your job is to provide us a shell script which - gets as input either a PDF file or a Tiff file (choosable by param) - parses through the file and splits the file the by given patchcode T into multiple files (with same filetype) - does OCR of the content (shall be switchable with on/off to decide

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    ...The general principle of work is the following: 1. It intercepts the network packets that are sent to the poker room from the server using WinPcap and deciphers them 2. It parses the packets and creates the text files that contain hand history. 3. Side statistics program imports these files and then shows the statistics immediately on the poker room

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    ...loop state every 120 seconds] a) Downloads a json file from a designated URL, for example [login to view URL] [The json format would be like the one specified above] b) Parses the content and shows it by columns in a table, Active as boolean, Id as string, Value as int and so on. c) Checkes a value from the "Active" param, if matches FALSE then

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    ...the receipt printer. Goal is to print a QR code after the receipt is printed. Preprocessor is to be added to the default POS receipt printer. Whenever receipt is printed, it parses the text then applies business logic that makes a call to the REST backend and gets a secure key to be included in the QR code. The part I need done is actual preprocessor

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    ...need to make some edits as following: A: WP Job Hunt 1- Remove some fields. 2- Merge some tabs. 3- Change required fields to be optional B: WP File Search: This plugin parses uploaded pdf files and Document files to be index and searchable but t should be uploaded via Media Library, we need to make the following edit: 3- We need it to parse the

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    Hi Ying Tai Z., We have a simple Python application that parses messages from an Amazon AWS SQS queue and writes extracted values to a MySQL database, which we wish to migrate to AWS, optimizing along the way. The SQS monitoring and parsing scripts are unable to consume messages at the necessary rate as written. These need to be optimized (e.g. through

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    ...and returns an XML response. I want a PHP file/function that generates the appropriate XML requests from the mySQL data, POSTs the data to the web service (using PHP cURL), parses the XML response and puts the parsed data into the appropriate rows/fields in the mySQL database. I envision being able to execute this PHP function using a Cron job to have

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    ...implement effectively a web scraping app that runs as daemon on Linux, every given time it re-reads tasks configuration from local Postgresql database, for each task it reads and parses data from web, checks if there are any changes since last run of the task and if there are any changes it inserts parsed data into Postgresql tables. The whole solution

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