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    I have the challenge to parse an XML data to a tabular form. This XML is a huge XML file more a less with (1gb - 5gb). The code must be written in c# and should be efficient enough to handle this amount of data. if you think you are the face for this challenge, accept it and we can talk in more detail on how we can successfully complete it!

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    Create a 2D scene of given dimensions in Unity. Render data received from YDLIDAR as dots in the scene, discard all data that fall outside scene area. Language: C#, Python Reference links: [login to view URL] ( support and sdk), [login to view URL] [login to view URL] Test data from Lidar in xls file

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    1. WordPress has detected that your site is running on an insecure version of PHP. X2 Sites 2. WordPress 5.5.1 is available! Please update now. X2 Sites 3. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /homepages/44/d375321740/htdocs/music/wp-content/plugins/google-analytics-dashboard-for-wp/includes/gutenberg/headline-tool/[login to view URL] on line 3 1X Site

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    This app should enable users to make API calls that would generate a file (json or HTML), collect and parse it. We already have a demo of what the app should look like and we’ll be happy to set up a call with you to discuss this topic further. In this project, you will be building the backend for a web app which will involve data structures, API calls, cloud interface.

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    Custom Postfix Setup 5 days left

    I need someone that can do a some custom Postfix setup and coding. I will provide an AWS account - I need an EC2 instance with Postfix installed and configured. Its need to be configured to accept any email address in the list of allowed domains. When an email is received rather than queuing the email to a mailbox - I want a PHP script called that will parse the incoming email and then post i...

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    I am a trader, mostly trade in cryptocurrencies. I need accounting report against my last financial year bank transactions. Please find all the relevant info below: 1. Total 5 bank accounts used (All mine, in different banks) 2. Approx 10cr turnover 3. Around 5k transaction including all accounts 4. xls/csv statements available for 4 accounts, 1 account with around 2350 transaction has statement a...

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    a tiny rocket dia 8mm, length 30mm, needs a laminar flow with coanda end-dome that "sucks" the airflow into the center axis behind the projectile´s tail. the task is 1. to show the "coanda" effect at different velocities (0-<mach0.5), and 2. how this effect can be locally disturbed by what forces applied, and 3. how the thrust jet is influenced/squeezed by the orthog...

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    Need Only Hot Leads - 3 days old max. 5000 Hot Leads from : Germany France UK Bulgaria Romania Sapin only Payment steps: Milestone - 20$ The rest after checking the leads are good and no false. Attached Xls temp file.

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    Need Only Hot Leads - 3 days old max. 5000 Hot Leads from : Germany France UK Bulgaria Romania Sapin only Payment steps: Milestone - 20$ The rest after checking the leads are good and no false. Attached Xls temp file.

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    My name is venkata.I'm working as a DevOps engineer in a startup company. I integrated AWS RDS MYSQL audit logs with [login to view URL] requirement is to parse those logs in such a way that there should be a facet created for database user account by which one can see each and every user activity in datadog log explorer.

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    Hey, I have this code below: [login to view URL] It save "Select(x => [login to view URL])" usernames only to textfile. I would like to save the "userid" as well that giving from API response. Its easy fix, I need somebody to do the fix over team viewer or any desk, for watch and learn purposes. Thank you, regards.

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    I need a customer benefit calculation (Customer Value-/Utility) for a newly developed aircraft. The calculation should show the difference in how much time and costs can be saved by the new aircraft. The savings should be compared with our aircraft to a car, airline, train, light aircraft. The savings should serve as a business traveler, managing director, chairman of the board, or comparable po...

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    I need someone who can quickly parse a JSON response having objects and arrays of objects and extract a few values and create another post request in Typescript

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    I have created a view pager with Picasso which renders the images in a slide view but I'm not able to gather for each photo the username. It brings me only one username for all Pictures.

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    I want to Develope an Online Multiplayer Game That could be played Offline Too vs Computer in Unity 3D or Android Studio with Java ,, with Eye Pleasing user Interface with User Chat and Video Chat Facility and Message Inbox with Freind Requests Facility and Notifications and Payment and User Wallet Facility in which Amount will be shown to be used to play Game or Purchase Coins or Other Stuffs ,...

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    Hi, We are looking to create a modernized dating app which is similar to bumble/hinge. It will need to be a more modernized version of it. Most dating apps are basic and stale. One of the requirements are that you message us with innovative ideas that can be integrated intoo the dating app. Whoever has the most innovative and out of the box thinking will be awarded. - Must have experience in ...

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    We are trying to develop an in-house SMS Messaging solution that will be hosted either on local server or virtual server to send, schedule SMS, Emails and can also integrate WhatsApp API and some other features. A redundant and scalable system that can answer today's most demanding messaging requirements. The application will have 2 communication modes: -back-end (automatically triggered, bas...

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    Parse info from [login to view URL] Copy the info into an Excel table. 3103 entries, 4 columns - name / country / state / city /revenue by number (not text)

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    Before you bid, please answer the following question, at the TOP of your proposal.: Do you have Open Office installed on your machine? Applications that do not answer this question will go to trash. I need a macro that retrieves stock price data from Google Finance or Yahoo finance and adds it to a cell in an Open Office Spreadsheet. The file is attached, in 2 versions. One is an Open Office 4.1...

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    Deliverables: one main page, history page, help page, etc. (simple 3-5 page site) - with simple admin panel - admin dash - payment transaction - search transaction - historical data - location of activity Competitor: [login to view URL] Example: can you make home like this page, just how it works page. [login to view URL] will be my concept instead of current...

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    We've been tasked with collecting some customer-related data points and sending them to our client's vendor in order to facilitate online enrollment for their services. We've got 4 data points we need to collect, which I've already got set up using a basic D7 webform, and we're using a D7 module to encrypt that data in the db. The request to us is that we need to be able...

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    Application should support SSL Certificate. Authentication: Active Directory Authentication can also be able to create local users Environment Type: Initial SQL Server environment Would like to use snowflake in future to push data from application Data load Please refer to [login to view URL] Users can load text, csv, excel (xls, xlsx) files Processes: View Data Insert data Insert data while v...

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    Hello, I own all my domain names I currently only have one site live but my previous developer wont do anything, its [login to view URL] i want a similar fresh looking site but with a back end system where i can use a csv feed for products as well as being able to add them manually, i want to be able to edit text on pages without having to get borders realigned and also a gallery option. I am th...

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    Hello, We need the following done: 1) we have a excel file with some data that we need to parse (ex. 2015 honda civic) - we need to break that up into 2015, honda, civic 2) we need to insert the year, make and model into the correct table in our database (corresponding to SKU/product name already in the db) 3) if there cell is null in our spreadsheet, we need to update the correct table with &q...

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    Make an Android application 3 days left

    The application uses smartphone camera, scans barcodes and sends scanned numbers to a file (xls, word..) over the internet. That's it. We want a simple tool to scan barcodes, collect scanned numbers to one file and make then printable on the paper. No Google Play. It's an APK for us only.

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    I need your VBA to pull out below table from Outlook. Columns should appear in this exact order: Date Received Time Received Subject From To Cc Category (colours) Body of the email ( I need your advice & input here as many of the email will have the building email trail - perhaps it can "save as conversation"?)

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    I would like to get your quote for a shopify website that is selling loose diamonds (b2b & b2c). The inventory specs are bulk uploaded from a dedicated xls list (each item has over 15 parameters). The site allows a user to search by each and multiple parameters (filtering) , save to a shopping cart, share onwards, submit bids & communicate with me (owner) via mail. There is no actual trans...

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    PERL: Convert Python "Text Abbreviation" Script to PERL & Parse Data to MySQL, the title pretty much covers it. I have a Python script that parses two input files and outputs a third. The output / result is an abbreviated text. See below for clarification. Static Files: 1. [login to view URL] - a python script that works w/ items #2 & #3 in this list to output a file #4 of abb...

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    We have an ecommerce website with a number of product reviews - we want someone to scrape (there is no way we can export the reviews) the reviews data from within the admin section - customer name, date of review, cotnent of review, rating, product name and product link. We will give admin access accordingly. $20 project maximum. Immediate start needed. Extract and import into an XLS file.

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    parser and mailer 3 days left

    I would like this script to be developed using Python.I need a webscraper and [login to view URL] stage parse for emails from web second stage mailing.

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    Have set of raw output files from a middleware contains some vpn data, need to parse and convert these raw files into JSON and XML.

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    Read an email in a s3 bucket. Its a receipt from a marketplace. Parse the items ordered. Add a long description to each item ordered Reorder the items Build a new word document which has the items ordered plus a long description. Place new word document into a s3 bucket Send an email stating its complete

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    I need a scrapper that automatically crawls a public website, it will have to: - Crawl all the pages on the website. They have a predictable html address that will make it easier. - Download all the pdf files on the pages. - Extract several texts from all the pdfs. - Save extracted text to a single xls file. These are several sample pdf files: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to ...

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    Have to parse JSON file content to csv columns format.

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    I have a csv file that contains product information i need a script that will parse this file into PHP array. This file contains line breaks so it can cause some issues. type 'NO BOT' at the beginning of your proposal. Please dont waste yours & mine time if you are not familiar with CSV parsing.

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    Hello, the project is a MYSQL/PHP project that have to manage orders from clients, shipping informations, online selling items, etc etc. The structure should have SQL database tables and pages where the informations can be uploaded or displayed or managed. Via API and other ways the information must be downloaded/uploaded to the platforms. (Ebay and Amazon and other platforms) A detailed plan of ...

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    700MB JSON file, has some nodes with binary (image) files. Needs to be converted to an xls(x) or csv, with the binary (image) files deleted/removed.

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    Python A2L parser 1 day left

    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using Python. A python A2L parser needs to be written which will parse a given A2L file and generate a table in a specific format(format will be specified later). More details will be given later. Only people who actually know what an A2L file format should apply.

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    I have some content files I need to parse output as json files. Source Input + example Output files will be given. Expected Budget: $100 Deadline: 1 week Example: Input/[login to view URL] > folder has all the source content Output/[login to view URL] > folder to output all the .json files In the example input/[login to view URL] files: [login to view URL] > output to "[login to...

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    I'm working with large csv files up to 50GB in size. Typically one file is around 30GB while the one that will be merged onto it is just about 100 MB. The code I'm currently using will take about 1 hour to parse and merge two files. If we can reduce the time this takes by writing new code that will be great.

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    I would like to find a freelancer that can build me a pdf and doc and xls exploit In one and please must be completely silent and fud after exploiting my file and would like it to be delivered in 1 week interval thanks. And my budget is around $100-$200 .

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    Hello, ONLY BID IF YOU'RE AVAILABLE TO WORK FOR 3 HOURS WITHIN NEXT 24 HOURS! I'm looking for someone with the following qualifications: -- The basics of HTTP requests - performing GET and POST requests and understanding headers and status codes. -- The JSON data format and how to parse from it or serialize into it -- Common data structures and when and how to use them - arrays, maps...

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    A personal finance application (Android) is required with following features 1). Able to get user sms and parse it based on the sender id (Bank SMS) 2). Able to post data to api 3). Able to show analytics from the API 4). Able to use firebase authentication 5). Show reminders based on the request from api (Push Notifications) Interested candidates can send me their portfolios Thanks

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    Hello, People need to send confidential information and share the information in such manner others are unable to receive the data, unless sender attaches document copies into email, with strong encryption. The need is to have secure, free of risk, plugin for Outlook to take care of confidential information according to GDPR and other compliance regulations, defined in setting of the software. T...

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    I have built I scraper to get JSON from a website and load it to my DB. but I can't get the prices of the products to parse correctly. This is a small project of a much bigger project

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    I have to parse a file into multiple parts and use part of the data as the names.

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    I need some simple code for one of my Wix webpages. I have programmed a form in Zoho Forms that when the user completes the form, sends the user to: [login to view URL]://[login to view URL] I want my page to parse the parameter and seamlessly redirect the user to the final url that is included as the parameter. Alternatively, if this is not easy or possible, it would be OK to pass the paramete...

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    Dear freelancer, AFT requires a detailed quote beside each item line on the attached list. PS1: Please do not quote if you can not be on premise in the UAE for 1 month at least. PS2: Please quote in freelancer for your time only (item no. 15) as the other 14 item lines licenses will be procured directly from JIRA. Nevertheless, you will still need to fill the XLS sheets fully and develop ...

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    Message Router(MiniNetworkHub) is a application which will read json message from one kafka topic then parse it and check in the file whether the id which will be present in the message already exist in the file and if it is present then router will parse the message and writes same message to other topic otherwise create a exception saying device needs to register first. For more detail, check th...

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    Need to create a chrome extension that can track change in inventory of a product with time - in a csv or excel file. What is already done - 1. Chrome extension to parse Amazon page and showcase real-time inventory of all listings from the page. What is needed to be done - 1. Chrome extension to read a list of ASINs (or product identifiers) from a CSV. 2. Chrome extension to create a backg...

    $120 (Avg Bid)
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