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    7,037 need a simple android app that pulls jobs found, pricing in ZAR a custom plug-in that leverages PHP and pulls from other plug-ins. Please be well versed in the included languages. I can expand on the details more if you are available and capable, but I am basically looking for a solid developer we can work with on future projects for this client. We are an agency that is interested in working with a quality

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    Arcis are a life sciences technology company focused on rapid extraction of DNA and RNA from human and non-human samples. We enable earlier cancer detection so its quite a high interest area. We want an investor presentation that pulls out the science elements but also explains the compelling investor proposition and how we will make a major return

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    ...apps like Cordova is compiling. Please, do not place any offer without ALL of that skills because we will ignore it! Introduction Prosper Intelligence has developed its own APP called POCKETSIZE ENTERPRISE (PSE) which includes many reporting features coming from AINTUITION, a cloud based application. Some technical information: AINTUTION: This application

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    Write some software 2 days left

    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed . I need a web crawler that pulls data from an established website and can export the data to an excel spreadsheet by UPC codes, description of item scanned, and retail price.

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    I currently have an application process that uses Gravity Forms ([login to view URL]) and then Zapier ([login to view URL]) to pass applications into Bull Horn as a candidate record. [login to view URL] (press the blue APPLY FOR JOB button). There is some functionality missing and I don't think I will be

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    Hello I have a coded already, google sheets, I press a button and it automatically pulls the zestimate from Zillow to google sheets on the address I have there, but it stops if the address doesnt exist and I have to start from the beginning. I need that fix so that if doesnt have an address it keeps going so I dont have to restart each time. I will

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    ...have radius server with mysql database. I need to add parameter that automatically provides authorization for all M.A.C. addresses that are within the following ranges. example... mac 00:15:6d:01:01:01 is plugged into network and without doing anything, that device is authorized and automatically pulls an ip address. 00:15:6D:00:00:00 - 00:15:6D:FF:FF:F...

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    Looking to create a simple webpage that pulls data from Excel sheet and displays the data for customer to view. Will require customer login and admin login for editing.

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    Develop Python scripts that are "Local Maltego Transforms". It's easy once you know how to use Maltego, which would take about a day. Than, you will learn how to work with a certain data source API, and build a small Python script that pulls data form the API and pushes it into Maltego. See: MALTEGO: MY FIRST TRANSFORM - https://itgeekc...

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    ...have radius server with mysql database. I need to add parameter that automatically provides authorization for all M.A.C. addresses that are within the following ranges. example... mac 00:15:6d:01:01:01 is plugged into network and without doing anything, that device is authorized and automatically pulls an ip address. 00:15:6D:00:00:00 - 00:15:6D:FF:FF:F...

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    ...they all do their own spreadsheets. We want you to create a master spreadsheet, which brings it all these details together in 1 place. It will record how many web-leads we get, how many sell, how much income/profit they make and so on. We also want 1 page on it, which is high level and pulls all the information from these different tabs. This will be

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    Build a small website using PHP and AJAX which pulls results from MySQL table

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    ...made of chemical process on a copper vessel and it gives the following functions 1) it pulls rice towards it 2) then after the rice are pulled by vessel the same rice pulls other rice towards it 3) casio watch get stuck when put closer to the chemical vessel 4) a torch battery gets difused when kept in front of that chemical vessel and the batteries

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    Here’s the context: We are a London based production company who have had our animator drop out half way through a job. Therefore we need to start again with a new animator. This is the concept: A proscenium arch of a band performance, complete with dancers and different performance elements (lights, visible sound desk, props). As the camera moves

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    I've built a MVC .net framework app that pulls data from an experimental stocks portfolio -- store it in a database then project the data on a webpage. my goal now is to improve the way the data is viewed by adding the following: 1-User has to log in in order to run the web app or view the historical portfolio data. 2-A page t...

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    ...Instagram profiles. I need it to be able to filter which profiles that it scrapes and pulls from: 1) Number of followers 2) Average likes on recent posts (this could take the average of 2nd most recent and 3rd most recent number of likes) 3) Language = English (this can be location based if necessary) The output: Needs to spit out a csv with the following

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    -Need to add news rss scraper to site that pulls news and displays the relevant headlines for a page's keyword/topic and when clicked displays full content on site. -Add a page that shows all news pulled from rss feed. Must display a list of news titles and when clicked display full content on site.

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    I have a database that pulls records for a team. The main report I use pulls a report from a combo box for the "1" agent selected (this works fine). I have a second command button on the form that is supposed to pull the data for "ALL" the agents. I am getting an error when selecting the ALL option and am seeking to...

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    ...Turkey. I need a cute & energetic male character that is capable of doing the followings: - Character enters the scene - Character pulls out a poster from his pocket and holds it towards the user - There is a question and 4 possible answers on the poster - If user gives the right answer, the character cheers up - If user gives a wro...

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    ...I want to scrape into Excel file, then script would 'read' URL and scrape data from that individual page. So not really web crawling. preferred method.. * list of url's in excel or access * vba script would open url * then read the HTML via script to pulls out defined contact data * writes the resulting data to excel, csv or access Alternate

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    39 bids it's a little less '90's! My web project is a little unusual. I need a carousel/widget that I can update that works in my WordPress site and is capable of playing my instructional design projects. These design projects have an [login to view URL] "front page" and a whole bunch of "other stuff" - animations, a...

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    We would like to be able to create a tab on this spreadsheet that only pulls over the selections that have been selected. Columns 1-5 show the selections and the selections are identified by putting "1" in the box. We need a summary page that only shows the customers' selections and omits all the other items not selected. It should in...

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Linux using Python. Need to write a program that pulls in the data from a flat file(xml) and create the smaller number of buckets from huge number of record based on custom calculation and then generate new xm with predefined format

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    ...job for a good coder who knows what they are doing. It is a simple install of a Post Code Search Function Script And Integration / Configure On Click Funnels and Infusionsoft. Note: You will find the screenshots in the attached pdf. Aim: To integrate the postcode search script ( a php script that was custom coded and pulls data from a...

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    ...Function Script Integration On Click Funnels and Infusionsoft. Aim: To integrate the postcode search script ( a php script that was custom coded and pulls data from a specific Google Sheet) that will allow users to input their info on a typical lead page but then put in their post code (UK) and it will run the script and on the same page show their

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    ...someone who can design a small form that when submitted is stored in a Filemaker 16 database. It would only include 3 fields: 1 big field that pulls it's data from 1 specific field within the filemaker database. 1 Name field that can be filled in. 1 Email field that can be filled in. and a submit button that would create...

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    looking for a programmer who can write an iOS program which pulls information from a website and performs a calculation -- displaying it to the end user.

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    I need a python file that pulls im daya from an API and exports to a csv file. I have the API data and API Key

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    Trophy icon Build a points table Ended

    I need a points table produced which can be automatically uploaded in html, excel & .json (or txt) format. This is where a result from a cycling tour or stage updates the points table based on the results uploaded. This points table would ideally automatically update once it pulls the results in the right format from an FTP link. There are multiple

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    This is easy for someone that knows what they are doing I have about 400 images and small 15 second video clips that I need data pulled from and put in to a CSV file -Date -Time I would like to be able to upload it rather than sharing the video and image folder The end result should be a csv / excel file that has the 1: image number

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    I'm looking for someone to build me one crypto ticker that pulls data from [login to view URL] that I can hyperlink further into my website. In addition I would like a guide made with the widget showing how the process can be done for other crypto coins so it can be updated if something were to break. The best reference I'm looking for would be at this

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    I need two of my Pligg websites converted to Wordpress. I'd like to keep the look and feel as close to the way it currently looks now. In addition, it pulls in RSS feeds from other websites to post as news. People should also be able to register and post news and articles as well.

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    Hi, I need some help with 1 page on my Wix website please. Its a simple fix for 1 feature that i need help with and isnt part of the drag & drop templates in Wix so cant do myself. so its a clothing product page. each product pulls its data from a database/dataset and is displayed as a gallery. i cant display it as a norm...

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    ...include an image or code that pulls from a non-secure URL. To resolve this issue make sure that the page code does not pull data directly from a non-secure URL. To identify non-secure elements view the source code of the page and search for the text src=”http:// This will then highlight elements on your page being loaded from a non-secure URL....

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Linux using Python. or php but looking strongly to be in python Brief Core concept I need a new website. I need you to design, build it, and test it an Automated web crawling and real time communicable tool for three distinct features 1. Feature #1 The

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    ...Create a CNAME record (to create the subdomain [login to view URL] which is a temporary location before Google pulls the AMP pages into its cache) Add a single line of html code on every desktop webpage (to pair amp and non-amp pages, [login to view URL]) For example on the homepage, you need to add the

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    ...development for Android app based Stalker Middleware services for our set top box. We want to create a new Android IPTV set-top box market. and new app for this popular middleware known as – Stalker Middleware– which is free and open source software that is available and made by Infomir for operators to use. This is why we have contact you...

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    Requirement :- I have few REST API's which pulls data from database in JSON format. (new API's will be created on a frequent basis) I need to have a script that pulls data from API and then do below. 1. Create index based on the column name from the o/p 2. Load the data into ES 3. Display / setup dashboard in Kibana

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    ...names in column A in all sheets (aside from overview and commodities) must automatically be in alphabetical order. Ie even if I add a new stock name to anywhere in column A, column A and the associated rows should automatically rearrange to be in alphabetic order. It must also be flexible enough to allow me to delete a stock name in column A if no longe...

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    Looking for an API expert who could pull data using API from a CRM system. I would like to convert those APIs so that I could pull them using MS Excel. Someone who would have experience in understanding how EXCEL pulls data and how to use APIs there.

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    I need one script to convert an xls file so that it inserts a column, named username. Then it pulls and copies the email address this column. Additionally, I need to script to rename some of the columns field name.

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    Hi, You did a macro spreadsheet for me about 6 months ago. I need a slight adjustment to the output. Right now the macro pulls Roll IDs and puts them in column C... I need them to now go into Column B... also, in column C, I now need the roll ID with 0248 at the end. So if the roll ID is 6170004803 I will need it to be 61700048030248 and be for...

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    I have a Zap that pulls webhook data from my CRM. The data I need is in an array that changes depending on the contact/project it's pulled from. I need to parse that data efficiently preferably with code vs. Zapier's formatter so the next step works more efficiently. Can you help?

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    Based on a sample set of data (provided later,) I'd like a pivot table or query form that pulls out information like Average Order Value by sales channel and time period, Lifetime Order Value ranked by customer (unique email address = unique customer,) sales channel and time period and Average Lifetime Order Value by sales channel and time period.

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    We have a Google Sheet that is populated by a form. We need an interactive report that pulls data from the Google Sheet. The user should be able to select a single criteria from a drop down (populated from the Sheet) and a date range. The report will then use the filter criteria and date range to build the report.

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    Trophy icon Illustrate a strong Horse Ended

    ...looking for a Horse (Exactly 2 but its the same on each Side) This Illustration is based on the Experiment of the "magdeburg half spheres" (please google) The Horses must looking like on Steriods , strong and proud. Please dont be shy to create a fully loaded testosterone powered Horse - we need a high agression level. This Horse pulls like...

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    I have a url that pulls a JSON object [login to view URL],%2023467737,%2023465907,%2023464355,%2023462920,%2023450883,%2023449961,%2023441852,%2023441633,%2023441582,%2023437241,%2023434946,%2023432278,%2023424613,%2023423446,%2023423192&format=json I've attached

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    A laundry business app is required for both Android and IOS We can discuss this as required but below is an overview of what is needed: Screens: 1) Landing page - with social media log in / account creation , required fields at least first name , last name, phone number, email address (with sms verification for mobile number) 2) Home page

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