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    Calculate Formulas For Zoho Forms - I have set up a form in zoho forms but I dont know how to get it to calculate properly.

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    Request ENGINEER to calculate wheel bearing loading for HUBS WITH MAX 1250KG CAPACITY -

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    ... enter the DVR system date and time 3) I would like the webpage to calculate the time difference and display with a "+" or "-" sign (or the words "Fast' or "Slow" in front of difference to show whether the calculated time between the DVR and actual time is fast or slow : -1 day, 3 hours, 11 minutes. 4) In another field I would like to be...

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    I need someone to work complete the project for me.

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    My project is joomla with Easysocial. My site is focus on calculate but now the calculate doesn't correct so I want to fix it.

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    use matlab to calculate something, need shortly

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    49 bids This may be done using the official API or a suitable abstraction. e.g. [login to view URL] The module required must calculate the RSI (relative strength index) using data retrieved from Binance. e.g. via 'wss://[login to view URL]' If you are not familiar with Binance, please have a look

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    ...cold cases. I have done this work for 8 years now... I have been aware of my psychic abilities all of my life. Interestingly. my father was an atheist and a mathematician ... because of this, I am not your "typical" psychic, at all. I believe if we stay conscious, and maintain a higher vibrational level through emotional work, we could all tap into DivineGuidance

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    I will attach the excel file, css and the html file. I need the IRR calculated See the excel file for the IRR at line 66.

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    I need an experienced biostatistician who could help me analyze data related to cost of a given illness. The aim is to calculate the national cost of the illness (predicted costs) based on actual costs calculated on a representative sample. The predicted costs should be calculated by consideration of predictors of the cost (age, severity level of the

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    I have written the gcode and you have to describe how the efficiency time and magnitude of force is maintained by my code if not maintained you have to modify it and then modify the program

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    In a 4000 sq. m. construction site, calculate volume of excavated soil from a initial level to final level by use of AutoCad

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    A safe load rating is required for an existing 12 m span x 1.8 m wide ornamental bridge structure. This will need calculating using SpaceGas or similar structural engineering software. Details of the bridge materials and construction will be provided to any bidders that have the capability

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    Calculate the better option of resistance for a metal heat treat furnace.

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    Read in a text file and find the distance of of each node using Depth First Search and Topological Sort. The first number of the line is the node and the rest is edges. Example "[login to view URL]" 1 2 3 2 1 3 1

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    We need to do an excel spreadsheet with several financial statistics functions. The complete list is specified in the file attached Several example files to calculate statistics is provided too. For any other questions just ask. Thank You!

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    I'm looking for expert on woocommerce that can configure the "Calculate shipping". the new "Calculate shipping" need to be simple that the "Select a country" box it will be automatically exists and can not be edited or deleted please take a look at the screenshot attached to clarify the project more

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    It a payroll software that can calculate weekly and bi weekly payroll and print pay stubs with the necessary deductions.

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    Given the following information, calculate the lifetime value and customer acquisition cost for a given company. Provide results in an easy-to-read excel spreadsheet. Average sale price, clients signed in current year, total clients, quarterly churn, annual growth, gross margin, EBITDA margin, employees, cost per employee.

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    Dear Engineer, please look into this paper. If you have experience to solve this and you can deliver clear answer, you will get the job. Thanks

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    ...back monthly a pre-fixed amount . So for the complex cash flows & returns, build a R program to get the IRR(Internal Rate of Return) for the investment. Sample chit to work on : Duration : 40 Months Instalment : 5000/- Per month till he lift the chit from group. After he lift - he start paying 7000/- Case 1: Customer lift the chit in 4th

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    5 bids (typically on a windshield phone mount) when the car is expected to do an acceleration on a straight and level road portion. 1. Determine the complete algorithm to calculate longitudinal acceleration and speed of the vehicle with the highest accuracy possible. 2. Complete algorithm to check if conditions are OK : - Phone is still in the car

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    ...low complexity python/C program with some visual features designed for a food prep company. Ease of use and accuracy in output is key. The software will be designed to calculate the number of combination possible within a given price range and a given calorie range based on initial user input for each ingredient. This food prep company assembles

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    Excel Macro to calculate selling value by FIFO method Create an excel Macro to analyze transactions and calculate the selling value of each asset using the FIFO method. Description: 1. “History” Worksheet –All transactions recorded by date. The macro should calculate the sell values of the asset according to FIFO method. 2. “Inventory” Wor...

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    I need javascript to calculate the internal rate of return for a series of real estate calculations

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    ...the values for the 3 three bollinger bands (21,2) + moving averages 5 day , 25 day and 50 day in javascript variables for use in another project. I only require the values for forward in time, not previous. You will need to get candlestick data from binance so you can calculate the moving averages. [login to view URL]

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    Calculate equity value of two companies with two method

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    ...of travel, then decelerates back to a stop in the next 3.49 meters. What is the average speed the car has traveled over the full 21.49m. Your result should allow me to calculate alternate solutions based on different values ie: reach -x- km/hr after -y- meters of travel and decelerate to a stop in the next -z- meters. I may need some guidance on

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    Good day, I need to calculate the taxes i have to pay for a small US company I have that has been running for 6 months with very low activity.

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    I need my taxes calculated for my US Company. Urgent!

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    See Definition from uploaded files. Strip Outliers word file describes the tasks, calc_boundbox_app visually shows the tasks and example illustration, and [login to view URL] provides some sample data. When complete we will need a c++ class to add to our application where we will provide the matrix of X,Y points to run the application against.

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    Calculate checksum in C. More details to be provided.

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    I have two spreadsheets. One is purchases from my credit card processor. One is email list by join date. I wish to produce a graph of income matched to month of joining the mailing list (like the attached image) Also I wish each data point on the chart to be broken down into revenue by item (I sell different products) - this can be in a table

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    Calculate TF-IDF in Java. More details to be provided.

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    Attached is a set of GIS data files. There will be Track lines including colours Marker positions including symbol and colours Depth points I would like this converting into ascii text so it is readable by other systems i have information on an earlier file format but the method seems to have changed in this version. i can also provide the main application file but...

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    Calculate probabilities in Haskell. More details to be provided.

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    We need a custom option made for Gravity Forms. We need the form to calculate distance from a default address to the customers (end users) inputted address. If the distance is less than 10 miles there is no additional charge. If the distance is more than 10 miles it will add $2 per additional mile to the total price.

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    Java program will have two classes, shape and cirle we would get the coordinates for the shape and the same of the circle in addtion to that ( radius and area)

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    I have a wp plugin "Unilevel MLM Pro" (on a genisis framework & theme) This plugin handles registration form, referrals and displays a "user dashboard" Members can sign-up and make a payment (givewp plugin). Once they make a payment, givewp also displays that data in user dashboard. I need a plugin, custom fields or any way to achieve as follows: Admin enters timeframe e...

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    Needs someone to calculate the required electrical supply for a coffeeshop stand

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    Calculate Regressions with Minitab. More details to be provided.

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    I have problem with conversion of price in magento and other module like m2epro. Magento not calculate fine the conversion for example from euro to USD. I have problem with many money

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    Extract data from csv and calculate statistics. More details to be provided.

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    I want a Magento extension that calculates and shows the base price for the product on front-end product site. Eg. if you sell 0,5 litre of milk for 1,00€ it should show on the product site that the price is 2,00€/ litre. Here is an example of a Magento 2 extension: [login to view URL] But we want this to be developed for Magento

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    We require RSI and StochRSI data to provide same value as tradingview for XBTUSD on Bitmex website. The program should be editable to change symbols and data websites. It is necessary the values match the calculations from tradingview.

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    ...with header in/out, date, time, employee_id will hit the server. from this logfile you need to calculate each employee working day in a month/ a custom time span. working day should be calculated based on some rule. based on the employee salary, the working day should be multiplied with salary to get salary of a particular employee of that month.

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