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    Project 1: Create a Music / MP3 player mobile application in Flutter or in Android Studio that recommends its users the local area popular songs based on their GPS location. Submit the source code and the apk file Projet 2: Create a Mobile Application for a Cafe Restaurant to receive orders from its Customers. The Application should offer a list of menu items [For Example: Coffee, Garlic Bread, Cheese Sticks etc.] You can choose the menu items from 4-5 items as per your choice. Try to make the application visually appealing and interactive in terms of graphical user interface (GUI). Demonstrate your coding and presentation skills by creating a short video of "you" breifly explaining how you coded and ran the simulator in Android studio or Flutter [ Basically, A demonstra...

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    ...serves as a platform for providing information and needs to have a user-friendly navigation and layout. Requirements: - Proficiency in website UI/UX design - Able to integrate a smooth sign-up/login process - Dashboard screens - Incorporate GPS tracking and chat/message function seamlessly Skills and Experience: - Experience in creating user interfaces for other informational websites - Strong understanding of information architecture - Able to create accessible, user-friendly designs with a focus on user experience - Previous experience integrating GPS tracking and chat/message functions The designer I'm looking for must value user-centered design principles and be able to make complex information easy to access and understand. I put a high value on clean, at...

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    I'm seeking a skilled professional to design and build an AIS 140 standard GPS device with a primary focus on fleet management. The device will need to have the following features: - Real-time tracking: It should be able to provide up-to-date location information and movement status of the vehicles. - Geo-fencing: The device should support the creation of virtual geographic boundaries, and alert the control center when the vehicles breach these boundaries. - Fuel monitoring: It should be equipped with technology to monitor fuel levels in real-time, allowing for efficient fuel management. The device should support the following communication interfaces: - 4G/LTE: To ensure stable and fast connection for data transfer. - Bluetooth: To allow for wireless communication with other ...

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    I'm looking for a seasoned Android developer (kotlin /Java) who can create an MDM app (Device owner mode) , which acts as .../Java) who can create an MDM app (Device owner mode) , which acts as DPC (Device Policy Controller) with a solid user management core functionality. Your key tasks will be: Creating an Android application which - manages the device hardware and software - this app would be able to configure network parameters, VPN, and CA certificates - wipe the device and its contents - set global settings like GPS, Bluetooth, Airplane mode. - Configure password policy and user accounts on device Relevant experience in the same field is imperative. Strong knowledge of Android development, DPC, Android enterprise, MDM, UEM, EMM, etc is required. I want to get trained o...

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    ...unauthorized accounts being opened with my information all across various websites most of which I’ve never heard of or visited. Also there’s nonstop access to my existing online accounts and noticing suspicious activity on my devices. While I've taken measures on some accounts to secure them, it's not enough and I need professional intervention. The compromised accounts include apps, social media, GPS and financial. The activity on my devices sparks concern, particularly regarding showing activity in my history I did not do and I'm looking for expert guidance I have already wiped my device multiple times and have even gone as far as establishing all new digital identifiers such as new phone number, email, and Apple ID to no avail. Skills/...

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    ...I want this app to be available on both iOS and Android systems. Here's the primary features that I'm looking for: - **Real-Time GPS Tracking**: I want my users to be able to track the delivery of their food or the location of their cab in real-time. - **In-App Payment System**: A seamless and secure payment system that ensures a smooth transaction experience for my users. - **Ratings and Reviews**: A feature that allows users to rate and review the quality of both the food delivery service and the cab service. Ideal Skills and Experience for this job: - Proficiency in developing cross-platform applications for iOS and Android. - Experience in integrating GPS tracking systems. - Previous work in developing in-app payment systems. - Understanding of how to imple...

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    I n...the Windows location services and Linux's geoclue2 to acquire the current location (longitude and latitude) on both platforms. - The function should aim to provide location data with the highest possible accuracy, utilizing GPS, Wi-Fi positioning services, and GEO IP location services. - In cases where the location data retrieval fails, the function should be designed to return an error code. The ideal candidate for this job should possess: - Proficiency in C language. - Familiarity with Windows location services and Linux's geoclue2. - Experience in working with GPS, Wi-Fi positioning, and GEO IP location services. - Capability to handle error cases efficiently with return error codes. - Previous experience in the development of cross-platform functionality...

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    ...ride booking app, with a design theme of 'Modern'. The app will be multi-platform, available on both Android and iOS. Key Features: - GPS Tracking: The app should have accurate and reliable GPS tracking to ensure smooth navigation and route optimization for drivers. - Payment Integration: Seamless and secure payment processing is a critical feature for the app. - Rating and Reviews: A feature allowing users to rate and review the service provided by drivers. The ideal freelancer for this project will have: - Proven experience in mobile app development, specifically ride booking apps or similar. - Proficiency in both Android and iOS platforms. - Expertise in GPS integration, payment gateways, and user review systems. - A keen eye for modern design, ensur...

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    ...needs to be created and optimized for both Android and iOS platforms. Key Features Required: - Implementation of GPS tracking to facilitate real-time location tracking - Integration of a payment system to make transactions seamless and secure - Incorporation of a user rating/review system to maintain a standard of service The potential developer should have substantial experience in the above-mentioned areas. Furthermore, the ability to schedule rides in advance is another functionality I'm looking for in my application. This feature should allow users to plan their trips ahead of time for convenience. Ideal skills and experience include mobile application development, GPS functionality integration, payment system integration, and user review system implementati...

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    I'm looking for a professional who can plot GPS coordinates from an Excel spreadsheet onto a map. This map should be easy to interpret, displaying the route taken by a vehicle. Key requirements: - The data provided is in Excel format. - The final map should be a static image file. The main task of this project is to: - Visualize the route taken by a vehicle based on GPS coordinates. - Timestamps are crucial and should be displayed in a clear, understandable manner. - Since I want to see the exact route taken, the map should display addresses corresponding to the GPS coordinates. Although the main focus of the project is plotting the coordinates and timestamps, other features such as: - Distance between points. - Speed of the vehicle. - Estimated time of arriva...

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    ...Features: - GPS Tracking: The app must have a reliable GPS tracking feature to ensure accurate location-based services. - Ride Booking: A well-optimized booking system that allows users to easily book, cancel, and track their rides. - Payment Integration: Secure, efficient, and user-friendly payment gateways to facilitate smooth transactions. The budget is 2500-3000 INR Cross-Platform Development: The app should be available on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, and Web, ensuring a wide accessibility and user base. Ideal Candidate: - A seasoned app developer with a strong portfolio of similar projects in the ride-sharing or transportation sector. - Proficient in cross-platform app development, particularly for iOS and Android. - Experienced in integrating comple...

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    I need a technical expert skilled in Raspberry Pi integrations to create a display of GPS coordinates, IMU data, and set the frequency for a TBS satellite receiver on a 7inch LCD screen. The components for this project are: - GPS module - IMU module - TBS satellite receiver The LCD display should show GPS coordinates and IMU data in real-time. It also needs to set the frequency for the TBS satellite receiver. The Raspberry Pi setup will be powered by a battery, so considering power consumption in the build is important. Ideal skills for this job would include: - Experience with Raspberry Pi integrations - Familiarity with GPS modules and IMU modules - Knowledge of frequencies for TBS satellite receivers - Proficient in power management for computer systems...

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    Development of a mobile application for tourism is needed. The app will be available on both iOS and Android platforms and will be desi...Customer Reviews: Users will need to have the option to read and write reviews of these attractions. - Customer Participation: Additionally, a provision should be made to allow customers to add new attractions. Ideal Skills: - Developers should have expertise in iOS and Android app development. - Knowledge and experience in creating minimalistic designs are necessary. - Experience dealing with GPS and map integration. - Understanding of enabling customer reviews and interaction will give an added advantage to the freelancer. This app aims to be a comprehensive tool for tourists and locals alike. So, efficient and seamless performance is...

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    Project Description: Mobile Application for Inventory Management Objective: Develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of an Android application for inventory management and tracking using GPS and Bluetooth beacons. Technology: Flutter Key Requirements The Application -------------------------- - The app should primarily be developed in Flutter. However, since a Foreground service is required to run indefinitely in the background, it is acceptable to create this service in Kotlin or Java. Communication between Flutter and the native code should be done via Platform Channels (MethodChannel and EventChannel). User Interface ----------------------- The app should have three main screens: - Splash Screen: Displays the app logo. - Login Screen: User authentication with username and pa...

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    7 bids gallary into our webserver file folder via ftp and related data entry in sql server database. we will provide necessary tables, fields, data types, views and database connection strings to programmer. We will provide the design which wil integrate with our MobileERP Software with its internal structures like DID. 3. Our following applications will us above camera and upload features with GPS Location storage in sql server database. a. When employee entering attendance when on site or on tour b. When employee on leave to upload doctor certificate c. Labour attendance on site d. Material received on site e. Material issued on site f. stock counting on store, warehouse, site g. Maintenace person enters during failure of machine parts h. Vehicle driver on delivery i....

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    MY Project 3 days left

    ...the form of binary, octal hexadecimal (additional buttons), enter the history button: opening a new window with information about the actions taken since the application was started, showing the actions in the following lines of the list. Project 2. Create a Music MP3 player mobile application in Flutter or in Android Studio that recommends its users the local area popular songs based on their GPS location. Submit the source code and the apk file as Project 3. Create a Mobile Application for a Cafe Restaurant to receive orders from its Customers. The Application should offer a list of menu items [For Example: Coffee, Garlic Bread, Cheese Sticks etc. ] You can choose the menu items from 4-5 items as per your choice. Try to make the application visually appealing a...

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    I need a website dashboard centered around trip/job dashboard centered around trip/job logging. Key requirements include: - Bootstrap 5.3+ - Integration with OEMServer (Digital matter) - Vehicle tracking and historical route logging Beyond this, the dashboard must have a comprehensive vehicle tracking system. It must leverage GPS tracking, have the option to provide real-time location, and be capable of mapping and storing historical route, vehicle and client information to a database. The ideal freelancer for this role should have strong experience in GPS technologies, and real-time data feed implementation and developing historical route tracking and storing. The aim is for a responsive, user-friendly, and efficient website dashboard that fulfills these r...

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    ...schedules of a small team of drivers and plan the most efficient routes for each trip. - Handling logistics and coordination: You will be responsible for ensuring that all our logistics run smoothly, from receiving orders to the delivery of goods. Skills and Experience: - Familiarity with fleet management software: Proficiency in using this software will be essential for this role. - Experience with GPS tracking systems: You should be able to use these systems effectively to monitor our vehicles and optimize their routes. - Knowledge of transport scheduling software: An understanding of this type of software will be crucial for managing our drivers and planning efficient schedules. The ideal candidate for this position is organized, efficient, and has a good eye for detail. Exp...

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    I'm looking for a cross-platform mobile app developer to create an app focused on daily reporting. Below are some key details to be aware of: - The app needs to be cross-platform, compatible with both iOS and Android devices. - The primary goal o...developed. - Experience with reporting functionalities and/or data security is a plus. Features of the Application will be, Name and class of app is daily Class reporting Software 2. Select the class you taught today from class 3 to class 12 3. Select the topic 4. Upload videos, and queries. 5. Mark it as done partly done or not done 6. Integrate it with calendar 7. Mark holidays 8. Integrate GPS location in it Please respond with details on your experience, how you would approach this project and any relevant past works you ...

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    I'm looking for an experienced Android developer, specialized in Kotlin, to create a business application. This app will be specifically designed for employee management and contro...Productivity Analysis: The app should have the capability to generate reports on employee productivity and efficiency. This tool will help in evaluating the performance of each staff member and making informed decisions based on the data. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Android development using Kotlin. - Prior experience in building business applications and employee management systems. - Understanding of GPS tracking and data analysis, along with UI/UX design for productivity tools. If you're a proactive and skilled Android developer and up for the challenge, I'd love to discuss this ...

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    I'm looking for a Flutter developer to create a GPS camera app for Android. The app should allow a user to take photos, overlay them with a markup tool, and embed GPS location data on the image. Key Features Camera app Geotagging: The app should automatically embed GPS location information into the image. The ideal developer for this project should have experience in: - Flutter development - Android app development - Integration of GPS and camera functionalities - Creating user-friendly and intuitive UI/UX - In-app messaging and database integration Please only bid if you have experience creating Flutter apps for Android and can demonstrate your ability to develop all the features mentioned above.

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    Offline Navigation Mobile App 2 days left

    ...internet connection or cell reception. The displayed map should be the one valid for the current day (the map changes every race day). 3. Emergency Access: The app should require a password or a confirmation step to open, specifically designed for emergency use only. 4. GPS Position Display: The app should display the user's current GPS position on the map in real-time. 5. Logging and Reporting: - The app should log the following details: - Whether the map was opened. - Frequency and duration of map usage. - GPS position at the time of the opening event. - These logs should be sent to a specified server for record-keeping and analysis. 6. Help Request Function: The app should have a function to send the user's current location to a...

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    More details: What platform(s) do you want the mobile application to be compatible with? Both What main functionality should the application have? It is for disabled people transportation and dining in restaurants What specific features should the application have for disabled people transportation? Wheelchair accessibility information, GPS tracking for disabled-friendly transportation, Communication with drivers and reserving and dining in restaurants friendly fir disabled people

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    I'm in need of a professional developer to handle the architecture implementation of an IOT server. Key Responsibilities: - Connecting sensors and GPS based Telematics devices to the server. - Handling data collection and storage. - Managing device commands. - Setting up real-time monitoring and alerts. Your expertise in setting up a NoSQL database is essential for this project. I'm looking for someone who can not only execute this task but also provide valuable insights and inputs to enhance the overall performance of the server.

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    App Development like rapido 1 day left

    I'm looking to build a mobile app that...- User Registration and Login: The app must have a user-friendly sign-up/login process to facilitate seamless usage. - GPS Tracking: Integration of GPS tracking will be essential for location-based services and to provide delivery tracking to customers. - Payment Integration: The app should support secure payment processing to allow users to make purchases within the app. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in cross-platform app development, particularly for iOS and Android. - Experience in building e-commerce applications with a strong understanding of user experience and interface design. - Previous work on apps with user registration, GPS tracking, and payment processing capabilities woul...

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    I am seeking a skilled product designer to create an innovative, modern watch design. The watch must have a square shape and elegantly incorporate the following functionalities: - A tactile, relief screen for precise and discreet time display - An integrated GPS chip with automatic location detection - Vocal navigation and a vibratory directional arrow for user guidance An ideal candidate will have a strong background in wearable technology design, understand how to integrate technical functionality in a stylish manner, and has experience with both modern design aesthetics and user-friendly interfaces. Understanding user interactions with wearable tech will be a valuable asset.

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    ...identify dumpsites in real-time. Key Features: - Real-time Satellite Imagery: The app will need to incorporate this feature to collect the most up-to-date data. - GPS Location Tagging: Each dumpsite identified must be accurately pinpointed using GPS for easy tracking. - Dumpsite Detection Algorithm: A robust algorithm is needed to analyze the satellite images and efficiently identify dumpsites. User Base: The primary users of the app will be government agencies, so the interface must be user-friendly and intuitive. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in app development - Experience working with satellite imagery and GPS technology - Strong background in algorithm development, particularly in image recognition - Previous experience in waste management o...

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    My existing React Native application, which is supported by NodeJS and backed by a MYSQL database, needs immediate attention. Here's what needs to be done: User Interface Updates: The component related to photos in the application requires significant changes. I also need a feature that shows the GPS route to the specified delivery point. This functionality was not implemented in the initial version of the application. Additionally, changing screen configuration doesn't display corresponding states with their color (only changes upon updating the application). Functionality Improvements: On top of the UI changes, the app needs general functionality improvements to enhance user experience and the app's efficiency. Also, create a button for downloading PDF files; the ...

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    I'm in need of a skilled app developer to bring my taxi booking app vision to life. The app's primary function is to allow users to book taxis. Key Features: - GPS Tracking: The app must have a GPS tracking feature to locate user's positions and taxi locations. - Payment Integration: Users should be able to make payments through the app. - Driver Ratings: The app should allow users to rate drivers after their ride. If you have experience with taxi booking app development, especially in integrating GPS tracking, payment gateways, and ratings systems, I'd love to hear from you. Please include any relevant work you've done in the past.

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    We are seeking a skilled developer to create a self-service car wash system that can be used on both Android and iOS platforms. The system should allow users to easily locate nearby car wash stations, select their preferred service package, make payments, and receive notifications. The ideal candidate should have expertise in Android and iOS app development, as well as experience with GPS integration, payment gateways, and push notifications. 1. At least 2 years of experience in Android application development 2. Proficient in Java or Kotlin programming languages and Android development tools and frameworks 3. Have a certain understanding of mobile application design and user experience 4. If you have published applications for s-/--a--/--l---/-e, I am interested and look forward...

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    Taxi booking system 4 hours left

    Seeking an experienced mobile app developer to craft a robust taxi booking platform for both Android and iOS and web application. Key features include: - GPS tracking for real-time location updates. - Secure in-app payments and cash - Driver ratings and reviews for user feedback. - Admin panel for route and user management, analytics, and reporting. - UX/UI design focusing on accessibility and inclusivity. - Conducting user research, creating persona profiles, designing intuitive flows, and developing high-fidelity prototypes. - Ensuring a consistent, modern visual identity. - App development encompassing user registration, real-time mapping, route browsing, booking requests, messaging, push notifications, payment integration, and driver functionalities. I will show you an examp...

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    ...application should feature GPS Tracking, Payment integration, and Rating/Reviews. Furthermore, the application should include the following: - Ride Sharing: This feature will allow users to share rides with others heading in the same direction, reducing costs and carbon footprint. - Fare Estimation: A critical tool for improving user experience, this feature will allow our customers to have an estimate of their trip costs before booking. - Driver Tracking: This feature is essential for ensuring the safety and security of our customers. It allows our users to track the driver's location in real-time, giving them peace of mind during their journey. Ideal candidates for this project should have a proven track record of developing similar applications, be familiar with GPS...

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    Im looking for app ios and android its a driver booking app for example if you have car but you dont know driving then you can book a driver then he ll come start the ride Requirement GPS & Tracking Selfie Verification with tshirt of our company logo & Car Pictures has to be update in database before starts the ride otherwise ride should not start , wallet payment gateways required for example you can check DRIVE U app i want something like that

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    I'm looking for an experienced developer to create an Android app centered on GPS tracking and SMS integration. Key Features: - Real-time location tracking - SMS notifications - Ability to share locations with other users The ideal freelancer will have extensive experience in integrating GPS tracking and SMS capabilities into an Android application. Experience with social features, such as location sharing, is also highly beneficial. Please include examples of relevant projects in your bid.

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    51 bids application developer who can create a robust taxi booking application for both Android and iOS platforms. Key functions and features to integrate include: - GPS tracking: This will facilitate real-time location tracking of taxis for both users and drivers. - In-app payments: The app should support secure online transactions, ensuring clients can quickly and securely pay for their rides. - Driver ratings and reviews: Users should be able to rate and review their drivers for future users to reference. This project is best suited for a developer with experience in creating similar applications or someone with a good grasp of GPS and payment integration. A strong understanding of building intuitive user experiences and user-friendly design is ideal. Previous experie...

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    I am looking for an experienced Ionic Developer to fix my app. i have an issue with my app that can't be build to Android SDK 33+. I've tried u...experienced Ionic Developer to fix my app. i have an issue with my app that can't be build to Android SDK 33+. I've tried uninstall some plugin which is end up crashing at splashscreen as it only display a white blank. The job is to make my app can be build to Android SDK 33+ and compatible with lower SDK, no more error, crash and missing current feature i.e running in backround, notification, GPS. You have to make detail documentation on how you do it and what setting did you use, the timeline is 4 days and i'm willing to pay you $120 and that's final offer. And please, APPLY IF YOU UNDERSTAND WELL THE C...

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    I'm seeking an experienced videographer to create a UGC (User Generated Content) video for our car stereo. This video will play a key role in informing our customers about the key features of our product. Here's what I need: - Unboxing - Easy Installation Guide - Features Demonstration: Highlig...features of our product. Here's what I need: - Unboxing - Easy Installation Guide - Features Demonstration: Highlight the wireless CarPlay/android auto connectivity, touchscreen interface main features, and front & backup camera. Ideal skills and experiences: - Proven experience in creating UGC videos, ideally for automative, tech-products. product link:

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    ...will be working with you on. We will produce an article intended to rank for the term "fleet tracking devices". This will be an informative piece that also sells the unique aspects of our company. SERP analysis of the keyword: 1. Topics discussed inside of posts or pages, and themes or topics that come up repeatedly: a. Strengths - i. Brands focus on GPS tracking and the selling points of their own solutions which are common GPS device needs. ii. Product list and comparison pages offer a range of solutions. - i. They don’t answer the 3 most common questions: Best, cost and legal? ii. They don’t talk about which devices are best for which purposes iii. They don’t talk about installation on the home pages and landing pages iv. They eith...

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    I'm looking for an experienced software developer to create a GPS software primarily focusing on personal navigation. Key Functionalities Required: 1. Real-Time Tracking: This is an essential feature of the GPS software. I need it to effectively track in real-time, showing the current position accurately. 2. History of Routes: It should have the capability to record and show the history of routes taken. Desired User Interface: * Map View: The personal navigation feature should present data in a map view, providing an intuitive and comprehensive experience for the user. Ideal Skills: * Strong background in software development with a focus on GPS technologies. * Familiarity with creating real-time tracking features. * Proven experience in developing map view in...

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    I am seeking knowledgeable app developers to create a food delivery application compatible with both iOS and Playstore. The app will encompass a variety of cuisines such as fast food, Italian, and Asian fusion. Key highlights of this project are: - Tracking tracking system; enabling users to follow their orders in real-time. - Review Feature: A well-structured platform within the app that allows customers to post reviews, therefore improving the transparency and trust factor within the application's community. Ideal freelancers for this project will have prior experience in the development of delivery service apps, with a solid understanding of GPS tracking and review features. Experience with similar food delivery systems or knowledge in the food service indu...

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    Estoy buscando un desarrollador web/de aplicaciones para hacer realidad mi visión de una guía turística multilingüe. Esta aplicación progresiva debería funcionar igualmente bien en la web y como aplicación independiente...anual para acceder a los servicios. La funcionalidad de facturación debe ser fácil de navegar y brindar una experiencia fluida a los usuarios. El candidato ideal para este trabajo sería alguien con experiencia previa en la creación de aplicaciones progresivas con funcionalidades fuera de línea y elementos interactivos. También sería una ventaja estar familiarizado con las tecnologías de ubicación/GPS, las notificaciones automáticas y el manejo de su...

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    ...websites in mind to refer to for inspiration. Requirements: - Proficient in developing software solutions to automate skip bin delivery, pick-up, and emptying processes. - Experience in optimizing routes based on various factors such as job location, skip bin location and availability, truck capacity, traffic forecasts, and job date/time requirements. - Familiarity with integrating truck GPS systems, Google Maps API and any other required programming language, potentially the use of an Airtable database for seamless communication and data exchange. - Ability to design and develop a fully integrated website that allows customers to view available skip bin sizes, schedule deliveries, and manage bookings. - Strong understanding of web development technologies such as HTML, ...

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    ...include real-time ride tracking, in-app messaging, or driver rating enhancements. Incorporate Satellite and Street Views: Integrate Satellite and Street Views into the navigation feature, allowing drivers to switch between views according to their preferences. This addition enhances navigation accuracy and provides a richer user experience. Utilize Redlight and Stop Sign Indicators: Leverage Google GPS Navigation's capabilities to include red light and stop sign indicators, which will aid drivers in navigation and ensure safety on the road. Quality Assurance and Testing: Conduct thorough testing to validate the successful integration and functionality of all new features and customizations. Promptly address any bugs or issues identified during testing or post-launch. Doc...

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    I'm in need of a skilled electronics engineer with experience in creating GPS devices to design and prototype an athlete tracking device, initially targeting soccer players. Key Features: - Real-time Location Tracking: The device should provide accurate real-time location data for athletes on the field. - Distance Covered: Tracking the total distance covered by the athlete during a game or training session. - Speed Metrics: Monitoring the speed at which the athlete is moving during different phases of the game. - Acceleration and Decelerations: Recording sudden changes in speed to analyze the player's agility and response times. - Heart Rate Monitoring: Capturing the athlete's heart rate to gauge their exertion levels during play. Ideal Battery Life: - The desired b...

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    I'm looking for a GPS-based tracking device to assist in monitoring assets across different materials and environments. Key Requirements: - The device should be capable of working effectively both indoors and outdoors. - A corresponding app is needed to accurately track and pinpoint the device's location. This app should be able to run on both mobile phones and computers. - The tracking device must adhere to various materials such as steel, wood, plastic, and rubber. - I aim for a cost-effective solution, ideally under $50 per unit. Specifics about the project: - The primary purpose of this tracking device is asset tracking. - The chosen technology for the device should be GPS. Ideal Freelancer: - Previous experience in developing GPS tracking devices, es...

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    ...efficient transactions are vital. - GPS tracking: I need a system that can assist in locating both passengers and drivers instantly. - User reviews and ratings: essential for maintaining service quality and enhancing user experience. Other vital features to be incorporated include: - Real-time ride tracking: passengers should be able to track their ride in real-time to know how far their ride is. - In-app messaging: essential for easy communication between drivers and passengers. - Multi-language support: the application should cater to a global audience. Ideal Freelancer: The freelancer for this job should have proven experience in mobile app development, with a specific focus on taxi booking apps. They should be skilled in payment gateway integration, GPS-based ser...

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    ...proficient app developer to create a taxi app with GPS live tracking integration. Key Features to Include: - Passenger pickup functionalities with tailored options specific for kids' after-school pick-up - Seamless GPS integration to provide accurate navigation and live tracking features - Secure payment gateway integration for hassle-free transactions - User rating system to maintain high-quality services Platform Compatibility: - The app should be developed for iOS, Android and also be cross-compatible. User Interface: - Registration/Login feature for users is a necessity to personalize the app experience and ensure data security. Ideal candidate should have previous experience in developing taxi apps and a strong understanding of GPS functionalities, ...

    $1640 (Avg Bid)
    $1640 Avg Bid
    105 bids

    Hi there! I am lo...accept a customers price. - Drivers and customers will both be able to use the estimated price tool as a suggestion for the going rates and base their prices on that if they want. - GPS Tracking and Navigation: GPS features should be integrated for both drivers and passengers to track location, find the best route, and ensure a smooth and timely journey. Using Waze as the gps. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in mobile app development, particularly for iOS and Android platforms. - Experience in developing user-friendly, secure, and efficient registration/login systems. - Prior experience integrating GPS tracking and navigation features in mobile applications. - Familiarity with setting up and managing multiple payment gateways for ...

    $1392 (Avg Bid)
    $1392 Avg Bid
    86 bids

    I am looking for an experienced mobile app developer who can build a taxi app. The app will be available across both iOS and Android platforms. Key Requirements: - Aesthetic: The desi...system to ensure trust and safety within the community. * Effective push notifications to keep riders updated about their rides. Desired Skills: - Extensive experience in mobile app development, particularly in iOS and Android platforms - Proven track record in developing similar taxi/transportation apps - Strong knowledge in integrating payment gateways, generating push notifications and GPS tracking - Excellent eye for designing simple and clean UI/UX I look forward to hearing from developers who can deliver on this brief, bringing the right balance of function and user-friendly design t...

    $666 (Avg Bid)
    $666 Avg Bid
    74 bids

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