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    Ayant Software Pvt Ltd is an ISO ( 9001:2015) certified company. Currently looking for SEM/SEO's for in house project. The company has a global presence with offices in Delaware as well as in India. Please find more about the project as mentioned below: SEO Specialist Responsibilities (1 to 5 years’ experience) Optimizing copy and landing pages for

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    Looking for a programmer to take on a semi-ready benchmark for a software engineering project. We want to compare and contrast some software localization metrics from Defects4j software cluster in Java([login to view URL]) to help supplement a research paper. This database will be provided to the programmer already in a virtual machine

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    ...Computer Science department has a three mandatory courses (Intro. to Programming, Programming Practice, and Object-Oriented Programming) whose names include ‘programming’. This, in a way, shows the strong relationship between computer science and programming. In this mini project, you are going to build a search tool to help prospective u...

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    ...way for administrators (myself) to create new events without too much hassle, this can be negotiated as I have a background in programming/webdev but don't have the time to complete this project. I will attempting to find which payment methods I want to accept in the coming days, you can expect 2-3 required methods (I will not be doing paypal, or

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    ...originating from The Faroe Islands, but currently living in Greenland where I've been headhunted and assigned the role as Project Manager for a telecom core swap. I'm very busy atm. and thus need help to finish of a private project which is causing me a lot of headache... The task is the following: Help me finish my PCB design and make it work. I've

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    Find the files in a folder structure with the newest file modify date Folder-Structure: - Name1 - Subfolderstructure - Name2 - Subfolderstructure … Find for each top level folder (name1, name2, name3, ...) the file with the newest file modify date in the corresponding subfolderstructure. Generate a text file with the following

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    Looking for an Ionic developer to build a basic "wrapper-app" for my web page. One-time Project: Build an Ionic wrapper-app Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android Project Stage: Fully Specified Programming Languages Required: Ionic Framework Project Type: One-time project Have you worked with Ionic framework? Have you built a 'wrapper-app' ...

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    ...a unity developer that have good eye for composition, basic + animation skill and most important the ability to combine all the small details to a small game with light programming and AR toolkits and implementation in wordpress platforms: 1. i would love to have the game embeded in a page in a wordpress site 2. i wold love to create the game

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    ...don't have experience with it don't apply. This will be an ongoing work, so if you do an excellent job you can expect to be well rewarded and even hired in future. The project should be well planned to be easily maintained and easy for multiple developers to work simultaneously on it. The app must be smooth. We are going to be developing together

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    48 bids to : 1. Find the demand for project-based PLC training & ladder programming 2. To find satisfaction or dissatisfaction of college's in-house training labs (1-dissatisfied, 10-most satisfied) 3. Confidence level (1-less, 10-most) of engineers in Electrical/Electronics/Communication/Instrumentation/Computer/Mechanical to do any project in their fi...

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    ...lines Math Project (keywords: algebra, math, linear, cartesian, matlab, plot, graph, algorithm, c++, python, java. Skills: Algorithm, programming, Mathematics, Matlab and Mathematica Skills needed: Basic programming Calculate basic multiplication Calculate intersection of lines Math intersection: I have a math project that needs

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    ...advertising landing pages such as this one: [login to view URL] or [login to view URL] (Bitly might issue a warning when visiting those links, please continue) Alternatively, find the example pages here: [login to view URL] The advertising pages will be on a variety of categories, including sweepstakes

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    ...HTML/CSS and other frontend coding. Programming languages preferred: Laravel for backend and Angular for frontend. We are a looking to develop a price comparison website for Danish consumer similar to mysmartprice, [login to view URL] compatible with top merchants like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay where customers can find thousands of products all in one place

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    We are a start-up, our platform [login to view URL] enables developers to get the source code of a working prototype starting from a schema similar to UML, in different programming languages. We want to increase the number of languages supported in our platform, then the work is to realize a high-quality React frontend boilerplate of a CRUD application

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    ...We will eventually want to code this function for 1,600 separate utility companies. This current job posting will be for the first 100 utility companies. Our hope is that we find that the different form POST calls will not need be too different from for each of the utility companies. So that a great deal of code can be reused for the various utilities

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    ...need someone with reasonable knowledge of C++ programming, classes, object-oriented programming to help me with a relatively small project. The details will be given to any candidates I find suitable for this, there will also be a small test to check if you actually are good at what I need. For this project I will be prioritizing non-automated responses

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    ...We will eventually want to code this function for 1,600 separate utility companies. This current job posting will be for the first 100 utility companies. Our hope is that we find that the different form POST calls will not need be too different from for each of the utility companies. So that a great deal of code can be reused for the various utilities

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    1 bids each process? How find the next prime number used for sieve? How to calculate the total number of primes? How to handle communications? Parallel implementation and programming How to implement the parallel algorithms for a shared memory system using OpenMP? How to implement it more efficiently? Add a project description in the code

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    3 bids coded in any programming language you find more suitable (potentially in C#) and will used a certain database (e.g: SQL Lite) to store / retrieve all available data, and ideally we would like the app to work smoothly on both iOs and Android. In case you come up with some original elements which can be added upon the existing project, this will be appreciated

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    ...within: Profile 1: Must have: - JavaScript - minimum 5 years experience. - Extensive experience with using REST services from a JavaScript Application Nice to have: - Programming with Python and Scala - Experience from working with the Play framework - Experience with GIS, Geographical Data and Toolkits such as JTS, ArcGIS, QGIS, OpenJump Profile

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    ...will eventually want to code this function for 1,600 separate utility companies. This current job posting will be for the first 100 utility companies. Our hope is that we find that the different form POST calls will not need be too different from for each of the utility companies. So that a great deal of code can be reused for the various utilities

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    This project will involve concepts of functional programming, lambdas, streams, asynchronous programming with futures, and actor-based programming, in the context of a web application. The project has to be developed based on the Play Framework, a full-stack reactive framework for the JVM. Please find the attached file "Tweets [login to view URL]&...

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    I require highly skilled in research and in machine leaning, R programming and analysis skill I need to achieve the following tasks project requirements transfer SAS data into CSV data Do feature extraction (backward elimination, OR forward selection, OR bidirectional elimination, OR score comparison) Or Feature extraction (PCA, LDA Identify

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    We have started on USB firmware using 32L476GDISCOVERY development board which targets the STM32L476. This project eventually include Device Firmware Upgrade via USB as seen in application note : STSW-STM32080 Prior to this implementing DFU via USB, we want to create firmware that can output data from a structure in C based on a timer or other synchronization

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    Description: I'm publishing this project to find a freelancer who develops a bitcoins miner in C ++, which boots hidden with windows and can be configured at editing time (before compilation). To be more detailed, I need the code of a program implemented (preferably) in C ++ that has the following functions: -Minera bitcoins; -Initializes with

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    Acknowledgement TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY 1.1 Background to the project 1.2 Problem context 1.3 Rationale 1.4 Potential benefits 1.4. 1 Tangible benefits 1.4. 2 Intangible benefits 1.5 Target users 1.6 Scope and objectives 1.6. 1 Aims 1.6. 2 Objectives 1.6. 3 Deliverables -

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    Hello. I am looking for an individual who is very good in programming and tweaking vBulletin. I have a vBulletin forum that needs a lot of work to be fully usable for me, and I am hoping that I might find someone here that can do this work for me. Here is a rundown of what is needed to be done: 1. Make a point system that allows people to

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    ...everything and try and find the weak spots. Please write any issues you find in a well-organized in Google Docs document. Example issues to look for: – How is the login process (is it smooth, any issues at all?) What about logging out and logging back in? – Testing of all links and in a variety of click patterns to try and find issues &ndash...

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    ...hopefully we can work together on an update of my website. I’m an entrepreneur that makes social media content, cooking classes in Chile and now online ones too. I called this project as Simple y Vivo, which means simple and alive based on the lifestyle that I promote and educate in the community. This is a two year company where I’m the only one doing all

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    The goal of this project is to utilize a cluster environment to develop and implement high-performance parallel algorithms to assist with the hyperspectral image. Hyperspectral data has many uses throughout science and the increasing complexity of breaking it up makes it an interesting problem to solve. Specifically, we wish to attempt distributed algorithms

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    Project: Theme [login to view URL] Create and Customize full Theme for a Marketplace for some service we will provide you Including Programming and Design of all pages We need to customize Filtering - we have our own set since unique service No

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    The main goal of this Project is to develop a tool that support our clients to find opportunities to do arbitrage (buying and selling bitcoins) in different Exchanges. The project will have several phases, but the first version consists of the search for arbitrage opportunity of BTC among Brazilian exchanges. We need to develop an algorithm that

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    FULL PROJECT DESCRIPTION: [login to view URL] Dear contractor, for our convention booth we need a customer check in HTML5, or a similar programming language. The aim of the customer check is to give visitors to the trade fair the opportunity to find out the individual customer target group of their own

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    I am looking for someone with a good amount of Angular type experience, along with other programming experience, to complete a project for me. I am assuming Angular is what is required. Firstly, I am 63 yo Professional IT of some 43 years, semi retired now, so I have a good amount of IT knowledge. Just wanted to share that with you so you know

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    ...Company Information Solid reputation, passionate people and endless opportunities. That's SmartServe®. An award winning disruptive restaurant technology start up. You will find SmartServe® to be full of energy and a workplace in which you truly can make a difference. Job Summary We are seeking an innovative, passionate, and energetic mobile application

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    ...KSFC Layout St. Thomas Town PO Bangalore-560084 Phone +919986133566 Project Description: We’ll need a new site that we can manage, that will look great, allow us to create products, pages, and add to it easily. The site should also be better targeted to our customers. Project Description > Design (optional) For design we’re looking to ensure the

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    ... NT8 now gives an error message that there are programming errors. Because of these errors, I cannot uninstall this indicator, reinstall this indicator, or install any new indicators. I need someone to do the following on my server: 1) debug the errors inside NT8 for this indicator (I can't find this information inside the editor) 2) uninstall

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    I need to develop a project using different libraries in different programming languages to access linked data using SPARQL. Here are a few, but you can find more: PHP: [login to view URL] Python: [login to view URL] Java: [login to view URL]

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    PHP Languages used: Jquery Javascript Php Smarties What needs to be done? The website is generating vouchers. It’s a serious project which is requiring a high level of programming. The main thing what needs to be done still is: Ideal integration, Voucher functionality is already been integrated, but the main thing what needs to be done is:

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    ...possibly complete on one day. Right now I am using Gmail as my email account, but I can change to any email account preferred (E.g. Outlook), whatever you find easiest, to ease you software programming. This should be helpful to the programmer if solved on Outlook platform: Search the HTMLBody property of the message for links that fit your criteria

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    ...context-aware platform. The platform is already designed. Now we'd like to add the AI part to make our platform more useful to our users. The goal of AI is to plan our user find accurate content more easily and recommend the suitable personalized information profiles based on their preference as well as monitoring motion . A. Our thoughts will be :

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    ...pseudocode of each algorithm, then analyze them to find their time complexity: 1- Shortest-journey Algorithm is the algorithm of finding shortest journey between any two given stations. 2- Longest-journey Algorithm is the algorithm of finding longest journey between any two given stations. use any programming language to do: Read graph information from

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    ...globally. The game has all sorts of different and very addictive game play with a prize fund of $1,000,000 globally. If you price the project off Tetris5000 as it is I would think the same amount of programming time. (For the game only) Tetris has a lot of fuss and over graphically stimulus to play the game of skill. More of a shoot them up rather

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    ...only for customer-id 854, 857, 858 Customer-id 851 can see 102 products and can find his 2 specific product when he searches or see those 2 products on the category page (if the product is tagged to that category). Customer-id 700 can see 100 products. He won't find any of the other 10 products in the search results or in a category. **How to

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    The project would be a simple "lower third" utility for video clips. You can use any programming language, so long as it works. It would load a video, select the colors, then let the user enter some text in two fields, select the beginning and end points of the "lower third's" appearance on the screen, and then click to save. The formats should

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    The project would be a simple "lower third" utility for video clips. You can use any programming language, so long as it works. It would load a video, select the colors, then let the user enter some text in two fields, select the beginning and end points of the "lower third's" appearance on the screen, and then click to save. The formats should

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    We have an existing website with a primary goal of talented people listing their skills on our website and have local people find them easily. The project will start small, in my local area and will be the primary focus while the website is still in beta. Liking to an open marketplace, people who are close to the service provider (cooking food

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    We're looking to find someone who is exceptionally well versed in graphical programming who could develop an entirely build from scratch desktop environment (ex: KDE, Gnome, etc.). The design and behavior of the user interface is a mix of common UX procedures and rather non-conventional and fairly experimental elements. Design work for the mockups are

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    ...clients. I need some one with outstanding abilities and fluent English speaking to perform in sales and marketing for me. NOTE: you should be familiar with eCommerce programming & Web Designing concepts and techniques. Skills: - Email Marketing - SEM & SEO - Lead Generation (Professional and Not Spammy) - Target is world wide (Preferably

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